Report: Suspects in Gay Bashing Will Meet Police Today

Reality TV star, Twitter credited with helping advance the investigation.

Suspects in a Center City gay-bashing case will meet police today, 6ABC reports, after Philadelphia’s Twitter community helped police discover their identities.

Events developed quickly Tuesday after Philadelphia Police released surveillance video of up to 12 people it identified as suspects walking through Center City on Thursday evening near the time of the attack. Within hours, former Real Housewives of New Jersey castmate Greg Bennett tweeted this photo that he claims — because of similarities in clothing — includes some of the alleged suspects in the hate crime that happened on Thursday in Center City.

Not long after, police were contacted by lawyers for the suspects. 6ABC reports: “Late Tuesday night, Action News has learned attorneys for some members of the group have called police. They are making arrangements to bring their clients in for questioning on Wednesday.”

Police credited Philadelphia’s Twitter community with assisting the investigation:

Philadelphia native Melody Kramer, now an NPR social media guru, used Storify to document how the case came together on Twitter.

And Twitter user @FanSince09credited with determining that the group in the picture had eaten at Italian restaurant La Viola, and using Facebook check-ins to determine the identities of those who dined at the restaurant that night — quickly became a celebrity: He tweeted overnight that he was being asked to appear on morning news shows today.

He was on Fox 29 this morning:

FOX 29 News Philadelphia | WTXF-TV

This has become a big national story overnight. What we don’t know? If today’s meeting between suspects and police will result in charges. There’s much more to come.

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  • Willy Loman’s Pipe

    Bane mask. Awesome. Kudos to all involved with the investigation. May justice be served!

  • Sputnik67

    So not only do they viciously attack in a hate crime, but they also post homophobic comments on FB and they deleted the restaurant check in? Well, I hope they enjoyed that swanky meal, because they’re not going to be eating like that where they’re going…

  • GrantLV

    Every member of that group is guilty of the crime, since they helped cover it up until there was no place to hide. Jail time for all. Sensitivity training for all. Community service in the Gay Community Center for all. But mostly jail time. They should be kicked out of college too, wherever they attend.

    • roma258

      Jail time for sure. No plea deals, no “affluenza”. Aggravated assault= real jail time.

      • noni

        and it should be felony assault.

    • Sam

      They should all be locked in the zoo cages to show what animals in human form look like.

    • stefan

      I personally DON’T want any of these terrorists doing service at Mazzoni, William Way, or The Attic… As someone who already fears my life leaving some of these safe spaces, I would prefer not to have people like them around me ever.

  • LAR

    Justice? I wouldn’t get too excited about them being ID’d and voluntarily going to the police department for questioning quite yet. No doubt one of them “young, white, college kids” has rich parents that have hired an expensive lawyer to get them off on good behavior because they came forward, or a technicality or something. I can see it now, they will all walk scotfree with maybe having to pay hospital bills….I bet no jail time will come from it….unfortunately.

    I really feel horrible for the guys that got the crap beat out of them. This incident will no doubt leave scars way beyond the damage that was done to their bodies, but the deep down emotional scars they must face everyday. They will be paranoid, and frightened everyday for rest of their lives to even walk down the street. I really hope these kids are charged and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

    • Hunter

      Many of them may get probation but they will likely have a felony conviction on their record. They aren’t going to get away with this. The State Rep. for Center City is gay (Sims) and the city take hate crimes and violent crime in center city very seriously.
      Those of us who are gay have businesses in center city and we have political power, too, so we’ll make sure that justice is served by the system.

      • TJN

        Lol Philadelphia taking violent crime seriously. ..

        • FoxNoozForevah

          No one takes you seriously, clown.

          • TJN

            Yeah your name says serious. Why are you hiding behind the Internet

          • FoxNoozForevah

            Bring it, Teddy boi

      • Veillantif

        How is a state legislator supposed to interfere in a criminal proceeding?

