Teens Urinate on ‘Entire’ Northern Liberties Houses, Have Really Long Sex

NBC 10 reports Saturday’s Radio 104.5 Block Party got out of control, with teenagers peeing and hooking up all over the neighborhood.

NBC 10’s Denise Nakano reported Tuesday night on spillover from the Radio 104.5 block party, held last Saturday at the Piazza. And I mean “spillover.” Per NBC 10, there weren’t enough free toilets at the Piazza, and so teenagers seeing Phantogram and Chvrches left the Piazza to go pee on things in Northern Liberties.

“My entire house was peed on, people were having sex two feet in front of my children and everyone was drunk that day,” said Sibyl Lindsay of Northern Liberties.

This is some high-class hyperbole, as a few pointed out on Twitter. Her entire house was peed on? I did not know NBC 10’s coverage area included Brobdingnag.

“There was a lot of young people in the back, underage drinking, staggering around drunk, urinating on my garage,” said Clarence Manson of Northern Liberties.

Sounds like a party! Anything else?

One neighbor recorded two teens having sex out in the open. Neighbors say the teens continued for another 40 minutes after they were told to leave.

Did the neighbor record the teens having sex for the full 40-plus minutes? Wouldn’t that make him a “pornographer” and not a “neighbor”? Also, 40 minutes? That’s pretty solid stamina for one sex act outside, even for a teenager. Are we sure these were teenagers and not Sting and Trudie? So many questions!

Even with local news hyperbole, the neighbors have legitimate concerns. Fortunately, the next Radio 104.5 block party has been moved to the Festival Pier at Penn’s Landing, so people can just pee out into the Delaware River.

In other public urination news, tens of thousands of people peed all over Broad Street Sunday — and not a peep from the media.

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  • mark

    How do you pee on an entire house??!!

    • pete

      How do you have sex for 40mins…or even 5 for that matter… and have any knees left when you are on a sidewalk?

      • Roger Brown

        Just not good at it, are you?

        • pete


      • Mom

        They are young.
        Me neither.

      • The Benefactor

        You try different positions. Lots of foreplay. Conversation and smoke breaks. Or: multi-orgasmic. Teens are MULTI-ORGASMIC.

  • Mike

    Ya know, if you’re tired of those teens having sex, a bucket of cold water will do wonders. “Ugh officer, that man just threw a bucket of cold water on my friend and I! I want to press charges” “Okay, tell me about the incident” “Well we were having sex in the street…” *officer arrests THEM*

    • The Benefactor

      Just have sex in an alleyway. But if I see you having sex, expect me to join in and have my way. Public sex = public response!

  • Jack Hopkins

    Regardless of the hyperbole. I’m sure that the concerns is the residents are based in some inappropriate behavior on the part of the attendees. It would seem that this reporter condones such acts so maybe they should move the event to your neighborhood next time.

    • lex

      I live in northern libs, I don’t care if someone pee’s around my place. It’s just water, rain will wash it away. It’s not like there was a line of people standing outside the persons house using it as a toilet, then maybe their “entire house” could be covered in piss like they say……

      • Mom

        EWWW Glad I don’t live near you. You must be a real slob. What happens to the old piss if it doesn’t rain for a while? Your house would smell like the subway.

        • The Benefactor

          Move out of the city, then. The city is not for you. This city is filled with urine.

          • Chelsea

            Say city one more time.

    • Pirate

      Or it sounds like what you would expect if this party was being thrown near your house. very simple.

  • Robbbb

    Hipsters peeing on hipsters’ houses. LOL

    • Nahdude

      Someone overusing the term hipsters. LOL

  • lex

    Prude liberals just trying to ruin fun time for other people. Should find out what events these tards attend and make over the top, exaggerated complaints about their patrons too. Couple neighbors complain, so what, what do the business owners and majority of the people in the area say!?! I didn’t attend because I had to work, but I went by real quick and saw the crowd, it looked awesome! :)

    • TassieTiger

      Wait…I thought liberals were ruining good old fashioned family values with all of their heathen out-of-wedlock sex and imbibing in mind-altering substances. Suddenly they’re also the old prudes that complain about these activities? Demographics would suggest more of the people at the festival were liberals than those complaining about the festival…sorry to burst your oddly misconstrued bubble.

      • lex

        Don’t be an idiot, you know what i meant….

        • TassieTiger

          I got the general idea, and I do think you’re right on that point. The number of times I’ve come across things that complain about anything and everything being about ‘liberals’ without that making a ton of sense, I finally felt the urge to respond to one. Most of them I come across are actual, honest-as-apple-pie political rants that are completely illogical and have nothing to do with the topic at hand, so sorry if yours was a mistake.

  • CoopCooper

    So my only issue with this is that No’Libs can have the tag of being a progressive artistic, thriving place. The block party could have focused around music and art, and it was more like a frat party. I could care less where people pee.

    • Roger Brown

      Hell sanitation doesn’t mean a thing. We need more rats and disease in the city.

  • Sibyl

    WOW You just supported teens drinking to the point that they could not walk.

  • lex

    If you don’t want people peeing, banging or worse in your property, maybe you shouldn’t have ducky spots for people to hide….. Fences and gates work wonders.

    Here is the NBC news report LOL I don’t see anything done “out in the open, in public” Looks like all tucked away spots behind cars and stuff.


    • The Benefactor

      In Paris, men pee in public all the time. Grow up. America.

      • Amnon

        In Paris, that’s messed up.

  • lex

    Or do like this guy who installs a shower head to spray people when they try to pee in a ducky spot on his property. hahaha :)


  • Michelle Piacentini Kao

    Why would you let someone have sex in front of your children for 40 mins??? Why not call the cops right then or yell at them to stop?

    • The Benefactor

      Because, guess what, the children are probably in the house “playing doctor” anyway..

  • The Benefactor

    Radio block parties for Teens do not belong in Northern Liberties..

  • The Benefactor

    If I see people having sex on my property, I tell them, “Public sex means a public response. I am joining in.”

    • Yeah

      Very rapey.

  • Ralph

    I use to last 6 to 8 hours.Being single I put that stamina into everything i do. Where were the police.

  • Enuf already

    The report should be ashamed of writing such a poor excuse for an article. Neighbors and let us not forget taxpayers have a right to their homes, property and neighborhood not to be trashed let alone their children exposed to such things. There’s not a reason or justification for this kind of behavior and should not be greeted with apathy and a lack of personal accountability “blaming” the people that were disrespected.

  • PJ

    when was the last time a teen boy lasted more than 20 seconds?

  • Martin

    I wouldn’t have admitted to being so impressed by 40 minutes if I were the author. I mean, yeah, that’s well, well above average, but I’m sure most people have lasted at least that long on occasion. I mean, sometimes you just can’t finish if you just did it or you’re drunk or just lucky.