The Check-Up: Don’t Eat the Cantaloupes (or Pork, or Beef)

More food recalls than you probably care to know about—today's health headlines

• You may or may not have heard that a listeria outbreak is afoot. The culprit? A cantaloupe crop from a Colorado farm. So far, 13 have died and 72 people have become ill from the bacteria, which can cause food poisoning and trigger more serious conditions in more vulnerable populations (i.e. babies, the elderly). Experts expect instances of listeria illness will continue to rise through October, reports NPR. Check out the article for some practical ways to avoid contamination. And please, don’t eat cantaloupes any time soon.

• Oh, and? A Pennsylvania company has issued a recall on 5,550 pounds of pureed pork because it may contain—wait for it—metal.

• Fine. One more. Tyson’s recalling 131,300 pounds of ground beef due to a possible E. coli contamination.

Ok, so let’s recap: We can’t eat cantaloupe, pork or ground beef. What the heck are you having for dinner tonight?