It’s Hard to Trust Roger Goodell

Roger Goodell

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, during happier times.

I once met and interviewed Adrian Peterson.

He greeted me, as he does everyone, with a vice-grip handshake that stuns you to your core, a handshake that I found extremely peculiar. A firm handshake is what most men do. But this was ridiculous. It was as if Peterson was out to exert and display his power for no particular reason at all other than to exert and display that he was stronger than you. And it was like he didn’t want you to forget it.

With that story, I make a rather lengthy, but pertinent leap to his case of child abuse. Adrian Peterson whupped up on his 4-year-old boy, perhaps as a form of backwater punishment, but certainly as an exertion of power.  After reading about this case and seeing the photos of a bruised 4-year-old, I come to the conclusion that Peterson is a loathsome and contemptible man.

But this is not just a story about a bad human being. It’s a story of how the National Football League has turned into a joke when it comes to governing their employees. Their punishment of Adrian Peterson for the rest of the NFL’s regular season may pass a moral test, but it’s another ass-backward attempt to gain public trust by manipulating rules and regulations solely upon the whims of an empty suit named Roger Goodell.

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It Was a Miserable Night for Philadelphia Sports

Philadelphia Flyers goalie Steve Mason (35) reacts against the New York Rangers during the first period at Madison Square Garden on November 19, 2014.

Philadelphia Flyers goalie Steve Mason (35) reacts against the New York Rangers during the first period at Madison Square Garden on November 19, 2014.

It was not a good night to be a Philadelphia sports fan.

First off, the Sixers lost. That’s not necessarily news, but this was a game they might have been able to win! They led the hated Celtics by as many as nine points in the first quarter, but eventually lost 101-90. The record for most losses to start a season is 18. The Sixers are 0-11.

Meanwhile, Tony Wroten fired back at Suns guard Eric Bledsoe, who said the University of Kentucky basketball team would beat the Sixers this year. I see no reason we can’t make this exhibition happen — it might be a chance for the 76ers to actually get a win.

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The Sixers Are Making Deadspin Really Angry

Philadelphia 76ers' Nerlens Noel, left, holds his head after scrambling for a ball against Houston Rockets' Trevor Ariza, right, in the second half of an NBA basketball game Friday, Nov. 14, 2014, in Houston. The Rockets won 88-87.(AP Photo/Pat Sullivan)

Philadelphia 76ers’ Nerlens Noel, left, holds his head after scrambling for a ball against Houston Rockets’ Trevor Ariza, right, in the second half of an NBA basketball game Friday, Nov. 14, 2014, in Houston. The Rockets won 88-87.(AP Photo/Pat Sullivan)

The folks at Deadspin have had it with the Sixers and their tank-job ways. We’ll give you three quotes from the piece, “The Philadelphia 76ers Are a Godless Abomination,” to convey the depth of anger — you might even share it by the end of the piece!

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WATCH: Fox 29 Hired a Steamroller to Run Over Some Cheese

The 7-2 Philadelphia Eagles travel to Green Bay on Sunday to take on the 6-3 Packers, and you can get cogent analysis on Birds 24/7. And if you want rah-rah boosterism, you just need to turn to Fox 29’s Good Day Philadelphia.

They’ve been rooting on the Eagles all week. Yesterday, Good Day’s Mike Jerrick tossed a hunk of cheese into the street so it could be run over by a SEPTA bus. And, today? Fox 29 actually hired a steamroller to run over photos of the Packers’ players and cheese.

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Nobody Cares That Penn State Got Railroaded by the NCAA


The world no longer cares whether Penn State University was wronged by the NCAA when, two years ago, the organization imposed crippling sanctions on the Nittany Lions football program.

So what’s come to light this week — that not only did the NCAA bluff Penn State into accepting the sanctions, but the chief “independent” investigator PSU hired to sort out the Jerry Sandusky scandal at the school was actually in bed with the NCAA all along — is almost irrelevant.

