Jimmy Fallon Isn’t Funny

Can I be the only person in America who doesn’t buy into his shtick?


Back in the ’90s, I lived in an apartment off Sunset Boulevard, where I had quite the assortment of neighbors, including Ellen “Grandma Walton” Corby, Lemmy Kilmister from Motörhead, and a struggling actor named Oscar Nuñez. Oscar was a performer at the Groundlings sketch comedy school, and I’d go see him perform.

I remember one show in particular in which each performer got five minutes to do a character of their own creation, and after watching one excruciatingly annoying character named “The Masshole,” I wanted to walk out. But I stayed to support Oscar.

The Masshole bit was just five minutes of a guy doing a bad Boston accent. No jokes. Just an accent, like “My brudda pahked his cahr in the yahd not fahr from Havaaad Yahd. It’s a wicked Camaraaa…” I remember thinking at the end of the gig, “Don’t quit your day job, kid.”

That kid was Jimmy Fallon.

And now, many years later, the unthinkable has happened: Jimmy Fallon is everywhere. Forget his day job, the kid now has the most desirable job in comedy.

I know that the world is a cruel, unjust, chaotic place. I just don’t understand how mealy-mouthed Jimmy Fallon became host of The Tonight Show.

He’s not funny. He’s not a good actor. He’s not a good interviewer. And so far, he has yet to have an original idea.

Fallon is the kind of guy that pulls out an acoustic guitar at a party and does a Neil Young impersonation or takes someone’s sunglasses and pretends to be Stevie Wonder.

Or worse, he puts on Tom Jones and does the Carlton Dance. He’s that guy.

Fallon has so few ideas on what to ask his guests (even in the most puffy puff-piece interviews) that he resorts to playing parlor games like Beer Pong, Flip Cup and Air Hockey with them.

Watching him makes me feel like I died and went to Manayunk on a Friday night. It’s horrible.

The problem is, Fallon can’t fail. He has set the bar so low for comedy that he is guaranteed this job for life.

Impersonations are the lowest form of comedy, just below puns. And impersonations of Gilbert Gottfried, Jerry Seinfeld and Adam Sandler are the lowest form of impersonations. Fallon does all three regularly.

He was the one guy on Saturday Night Live that could not stay in character. He would crack up laughing, flub his lines and stare directly into the camera.

These days, Fallon’s whole shtick is to take something from childhood, rope in a superstar celebrity, and beat it to death.

And let’s not even talk about his apparent obsession with Justin Timberlake, who seems to show up constantly to sing medleys of 20-year-old pop songs. ENOUGH ALREADY. I’m almost ready to tune into Arsenio. Almost.

I realize the best TV writers are now at the Daily Show, Colbert, Key & Peele, Real Time, Tosh.0, Portlandia, Always Sunny, and Parks & Recreation. But C’MON. Hire somebody.

I know not everyone falls for Fallon’s smirky, impish personality. It’s been reported that other SNL cast members weren’t keen on his antics. Tracy Morgan was bothered by the “laughing and all that dumb [bleep] he used to do — he wouldn’t mess with me because I didn’t [bleep]ing play that shit. That’s taking all the attention off of everybody else and putting it on you, like, ‘Oh, look at me, I’m the cute one.’ I told him not to do that shit in my sketches, so he never did.”

It’s almost sacrilege, at least in Philly, to talk smack about Fallon, thanks to Questlove and the Roots. I have nothing but love and respect for them. And I realize that they have to eat. But when I hear them being described as “Jimmy Fallon’s House Band,” it’s like God is strangling a kitten. Why God, why?

Tim McCloskey is a freelance writer. He lives in Kensington.

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  • NateFried

    right there with you man. But tracy’s quote? That is DEAD on. I always felt people liked looking at him for the same reason people like laughing at cats doing stupid things.

    • http://www.cozbaldwin.com Coz

      True – but I was surprised to see that coming from Tracy, seeing as he could never read a single cue card straight through without flubbing a line.

      • Shy Sharon

        Tracy Morgan doesn’t follow ANY protocol! He’s a scene stealer wherever he goes!

        • kowalityjesus

          yeah, why the hell not give Tracy Morgan that job? He would be 150 times better!!!

          • Joseph Kool

            Because he won’t blow lorn micheals

          • Joe Orum

            He is in a bad place right now.

      • Max T.

        I was surprised to see that too. I’ve never been a T.M. fan, but I respect him a lot more now that I know he said that to Fallon. I applaud you Tracy Morgan! Way to put that lil puke in his place.

    • kowalityjesus

      no, Jimmy was never cute. He’s the pathetic lecherous noob of the comedy world. America would only like him if they routinely ate shit and liked it. Unfortunately it seems they do…

  • Henry Sklaver

    Tim who??

  • tonyb

    I thought I was alone. I agree. Same stupid impressions. Inept interviewer. Sad comedic routines. Jay should buy a voodoo doll. I’ll supply the pins.

    • Sue McConnell

      ha….me too!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1306703839 Daphne Hamm

    We all have our opinions!

  • Bill

    Pick any host, including your beloved Jon Stewart and you can write a similar type article. I get that you need to write a blog, fill an “opinion” page (because this isn’t news) but is there really anything substantial here? He’s a mass appeal host for middle age, middle America, no more, no less. There must be some appeal for that froup because his opening week ratings crushed Leno’s and Conan’s by comparison.
    The Groundlings is still alive and kicking here, maybe I’ll drop by and discover the next host. Having worked in Philly media for years…I know the area… I found it hilarious that someone from Kensington would knock Manayunk…REALLY?

    • Glenn Taylor

      We will see what his ratings are next week after America realized he is a punk shill for the liberal fucks to promote our health care disaster.

