Three Beach-Ready Workout Moves

Jenna Bergen

Daily Candy recently posted some fun workout videos with fitness guru Tracy Anderson to help all of us get beach ready. It’s always great to learn a few new moves, especially ones that you can do anywhere at anytime. (Check out the outer thighs, abs, and underarm videos). I really loved the idea of doing abs outside against a tree. Looks fun! I did, however, think Tracy could have been a little less body-hating in the underarm video. She starts off by saying, “Now, we’re going to eliminate batwings …. the really God-awful fat that hangs off of your underarm that makes you not want to show your arms in the summer.”

So, do the moves, get stronger, but remember to love those arms (or butt or thighs or stomach) and be proud of them no matter what their size. Happy toning!