The Checkup: ‘Quadruple Bypass Burger’ Might Actually Kill You

A new Las Vegas restaurant is serving up food that might kill you—and they're proud of it

The Quadruple Bypass Burger. Image courtesy Heart Attack Grill

• Introducing Las Vegas’s Heart Attack Grill, where the food—including lard-cooked fries and extra-butter-added milkshakes—might kill you. And yes, it really exists.

• Also in the category of things that might kill you: ignorance. USA Today reports on a study of overweight and obese people admitted to hospital emergency rooms, who were asked if they thought their weight was unhealthy and if they’d ever discussed it with a healthcare professional. Women were more clued in to their weight issues—and associated health risks—than men, but overall lots of people thought their weight was just fine. And of those who understood that it was a problem, only 19 percent reported that they’d talked about it with a doctor. Read more about the study over here.