The Checkup: Why Commuting on I-76 Might Actually Be Killing You

The longer your commute, the bigger your waistline and the less you work out, according to a new study.

• Confirming what you always believed, I-76  might actually be ruining your health. According to a new study, which looked at commute times and their impact on health and wellness, people who commute long distances are less likely to exercise regularly and more likely to have larger waistlines, higher BMIs, and poor heart health. Bleak! The study looked at 4,300 commuters in Texas cities and found that the longer the commutes, the worse the commuters’ overall health. And here’s the thing: the commutes themselves weren’t even all that long, mile-wise. Reports HealthDay: “Commutes of 10 miles or more were linked to higher blood pressure levels, while those of more than 15 miles were linked to higher odds of obesity and a lower likelihood of meeting public-health physical-activity recommendations.”  Ten miles? That’s nothing. Put into perspective, Havertown is about 10 miles from Center City; Newtown Square is a solid 15. I’d wager that lots of folks in our region commute much further than that. So … anyone thinking about moving?

• Your brain is happy when you talk about yourself (even if your dinner companion is not).

• Slow down when you eat! Eating too quickly may increase your risk for diabetes, according to a small study.