Thom Nickels


Why Imperfect John McCain Deserves the Liberty Medal

Nickels: But be thankful that he never became president.


Did a Left Progressive Bias Kill a Local Philly Newspaper?

Nickels: A new era for a local publication came to an end in September.


Why You Shouldn’t Be So Quick to Judge Philly ’Scrappers’ Digging for Trash

Nickels: Many are making an honest living.


Neighborhoods Are Bearing the Cost of the Conrail Heroin Camp Cleanup

Nickels: What was the city thinking?


The Rizzo Statue Should Stand as a Monument to Human Imperfection

Nickels: Today’s protesters never saw the evolving human being underneath the surface sins.


The Bridge Climbers and the Pursuit of “Art”

Nickels: How did it never occur to these daredevils that they might be mistaken for terrorists?


Bring Back the Fairmount Park Guard

Nickels: Look to the past to make the problems at Devil’s Pool a thing of the past.


What If Philly Had Its Own (Nonviolent) French Revolution?

Nickels: It wouldn’t be led by U-City socialists. It’d be soda tax haters rising up!


“Philadelphia Assembled” Is No Template for a Modern City

As nostalgia it’s great fun, but as politics it is more like a cultural Marxism spill.


OPINION: The Artless Radicalization of Philly Theater

Nickels: Progressive theater trends were once a breath of fresh air — but that breeze has morphed into a strong wind that disrupts and distorts.


Kenney’s Panhandling Plan Will Make Things Harder

Nickels: The homeless, whether on or off drugs, sometimes just need something to eat.


Why the Left Won’t Stop at Toppling Confederate Monuments

Nickels: How can you ignore iconic racists like Abraham Lincoln and Walt Whitman?


Macron May Have Won the French Election, but Le Pen Was Victorious

Nickels: Le Pen is nothing less than a Jeanne d’Arc.


Free Speech on Campus, Then and Now

Nickels: Students in the 1970s seemed to understand that college is a trial run for adulthood.


Sure, Legalize Pot — but Stop Pretending It’s Harmless

Nickels: Potheads love to say that weed is like alcohol, but they are wrong.