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This Deadly Blood Clot Is Vastly Underdiagnosed. A Groundbreaking Team of Philly Physicians Want to Change That

A group of physicians in the U.S. is trying to grow awareness of CTEPH: chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension

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How a Lung Transplant Can Breathe New Life into COVID-19 Patients Who Need It the Most

The Temple Lung Center is a leader in performing complicated lung transplants — including treating patients suffering from COVID-19.

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The End of HIV: Philly Researchers Are Closing in on the First Safe, Reliable Cure

There’s newfound hope, and it’s coming from Philly.

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This Philly Doctor Invented a New Way to Dissolve Blood Clots

Blood clots once thought untreatable can now be safely dissolved.

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Dr Bakhos

A New Robotic Surgery Is Giving Patients With a Rare Condition a Second Chance at Life

TBM affects at least 10–20% of people with respiratory symptoms, a Temple Health expert estimates.

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