BeWOW: Kettlebell Strength Circuit

Grab some weights and get to work!

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This workout has five rounds of exercises, and—good news!—with each round you’ll reduce the number of reps that you do. For the first round, you’ll start with 50 kettlebell swings (or squats), and then move on to 25 reps of the rest of the exercises, finishing the round with a quarter-mile sprint. Next, you’ll do 40 swings (or squats), and then move on to 20 reps of the rest of the exercises, finishing with another quarter-mile sprint. Follow me? You’ll keep reducing the number of reps until you finish all five rounds and do one final sprint. Work as hard and as quickly as you can until you make it all the way through. Good luck!

BeWOW: Kettlebell Strength Circuit

Complete five rounds of the exercises below, following the specified number of reps for each.

Reps: 50-40-30-20-10
Kettlebell swings (or squats if you don’t know how to do kettlebell swings)

Reps: 25-20-15-10-5
Chest fly
Box jumps
Sit ups with arms overhead
Lateral lunge with hop
Triceps dip
Plank bench row
Reverse lunge and press

Explanation of exercises
Box jumps: Find a stable surface at a comfortable height that you can jump onto and land safely. Squat down, and as you come up jump, swinging your arms for momentum and landing on top of the stable surface. Stand up straight and step back down.

Sit-ups with arms overhead: Do a regular, full sit-up, but keep your arms reaching over your head the whole time. Squeeze your biceps by your ears, and try not to let them move.

Lateral lunge with hop: Start standing with your feet together. Do a lateral lunge, and as you come back to the middle, add an upward hop, and then lunge left.

Plank bench row: Get into a plank position with your hands on a bench and toes on the floor. Make sure your shoulders are directly above your hands. Grab a weight in one hand; keeping your hips square to the floor, do a row, pulling the elbow straightback and squeezing your shoulder blade. Do all of the reps on one side before moving on to the other side.

Reverse lunge and press: Hold a weight at your shoulder, do a reverse lunge, and as you stand back up, press the weight overhead.  Do all of the reps on one side before moving on to the other side.

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