The Checkup: Moms Freeze Daughters’ Eggs Hoping for Grandchildren

It's well-intentioned, sure, but if your mom approached you about freezing your eggs, wouldn't you find it a little ... weird?

• I’m honestly not sure what to think about this. The New York Times recently ran a story (that was subsequently picked up and snarked about by Jezebel, of course) about how single women in their 30s are having their eggs frozen at the behest of their mothers, who are footing the bill for procedure. Why? Because their mothers want grandchildren, and they’re nervous that their unattached daughters might wait too long to try and then —poof!—it’ll be too late. I’m fortunate enough to have a mother who doesn’t meddle (she does, however, read this blog—hi, Mom!), so I honestly don’t know what I’d do or say if my mom took me aside and laid out this sort of plan. Would I be offended? Outraged? Relieved? The New York Times managed to find a surprising number of women who’ve been in this boat. On the whole those women say they were happy and grateful that their parents approached them, saying it alleviated some of the pressure to find Mr. Right. What do you think? Weird boundary-crossing, or nice gesture? I’m on the fence.

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