Jersey Shore’s Snooki Slimmed Down to 98 Pounds

What do you think of her teeny bod?

Do people like MTV’s Jersey Shore anymore? I’ve seen exactly 20 minutes of one episode ever, so I’m no expert on the rise and fall of Nicole Polizzi’s weight. But if you’re among the show’s loyalists, you might like to know that Snooki’s been working hard to shed some unwanted pounds from her four-foot-nine-inch frame; she tweeted last week that she’d finally reached her goal weight, then confirmed her weight loss with photographic evidence.

We’re assuming her current weight to be 98 pounds, since she told talk-show host Wendy Williams last month that she was five pounds shy of her 98-pound goal. Snooki revealed on the first season of Jersey Shore that she battled an eating disorder in high school, weighing just 80 pounds. According to the National Institutes of Health, a 98-pound Snooki is a perfectly healthy one; her current weight puts her in the “normal weight” range for BMI.

What do you think of her slim new physique?

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