      • Bill

        My mistake for mentioning Kensington

      • KickIt


      • vonnegut

        Oh, Jesus, Glenn. Anything to be able to use your catchphrase of, “Liberal Shill”. Go back to the Drudge Report with your one-sided yammering.

      • Ian Berg

        Glenn I think your 6th sense is correct, to suspect that there is a corrupt system of economics and power behind the glossy veil of society. The play between Rich merchants/Landowners and the Kings of their time have always fought to control public opinion. And they’ve always fought to direct the shape of society. They’ve always fought to control means of production and Feudal Lords have always stood to benefit from the foreign policies of a government. It’s a rule of leadership passed down from kings that when your kingdom pillages another country, you must share its riches with your people. Most often Kings financed wars with the wealth of Feudal Lords, and in return Lords received some power and rewards. We are the same humans we were centuries ago. Accept the titles of things have changed. Corporations and Banks are the new Feudal Lords and land owners. Most of us live our lives paying tribute to banks who purchased land for us. Corporations fight government by manipulating the opinions of citizens like you and me. Is our new health care law the right solution? no. Is the heart in the right direction? Yes. Glenn, please direct your patriotic frustration into being a citizen of change. Help create better legislation. We are one family, and like a family we may not always get along, but we are blood.

      • Nico

        Exactly. He’s just a liberal bitch Shill

      • Jane Yavis

        Glenn,,,,,you confirmed it for me. And you wonder why you don’t win any elections. No-one wants to vote like a hater.

    • OC

      Whew! I KNOW that’s right about Jon Stewart! I SUPPOSED to find him clever but I do not. I appreciate that MOST OTHER people truly appreciate him though.

    • Max T.

      Of course his opening week ratings are gonna be through the roof….it’s only been the most highly publicized, highly talked about event in years! That doesn’t impress me. Come back after his 1st year and lets see what his ratings are then. If they’re still high then you’ve proven your point.

  • Fallonfan

    Sorry Tim, I think you suck.

    • Max T.

      Hey retard….I think there’s a beer pong game goin on down the street. Why don’t you run an check it out! It only requires an IQ of -2 to play. And saying minus 2 is being generous.

  • Booorrrrinnnggggg

    Who watches that crap anymore? Really?

  • wordist

    Jimmy is NO Jay. Jimmy is NOT FUNNY. This DUMBED DOWN COUNTRY has no inkling of intelligent humor.

    • ModdKenwood

      ya want intelligent humor? watch a WC Fields movie.you had to have a thinking brain to keep up with him.And no I’m not kidding.

      • email2532000

        That’s the most hipsterest thing I’ve ever read.

        • Smiwy

          How so? He just suggested an intelligent humor piece relating to the topic of this discussion.

          • email2532000

            To reference a comedian/actor from the depression era to illustrate intelligent humor as it stands today, 70 years later, is just begging for a compliment on his vast knowledge (or his brand new fact-a-day calendar) of America’s entertainers. It’s also very, ‘You think he’s funny, check out this guy you probably haven’t heard of and his original views about Coney Island and Nazis”

          • Max T.

            I agree with Smiwy. I don’t see anything wrong with suggesting another comedian/entertainer, no matter how old they are. What does it matter if someone suggests a comedian from 70 yrs ago? How is that begging for a compliment? We all have our own tastes. You like what you like. And he likes whatever he likes. I just think you have an inferiority complex and can’t take it when someone suggests something either you’re unfamiliar with or something you’ve never heard of before. To take someone’s suggestion and put a negative spin on it, shows insecurity on your part. Try an lighten up man.

        • Joe Orum

          It is quite okay to enjoy the oldies. There are good from all eras.

      • jai

        I had to look up that reference and it’s before my time, so therefore it’s obscure, and you’re a hipster. How dare you suggest something that I can’t find on TMZ!
        Hipsters annoy me too, but seriously. WC Fields is pretty common knowledge of you’re really into comedy.

        • OZ

          You young people don’t know comedy – now Eddie Cantor, that was a comedian!

        • nuggers

          I grew up with the stooges tbh

    • David Hill

      Now Jay Leno…THERE’S a guy that knows how to deliver other people’s jokes and ideas!

      • Shy Sharon

        David, EXACTLY!!!

        • Louie

          David and Sharon, EXACTLY!!!

          • Joe Tokoph

            David , Sharon and Louie you all 3 are EXACTLY morons.

    • Hoppy Poppy

      Yeah he is much better than Jay. Leno sucked!

      • someone88

        heck yea Leno sucked!

      • Joe Orum

        Leno, Letterman, all of em suck/ed

      • Leno sucked

        ABSOLUTELY! Thank you!

    • OC

      We’re all thoopid.

    • Carin

      You have to be clear and say Jimmy FALLON because I quite like Jimmy Kimmel.

      • Leedynamo

        Ironic because Jimmy Kimmel was s’posed to be the barf bag and he really isn’t. I don’t like Fallon because he comes across as fake to me. He laughs too much. I think he is a decent performer. Some of his imitations are funny.

    • Jeebus

      Louis CK and Doug Stanhope are the only great living comedians, everyone else is OK at best.

      • TheLoveThief

        dude. Bill Burr. Come on. Hes hilarious. Funnier than CK imho. But i love observational humor so i may be biased. Love CK though. Havent seen Doug Stanhopes act. To say those two are the only great living comedians is a bold statement. You need to watch more acts bud. I think most people would disagree with you.

