Bridalplasty Should Be Banned

Why I detest E!'s new reality TV show

If you’ve seen Bridalplasty, E!’s newest reality TV atrocity, then you probably had the same thought I did the first time you saw it: You’ve got to be freaking kidding me. For those who haven’t seen it, it basically boils down to this: brides-to-be compete in super-difficult, brain-bending “challenges” (like telling the difference between high-end menu items and those made with bottom-of-the-barrel ingredients or making the best floral arrangement) to earn plastic surgery procedures. Eventually, one of them will walk down the aisle in a designer dress and a totally new, hacked into, waist-cinched, fake-boobed body. (Check out one of them recovering from a nose job below. Yuck.)

Great TV, isn’t it? And, we even have a local guy to thank for it:  One of the executive producers, Mark Cronin, went to Upper Darby High School and is a Penn grad. (He’s also been involved with some other reality TV gems, like Flavor of Love and I Love New York.)

Also, the idea that someone needs to “be perfect” the day they tie the knot—or any other day of their lives, for that matter—is ridiculous. I feel bad for any woman who wastes her time thinking that if she can’t get a nose job or have her love handles shaved off in time for her walk down the aisle then her Big Day will be ruined. More likely, if she—or her husband to be—is this worried over physical imperfections the marriage isn’t going to last anyway. (Listen to Heidi Montag‘s video on her numerous regrets after undergoing surgery, below. She isn’t happy with the results, and says her surgeries almost ruined her marriage.)

Second, what guy in his right mind wants to show up at the alter and marry someone who doesn’t even look like the person he fell in love with? If he actually thinks his fiance needs to go under the knife before he marries her then he’s a shallow jerk, not very bright—who knows if the surgery will even turn out well?—and she shouldn’t be marrying him anyway.

Of course, anything seems to go when it comes to cheap entertainment, but my advice to anyone who might be contemplating plastic surgery: Try putting in a little hard work at the gym, adopt some smart eating habits, stop comparing yourself to every other woman in the world and begin treating your body with kindness. It’s cheaper, has way less recovery time and chances are you’ll be a whole lot happier.