Bayfront Stone Harbor Home for Sale

SPOTLIGHT LISTING: Bayfront Stone Harbor Home

Enjoy beautiful bay views from this four-bedroom Stone Harbor house located on the South Basin—great access to swimming, kayaking and tubing. Three of the bedrooms are located on the first floor, along with a family room and wet bar. The second floor features a great room, dining room and modern kitchen along with lovely second-floor deck. You can also park your car in the one-car garage, which includes loft storage—a boat in the water just outside your bayfront Stone Harbor home.

8429 Third Ave., Stone Harbor
Price: $1,650,000
Bed: 4
Bath: 3.1
2,626 sq. ft.

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  • Slb

    When’s the last time the Eagles upset another team? (Peyton led) Colts?

  • djack10

    this game could be so out of control, they take manning out for the second half. davis could be the second coming of jim johnson but the eagles secondary has no prayer of stopping manning and the WR’s on the broncos.

    • anon

      i think a lot of what manning does is timing based, get good bumps to effect timing, pressure the qb. i’d make him beat you downfield instead of short slant and out routes which is how we’ve been getting beat all year.

  • #7

    We have to jam their WRs and make Manning hold the ball for an extra tic. We have to disrupt his timing and get some hits on him. That’s the only way to stop him. Obviously I want us to win the game, but if we lose it’s not the end of the world although it will be on these threads, unfortunately.

    @New York Giants – 0-3..can’t run the ball or block

    @Tampa Bay Buccaneers – 0-3; Benched their QB

    I think you get the point, just look at the schedule. Not a tough game until GB (and maybe Dallas..they usually start having their choke moments around this time) , and GB don’t look great either. We have a chance to be 5-3, meaning that they are teams we should beat. Of course, we have to go out and do it.

    If we beat Denver it would be a huge confidence booster, especially for the defense. If Chip doesn’t play Curry a lot in this game something is wrong. We need the d-line to make plays

    • nicksaenz1

      I’d like to think that enough people believe we can hang but will ultimately lose. If it’s a close one, I think the end of the world talk will be minimized more than if we get blowed out.

  • cheapmeat

    The only consistent playmaker we have in the secondary is Brandon Boykin. I’m hoping that Cary Williams joins that category this weekend. I’m praying that Earl Wolff gets there eventually. But if we hold Manning to three 3rd-and-longs and give each one of them up, I’m going to rip my ****ing TV of the wall.

    On a calmer note – any chance we take one out of the Giants book and put Cole, Barwin, Graham, and Curry in on passing downs this week?

  • Soybot

    Need to get pressure with a 4 man rush. If we don’t get that, Vick and Shady will need to have career games to give us a chance to win.

  • ACViking

    RIght . . . the dolt-of-a-guy who beat Manning in 2010 and coached two playoff defenses with the Eagles.

    No question McDermott had some problems communicating with the players and the RZ-scheme didn’t work well (under him or anyone else lately).

    But 2 playoff defenses.

  • anon

    We also beat the Bucs last year.

  • knighn

    This is this most excited I have been to watch the Eagles since 2004! I have very different expectations for this team – I don’t expect a playoff appearance, much less a Super Bowl appearance. I just want to see how Chip Kelly works in the NFL. The team was 4-12 last year and is clearly “retooling”. There were a lot of changes made to this team but not necessarily a ton of improvements. I get it – they’re trying to slowly build their kind of team – but that doesn’t make fans patient when they’re accustomed to seeing the Eagles in the playoffs.

  • BlindChow

    McDermott also just shut out the Giants, and held Seattle to 12.

  • JofreyRice

    Actually, the dolt is Davis. Glad to see you’re still carrying water for some bum the Eagles fired years ago. I hope you get 10% off at the pro shop or something in return.

    McDoormat had the defense handed to him on a silver plate. He grew up in it, and promptly ran it into the ground. He made plenty of headscratching decisions in his time here, one of them being the Kenny Britt massacre of Ellis Hobbs and Nate Allen. In his first year coordinating in Carolina, he allowed a bunch of come from behind wins. If he looks better now, I chalk it up to experience, and the talent on that Dline.

  • #7

    I think you’re the first one I’ve ever compliment McDermott. 2 playoff defenses. You got a point

  • BlindChow

    I’ve grown more accustomed to the Eagles playing sloppy all across the board. I’ll be happy if we just get more games like the first two (even if they’re losses), and fewer like the last one (ANOTHER fumbled punt?!).

  • Maggie

    Wow. Who stole your lunch money today? We don’t always see such venom in your attacks.

  • Token

    I dont get where this comes from. The other day people were on here reminiscing about the good old days of Juan freakin Castillo. Now we are actually like McDermott didnt coach an awful defense? Did he set the record for most passing TDs allowed in history or something?

    Lurie I guess is the one who wins here, he has dropped everyones expectations down to nothing. Fans are happy with just about anything at this point.

    Billy: Hint, go watch tape on things teams like Baltimore have done to slow Manning in the past. You know, actual top defensive minds. Not spend the week studying past Eagles failures at DC.

  • #7

    Carolina has a beast d-line

  • BlindChow

    He just wants them to think that’s what he’s doing. Billy Davis: always one step ahead.

  • anon

    yep one step forward and two steps back.

  • LeClaw

    He just wants them to think that’s what he is doing and that he really isnt’ but he actually really is because they’d never suspect it….next level

  • anon

    yeah i could lose if we dont play poorly though d was frustrating as well.

  • #7

    Cary Williams is supposed to be one of the better CBs at jamming in the NFL, right? This should be right up his alley

  • theycallmerob

    yup, all the eagles need to do is go get the greatest MLB ever, and a HOF safety. Bmore really has taught the league how to slow down Manning. But I’m sure their success is somehow Lurie and Roseman’s fault too.

  • nicksaenz1

    They have a beast front 7!

  • nicksaenz1

    With Fletcher back, that’s two bigger corners that like to get physical, and I think Boykin, while he certainly has his hands full, can stick with Welker most of the day. They need to play aggressively but disciplined, meaning we can’t afford the stupid PI penalties that Williams handed to Rivers and the Chargers, and Davis needs to mix the coverage to keep Manning off balance. Can’t play zone all day because Manning will eventually pick it apart, but you can’t stay in man against these receivers because they’re too talented to not get open at some point. I think it goes without saying that the pass rush NEEDS to get pressure, as it’s paramount to the secondary having any level of success (read: Vinny mf’n Curry better be playing). That’s just my opinion, though. Certainly interested to see what Davis dials up.