  • The Real Richard Cranium

    There are always three sides to a story: my version, your version, and the truth. Thus far, we have only heard the side of the victims. Based on that alone, I believe that those involved are flipping cowards. Back in my day, you fought one on one. You didn’t gang up on people. You didn’t injure a person to that extent. You get the sense that these cowards were fueled by Liquid Courage and phony bravado or machismo.

    Apparently, their Facebook profiles were filled with hatred for same sex couples. Plus, they took the steps to delete their check in at the restaurant. I would say those are aggravating circumstances that should play into their Sentencing.

    And the fact that they have all lawyered up is telling. I’m sure their parents are all saying “not my kid.”

    • J

      It’s not accurate to say we have only heard from the victims. Yes, we have not heard from the accused, but we have heard from eye witnesses, who were interviewed on camera in news reports last week.

  • dan_in_san_diego

    Healing thoughts and energy to the couple physically assaulted………..hope you guys are doing better……….

    Those who did the bashing are incredibly pathetic souls………..what true nothings the parents raised

  • Tim Easton

    Power to the Pixels!

    Perhaps the hateful perpetrators of this inhumane violence in the alleged City of Brotherly Love will be dragged out of their miserable closets to be outed for all the world to see?

    Interesting that research has now shown that the worst cases of Heterosexual-Supremacy are often committed by closet-cases themselves, lashing out violently to bash their own inner-non-heterosexual.

    Sadly, and criminally, when these supremacists choose to target honest self-respecting non-heterosexuals in these hate crimes, they do often-lethal damage.

    • TIngo

      Those who are rage the most and hit the hardest have their own “secret”

  • T

    Even if they have lawyers, they better damn well be charged!

  • Mike Brown

    They all must have failed miserably in the common sense department. The average person is viewed about 6-8 times per day on camera or video surveillance. They should all blame the dude with the vest on. He stood out like a sore thumb.

    • Buster33

      And it’s such a gay vest too. I mean gay in the sense of cheerful and merry, of course.

      • mtbljr

        Haha, I thought the same exact thing. The vest was probably pivotal in identifying these losers.

      • Dorothy Balzer Hogge

        Ahhh, Buster, you’re killing me!

  • PostAmerican

    What’s wrong with people? To each their own, this is the USA not ISIS.

    • Josh Mckibbin

      ISIS isn’t a country you twit

      • PostAmerican

        Oh yeah its a Caliphate

        • FoxNoozForevah

          Massive fail, fool. You must be a Fox viewer.

          • Guest

            Uh nope, so the Islamic State is not a State?

          • PostAmerican

            Uh, nope don’t watch Fox. All I was pointing out was that we live in a Republic, land of the Free, to each their own. We don’t live under Shariah Law in a religious theocracy where abortion and the gays are banned, even thought the GOP would like to.

  • J to K

    Hope the a-holes get a long sentence in pound you in the ass prison..

  • Teee

    The couple actually tossed a cigarette and shoved one of the girls in the group. This was not a random hate crime, as plenty of those guys involved have bi and gay friends. Yes, it was wrong as how severe those 2 men were beat up as a result, but this was not a hate crime. They assaulted one of the females while drunkenly walking through the sidewalk, and unfortunately the guys in the group, took matters to the extreme.

    • Marlboro Man

      well if they tossed a cigarette

    • Sam_Handwich

      “The couple actually tossed a cigarette and shoved one of the girls in the group.”

      according to what report?

    • NoLibsLady

      The other day I accidentally dropped a cup of coffee on the sidewalk. It splashed all over the ground and I bumped into someone when I knelt to pick it up. Should I have been savagely beaten? There is no way to view this as anything other than a hate crime, and the criminals should be held accountable. I’m glad the response from the police and community have not matched your callous and obtuse POV.

    • RoughRugger

      Aggravated assault by 8-12 people on 2 while yelling anti-gay slurs equals a hate crime in my book.