        • The Truth

          Come on. I’m assuming you are a guy who thinks he’s a comedy insider and listens to the edgier stuff thinking your some sort of expert on stand up comedy. I’ll give you a piece of glaringly obvious insight you seem to have missed. Burr used to be my favorite comedian but honestly his material has gone way downhill in the past 2 specials. Watch his last 3 specials back to back to back in ascending order and tell me if you notice anything. He has become sort of a hack who resuses the same material. 75% of the material from his latest special are the same topics just slightly recycled a bit from the special before it. Burr hasn’t been on top of his game for a while now but there are people like you who are JUST NOW finding out about him and think he’s great. He’s not. Jim Jefferies is the clear current stand up king. People who aren’t really on the ball but consider themselves insiders always choose Burr. It’s getting embarrassing. Don’t get me wrong 4 years ago Burr was the clear best. Then a few years before that CK. But Jefferies has been killing it for the past 4 years with ease. Burr and CK aren’t even in Jefferies league.

          And quit throwing around words like “bud” and telling others to “watch” more acts when you clearly don’t know about real stand up.

          • Ladybeard

            Meh. Jim Jefferies is just okay. I’m sure it really impresses people when you tell them that you know a comedian who’s better than Bill Burr and Louis CK though. Disagreeing with popular opinion makes you seem really knowledgeable.

      • Max T.

        Louis is damn funny and his show is great. Stanhope is good too but his whole “Im a dirtbag” schtick has gotten a lil old. Watch Dave Attell when he does his show, Comedy Underground. He’s one of the rare few comedians who can take control of an audience and just annihilate them whenever he’s on stage! Attell will always be my favorite, then Louis, Stanhope and Burr.

      • Joe Orum

        Really? Opinions are our are own.

        • PhillyO

          This is nothing but a bunch of subjective babble…. Fallon wins simply because he has the numbers. Until those numbers go away, your opinion means zero.

      • Alex Rud

        Carlos Mencia is great. But that’s my opinion.

      • Eddie Aranda

        Kyle Kinane? Patton Oswalt?

        • Kevin K

          Oswald is so great. Also Josh Blue, Dave Attell, John Mulaney, Doug Benson, Dmitri Martin, and Mike Birbiglia are pretty funny I think.

          • Dave Ulrich

            I’m also a fan of David Cross doing standup.

          • chrisk

            i’m a fan of david cross doing sketch comedy, not as much standup.

      • Noel Fry

        Steve Martin?

      • Steve Allen

        Amazing you guys can rattle off all these comedians who are so great, and none of you mentions a single woman?

        • KimK

          but yet…YOU didn’t name one either…ironic, or just proof that women are rarely that funny?

          • Steve Allen

            No, just too many to name– I’m sure you could name some of your own.

        • Eddie Aranda

          Okay, Mr. Judgementalstein. Tig Notaro, Sarah Silverman. There’s two to counterbalance my two male suggestions.

          • k.hunte

            imo, S
            arah Silverman sux, sorry.
            WANDA SYKES… c’mon… hilarious. Watch her last 2
            stand-up shows.

        • Ben

          Chelsea Peretti. Bam. Great comedian,

          • shakin steak

            Yeah, Chelsea Peretti is amazing.

      • Ben

        Hannibal Buress, dude. Get your head right!

      • The Truth

        Sigh. Just…wow.

      • Sarah Skibiski

        I adore Louie but I’m getting a little tired of the “I’m such a fat and oblivious guy” jokes. He is one the greats I agree but he needs to get out of this fat guy joke rut.

    • re d

      Jay is the guy who steals other’s writers for their bits and doesn’t give them credit. Fallon, Kimmel, and Letterman all make me laugh.

    • Jay Leno sucks ass

      What?! Jay Leno sucked giant balls. He was NEVER FUNNY IN THE SLIGHTEST.

      • NY_JETfire

        Go read the joke again. It was at Jay’s expense for ripping of bits from other performers.

    • PeteRFNY

      “Jimmy is no Jay”. Thank God for that, or NBC’s target Tonight Show audience would still be old people waiting to die.

  • cornerofthemoon

    I admire Fallon’s song and dance talents but his skits are overrated and he cant keep dancing to rap for the next 20 years every time he runs out of ideas. I’m sticking with Letterman and Colbert.

    • Smiwy

      If Fallon did that I would actually watch his show.

      • Joy Likens Dragland

        Hey, that’s Tosh’s formula. Seems like it’s working.

        • Rep

          Tosh actually has humour and it’s not farting I don’t see much of that in his bits.

          • Joy Likens Dragland

            But it is vomit lol

  • Shug

    Oh, I too thought I was the only one who did not know why he is so popular. I find his antics terribly unfunny and his uneasy sarcasm makes me uneasy.

  • You jelly

    Typical Philly trash

  • Glenn Taylor

    Liberal Shill.

  • Davekelly

    Jimmy Fallon is the comedy section of late night w the roots.

  • robert

    U people are idiots the man Is funny as hell. Maybe its just u

  • rosetreeme

    I notice all the negative comments are from men. When he started on SNL I found him not only talented, but adorable! He has an innocense about him,. I knew he’d be a star. He can sing, dance, play musical instruments, can do impressions and isvery talented. He’s able to attract top of the line guests, who are in on his sense of humor.

    • Joy Likens Dragland

      Woman here, and I can’t stand Jimmy Fallon. He is NOT FUNNY! I don’t know how anyone can think he is!

    • Forbidden Fruit

      That’s just it: Fallon does “cute” and “innocent” better than anyone out there, which appeals to many female viewers (minus myself). But funny he ain’t. The Roots are the only thing remotely watchable about that show.

      And I think he knows that, deep down.

  • Susan Little

    Sour grapes and envy make an ugly combo

    • Claudiabeth22

      absolutely right, Susan. Lots of hate in this article and it’s sad.

      • Joe Tokoph


    • Joe Tokoph


    • Bob Huber

      I’m not envious of him at all. I just don’t like him. You know, it’s possible to dislike someone without being jealous of them don’t you?

