The Majority of Old Homes for Sale in Pennsylvania Are In (Drum Roll) Allentown!

Trulia’s Jed Kolko, writing for Quartz, analyzed the age of homes for sale in the U.S. and found that  the majority of homes built before 1900 are in New England and upstate New York. But there’s also a dark horse–Allentown, Pa.

Look at this chart:

# Metro Share of on-market homes built before 1900 Share of on-market homes built before 1940
1 Peabody, MA



2 Boston, MA



3 Syracuse, NY



4 Springfield, MA



5 Middlesex County, MA



6 Allentown, PA-NJ



7 Worcester, MA



8 Albany, NY



9 Providence, RI-MA



10 Rochester, NY




As Kolko points out, listings for such properties highlight “exposed brick, pocket doors (which open by sliding into a “pocket” in the nearby wall rather than swinging open), carriage houses, and grand staircases.” Allentown has it all.

As for Philadelphia, of the homes for sale currently, the majority of them were built between 2000 and 2010. Check out the interactive infographic for information, below.

• American Homes Through the Decades [Trulia Trends]

New homes in the US are bigger than they’ve ever been [Quartz]

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  • thefadd

    trade it!!

  • 1972

    Alot of people want to move down and get more picks, but id rather take quality over quantity.
    at 4 you can definitely get a pro bowl caliber player, i trust that more than the move down and reaching and over thinking.Sure we need alot of talent but one big name can definitely change a franchise,, Especially if his name is Star Or Jarvis

    • I’m with you. If you have a chance to get an elite player, you don’t trade down unless you get blown away. I want zero parts of Jarvis Jones, but Star is a perfect fit here if we go to a 3-4.

      • 1972

        He has a terrible back condition and he takes some plays off but he single handedly won games for georgia . what dont u like about him?

        • He doesn’t play the run at all. Bama ran right at him the entire game and he didn’t make one play in the running game. With the 4th pick, you have to get Von Miller….and there are too many question marks to pick Jones that high. His ceiling is higher than Star or Milliner, but they are much safer picks.

          • 1972

            he really does suck against the run lol. But damn he’s talented i would hate to miss on another demarcus ware or jpp type force.Maybe we can coach him up.I agree with u on star, millner not so much.To be 4th u have to make game changing plays patrick peterson or claiborne. Pick 6’s, millner’s a good physical cover corner but i dont thing he’s a star.

          • Cafone

            Are you talking about Jones? Isn’t he the opposite of a JPP type? He’s not an unknown potential guy. He’s from the SEC. Where’s the room to coach him up? We aren’t even sure who our defensive staff is yet. I wouldn’t just assume that they are going to be better than Georgia’s staff.

          • 1972

            when i use jpp and ware as examples they arent physical examples they re production examples. His impact and disruptive force is what i mean , not the size and strength. His speed is top notch, he reminds me of kearse before the knee injury.U like bruce irvin or alden smith? Thats his upside. The only way he’s a miss is injury IMO

          • GoBirds1

            What about his size, isn’t that a concern. Isn’t 240 lbs on the smallish side for DE/OLB in the 3-4. Thats why you can run at him, all day long.

          • fran35

            Jarvis Jones is no where near the physical talent of Ware or JPP. His ceiling is not that high. He is no where near Von Miller athletically. In my opinion, he is not worth a 4.

          • 1972

            hes obviously not on wares level, but definitely is on von millers.He’s the top overall prospect in the draft talent wise. and this isnt a down year

  • The Eagles have a roster full of trade downs and that strategy has lead to a team full of “Not Good” Enough talent.

  • knighn

    This list should tell you that there is no “SURE THING” at the #4 overall pick. When you pick that high, you want a perennial pro-bowler. Only 4 out of 10 of those players have even made a single pro-bowl, that’s only a 40% success rate or a 60% failure rate.
    Out of those pro-bowlers, would you call Philip Rivers a “sure thing”? He sure hasn’t looked the part lately. So you can drop the success rate even further.
    Looking at this, if the player the Eagles want isn’t there, I don’t mind them moving back a little.

    • GoBirds1

      Your math is a little slanted, in time I am sure Kalil and Green will make Pro Bowl status. If you scout well and perform due diligence combined with the new rookie slotting contract and pick best player on the board and not for need, the odds are way in your favor to get a pro bowl quality 10-year starter. Something we seem to avoid in the first round!

      • knighn

        Though not stated, I agree with this: an NFL team’s odds of hitting on a “Pro Bowl Quality 10-year starter” are better higher in the draft. History backs that up.
        Beyond that – I have to disagree with your math as well:
        “If you scout well and perform due diligence… the odds are way in your favor to get a pro bowl quality 10-year starter”
        That would suggest a better than 50% chance of landing a “pro-bowl quality 10-year starter” just with “scouting and due diligence” (which every NFL team already peforms). Recent draft selections just don’t back that up. Green was already in the pro-bowl (and was included in my numbers). If you add in Kalil, we’re still only at 50%. Do you really count Phil Rivers as a “pro bowl quality 10-year starter”? If yes, then we’re still at 50%, and no better than a coin flip. If no, then your odds drop to less than 50% of hitting that guy… which goes back to my point:
        If the Eagles don’t value any of the players available at pick #4 as a #4 draft pick, they may be better off moving back.

