VIDEO: Should Quidditch Go to the Olympics?

Harry Potter fans who play the game want Quidditch to become an Olympic sport.

I’m going to go ahead and say it: The real-life adaption of the fictional Harry Potter sport Quidditch has got to be the nerdiest thing I’ve ever seen (and I should know—my husband plays bike polo). I just can’t get past these people running around with brooms between their legs. And they are serious, ya’ll.

So serious, in fact, that Quidditch players around the world want their sport to be recognized and played out in the Olympics—broomsticks and all. “There are a lot more ridiculous sports in the Olympics right now if you ask me,” says the International Quidditch Association’s (yes, that’s a thing) Alex Benepe in the video below. That may be true, Alex, but how many of those sports were created by a children’s book author and subsequently CGI’d for the film adaption, where the characters “played” in front of a green screen.

If Quidditch goes to the Olympics, so too should Lightsaber Fencing. It only seems fair.