The Checkup: Organic Food No More Nutritious Than Conventional

A study found that organic food isn't any better for you than the regular stuff when it comes to vitamins and nutrients.

• This is what I call a study of studies: one that analyzes info from over 200 other studies to draw a new conclusion. In this case, it’s that organic food isn’t necessarily any more nutritious than the non-organic stuff, at least in terms of the vitamin and mineral content. Where organics do shine is in the pesticides department: In the study, more than a third of non-organic produce were found to contain detectible pesticides (compared with just seven percent of the organic kind), and organic meat was found to be 33 percent less likely to contain potentially harmful antibiotics than conventional meat. However (and this is a big however), as Reuters Health reports: “It was uncommon for either organic or conventional foods to exceed the allowable limits for pesticides, so it’s unclear whether a difference in residues would have an effect on health.” Experts advise erring on the side of caution in these things and going organic for at least some of your food. We’ve got more advice on what to buy organic right here.

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