The Checkup: Facebook Wants Your Kidneys

A new option on Facebook is aimed at increasing the organ-donor pool.

• How many times did your hear your Mom say, “If your friends jumped off a cliff, would you do it, too?” (Cue massive amounts of teenage eye-rolling.) That’s pretty much the mentality Mark Zuckerberg and his buddies over at Facebook are trying to tap into with a new organ donor initiative on the social networking site. Users who have timeline (mine just switched the other day, believe it or not) will be able to go in their About section and list their status as organ donors in a “health and wellness” section. The idea is to connect donors with people who need transplants, according to AFP, by providing easy avenues to sign up with organ donation registries. But there’s also an awareness-building component: By sharing that you’re an organ donor on your Facebook profile, your friends will read about it in their news feeds and, the creators hope, sign up to become donors themselves. See what they’re doing there? The whole friends-and-cliff-jumping thing? Those Facebook guys—they’re such smartypants. Read more here.

• What do doctors do in their time off? This one from Einstein plays in a rock band.

• Imagine: a blood test to tell you your risk for breast cancer. British scientists say it’s possible.