The Sad Grotesquerie of “People of SEPTA”

A “ball busting” website claims a victory. Philly needs better.

people of septa

Images: People of SEPTA

Guilt. And contempt.

Those are the two feelings that competed for my attention on Tuesday upon finding out the “SEPTA Mom” — she of the viral video, passed out while her daughter begged her to wake up — had lost custody of that daughter, removed from the home by DHS.

Guilt, because of this: Confronted with the same situation, I’m not sure what I’d do. I like to think I would’ve offered the little girl some help upon seeing her distress. But if the mother had woken up, if the two had scurried off the bus, I’d have probably been mostly grateful that the entire situation had passed into the realm of Not My Problem Anymore. Despite the outcry —”why didn’t any adults rush to help this girl?”— we asked at Philly Mag, I knew perfectly well why nobody helped: Short of stopping an act of violence, most of us would probably prefer not to involve ourselves in a stranger’s drama. It’s discomfitting, to say the least.

And contempt, because it meant the execrable “People of SEPTA” Facebook page would get to claim a scalp. Which is unfortunate, because despite this week’s victory — if you can call it that — the site’s purpose appears mainly to ridicule the poor (and poor in spirit). It celebrates grotesquerie, makes mirth of pain, and by glorying so fully in what’s worst about Philadelphia actively becomes one of the worst things about the city.

Not, of course, that the site’s founder or founders see it that way. I messaged them on Facebook Tuesday to see if they’d be willing to chat. They declined — perhaps understandably: I had let them know I am not a fan. (They’ve got plenty: More than 65,000 people had “liked” the page as of Tuesday night.)

“I see you, much like most detractors, aren’t from Philadelphia,” came the reply. “Maybe if you grew up here you would understand. Ball-busting is just part of our charm.”

With due respect: Nah.

“People of SEPTA” is a lot of things: A mix of ass cracks, poor wardrobe choices, passed-out junkies, and a document of the various fluids that can sometimes accumulate in those cloth seats. Anybody who has more than a passing acquaintance with the city’s buses, or the El, or the Broad Street line, has probably encountered these situations. Probably more than once.

There’s nothing wrong with having a laugh at these moments, either. Sometimes, that’s how we survive living in the city.

But “ball busting” implies a certain fraternal roughhousing, and there’s nothing brotherly or lovingly knowing about what is depicted: It’s just a full-chested swan-dive into lowest of Philadelphia’s low places. And it’s not just one of “those things” that simply makes Philly Philly: It’s online predecessor, People of Wal-Mart, proves that country folk like myself are also adept at making fun of the unfortunate.

Both sites punch down. Which is the cheapest way, ever, to earn a laugh. It’s not all that funny. It’s not at all brave. It’s just … gross.

Even a stopped clock is right twice a day, though, and this week People of SEPTA managed to do something good: It caused an intervention that hopefully will help keep a little girl safer than she would’ve been otherwise.

Mostly, though, it’s a site that makes you despair. “Why?” you think to yourself. “Why won’t some adult rush and help these poor people?” People of SEPTA doesn’t pretend to care about the answer.

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  • TimX

    Why do so-called journalists, especially in this city want to sweep reality under the rug and pretend all is well? Isnt it their job to report instead of managing a narrative? Do you think a journalist is going to honestly and critically document the culture of the lower class in Philadelphia without major backlash (paging Bob Huber)? We have been soonfed feel good stories that glorify the exception rather than the rule. That video had no commentary, it was the pure unvarnished reality. It isnt pretty in an awful lot of cases.

    And it is a victory, not for the mother, (who doesnt deserve a victory) but for her little girl who deserves better.

  • Glomarization

    Does anyone remember in 2011 when someone DID try to address a child abuse situation, the woman exited the bus with her kid, and then sent her uncle and some pals to SHOOT UP THE BUS? This is why people don’t act.

