The Checkup: Businessweek Projects How Obama Will Age Over Next Four Years

Yikes. This ain't pretty.

• Looks like the art department over at Bloomberg Businessweek had some fun with Photoshop recently. The magazine’s cover this week, slugged with the somewhat ominous-sounding line, “The Next Four Years,” shows a seriously aged, seriously wrinkled, seriously white-haired President Obama. I know there are scores of presidential before-and-after pictures to show that, yes, being president of the United States does age a person, but good lord this seems excessive. What do you guys think? (Oh and also? Click over to see the never-to-hit-newsstands cover of an aged President Romney, which Businessweek had at the ready if Mitt Romney won the election. Somehow, that one seems even less convincing.)

• Why families should eat more meals at home: New research shows that kids who eat out a lot—whether at fast-food or full-service restaurants—take in many more calories on a given day than their peers who eat at home. Also scary: Kids drink twice as much soda on days when they dine out than on a given day. Read more over at NPR.

• Yippee! A new study found that exercising for 30 minutes a day adds an average of 3.5 years to a person’s life. Even if you’re obese, the study found, exercise boosts life expectancy compared to those who are sedentary. Thank God. I don’t think I could bear to hear about another how-sitting-all-day-is-killing-you study. The Los Angeles Times has more.