Challenge Update: In-Office Yoga!

The teams enjoyed a visit from yoga instructor Nicole Fugo and learned one very important tool in the process: breathe!

Nicole Fugo

A few weeks ago our Office Challenge teams were lucky enough to score an in-office visit from yoga instructor Nicole Fugo. The teams had a chance to practice connecting with their breath as well as a few stress-reducing yoga poses. ” All of the participants said they were under a lot of stress between work, family and personal life,” says Fugo. “And very few of them had ever thought about why deep breathing is so important. It can shift anger, stress, frustration, fear and bring great peace to the system. If we reduce stress and increase the inner peaceful space within, the body’s organs begin to function more smoothly.”

Fugo also talked to the teams about the importance of listening to their bodies, respecting their body’s “edge” or present limitations, and making room for quieter space in their lives. “That quiet space helps create the ability to sleep well at night and settle into stillness,” says Fugo. “And getting adequate sleep is another must for weight loss.”

What did the teams think of the class? “All of the offices were greatly interested, receptive and appreciative of the classes,” says Fugo. “They all agreed they the need to find a way to appropriately manage it in their lives. I told them deep breathing seems too easy because there is no fancy packaging and no expensive membership to join, but it is a invaluable tool for health.”

Nicole Fugo is a Registered Yoga Teacher and  Pennsylvania State Licensed and Nationally Board Certified Acupuncturist. She specializes in women’s issues (such as Menstrual Irregularity, Fibromyalgia, Migraines, Infertility, PMS, and more) as well as emotional imbalance (such as depression, anxiety, hopelessness, loss of passion, lack of direction, spiritual crisis). Nicole strongly believes in the philosophy of treating the root cause of an illness to prevent future symptoms from arising as well as empowering her clients to connect and honor the incredible healing wisdom in their own bodies. She gathers her deepest inspiration for her yoga classes and her acupuncture treatments from observation of the cycles and rhythms of the natural world as well as from her extensive training with a wide array of highly-skilled and talented practitioners/teachers. She teaches and she clients privately at RYAH Yoga and Health.