  • BossNigguh

    He is not that funny but the fact that you mentioned Key and Peele discredits your opinion.

    • Sorry Billy

      …not to mention the writers of “Real Time”??? Good lord… consistently the most unoriginal and obvious joke writing in all of late night TV. That show is worthless without the panel. If it weren’t for the panel (and sometimes the opening interview) the show would be virtually unwatchable.

  • Lord Helmut

    I saw Jimmy perform standup at my university. He was the first time he packed the house. Literally, they opened up the back where they had apparently a secret set of seats since nobody ever filled him, then sealed it not to embarrass whomever was there by thinking the house was empty.

    That said, perhaps being 19 at the time, young, and liked that an SNL actor was at my school. In fact, I was in the first row and Jimmy spoke to me as part of his routine. Did it make me feel special? No. Would he remember talking to me? No. Have I seen his new show yet? Nope. Why? Because he isn’t that rememberable. Besides him talking to me, I do not remember one joke he did. And my school had Michael Winslow perform, the crazy voice guy from Police Academy and Spaceballs and I remember more from that show! I think I remember more from the silly ventriloquist from freshman weekend than Jimmy Fallon’s act.

    Yes I did cringe when he did all those aforementioned things on SNL. And we will have to wait to see how the reviews are after a week or two. Perhaps he will get better with time once he gets his groove on. But, I never liked Jay Leno as well. Letterman says the same 42nd Street prostitute jokes all the time, and I really don’t think Seth Meyers is going to be any better either.

    I dunno maybe this is a sign I should just go to bed after the news!

    • BlueinVA


    • ZeAnon

      Yeah, it is. Or that you’d rather complain than lighten up. Or that you’re brand of humor is incompatible with most of society (don’t worry, that just makes YOU special!), but yes… It’s on of these for sure.

      • Max T.

        Most of society??? What planet do you live on pal! Cuz it aint earth. Also, starting most of your sentences with OR, makes you look uneducated and simple minded. So I think we can all agree who the “special one” really is.

  • mable

    So he’s doing the same schtick at 11:30 that he was doing at 12:30. So what. I’ll take him over Leno but he’s not breaking any new ground. And hey, I dig The Roots but let’s face it they weren’t exactly setting the world on fire with their record sales so they got a good gig going on, can’t blame them.

  • Mark Danley

    I’d agree completely. His stint on SNL was pretty un-funny and Tina Fey’s writing saved him on more than one Weekend Update. Wasn’t a fan of Jay Leno either so I really didn’t care about Fallon replacing him-I just don’t think that the talentless replacing the talentless is a good thing.

    Carson should have given The Tonight Show to Letterman.

    • Nick Martin

      Carson wanted Letterman to replace him but NBC never consulted him.

      • Max T.

        After Carson, the Tonight Show should’ve gone to Joan Rivers! Even though they (Carson n Rivers) were at odds with each other. And this was long before her plastic surgery face. So she would’ve at least been watchable if she did it.

        I know I know, I’m gonna get a lot of hate for this comment but hey oh well…bring it on! lol

  • Jleigh

    You are just too old to understand.

    The Millennials

    • ccm800

      Fallon is too old for you LOL

    • Max T.

      Too old to understand? That doesn’t even make any sense. If anyone understands the best, it’s the older generations. Not the younger, dipshit generations who think what he does is new and creative.

  • Palikari

    Tim, where do I apply to get back the three minutes it took me to read this article? If you had written one funny observation it might have lent some credence to your critique or justified my reading. As it was you seem to have about as much wit and mental acuity as Rocky Balboa slugging a side of beef in a meat locker. Don’t listen to the haters, Jimmy. You are a funny man!

    • Sean Delohery

      Hacks 33, you’re an imbecile.

      • jjHacks33

        Love you too, buddy. Bring home milk. We’re running low!

    • Jane Yavis

      Good Lord, thank you,,,,, All I have heard on Talk Radio were haters of Jimmy. and let’s not sugar coat this, why don’t they like him? Because he doesn’t hate Obama.

      • kowalityjesus

        stupid non sequitor desperate race card the bar….so low

        • Joseph Kool

          Shut up stupid

          • kowalityjesus

            Good one, mr kool

      • Joseph Kool

        Because he sucks?

      • Max T.

        Yea just like Joseph Kool below me says….we hate him because he sucks big fat hairy donkey d**k! He’s about as talented as a bag of hammers!

    • JaiGuru

      You make better decisions in the future and not throw good money after bad by spending three more minutes writing unfunny comments on articles that were supposedly a waste of your time.

  • Dan Berg

    Look, I kind of hate posting responses to opinion columns, but come on, man. Have some integrity. This could have simply gone down as “Meh, he’s not for me.” Instead, you took the route of “Yeah, I’ve seen him. What a joke! It’s a good thing we can all see how terrible he is.”

    Is Jimmy Fallon for everyone? Nope. Neither was Leno. Nor is Letterman. Or Conan, Kimmel, Stewart, Colbert, Ferguson, etc, etc, etc. For that matter, neither are the shows with great writing you mentioned, most of which I legitimately agree with. It’s great that you and the guy that keeps posting about how Fallon is a “Liberal shill” think that he isn’t funny. (By the way, awesome dude to have in your corner, Tim.) The 6.6 million viewers that watched his final Late Night, and the viewers that tuned in to is first week of The Tonight Show making it the most watched in 20 years, disagree. Four out of five nights of the first week weren’t even in the proper time slot.

