The Checkup: Nutella Isn’t Healthy?!

A California woman was shocked to discover that the chocolatey spread isn't health food. So she sued—and ended up a big winner.

• Put down your coffee before you continue reading. I have something shocking to tell you. Ready? Okay, here goes: Nutella is not good for you. Listen, I’m sorry to burst your bubble and all, but since it appears that some consumers—fine, one consumer—was unaware that the gooey, sugar-loaded, chocolate-hazelnut spread is not in fact good for you, I figured it’d be best if I cleared up any confusion on the matter. Despite what its commercials might lead you to believe, Nutella is not health food, packing a couple hundred calories and double-digit fat grams in just a few tablespoons. Treat it like candy: It’s fine in moderation, but you probably shouldn’t consume it by the bucketful at every meal. San Diego mom Athena Hohenberg wasn’t super clear on all those details, it seems. She thought Nutella was healthy, since that’s what the ads seem to imply, and fed it to her daughter. (Nutella’s touted as vaguely healthy, I guess, if you’re reeeeally looking for it in this ad.) So when Hohenberg figured out that, no, Nutella’s not very healthy after all, she got mad—and then she sued (of course). What’s most mind-boggling about this whole situation is the fact that, on Friday, news came out that the suit has been settled, with a judge siding with Hohenberg on the matter. The company will have to pay $3.05 million—$2.5 million of which will be divided among consumers (you’re entitled to $4 for each bottle you purchased!)—and will have to rework its marketing and advertisements to remove any references, vague or otherwise, to the healthiness of its product. ABC News has more.

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