        • GoBirds1

          You seem to disregard my most important point, draft best on the board, not for need. Considering the lack of talent they could probably do both and it would not matter. If you cannot identify 4 10 year starters out of this draft, you should not be making draft picks as your profession. That means, regardless of who gets picked at 1,2,and 3, at least the forth best player is available and you take him. It is not that hard. Find a stud athlete, a great football player and a good person, and you draft him. I think Chip Kelly will find a player sitting at the #4 spot. GoBirds!!!!!!!!!

  • EaglesFanStuckinTX

    My draft list for the first pick would look like this:
    Luke Joeckel OT
    Dee Milliner CB
    Jarvis Jones LB
    Chance Warmack G
    Kenny Vaccaro S

    If Joeckel is there – Draft him!!
    If he’s gone, then you might be able to drop down 4-6 spots and still get one of the others. If there is a good offer with an additional 2nd round pick, I would trade down as long as I could get one of the remaining 4.

  • RandyJobst

    The top 5 isn’t elite. You have two options if you want to avoid a bust. One, trade down a few spots and get an extra 2nd rounder or two, take Joeckel or Fisher and get a sure thing at OT.

    • 1972

      the problem i have with the eagles trading down is they end up getting 5’s 6’s and 7th rounders and they end up starting these guys. I want top tier players starting on this team. Not chaney and coleman. throw away pics that cant play

  • PaoliBulldog

    Offensive schemes come and go, but the games are decided at the point of attack. The OL was awful last season, because of injuries and lack of talent. Please, God, let Joeckel stay on the board until #4.

    • Spiffo

      Hey! I got some cousins named Paoli! You live in S. Jersey?

      • PaoliBulldog

        No, Paoli is a Main Line suburb of Philadelphia and my Pop Warner football team was the Bulldogs.

  • Phillwi

    No way Womack, Vaccaro or Milliner are worth the 4th Pick. You can take Star or Joekel and still get a good safety in the second of Elam if you want.

    • fran35

      I agree, but Warmack is the best player in this draft in my opinion. Its just that you dont draft a guard at 4. Too bad, Warmack will be a repeat Pro Bowler.

  • Ben

    Kalil made the Pro Bowl this year as an alternate.

  • Spiffo

    We need Joke…

  • ICDogg

    Looking at the past #4 picks, there is an implication that an O-tackle is the least risky way to go here.

    • And defensive ends have a 100% mortality rate. I want Joeckel myself, but don’t read too much into these old picks. Every draft is different and only ten players are represented here.

      • ICDogg

        Yeah, it is a silly way to compare. I mean, a lot of guys could have gotten taken earlier or later in any given draft, based on the judgment of the team drafting them. And in some positions, the rarity of the talent warrants taking a bigger risk.

        • Just to illustrate that point, Robert Gallery and Jason Smith were both #2 overall picks at offensive tackle within the last ten years.

          • Shouldn’t you be preparing to post youtube videos on a 6th round DE from Montana St.?

  • Didn’t shut ur coach mcnabb through some of his best years when he was our QB coach ? Very what have you done for me lately attitude from barnwell. There is always a chance that colt McCoy and weeded just plain suck. We’ll see.

  • I wouldn’t mind if they traded down, but not out of the top 12 or so. There are a lot of holes to fill on this team, and if they could get extra second and third rounders out of the deal I would feel pretty good. Kelly has been a college coach for years now. I would bet that he has a good idea of the value of a lot of the players in this draft.

  • GuyLeDouche

    I would take Bill Barnwell’s opinion on Shurmur with a grain of salt. This is the same guy who wrote that DRC was clearly the Eagles’ best player on defense.

  • MJ


    FYI it is obviously a dumb system with injuries and SB players dropping out, but Matt Kalil ended up making the Pro Bowl this year, so technically 5 of 10 made it.

  • I guess Barnwell thinks it only takes a week to fully develop a player. And Shurmur was only there for 2 seasons. He didn’t didn’t have time to develop anyone. Barnwell really makes himself look like a dweeb there.

  • FMWarner

    Gaines Adams should not really be included when calculating the percentage of Pro Bowlers at the #4 pick, since he unfortunately passed away early in his career.

  • Damien

    If we switch to the 3-4 then we need Star. If he isn’t there then trade down with the Rams and pick up #16, #22, and #46 and draft Chance Warmack, John Jenkins, and Aaron Colvin.

  • Mitchell

    I would say trade the pick down and get Eric Fisher. Big fan of this guy. Watched him in his bowl game and at the senior bowl. Kid is nuts! Anchors well and has good feet. An added benefit is he has played right tackle and I have read he can defend the run better than Joekel. So if Peters comes back healthy, the Eagles are able to plug Fisher into right guard and move “Harryman” back to the natural position. If Peters doesn’t come back full health you still have an excellent left tackle in Fisher. Then when Peter’s does eventually leave you have your left tackle.

  • It would seem apparent that the Eagles have had enough to trading down in the draft. It’s not as if the Eagles have deep talent on their bench. I would say trading down has been a strategy that blew up in their face.

    Judging by the needs across the offensive line, if they don’t get Luke Joecke, it had better be because he’s not on the Board. If the Eagles don’t want Geno, then the best available player can come into Philly and Start anywhere.

  • morgan c

    McFadden went to Arkansas, not Oklahoma.

  • …;as soon as I collect enough empty cans, I’m getting myself one of those….

  • questionable

    Why does the chart say “Allentown-PA, NJ”?