    • Mrs. Ice


  • Northeaster

    People of Septa, if nothing else, shames people for their more egregious actions. I have seen pictures there showing people getting blow jobs or people literally shooting up. None of us are perfect, but there is nothing wrong with publicly shaming the worst of the miscreants. Why shouldn’t these people be made to feel bad about themselves? Why should the rest of us be forced to look at their actions all the time? Why should I have to step over urine and heroin needles to use a resource I pay taxes for and pay fares for?

    • architecthis

      Agreed. The author is a clueless bleeding heart.

    • E1

      And so? Does anything happen to stop what goes on by posting it? If not, then the only good that comes from this is people having a laugh at someone else’s expense.

      • Northeaster

        Yea, a druggie mom lost her kid.

    • tukid

      Do you know these “miscreants'” lives? Do you care to know? Or do you just need someone to feel superior to?

      • Northeaster

        From your asinine comment it sounds like you feel like you need superiority. Personally, I just want to travel to work in a cleaner environment.

        What is with the quotes on miscreants? What else do you call people that shoot up and piss on public works?

  • Corbin Holland

    So are we suppose to act like these people don’t exist? Are we suppose to act and make a facade out of the people of SEPTA? I’ve ridden SEPTA my whole life. This facebook site doesn’t touch the stuff that people know they should not photograph or videotape. You’re not even seeing the worst.

  • Zack

    The amount of people who live like that with children is frightening here, and the People of Septa is a documentation of their behavior. No matter how complicated the situation is, social media ends up showing people what they really look like, no matter their perspective. I’m sure we all have different opinons, but you didn’t grow up with these people, you don’t live here, and I’m sure we can all find some worth in being publicly honest about what the world is really like.

  • Michelle Kremkau

    Why did they choose to use a People of Septa ass crack photo in this story if they are so against it?

    • architecthis


    • Joel Mathis

      I can answer that question! Because I’m not one of those “I’m going to criticize something too awful for me to show it to you” journalists. I posted the pic, and a link to the site, so people can evaluate on their own, decide if I”m a jerk or fair in my assessment.

      • Rich

        ‘Real’ journalist hate censorship.. Your just a piece of shit

      • Jesus Shuttlesworth

        No, you are simply a “I just learned this from another news source, and would poke fun of something that you know nothing about to make my editor happy” journalist. I think the NY Daily News want their journalistic approach back.

      • Mommy

        Joel, Broke my heart, for days it did, But you were that angel that day on the 66, Saved that child, you did that. Thank you!!!

      • Jesse Bognanno

        have you ever took a ride on a septa bus or septa rail line? if not then you shouldn’t be writing an article about something you do not know about. fake ass journalist

  • xWonkax

    How about some intellectual honesty here, Mr Mathis. Do you really think any of these folks being photographed care about being posted on the internet? No, they care about their next fix and that it the all-enveloping drive they have…

  • Phillygoilgone

    I’ve been out of Philly for over 8 years now, but lived there for 20+ before that, as an adult. In my day on septa, it was crack addicts, not heroin, and they behaved very differently. There was less puking, I never saw turds on a bus or the el, though I did see them in the tunnels down town, and if someone fell asleep on transit it was because they had stayed up all night or had a long work day, and no one bothered them. I stopped taking public transit for the most part over 18 years ago, so yeah, it’s been a while. I don’t know that I wouldn’t be as outraged as those who still have to cope with this crap on Septa if I still lived there and still had to ride the El/Broad Street line or the buses. Seems the El is the worst now, used to be the Broad Street line. I think it’s neither fun, ball busting, cheap or mean… I think it’s a vent for a trapped populace forced to deal with this crap.

  • Chrissy Welsh

    Instead of complaining about the website, why not contact the mayor? With the closing of public schools, libraries and playgrounds, this is what happens there! Take your time and tell Nutter Butter to help out the city that I love and grew up in. Instead of critizing the one fun thing we philadelphians unite on and “ball bust” about septa.