    Secondly, you do understand that Fallon doesn’t come up with this stuff on his own, right? Yes, he writes material. The song parodies are most likely his doing. You don’t like them? Fine. The rest of it (monologue, sketches, bits, games, video packages) are a collaborative effort. A.D. Miles, frequent collaborator of members of The State and UCB, as well as stand-up comedian, is the head writer. I MY opinion, he is VERY funny.

    Let’s take a moment to look at his predecessor. One of Leno’s longest running and successful bits was Headlines. Comedy handed to him on a silver platter. Actual clippings from actual newspapers that Leno pointed to and essentially said, “Look! Isn’t this wacky?” Then you had Jay-Walking, a bit which was almost entirely reliant on finding people to say something stupid. BRILLIANCE!

    Lastly, and I say lastly because I could certainly go on longer, but I know this is a futile effort: his interview style. Rarely have I watched Fallon conduct an interview and had it feel like it was a chore for him. He goes into each one with a seemingly genuine sense of interest, and on many occasions, excitement. Tune into Letterman. It’s an old man going through the motions on most nights. “Got a movie to plug? Great. Show the clip.” Fallon may not be as good of an interviewer as, say, Jimmy Kimmel, but it’s not 50% interview mixed with 25% self-deprecation and 25% jokes at the guest’s expense like Conan has become.

    P.S. I like Tracy Morgan as much as the next guy, but really, his SNL run was a hodge-podge of one dementional, crazy characters spewing nonsense. That not withstanding, Tracy was a guest on Jimmy’s Late Show 11 times in his relatively short 5 year run, and did a guest spot on his first Tonight Show. The article you posted is from 2007. There is no bad blood remaining there, if there was any in the first place. It’s also the only result I’ve found regarding any cast member disliking him. File that under “for what its worth.”

    • UDWRocks

      “one dementional” – nice.

      • Dan Berg

        Haha… In my defense, I wrote this at 2am. Dimensional.

        • UDWRocks

          Awww…I totally thought it was an intentionally clever play on words. It was, right? 😉

          • Dan Berg

            OH…. yeah, obviously! I’m really clever when sleep deprived…

          • UDWRocks

            See? :-)

    • Nico

      Fallon phucking sucks.

    • Susan Kanoff

      Great response to a mean and meaningless piece. But, hey, it was Philly Mag!

    • Joe Tokoph

      Dan your a retard. Fallon is terrible. Great you posted what you think are the ratings of his show, since its been a month, you should check those ratings again, they are dropping, people have better things to do than to watch a guy that is not funny, and 100% unoriginal.

      • Dan Berg

        Ohhhhhh, Joe… First off, if you are gonna start a flame war, YOU’RE supposed to make sure to check YOUR spelling and grammar.

        Now that the obvious and cheap jab is out of the way, let me ask you, what do you find funny? For example, who is your favorite stand-up comedian? Based on your answer, I’ll know how easily I can dismiss your nonsense.

    • JaiGuru

      >insists the writer should have just said meh not for me.

      >Proceeds to write a book in an internet comment section that does anything but take his own advice.

    • Max T.

      If you’re taking over one of the biggest Late Night shows on TV….you damn well better be able to (for lack of a better phrase) take it to the next level. The show has to evolve and become something new and exciting! Sadly, it has not.

      Just look at the difference in the stage. When Carson and Leno did the show, they had this big, bright, beautiful, wide open stage that they walked out on. It was colorful and it made you happy to look at it. Now look at Fallon’s stage, it’s this tiny, dinky little area, with dark drapes in the background. It looks sad and claustrophobic. It’s not pleasing to the eye what so ever. Since he’s taken over, it’s like it’s been one huge down-grade after another. They’ve down-graded the set, they’ve down-graded the bits that they do, they’ve down-graded the content, the interviews and last but not least they’ve down-graded the host. His interviews are sooo uncomfortable to watch, you might as well be watching your parents masturbate in front of you. To sum it up, there is nothing fun or exciting about Fallon’s show. Period! End of story!

    • gilgamess1

      Well said. Thanks. I wrote a similar (much more verbose) reply.

  • Charles Wood

    I think the author here is confusing talk show host and comedian and variety host. Fallon has talked about his show as a venue more like a variety show. Standup is rarely done on any of the shows now, except for the opening monologues, (whereas in Carson’s day the new comedian doing his standup act was a major feature) and he has admitted that standup is his weakness. Lorne Michaels’ advice to him before moving to the Tonight Show (or maybe it was pre-Late Night) was go out on the road and practice standup. But the viral video pieces, impressions, and things that show off his ability to share in the fun, to share in his love of performers, music, movies, etc., and play games are what they are. They aren’t failed attempts to do standup. His show is about entertainment, not witty repartee. He, too, makes fun of his pathetic attempts when he was young to do auditions, and has even shown them. Why call his friendship with Justin Timberlake “his obsession.”? They work well together, and had a lot of fun with the Barry Gibb talk show on SNL and are friends. With Timberlake’s following and the popularity of the two of them performing together, who better to have as a guest during the first week? Piers Morgan? The interviews with stars on other shows are all pre-programmed questions and bits put together by the producers. The guests say the same things on all the shows. Why not take them out of their comfort zones and have them play games or unfamiliar musical instruments? I’d say he’s having a great time, genuinely loving every minute of the experience, bringing on a lot of musicians as actual guests, and a lot of people are loving it. If I want true wit, I watch the Daily Show, though it’s not as relaxing. It can be too much sometimes at the end of the day. Conan can be hilarious, but he’s so sharp-edged and his offbeat bits with people on staff just fall flat. Letterman is practically becoming a parody of himself, though his interviews sometimes BRIEFLY seek some depth. Say for a few minutes once a month. I think you’re holding Fallon to the wrong standard. (But, yes, I agree that the stepping out of character on SNL was obnoxious…though sometimes it set off the other players, who started losing it, too. Then it was good.)

