Kelly Provides Update On Vick

Mike Vick handoff to LeSean McCoyChip Kelly provided an update on Michael Vick prior to Wednesday’s practice. The quarterback is taking team reps for the first time since injuring his hamstring but hasn’t fully tested the leg yet.

“He got some reps, said he felt decent. The biggest thing is how does he bounce back, where is he from one day to the next day. I can be honest with you: I don’t think he ran 100 percent. He wasn’t running full sprints out there yesterday in practice but it looks like he’s progressing.”

Will he be ready for Sunday?

“I just know Mike will be ready for practice today.”

Vick got the majority of the snaps with the first team at Tuesday’s practice. Matt Barkley got some too according to Kelly.

Nick Foles met with the trainers this morning. He is feeling better, Kelly said, but hasn’t yet taken the imPACT test and remains sidelined.

Bradley Fletcher (knee) was a spectator at Wednesday’s practice. Same for Jake Knott (hamstring). Kelly seems encouraged about where Patrick Chung (shoulder) is physically.