  • Wrath

    This is coming from a person in a state that’s busy debating how best to discriminate against certain groups of people legally again.

  • CommonSense?

    Hey, Joel! Let me solve you solve your problem of feeling guilt and contempt for you. If you don’t like the page, don’t look at it. There, problem solved.

  • Corey L. Rogers

    A few years ago I got off at 11th and Market to walk to work and someone had smeared shit from 12th street to 13th street tunnel. It was on the floor and the walls, middle of July probably around 100 degrees already in the tunnel. I had to exit before vomiting. I felt sorry for the people who had to clean up that mess. Reality is just reality if you don’t like Joel too bad.

  • Jennifer

    If it wasn’t for this page, that little girl would still be with her meth-head mother. That alone justifies this site’s existence.

    • fishtown

      Not to nitpick but that woman was clearly on heroin. Meth makes you pick imaginary bugs out of your hair, heroin makes you “dip” in and out of consciousness. Source, I ride the el daily.

  • Miss fortune

    The people that appear on these pages are not unfortunate, less fortunate or just having bad days. These are people who made their own fortune. “Fortune doesn’t favor fools”.

  • Penn Valley

    If a reporter, columnist or photographer detailed what People Of Septa details, there would be a smug, self congratulatory echo chamber on “Hard Hitting Urban Journalism”.

    If any of the above had caused the removal of the girl by the DHS , deification of the “journalist” would be taking place and there would be cries for a Pulitzer Prize to be awarded.

    So please Joel Mathis, take your self righteous and self serving indignation and shove it in the Market East Tunnel

  • RabbleRabbleRabble

    I can’t wait for your autobiography, Joel! Hopefully it thoroughly details your upbringing and education, this way we can all raise kids that end up with the same enlightened sense of moral superiority with an air of arrogant smugness as you. The world will surely improve. The level of PC-ness alone would be staggering! Can you just imagine the newly-seceded Philly populated with them?!

  • Leisure Suit Larry

    This city is classless

  • slothzilla

    For as picky and mean as this webpage may appear, it brings awareness to one the biggest problem Philadelphia has. It should raise awareness of this disease that people choose and then get sucked into. For being a young professional living a part of the city that isn’t so safe but I can afford it, I have to worry everyday. What if I get attacked or robbed? If I get attacked what if this person is transmitting a disease? If I’m robbed no one will care, they will say it’s my own doing for living in an area that known for zombies walking the street. This is a real problem and I don’t know what the solution is, or if there even is one.

    • John Malone

      Thank you Captain Obvious. If you lived in Philly for a few weeks, shit like this would not be new to you. Of course, PhillyRag are nothing more than caucasian writers living outside of Philadelphia, writing for people not living in Philadelphia. I am sure they are fucking experts.

  • JL

    There are definitely two sides to this coin. As a proud former New Yorker, I can say that what passes for an everyday “norm” here, would be a shocking occurrence there. I don’t necessarily see it as a bad thing to call these people out who are embarrassing our city and frankly, quite possibly endangering our safety (the lengths to which addicts will go when they need a fix can be astounding – I say this from experience as it is something I’ve dealt with in my professional life.). On the other hand, as someone who has been in philly close to 10 years now, as a new urban homeowner, as someone who cares about this city’s image for personal pride (as well as perhaps property value), I ask is this what we want to portray to the public? Does this say, “come, raise your children here in family – friendly, clean, safe Philly?” I’ve invested in this city, but it will take the investment of others to make Philadelphia truly a first rate city

  • blacklight215

    Since your not from Philly then why does your opinion on this even matter?

    You’re no different than trolls on youtube who intentionally watch videos they know they wont like, then blow up the comments with shit like “lol that was dumb idk how this person has 1,000,000 views hes not even cool”

    Glomarization also made a great point in his comment,, this is why people mind their own business

  • SenorCovert

    The statement “There’s nothing wrong with having a laugh at these moments, either.” Pretty much sums up exactly what they are doing. These pictures aren’t being submitted by the one mean spirited person it is nothing more than a collection of various people “having a laugh at it”.