    • Art S

      Maybe he will do a bit on ratttle snake handling like those church people do. It could not happen to a nicer guy :-)

      • Dan Berg

        Classy. Real classy.

  • Nick Martin

    Fallon is the perfect progression from Leno. Leno didn’t do anything original either and dumbed down his comedy until you could see the punchlines coming from a mile away. Fallon’s Late Night was totally devoid of anything original. Instead of doing anything original, he resorted to games and Nickelodeon stunts. Lets hope Seth Meyers brings innovation back to Late Night.

  • Barry Wahrhaftig

    I’d have to agree. I miss Leno already, and I wasn’t a huge Leno fan. Midgets now rule where giants once roamed.

  • Ivy Torres

    He is ok. I have seen worse. Lighten up.

  • KT

    Yikes, jealous much?

  • Marilyn

    SO do not agree. Fallon can genuinely dance, has amazing comedic timing, does great impersonations, sings, and has a great sense of humor. His “shtick” brings everyone into a fun atmosphere. He is an entertainer. I enjoy the escape, and I get a big kick from watching serious actors and politicians enjoying fun kid like activities. Nothing offensive…simply fun entertainment. He does his job well.

    • Max T.

      Wow….gimme some of the drugs you’re on please! Cuz you talk as if you’re living on another planet! lol

  • healthcontrarian

    Wow.. let me ask you Tim.. did Mr. Fallon get a job years ago you or one of your “talented” buddies were up for or is it that your stuck writing for some shit magazine on line…… Unhappy with where you are in life Tim?? Green is a very unappealing color for you…Like my grandmother always said.. if you have nothing nice to say keep your piehole shut..

  • Lenny

    Thank you for saying this. I thought it was only me. Thank you so much.

    • OC

      Just watch Arsenio or Dave. Or Nightline,

  • DSL

    Spend a few minutes looking at the people who are making good money recording and sharing their mindless dreck on youtube. Jenna Marbles as an example. http://www.worthofweb.com/website-value/youtube.com/user/JennaMarbles Fahrenheit 451 is coming to your neighborhood faster than you think.

  • Setting it Straight

    You hit it right out if the park, the guy isn’t funny, he tries to hard, and it looks desperate.
    He and that timber guy look like fools up there.
    I thought I was the only one, it was like watching the Emeror’s ew clothes, no one wants to tell him that he’s naked, in this case Not Funny!

  • Nat

    What are you high? This kid is crazy talented and his ratings prove it. You’re a hater

  • Steve T.

    Oh my God, thank you — I thought I was the only one, too. I don’t agree with this article in its entirety. I found Fallon pretty inoffensive and occasionally liked him in SNL sketches (the Barry Gibb Talk Show, for example), thought he did a lot to revive Weekend Update, and I even liked his failed movie career — I thought Fever Pitch was highly underrated. But I HATE him as a talk-show host.

    I could go on and on about this, but here’s one bit I think sums it up: Misheard Lyrics. If you haven’t seen it, viewers tweet at Fallon with some misheard lyrics (“‘Scuse me while I kiss this guy,” etc.), Fallon reads the lyrics on air, then the Roots play the song while Fallon sings along — wait for it — WITH THE MISHEARD LYRICS! He does this all the time. What is this thing? I can’t call it a bad joke, because it’s not even a joke. Misheard lyrics became a big thing when I was in college, in the mid-’90s, almost 20 years ago. I thought they were fun. Now, in 2014, this decades-old concept that should be all right have been a fad is somehow still around thanks to Fallon. Here is everything wrong with the bit:

    1. It’s dated
    2. It’s not even a joke
    3. It’s a blatant play to seem relevant by trumpeting social media
    4. Fallon doesn’t even sing the lyrics in a funny way, he just sort of sings them

    Like I said, I could go on.

  • AdrianHickman

    Tim, since the line here just says you are a freelance writer, I really would love to know more about what qualifies you as a comedy expert that deserves to wonder why everyone else doesn’t agree with your opinion that Jimmy Fallon isn’t funny.

    It is obvious that you don’t like Fallon. That is fine. Don’t watch. But how funny are you exactly? What have you “freelance” written? This seems to be the only article by you on the magazine website.

    Or maybe the better question is why Philadelphia Magazine feels that you needed to have your “I don’t get it” opinion published as more than just a letter to the editor. This is not a researched article, there is no attempt to gather anything more that your own dislike of Fallon.

    Again, don’t watch if you don’t like him. Or maybe you can apply for a job as a writer on the show?

  • rob p

    Well its just like all the other reallity shows…they all suck, but there are people that watch and thats all they care about. Thats why I don’t watch tv except for the history channel. Oh and H2.

  • carlosfromphilly

    The fact that this guy thinks “the best tv writers” work at tosh.0 speaks volumes. Mediocre taste and bad blogging go hand in hand…

  • George from Fairmount

    Remember when, Tim, is also the lowest form of conversation. Thanks for starting your “article” that way. And who are you to define what is quality humor?

  • Contacttheman

    Is he a freelance writer? This article sucks!

  • gin9rrsnap

    Your support of Tosh negates everything you just said. Sour Grapes indeed.

    • LuluB

      …which explains so much. It’s not that there isn’t a place for Tosh’s humor but it certainly doesn’t belong on a talk show, where you’re continually trying to find guests. Tosh would ruthless, cruel to his guests and while there might be a perfectly noble, creative reason for his doing so, it’s an alienating brand of humor.

      • Jason Parr

        Ironically, I find Tosh hilarious but his show kinda sucks.

        • LuluB

          I think he’s funny, too but he doesn’t, exactly, have the kind of humor that would encourage interviewees to let their guard down.

