Ask the Health Coach: We Want Your Questions!

Maura Manzo will answer all your questions on health, wellness and fitness in a new column.

Alright, Be Wellers—here’s your chance to get all your burning health questions answered.

Our awesome contributor Maura Manzo is launching a new health-advice column here on BWP, in which she’ll tackle your toughest questions about health, wellness, fitness, yoga, healthy eating and more. As a health coach here in Philly, Maura is sought out by clients who need help with all sorts of dilemmas, like learning how to navigate food labels or eating healthily on a restricted diet. And as a yoga instructor, she helps students achieve higher levels of physical fitness and better awareness of their bodies and movement.

Have a question you’re dying to ask? Email, and you could see your question answered right here on Be Well Philly.