More Proof: Men Really Don’t Understand Women

Men who think they're hot think women think they're hot—only most of the time, we don't.

I’m beginning to think someone really should teach a college course for men on women. We already know that women make men stupid. So combine that with the research study du jour below, and we can deduce that men are a species wholly and completely incapable of understanding women.

Okay, okay, maybe that’s a bit hyperbolic, but it’s not all that far off. The latest research from a team in Massachusetts found that men often overestimate both a woman’s desire for them and their own attractiveness to women. The latter applies to guys who believe they’re hot when, well, they’re just not; guys who women actually find attractive tend not to think this way.

There’s more: the more a man thinks a woman is attractive, the more likely he is to overestimate her interest in him. Women, the study found, tend to underestimate men’s interest in them in general (hence the basis for all those sticky love-triangle-based romantic comedies).

Ladies, take heart: the study looked at male and female undergraduates only—college kids—so let’s hope and pray that these less-than-lovable traits in our counterparts wear off with age. Pretty please?