        • Smiwy

          His show is kind of a catalyst for his humor in my opinion. Love his commentary.

  • T

    Leno didn’t have a funny bone in he’s body, except his chin

    • Shy Sharon

      good one!

    • OC

      Loved Leno.

  • John

    Guess this is why you Write for Philadelphia Magazine another bigger media source….

  • RMV

    Simple solution to this problem. Just don’t watch him. There are lots of people I don’t find funny. So — get this — I just don’t watch their stuff. I know it’s crazy, but you there’s no rule that compels you pay any attention to stuff you don’t like. Why get your blood pressure up? Why waste your energy? It’s all a matter of personal taste.

  • Ian Berg

    I agree with your criticism Tim, I’ve wondered why Jimmy Fallon has had a show given his lack of talent. I would broaden the perspective by saying, this country is run by men seeking profit, and if someone like Jimmy Fallon can get ratings then they’ll keep selling it. These old-head late night TV shows are a shrinking market in my opinion, with younger generations flocking to higher caliber shows like John Stewart and Stephen Colbert. Their humor is sharper and revolves around intelligent conversation. So let those who can drool and chuckle at these other fading entertainers be happy, and the growing numbers of us who could care less can focus on better things.

    • Kev_H

      The Comedy Central late nighters fall far short of intelligent conversation. They are funny too, but trade in simplistic bromides, poop jokes and spit-takes for the most part. Stewart, for example, failed in his long quest to be a successful comedian and entertainer, unless you relish his roles in Death to Smoochy or The Faculty. He’s a lesser Jimmy Fallon without the ability to do impressions, which he can’t do. His impressions always quickly deteriorate into exaggerated Brooklyn accents. Just shows how kissing the right butts can elevate one’s profile (for both Stewart and Fallon).

      • Jeremy

        You’re an idiot.

        • G U 1 D O

          I’d like to point out that Jeremy thinks Kev is an idiot, rather than myself. I posted above Kev. I agree with Kev.

          • G U 1 D O

            Wait. I agree with Jeremy. Not Kev. Kev is an idiot.

      • G U 1 D O

        I think you might be missing the point about Jon Stewart. “He’s a lesser Jimmy Fallon without the ability to do impressions?” I thought Jon Stewart’s job was satire – to shine a light on political hypocrisy in an amusing way. Which I figure he does on the whole really well. It’s a very different job. For the record I also think Secretariat was lacking in the funny impressions department. I mean, great horse and all – fast, decent finish – but his Brando was sorely lacking.

      • Max T.

        He’s a lesser Jimmy F. without the ability to do impressions, which he can’t do. <~~WTF

        You say that, as if doing impressions was the deciding factor in determining whether or not a comedian is funny and/or entertaining. Not all comedians do impressions. Pryor never did impressions, neither did Carlin and look at how successful they were. Your summation of Jon Stewart only reveals how little you understand what he does. And comparing him to Fallon is like comparing a car to a train. 2 forms of travel yet both are very different. Both Fallon and Stewart's jobs are to entertain, yet they are 2 very different breeds of animals. They are not even in the same league as one another. And to say Stewart failed to be a successful comedian/entertainer is grossly inaccurate. He's been hosting The Daily Show since 1999!!! If he was such a failed comedian/entertainer, do you really think they would've kept him on for 15 yrs???? Plus his show is ONE OF the highest rated comedy shows on tv. So nice try, but you sir are the one who failed here.

    • Shy Sharon

      Oh I see, so if you’re smart, you can’t think Fallon is funny…thanks G-d we have you to explain it to us

  • Jane Shmoe

    You should write about abortion, it’s less controversial

  • http://www.cozbaldwin.com Coz

    This is good to see. I am glad I’m not alone and I wasn’t going to keep my mouth shut on it much longer (not that I could change anything by doing so). My biggest problem is the guy has no air of dignity or maturity. He was a bad choice for Late Night from day one. Any of the other current late night hosts would have been better choices for The Tonight Show. I have nothing against Fallon personally, and I’m not a comedian so it’s obviously not a jealousy thing for me. He’s just not a talk show host. Period. The bits he does are funny, sure, but it’s no longer a talk show.

  • Tom

    I couldn’t disagree with you more. And that’s why this article is great. I can’t imagine the amount of people that will read this article because they want to rush to defend Jimmy Fallon. Well done sir, well done

  • Tom

    Dave kinda thinks he is…

  • Janna

    I totally agree. Fallon tries way too hard and is painful to watch

  • Linda Ryans

    Eat your heart out…your opinion no one cares about. What’s with the world today…every time I click on something on this screen someone’s acting like a jerk…give it a break.

    • Michael Coone

      That kind of seems like what you are doing in your reply.

      • Linda Ryans

        You answering for McCloskey? Why? Nevermind. No longer interested…like I said everytime I click….someone’s acting like a jerk. Bye.

        • Michael Coone

          You just did it again. Are you aware of what you say?

          • Linda Ryans

            Go away. Don’t email anymore, please.

          • Jeremy

            That’s the stupidity or Americans in 2014.

  • vonnegut

    For some reason, women love him. Then again, the tonight show is not supposed to be really funny. It’s a place for the standard comic tropes to come out and all the interviews are to be whitewashed into basic diatribe. Leno was a perfect example: good comedian; watered down, middle-America show. It’s meant for the over 35 crowd and that’s all. If you want weird, insolent, comedy-driven television, check out Craig Ferguson. You may not like it, but it will be something TOTALLY different than what you’re seeing elsewhere.

