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Patrick Kerkstra


Council’s New Hires: $105K for a Graphic Designer & a Social Media Maven

Darrell Clarke wants to bring some polish to Council’s communications. Can the city afford it?

School District of Philadelphia

$25 Million for City Schools, Suddenly in Doubt?

City Council holds the funds, and Darrell Clarke is not happy with the district.


Next Year’s Starting City Hall Budget: $0

Likely next mayor Jim Kenney plans to make departments justify every last dollar.

Septa regional rail train

SEPTA Is Trying to Become More Bike Friendly

More bike parking coming to regional rail stops, and more space on Market-Frankford cars too.


Report: Federal Grand Jury Is Investigating D.A. Seth Williams

The Inquirer says the feds are looking at his campaign’s spending.


Democrats Sweep Special Elections

Four big lessons from a foregone conclusion.


Security Experts Pan Philly’s Pope Plan

But is City Hall getting a bum rap?


Why No Buses in the Pope “Traffic Zone?”

Private cars can drive about in the zone. Yet SEPTA says its buses won’t.


How Kathleen Kane Fooled the Press

She was a great story, and journalists — myself included — are suckers for stories.


The Sorry State of Philadelphia’s Big Belly Trash Cans

And other Center City scourges that keep Paul Levy up at night.


No Last-Minute Surprises In City Election

November’s filing deadline came and went without any big new names.


Everything You Need to Know About the Indictment of Chaka Fattah

What happened and what it means.


In Delco, a Bruiser of a Special Election

As GOP dominance fades in the county, the fight for a House district gets intense.


Sam Katz and Bill Green Won’t Run for Council After All

Their flirtation with creating a new opposition party comes to an end.

City Life

Who Are Fattah’s Indicted Associates?

One is a close friend of Ed Rendell’s, who was caught up in City Hall’s 1995 “boobgate” mini-scandal.