      • c n

        And you know for a fact that they yelled anti-gay slurs? Can you point us to the audio so we can all hear it?

        • G

          i’m not aware of any audio/video of the attack that exists, but it was confirmed by two witnesses interviewed on the news

    • sfbuds

      if this were the case, how unfortunate that nobody in that group of people came forward to police to report that they were assaulted. they waited until they got caught, when all this time they knew this was a highly reported crime and that police were seeking witnesses. the fact that they remained silent gives much less weight to any excuse they now want to make about how it started.

    • philly222

      I was wondering how long it would take for some dumbass to figure out how to blame the victims. “They started it.” Against a mob of 12 bros. Mm hm.

      But just in case, I reported your interesting post to the police, as these details have not been reported anywhere else. I’m sure they’ll be curious about where you heard it. Oh, and internet companies have to give up user info if they’re served with a search warrant. Just sayin.

      • Alexander Winston

        Well played. I will forward the thread as well so it will really get their attention. This is what needs to happen to bigots and liars on a daily basis.

    • rcdcr

      Uh-huh. That’s ALWAYS the story. And it’s ALWAY posted anonymously. By folks like you.

      What party of 2 gets into it with a party of 12, idiot?

      Something tells me you know the hetero-supremacists involved. Perhaps you’re one of their attorneys????? Or thier mommy or daddy.

      • Guest

        Or their fluffer……..

      • Obama4More

        or their PRIEST?

    • ErikDC

      Except… they robbed them, too. That negates any self-defense claim. They’re going to prison and they will be paying a very large civil settlement.

    • Jean-Marc in Canada

      I’m all the way up here in Canada and even I can smell the bovine feces you’re trying spread.

    • oikos

      Yes, yes all haters have “bi and gay friends” who never materialize to testify for their bigoted friends impeccable character. Nice try.

      • StraightGrandmother

        And their gay and bi friends were totally not offended by their homophobic comments on their Facebook page because after all….they’re friends, right?

        • oikos

          exactly SGM :)

          • Brian

            Some of their best friends are black, too.

    • T

      So sad that this person clearly knew what went down and probably never went to the police with information. Instead, they take it to a forum to get their side out? Please, have several seats.

      And yes, how do you explain the robbery?

    • FoxNoozForevah

      STFU you irrevocably moronic piece of crap. Hopefully someone kicks the life out of you and soon.

    • Rickster Rickster

      is this the story you’ll be telling the cops when you turn yourself in? amazing how your story doesn’t match any of the witness accounts.

    • 2guysnamedjoe

      Neither of the victims was a smoker.
      See, I can pull facts out of my nose, too.

    • FoxNoozForevah

      Loser fail is always hilarious fail.

    • clarknt67

      It was a robbery that much we know.

  • Mister Conservative

    They look gay themselves.

  • Kevin Kong
  • Sam_Handwich

    NBC10 reports they were classmates at Archbishop Wood Catholic High School

  • Sarah

    Another proud moment in Heterosexual American History.

  • rb

    How is this a hate crime but all of the black on white crime that we a seeing is not????

    • rb

      we *are seeing

      • Rabo

        Because white people are not a persecuted minority? Duh.

        • To be fair, it’s not about the perceived notion of minority or majority status. A hate crime is based on motivation. IF in fact a black guy did commit a crime against a white guy while hurling racial slurs and was deemed to have committed said crime with racial motivation, it would be (legally) considered a hate crime. Same with if a gay or lesbian person committed a crime specifically targeting a straight person because they were straight.

    • Alexander Winston

      You don’t seem to understand what constitutes a hate crime. it is about the motivation for the crime.

  • Ninja0980

    To those looking to blame the victims, one of the men beaten was also robbed.
    Explain that part of it if you will.

    • Jean-Marc in Canada

      Now now, don’t go muddying the waters with facts, it’s messes with their bullshit.

