Eat All of the Empanadas at Jezabel’s Cafe This Week


Photo by Alex Beaufort

Photo by Alex Beaufort

Next Saturday, April 8th, is apparently National Empanada Day. Obviously, that’s not a real holiday, or even an official one, but it means empanadas for all, and buttery pockets of meat is never a bad thing.

Jezabel’s Cafe, the adorable little thing at the corner of 26th and Pine, is ramping up production for three days leading up to the weekend because chef-owner Jezabel Carega wants to show off her empanada prowess.

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Jezabel Careaga’s Argentinian Café Gets a Name Change


At the corner of 26th and Pine Streets lies chef Jezabel Careaga‘s Argentine-influenced café, newly-named Jezabel’s. Formerly known as Gavin’s Café, Jezabel’s will continue to serve Careaga’s daily menu of Argentine specialties including her empanadas, alfajores, and medialunas, but expect to see some new things on the menu, too.

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$1 Empanadas All Week From Cuba Libre And Caviar (But You Gotta Be Quick)

If this doesn't make you want to celebrate you're dead inside

So here’s the deal. In order to celebrate…something (but maybe just the awesomeness of empanadas), Cuba Libre and Caviar (the delivery service) have a deal for you. They’re offering $1 empanadas all this week.

Actually, it’s four $1 empanadas (making it a four-empanadas-for-four-bucks deal for those of you who don’t like doing basic math), and delivered right to your door, but there are two catches.

Catch 1: You need to use their secret discount code (which won’t really be a secret any more once I tell you after the jump).

Catch 2: There are a limited number of these offers available each day.

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It’s National Empanada Day


The registrar of food holidays has declared that today, April 8th is National Empanada Day and that means bargain empanadas around Philadelphia.

Cuba Libre is celebrating by offering empanadas for just one dollar between 5 p.m. and 7 p.m. Also, all month, the Old City Cuban restaurant is donating 50 cents of all empanada sales to Philabundance.  In addition to the charitable effort, each empanada purchased will earn a raffle ticket. At the end of the month, all tickets will be entered into a drawing with the winner claiming free empanadas for a year.

Jose Garces’s Rosa Blanca is also offering dollar empanadas. All day, the cheese empanadas are being discounted. So head out and celebrate the empanada.

Empanada Fest This Friday at Gavin’s Cafe


This Friday, July 12th, Gavin’s Cafe is hosting another Empanada Fest. Chef Jezabel Careaga will be turning out her empanadas and offering frozen mint lemonade. Bring your own rum to make quite the mojito.

Gavin’s Cafe [Facebook]

Gavin’s Is Hosting Another Empanada Fest Today

Gavin’s Cafe at 26th and Pine is hosting another Empanada Fest today. From 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. the empanadas will be coming heavy. But as much as we love empanadas, don’t sleep on the Maicenitas, an Argentine cookie sandwiche with Dulce de Leche filling.

Order two empanadas and a cookie for just $6.50.

Gavin’s Cafe [Facebook]

Six Pack: Empanadas In Philly

One could argue that the two best things in the world are meat and fried food. If you are the type of person who would make such an argument, then feast your eyes on the empanada. 

The empanada is a crispy pastry stuffed with meat, cheese, fruit, or anything in between, depending on the chef. Most typically served in Latin cuisine, the empanada can count as a small snack or an appetizer leading up to a gut-busting meal.

Luckily for you, Philadelphia has several options to satisfy any one of your empanada cravings.

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