BWP Giveaway: Win a SodaStream Seltzer Maker!

Leave a comment on BWP's Facebook page for a chance to win your very own SodaStream!

Whether its served straight up or with a twist of lemon or a dash of juice, I simply cannot get enough seltzer. I love the way the bubbles feel on my tongue, and I adore the fact that it doesn’t have a speck of sugar or artificial sweetener. For the past five years or so, my love for the bubbly beverage has been evident in the numerous cans and plastic bottles in my recycling bin. While I knew it wasn’t great for the environment, it kept me from drinking unhealthy diet soda. However, once I moved in with my boyfriend a few months ago, he stopped buying diet soda and began sharing my seltzer. While I was thrilled he wasn’t filling his body with chemicals, the number of bottles and cans in our recycling skyrocketed. We were also spending much more than anyone ever should on H20, even if it did have bubbles.

So, we decided to try out SodaStream’s Crystal soda maker, which allows you transform tap water into refreshing seltzer whenever you please. It took us a few tries to figure out how many pumps of carbonation created the perfect water-to-bubble ratio, but once we figured it out we were hooked. We’ve cut down tremendously on the amount of trash we leave by the curb each week, and we no longer have to lug heavy boxes and bottles up the steep stairs of our NoLibs apartment.

And because I love our SodaStream so much and hope all of you will eventually make the switch from soda to seltzer, SodaStream has decided to give away a soda maker to one lucky Be Well Philly reader!

To enter: Post a comment on our Facebook wall that says why you want to win the Be Well Philly/Soda Stream Giveaway before 12 PM EST on Friday, March 4, 2011. So, for example, you might say “I want to win the Be Well Philly/Soda Stream Giveaway because I want to be able to make seltzer at home!”

The winners will be selected randomly and contacted via Facebook message no later than Wednesday, March 9, 2011.

Wall posts that do not contain “I want to win the Be Well Philly/Soda Stream Giveaway because …” will not be considered.

Good luck!