Recipes for a Perfect New Year’s Cocktail Party

Hosting a New Year's Eve bash? No sweat—we've got your menu covered. From drinks to dessert to everything in between, here are our favorite recipes for a killer New Year's Eve cocktail party.

>> Low-cal holiday cocktails
If you’re going to drink (and we totally think you should), you might as well be smart about it. Here are five festive cocktail recipes for under 200 calories.

>> Spiced Skinny Cocktail
Today’s secret ingredient: coconut water. Trust us—it makes for one delicious (and potent!) drink.

>> Artichoke and ‘Shroom Bruschetta
We love this interesting twist on a classic favorite. And the artichokes, mushrooms and spinach pack a serious punch, veggie-wise.

>> Chipotle Butternut Squash Soup Shooters
Here’s what you do: Get a bunch of those plastic, shot-glass-size cups, make a big batch of this good-for-you soup, and bam—the classy hors d’oeuvres your friends won’t stop talking about.

>> Quesadilla Bites
We’ve got a trio of quesadilla recipes. Cut them into small triangles—maybe an eighth or so of the tortilla—for a bite-size dish.

>> Veggie Sushi Rolls
Add a little Asian to your spread with these avocado/pepper/carrot rolls. Slice into pieces for easy serving.

>> Lettuce Wraps
This dish looks fancy and allows for a massive post-Christmas fridge purge. Win-win.

>> Healthier Holiday Cookies
These eight cookies will make for a festive spread—and they won’t set you back calorie-wise, either.