5 Low-Cal Holiday Cocktails

If you're going to drink (and we totally think you should), you might as well be smart about it.

What’s a holiday party without a festive cocktail? Below, I’ve rounded up some tasty sips that won’t leave you with a stockingful of guilt on Christmas Day.

An easy concoction I’d like to try: So Delicious Coconut Milk Nog (I kid you not, it tastes reeeeeeally close to the real thing, but with just 3 fat grams a serving), with a shot of rum and topped with fresh grated nutmeg. What are you sipping this season?

Pomegranate Champagne Punch
via Eating Well

Now, this is what I’m talking about: champagne, pomegranate juice, seltzer, vodka. All those bubbles clock in at just 128 calories a serving, and the pom juice adds a splash of antioxidants to the mix.

Chocolate Martini
via Women’s Health

If you need a chocolate fix to keep you merry, try this simple recipe, which calls for vodka and chocolate liqueur. Total calories: 167.

Simple Sangria
via Delish.com

Who says sangria has to be relegated only to summer? I think it’s the perfect holiday drink, festive in color (red, duh) and in taste, thanks to the added citrus. This recipe packs just 160 calories a serving.

Gingerbread Toddy
via Ideafit.com

Yes, it happened: Someone created a drink that’ll warm you up without weighing you down (155 calories per serving here, buddy). Now, someone tell me where I can find gingerbread liqueur—pronto.

Spiced Hot Cider
via Eating Well

Apple cider: check. Cinnamon stick: check. Apple brandy: check. One hundred forty-three calories: check, check, check.

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