  • jack

    So you just tried to do to the owners of that page what they are doing to the people in those pics. Except your attempt failed miserably. What are you doing for those people beside writing bad articles that cry out for an editors assistance?

  • Sky

    You just couldn’t understand it if you’ve never lived here, let alone walk these streets. Your article is a fail. KthxBYE. Can I have that 3 minutes of my life back?!

  • craig

    So those of us who have to live with the people who make their debut on people of septa need an outlet. ..this page is one of those outlets. We share the same neighborhood and its disgusting that we have to deal with the people who show up on the page..those of us POOR people who are doing something with our lives scraping by deserve a little venting thanks to the POOR people who wanna be lazy scumbags…being poor has nothing to do with this incase u didn’t catch my sarcasm. Please move to kensington and live here for a while before making terribad articles like this.

  • South

    I love when a “journalist” tries to put out something to prove a point and makes a complete mockery out of themselves while doing so. I guess that’s why it isn’t worth the major anymore, meh..

    • Mike

      I don’ think Journalist is the right word to describe these writers. I think that is an insult to real journalists.

  • Omar

    I know “People of SEPTA” comes off as dark humor and a bit sarcastic but at its core I (as an outsider) see it as a gigantic cry for help. A “WTF – am I the only person that sees that this is wrong!!!!???”. The author just sees voyeurism but really it’s just an honest unflinching reporting of whats going on. Perhaps the author should take some notes and spend a little more time on SEPTA.

  • 69thstreet survivor

    I love this page. It’s a visual of my daily pain shared with other people that work hard and have to commute via an elongated garbags truck everyday. Maybe septa will do better now that the sheer triflinicty (yes it’s a word) has been exposed. Between the drivers eating Chinese fried chicken,the dope fiends nodding and the stench of fresh urine (accompanied by the visual evidence) septa is a freaking joke. Hiking up fares for what? Not cleaning that’s for damn sure

  • Rich

    Not in Kansas anymore Nancy.. Go fuck your sheep and don’t talk about Philly like you know anything

  • Jesus Shuutleswoth

    Another “golden” article from people that NEVER lived in Philly. Phillymag, just dissapear from our misdt. Your magazine is as bad as the NY Daily News. Just leave!

  • Jesus Shuutleswoth

    I am sure a lot of the editors here are award-winning journalists (sarcasm). They spend a lot of time combing through interns from CCP, and pick the lightest colour of the bunch.

  • kvnahrn

    I guess based on the poll not many people agree with you Joel.

  • Liss

    I live in Philly and take SEPTA daily. This is pretty much how it is on
    public transportation around here. It doesn’t matter where you go in Philthy, there’s scum like this on just about every method of public transportation. Every
    indoor or underground station reeks of piss, vomit, or worse. There is nothing brotherly or loving about how we act about our sports teams, did ya really think we’d be brotherly or loving towards our junkies and lowlife scumbags? And, on a side note, why do you think we should base our actions on the name of our city? Yes, the term “city of brother love” comes from the name of our city, and clearly not from our actions.

    How exactly do you propose we help these people? Should I give a junkie money? That sounds like a brilliant idea. Let’s all fund a junkie’s habit. Should I offer them advice on how to live their lives? Because I’m sure they’d take advice from a complete stranger even though they ignored the desperate pleadings of their families and friends they’ve been receiving throughout their downward spiral. Should I hug a junkie or a crack head? That’s a brotherly and loving act, but I don’t see that ending well for me. Do you want me to stand up and accuse a junkie of being a bad parent on the middle of a bus? That is the worst possible decision. A few people opened fire on a bus full of people in Philadelphia a few years ago for an accusation of bad parenting. I genuinely would like to know what your idea of help would be in this instance.

