The Checkup: ‘Freshman 15’ a Myth

And not just any myth—a "media myth," according to researchers. How dare they.

• New research out of Ohio State University found that most first year college students don’t actually put on 15 pounds, despite what the dreaded Freshman 15 might lead you to believe. In reality, they actually only pack on 2.5 to 3.5 pounds during their freshman year—typical growth for young adults, say researchers. So where did this whole freshman 15 idea get started? The media! We’re a bunch of liars, didn’t you know?

• Toyota just came out with a line of robots to help disabled patients move around better in hospitals. Neat pictures over here.

• In case you missed it yesterday, Temple researchers found that 14 percent of Philly teens are obese. Of those, 75 percent report wanting to lose weight, despite engaging adverse behaviors like smoking, drinking soda and playing video games. One of the researchers is quoted as saying that she’s “puzzled” as to why their behavior doesn’t match up with their purported goals. It doesn’t surprise me at all.