To Do: Step Out to Stop Diabetes

Walk this 5K to battle one of America's deadliest diseases

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s website provides state maps that color code each county by its diabetes incidence. Light orange means a low rate; darker shades, a high one. Pull up PA’s map, and there sits Philadelphia in the lower right corner, a small but conspicuous dark red blob.

Tied with four other counties, it has one of the highest rates in the state, with roughly one diabetic per nine Philadelphians. Today, diabetes surpasses both AIDS and breast cancer as one of nation’s deadliest diseases.

The American Diabetes Association works to help 26 million Americans living with diabetes by funding research for a cure, providing information about the disease and how to manage it, and creating a network of support. On October 1st, they’ll hold their fourth annual Step Out Walk to Stop Diabetes event at the Art Museum to raise funds for their programs and services—and to reinforce physical activity as a pillar of a healthy lifestyle.

Tennis legend Billie Jean King and Nutrisystem CEO Joe Redling will co-chair the event.

“It’s time to reverse this trend,” said King. “Philadelphia is a very special city to me, and I have always found this city committed to good causes like the Greater Philadelphia Step Out Walk.”

Nutrisystem, which has a special diet program for Type 2 diabetics, will contribute three teams comprising over 150 walkers to the event and has already raised about $20,000. VP of operations and team captain Bill MacBride has a special incentive to make the walk a success: Since his son was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes seven years ago.

About 4,500 walkers are expected to walk for this year’s event, a 5K loop beginning and ending at the Art Museum. To join a team, volunteer or donate, check out their website here.