  • Jean-Marc in Canada

    If the cops and courts can’t deal with them, perhaps the Pink Pistols or the Pink Posse would oblige……..just a suggestion.

    • Some drag queens can be vicious!

    • Alexander Winston

      I think it is past time to bash back.

    • MJ

      Are you volunteering to come down from Canada and do it ?

    • DBow

      Stooping down to these disgusting things’ level is 100% NOT the answer. They want good people to do horrible things like them to prove to themselves they are normal, not terrible excuses for human life.

      • Jean-Marc in Canada

        First off, calm down and stop clutching the pearls so tightly, you’ll break the strand.

        Secondly, it’s fantasy, not a serious call to arms. Anyone who knows the Pink Pistols or the Pink Posse knows, they would never do that.

        Third, defending yourself is not stooping to someone else’s level if the need arises.

        Again, step back, take a breath and realize that a healthy expression of anger and fantasy is much better than actually committing violence….most psychologists/psychiatrists will tell you this.

        Sorry to be terse but your post was quite irritating in it’s pious tone.

        • DBow

          It’s always interesting when people bash their allies for having a different opinion of how to handle a situation. I stated my opinion in 2 respectful sentences and received that odd rant in return.
          There was nothing but calm in my comment so I’m not sure why you would write whatever the heck that was about pearls.
          Secondly, some people of different mind than you or I may take that suggestion seriously. Defending oneself and looking for a fight are vet different things.
          If anyone needs to step back and take a breath I’m thinking that would be you. Very ridiculous response to my respectful comment.

  • Sogay

    Ha gay

  • Mass Independent

    Also, one of the guys had his bag with wallet and credit cards stolen by one of the perps. So add theft to the assault charge, and say Bye Bye.

    • FoxNoozForevah

      Those dooshbags are going down!

  • eastcoastlib

    It sure is nice of the police to take time out of their busy schedules to meet with these guys. I mean, somewhere in Philly, at the time they’re taking a meeting with these white guys accused of a hate crime, there’s someone driving while black.

    WTF? You know who they are. They committed a crime. Drag these neanderthals out of their homes or wherever they work and arrest them. That is exactly what would happen if the perps were a different color.

    • Jdawg Laurence

      My guess is it has to do with them having their lawyers, and having set a meeting up with the police. If they’ve already agreed to practically turn themselves in, why would police waste the resources to find their current location and arrest them? Why are people still bring race into the equation? Until we stop acting like that matters, it will probably continue to matter.

      • eastcoastlib

        In any contact with the police or the justice system, race matters. Deny it all you like but the stats bear that simple truth out time and again. Pretending a problem doesn’t exist guarantees it will never be fixed.

  • DM

    Hope all of the individuals are brought to justice this has absolutely nothing to do with race but I’m sure it will on this page…..

  • misarchaeologist

    SO…if the group of accused were persons of color, do we think they’d have the luxury of “meeting with” the police at their convenience? Somehow, I doubt it. I hope these overprivileged bigot bullies end up shamed in front of everyone.

    • Jdawg Laurence

      I’m guessing it had more to do with them having lawyers set up already, and less to do with the colour of skin that they happened to be born with? I’m not sure why race is still brought up. I thought we lived in the 21st century.

  • One down, 11 to go!

  • Richard

    How nice that they are dropping by to “meet” the police. I want to see arrests. I want these thugs to meet their new cell mates.

  • Headline fix: Report: *White* Suspects in Gay Bashing Will Meet Police Today

  • Steve Neman

    LOL, the suspects will “meet with police” (for tea?), not “they will be arrested and charged.” Unbelievable. If this had happened to a black man by all white suspects there would have been riots by now. Gay community, get your s*#& together!

  • Twar1

    Interesting how they get to “meet” with police to be questioned. If this were three black or hispanic suspects they would have been hauled out of their homes in cuffs with cameras rolling.

    White upper-middle class entitlement all the way down the line; even with respect to their criminal punishment