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Will Your Organs Be Up for Grabs?
A New York organ transplant bill is proposing a method that’ll max out the number of donations: unless you opt out, you’re automatically considered a donor. Will other states follow suit? [CNN.com]

Autism Advocate Stanley Greenspan Dies at Age 68
Though complications from a stroke recently claimed autism pioneer Stanley Greenspan’s life, his work will live on. Watch a video of him teaching a father to communicate with his son here. [CNN.com]

Think Outside the Can
Spring has arrived, and so have fresh garbanzo beans. [Philly.com]

“Green” Up Your Workout to Brighten Your Mood
New research shows that taking your fitness routine outside can turn your frown upside down—in as little as five minutes, too. [ScienceDaily.com]

— Research by Jillian Skrochi