I Tried It: Yoga for Runners at Studio 1831

Should you do it or ditch it? We try out area classes so you don’t have to waste time — or money — on workouts that don’t make the grade

What we want: A yoga session that’ll help us runners cross the finish line by limbering up super-tight hamstrings, quads, and calves.

What we tried: The 4:30 p.m. Yoga for Runners class at Studio 1831 on Saturday, April 10th

Who was teaching: Lindsey Schweiger-Whalen

Student/teacher ratio when we dropped by: 4:1

Lockers/Showers: No.

What we loved: Lindsey’s contagious enthusiasm, her hands-on adjustments (“Can you go a little deeper?”—yes, please!), and the poses that stretched our running muscles in all the right ways. How many yoga teachers talk IT bands?

Did we sweat?: Yes, but not buckets. The studio’s cool, and we did plenty of strength-building moves, but the class was more about deep stretching than aerobic-level perspiration.

Do it or Ditch it: Do it. This class is especially helpful if you’re in training for a distance race. (That means you, Broad Street runners!) We did the stretches that we should be doing—but usually blow off—every time we finish a run.

Weigh In: Have you tried this class? Tell us what you thought! And if you have a class you loved or hated, let us know. We could run your Sweat Test in an upcoming newsletter.

$12/class; Studio 1831, 1831 Brandywine Street, 215-665-1991, studio1831.com, or email lindseyschweigerwhalen@gmail.com for more info.

Image: Courtesy of Studio 1831