    People of SEPTA is a page for public shaming. There are numerous pages dedicated to shaming people. You mentioned yourself the People of Walmart page. There’s even a website for shaming your pets. The shaming is based on the poor life choices these people made. Tucking your boobs into your pants instead of wearing a shirt is a clear sign you don’t give a shit about what people think. Seeing a your horrible mistakes on the internet might just give some of these people the sense to make better life choices. It isn’t holding anyone down, but it is holding a mirror in front of their faces showing them what they look like to the world.

  • myclothesfit

    I think it’s a hoot to see the pictures of these losers, these lowest of the low. If my hard earned paycheck is going to pay for them to sit on their ass all day watching their direct TV and shooting or sniffing their drugs then at least when I have a minute when I’m not earning my wage I can get a laugh at their expense. Get a grip out-of-towner, it happens in all big cities. And big fat guy/girl in a little coat, tell me that isn’t funny as hell.

  • A Reff

    I once was notified that my picture was posted on People of SEPTA. Was I a druggie? No. Was I dressed awfully? No. Was I drunk? No. What was my “crime? I am a volunteer for an animal rescue, and had to take the El to a foster parent’s house with a small animal carrier that had the name of the animal rescue on the side. Oh, and I’m a large woman too. Those were my “crimes”, both of which I was ridiculed for (but many people came to my defense as well for my volunteer work). I have detested People of SEPTA ever since and pray daily that karma will bite them in their collective asses when the time is right. One good thing that came out of that: I now travel by car, which makes life a lot easier for me anyway. :)

  • Spabulous

    No one cares what you think of Philly, least of all people of Philly.

  • Tina

    I’m certain this author is A. not regularly riding SEPTA and experiencing any of the things the people who contribute to the website experience, in terms of feeling lack of safety, or lack of security or simply UNCOMFORTABLE in trying to get anywhere in this city, and B. trying to incite anger to get more page views.

    But those of us (or some of us anyway) that actually do spend time on these subways and these buses appreciate People of Septa because at least what we experience IS VISIBLE and made news, instead of being just a thing that we are supposed to deal with. AND, maybe sometimes, we can laugh at it to keep from crying, like a sense of community. This isn’t ballbusting, that was the wrong choice of words from the creator. This is using the internet and social media to shed light on problems that the average Philly Mag reader probably doesn’t give a shit about.

    And to criticize people who don’t act, refer to one of the other posts citing the story from 2011. It was ballsy enough of this guy to even post the video who did and he should be commended, not criticized for not doing more.

  • I find the showcasing of high society Philaldephians at a multitude of glitzy events only slightly more offensive. I have more in common with some poor schmuck on the bus.

  • I actually use SEPTA

    Have you ever been in Philly for an extended period of time and used the various modes of transit managed by Septa? I would venture to say no. I have been a Septa rider for over 15 years. Regional Rail, trolley, subway, and bus.

    • I actually use septa

      The People of SEPTA is just one place where you can find a rider’s opinion… Many people post on their pages about what they see during their commute . Most of it is not pretty but it is what it is and the reality of what happens.

    • Joel Mathis

      Lived here almost six years. Used ’em all. Not surprised by anything I see at this point. Trying to figure out how long I get to live in Philadelphia before you natives will permit me to have an opinion.*

      *Not really.

    • JMO

      So what does being born and raised in Philly has to do with anything? That it’s ok to live the way ya’ll do? I was born and raised in Philly and moved down south in my thirties. THE BEST DECISION I EVER MADE!

  • JoAnn Benussi Steen

    You got your ‘two minutes of fame’ off of a site you despise, that’s cute. I’m sure the People of Septa page thank you for all the new ‘fans’ they will be getting from your little article. All in all, what really matters is that a little girl was taken from a drug addict mom….PERIOD!