Nobody’s talking about it. had the latter item on its home page Wednesday for a little while. By night fall, the item had been moved to the NCAA football page, and buried down the list of items; even below the blockbuster scoop that the University of Michigan president apologized to his lousy football coach for making harsh statements about his team being loaded with lousy students.

Here’s what most people are comfortable in believing: Penn State was a pompous institution that deserved to be sawed off by the NCAA because its glorious football program was harboring and protecting a valuable assistant coach who just happened to be a predator, all for the sake of winning football games.

And what a load of astonishing malarkey.

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Not-Tanking Sixers Try Really Hard, Lose by 53


Philadelphia 76ers forward Nerlens Noel during the second half against the Dallas Mavericks at American Airlines Center.

On Thursday, Michael Carter-Williams wrote an essay in The Players Tribune, essentially a new professional-athletes-only blog, about the Sixers’ struggles. In the piece, titled “Don’t Talk to Me About Tanking,” Carter-Williams says the media has been too harsh on the team.

“Nobody took the losses harder than we did,” Carter-Williams wrote. “We deserved plenty of criticism, but we all put in too much work to be treated like a joke.”

After sitting out the start of the season with a shoulder injury, Carter-Williams returned to the Sixers lineup. So here is a recap of last night’s Sixers game: The absolutely not-tanking 76ers tried really hard last night in their game against the Dallas Mavericks. They lost by 53, 123-70.

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Did We Just Witness the End for Bernard Hopkins (and Major Boxing in Atlantic City?)

Bernard Hopkins (Black trunks) is knocked down by Sergey Kovalev (Red/White trunks) during their WBA/IBF/WBO light heavyweight title bout at Atlantic City's Boardwalk Hall.

Bernard Hopkins is knocked down by Sergey Kovalev during their WBA/IBF/WBO light heavyweight title bout at Atlantic City’s Boardwalk Hall.

The crowd was so boisterous you almost forgot they came to see a 49-year-old Philadelphian get beaten up.

Okay, they didn’t come to see that, but that was the end result. Sergey Kovalev rocked Philly’s Bernard Hopkins in a unanimous decision Saturday night at Atlantic City’s Boardwalk Hall. Judges gave Kovalev every round. From the time he knocked down Hopkins in the first, the fight never seemed in doubt. Kovalev landed 121 power punches to Hopkins’ 40.

For years Hopkins has beaten his opponents with a mix of incredible conditioning and masterful mind games. “I play chess every day, with human beings,” Hopkins told the HBO Boxing podcast last month. “And most of these guys are checker-playin’.” Hopkins was playing chess on Saturday, and Kovalev came and smashed the board in half with 166 punches.

Hopkins has lost before, but not this badly. He turns 50 next year. He no longer has his light heavyweight title. Boxing scribes immediately asked the question post-fight: Is this the end for Bernard Hopkins?

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WATCH: Drake Is Excited By How Bad the Sixers Are

Sunday night, the Raptors blew out the Sixers 120-88, the first time this year the Sixers haven’t been in a game at all (amazingly). To make matters worse, the Lakers actually won a game last night, which means the Sixers are the NBA’s only winless team.

Want things to get worse? Check out the above dunk, where James Johnson posterizes Brandon Davies so hard that Drake cannot contain himself.

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Young, Tall and Terrible: Meet Your 2014-15 Sixers


“I think I want to get $10 tickets to the Sixers tonight, any interest?” I texted my friend. “Actually, I have no idea of your interest level in basketball.”

This is how one invites people to a Sixers game in 2014. For a while, it wasn’t hard: “Want to go see Iverson tonight?” Now I have to hedge it with promises of cheap tickets on me and a near apology for even asking.

“I’ll go,” Kelly said. “Are they gonna do the fun floor thing?” For the 2014-15 season, the Sixers have a pregame intro that makes it look like the basketball court is being destroyed by a man hitting the Liberty Bell. I told her it was an all-season thing. “Good, that’s why I’m going,” she replied.

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