  • jenna.

    look, you didn’t grow up here, so let me lay some things out. i grew up here in the tasker ‘project’, took septa every day to & from elementary through high school, work, daycare, my favorite destinations…i’m 23 and to this day have no driver’s license or desite to get one, thanks to my neverending reliance on septa. all that alone makes me more qualified to talk about my city than you, sorry to say, and it seems like you haven’t been here long enough to really get it yet. philly itself is a trashy city. it’s dirty, rude, classless with a shoddy education system, poor, and the ports bring in enough drugs to make your whole home state overdose every goddamn day. but that’s why we love it. philadelphia is urban usa at its best AND worst, and you have to embrace both sides. people of septa, to a philadelphian at heart, is just a reminder of that. it’s not a statement that we’re “better” people than the unfortunate souls whose pictures have been taken at their lowest; it’s just a reminder that we all exist together in this city that we love.

    welcome to philadelphia! now go the fuck home.

    • JMO


  • Lanie Blackmer

    I can’t answer that poll because the answer is not that simple.It’s oversimplified to say that page is “all in good fun.”

    However, I’ve been on public transit and the top 5 cities in the nation (we are 5th largest) as well as some other large cities/states — and very late at night for some too. I would never ride a bus here after 10 p.m. I’ve felt like I’ve been in dangerous situations numerous times, even during the day. SEPTA needs to take care of this kind of behavior — and riders need to hold SEPTA to a higher standard — and the system needs to be more convenient so that people who didn’t HAVE to use it would actually want to.

    It’s really not cool to make fun of the mentally ill, the impoverished, and some of the woes that often occur with impoverished people — like dependency. But the fact that we can share this crap and how often it goes on is the important part. We should not accept our public transit being this unsafe and having this many indecent things happening this often.

    • 1. I live in a neighborhood in northwest Philadelphia and commute into Center City regularly via the Broad Street Subway and one of two bus lines. I’ve ridden the system at all hours of the day and night, given my occasional desire to live it up on Saturday nights.

      2. I’ve seen just about everything everyone describes here. I also know that all this represents a minority of the people I see using SEPTA day in and day out.

      3. I’m not originally from here, but I am a “city kid”, hailing as I do from a sizable city in the Midwest, and my 30 years’ residence here, I think, does qualify me to speak on life here.

      4. I’m not on this magazine’s masthead, but I do contribute to its Website regularly. Search on my name on this site and see what comes up.

      We all have our biases, and I see enough of them on display in these comments to wonder whether anyone – including me – really can see things clearly. They don’t call journalism “the first rough draft of history” for nothing. Take in lots of different perspectives, then comment. Yes, it’s a good thing that the viral video helped a little girl. I’m not as convinced that it’s a good thing to promote things that indulge our penchant for looking down our noses at others (though I’d be lying if I told you I’ve never done that myself either). One wrong turn and we could be one of them too.

  • leo801

    Just like all bleeding heart loons,this author whines like a little girl. .you don’t live here and are clueless. .who are you to judge? There’s nothing wrong with public shaming, if there were more of it, people would be more discreet or rethink their lives.

  • WorldPh_ingChamps

    The thing is, in today’s day and age, people have to realize that someone is ALWAYS watching with cameras ready. From “big brother” to the guy across the aisle from you. If they are willing to look like trash, willing to shoot up, willing to make an ass of themselves in front of the immediate public around them, they aren’t going to care if it’s posted on the internet. The immediate people around them seeing them in their moments of stupidness should be enough to shame them, but it isn’t, so what does it matter? However, it does say something about our society that people are so entertained by others shamelessness and misfortunes….

  • Bill A

    Perhaps shaming these people, the city and the agency will force change on the SEPTA system. Lord knows that ‘feeling their pain’ has only made an already intolerable situation for SEPTA riders worse.

    • JMO

      You think the Philadelphia government or SEPTA agency can be shamed???? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! THEY DO NOT CARE AND NEVER WILL!

      • Bill A

        I strongly suspect you are right. But enabling the behavior sure hasn’t worked. It’s time for a different tack. Even if it doesn’t work out, what is lost?

        • JMO

          I agree with you, but unfortunately it is a losing fight. You can not shame them at all. So many have tried and tried so hard. These people in city hall and SEPTA do not care period. There goes all of our tax dollars. That’s why I am so happy that i moved from that DISGUSTING city!

  • JMO

    Dear Joel Mathis and the rest of the world,

    When are you going to realize, you can’t shame the shameless. People who are brazen enough to do disgusting and shameful things do not care what other people think of them. I had to learn that the hard way. I will repeat, these people DO NOT CARE what we think of them, even if there a million comments on a blog or facebook page telling them how awful of a person they are, THEY DON’T CARE. The epitome of this example is Casey Anthony. That b*tch knew and knows the whole world wants her to die a miserable and painful death and she doesn’t give a sh*t one iota. My point is, everyone is wasting their breath on these people because these people are missing a conscience and you can not build a conscience for them or force them to have one. My point is everybody needs to stop wasting their time trying to get them to care because they never , ever will.

  • brothermaynard79

    I guarantee that these situations would be addressed more by other passengers if they could text 911 instead of having to call them. You can thank the good old “I don’t want to pay for it” attitude for more of these situations not being brought to the attention of the proper authorities.

  • lynn

    I used the people of septa site to show my teenagers the horrors of drugs. They both cried while watching the girl trying to hold her mom’s head up. I want them to know that all these people were, at one time innocent children, just like them. It’s all about choices and I’m just hoping they make the right ones.

  • Liss

    I notice how you didn’t respond to my prior post. I am still curious what we are to do to help in this instance.

  • Wolfy Ghalkhani

    its a sad philly that I see nowadays and it has nothing to do with poverty. there’s always been poor people but even the poorest of the poor demonstrated class and dignity. But, that was back in the days when people had faith and family. NOT so any longer- the result is a society waning is right before our eyes.

  • Sancho

    First off I am friends with a site that is busting balls. But they never put a particular person on blast unless you are the person who sent it in. And blur out the faces of the people because not only proving the fact that its in good fun, they know that is illegal to post they’re face without consent. People of septa doesnt even do that. You can clearly see these peoples faces which is illegal. They also make Philadelphia look terrible. Who is gonna wanna live here or visit. As for pillhead mom, that was an inadvertent good deed done by 1 concerned citizen while everyone else laughed at her. Due to the blatant invasion of privacy this should be brought down and the founders should be sanctioned. Because you could have a bad day and be on this page and who will be laughing now.

  • Amanda Haury

    Let me guess. Never rode on SEPTA before, huh? Because if you did, you’d realize this happens ALOT. You might not care, because you don’t have to deal with the smells or the sights, but the people that ride it actually do care. What about a call to action to the folks being photographed? “Drugs are bad, mmmkay?”

  • Yougottabe Dryhumpinme

    As long as no one takes their OBAMAphone, everything will be fine.

  • Phil Blank

    And that is the way I described it when I sent it to a friend.
    I always thought Philly was the City of Love.
    More like “city of animals”.
    However its not just Philly, its everywhere!
    I live in a subburb of Cleveland and young people under 30, just don’t care anymore, have no respect for themselves, of others, or of others property.
    In this area, about 50 miles around Cleveland they are dropping like flies.
    Heroin is the cause, they turned to it when the govenor made it harder for them to get prescription meds.
    Now you have idiots cutting the heroin with strong powdered version of the “milk”, what killed Michale Jackson.

    The robberies are up, muggings are up, breakins are up, and the rest live on the streets and get by bumbing money, cigarettes and free meals from the soup kitchen.
    What ever you do, don’t go out at night, and never, ever go to the bad part of town. Oh, did I mention the shootings? Usually bad drug deals, or domestic problems.

  • Phil Blank

    You seem to have left out the new book I found at the library the other day.
    “People of New York”.
    Not as bad, just photos of the NY people.