    • http://www.cozbaldwin.com Coz

      In my humble opinion, Ferguson SHOULD be The Tonight Show host. He’s got dignity, even when acting like a child. He’s confident in his abilities. He’s sincere as anything. And wow, he actually asks questions he’s interested in knowing the answers to! He’d have to let go of some of his time-fillers like the horse and puppets (maybe bring them back once in awhile), but he’d do the job just fine.

      • LuluB

        Ferguson is fantastic, as well. He’s always a pleasure to watch.

      • ICDogg

        I think he enjoys the 12:30 spot. It allows him to improv through most of the show.

        • http://www.cozbaldwin.com Coz

          You’re probably right. In fact I bet most of the hosts who had / have the 12:30 slot prefer it for that very reason. But only for that reason. The Tonight Show would benefit from that kind of improving though.

          • ICDogg

            I think Fallon will do great there. He is used to working “big” – big team, lots of prep, lots of pre-interviewing, scripted bits, and friendly relationship with guests coming on to promote whatever it is they’re coming to promote.

            By the way, I was never a big fan of Leno as a Tonight Show host, but he is brilliant if you ever see him do standup in a club/casino situation. It’s a lot less toned down (as he had to do for TV) and will keep a crowd laughing hard for a couple of hours straight.

    • LuluB

      “For some reason, women love him.”

      See above. He manages to keep a gentleman’s humor, without coming across as prudish or precious. He has a keen sense of comedic discretion — balancing on the fine line between “funny” and “gone too far”. It’s a talent and it takes finely honed skill.

    • ICDogg

      I like Ferguson as well as Fallon. Completely different shows, both very funny in my opinion.

  • Troy

    you’re a bitch ass hater lol

  • Kev_H

    For what the Tonight Show is, he is perfect. It’s a guest driven show and a promotional platform for movies, shows etc. Fallon is pleasant enough and more important than how he makes you feel is how he makes his guests feel. It’s stupid and inane, but fun to watch David Beckham crack eggs on his head/hair. It helps the audience connect with the celebrities and the celebrities probably find the hijinks less stressful and more enjoyable than interviews.

  • LuluB

    All purely your own taste, Tim. You must prefer “aggressive”, “self-enhancing” humor over “affiliative”, self-deprecating stuff. Fallon has a very, expressive face and can say more in an eye twinkle and suppressed smirk, than some comedians can say in 2 hours worth of a laborious routine, full of ruthless knock-downs of other people. His humor is subtle, witty, mostly about the all-around “nice guy” trying to find the redeeming qualities in idiocy, goading on goofiness and attempting to attach a nobility to it all — a gentle, non-judgmental appreciation of earnest stupidity.

    Which is the perfect kind of humor for a talk show host. His humor isn’t mean-spirited and he’s protective of his guests by allowing them the safety of his self-deprecating, humorous engagement. He doesn’t down himself, really, but he can laugh at himself; this reduces nervous energy in his guests, so they feel less self-conscious.

    Also, he looks like a dream. He’s gorgeous but you would never know it, if you focused only on his fearlessly, goofy antics. He wasn’t given a position in a “Calvin Klein” ad campaign ten years ago because he looks like a joke.There are few thinks sexier than a smoldering, hot guy, who isn’t afraid to look silly.

  • Carmen Gervasio

    hashtag hater, hashtag, less than mediocre career as a phillymag writer, hashtag kensington.

    • Dan Berg

      Note: Not even an on-staff writer. He’s freelance.

      • TV Viewer

        Dan Berg, in case you’re not aware, freelancing is how many writers either get started with a publication or diversify their experience. There’s nothing that makes a freelancer’s opinion less valid than that of an “on-staff writer”; some popular publications get all their content from a select group of freelancers.

  • southphillyyo

    Couldn’t agree more…never understood the allure of him and thought he was the worst on SNL for years. I would start laughing if he laughed in sketches which was a big no-no on SNL, but I knew that him laughing in a skit wasn’t talent and I was always confused by his apparent buzzworthiness….plus he is always too positive and too much of an ass kisser to his guests, and there are awkward moments in his interviews bc I think even the guests are put off by his jolly-ness.

  • John

    Nice shot at Manayunk – the place is where douchebags-in-training go to get soooo wasted on Coors Light and the PPA extracts 46% of their annual gross.

  • Opinionated Asshole

    You sound a little bitter but I’ll agree, he is a hack but you warm up to him after awhile. Having The Roots on the show doesn’t hurt either.

  • Mands

    Making people laugh is a great quality to posess. Trying to bring others down is not.

  • jjHacks33

    Tim McCloskey….you’re a true American patriot for thinking Jimmy Fallon isn’t talented. Such an out of the box comment to make. Let me make a few calls to get YOU to replace him on The Tonight Show. Actually, let’s just get you the Pulitzer instead. Hell, have both! You’re a genius! Especially because you saw Jimmy when he was a struggling comic working on his act, and you said “Sorry bro, don’t quit your day job, bro brobro.” It’s unbelievable that Jimmy Fallon got the Tonight Show gig, right? He didn’t work hard to get to SNL, work his way to the Weekend Update desk, write/perform in multiple famous sketches, then bounce back from a failed transition to a movie career, work hard to land the Late Show gig, immediately make that show a pop culture phenomenon each week, keep it successful for the few years it was on to finally get promoted to the Tonight Show. Hopefully your article will expose him for what he is….a complete fraud and an enemy to the USA. And that OBSESSION with Justin Timberlake…no, LET’S talk about it…how DARE he like another talented artist…and furthermore, another MAN??? He’s probably gay for him. Ewwww gross, right? As you said…why God, why?!?! Smite his corpse, oh mighty Tim McCloskey! Let your words of wisdom rain down from the Heavens upon thy people of Kensington and let it spread through all the lands evermore!!! Take the internet as yours. It is your stallion to ride. Hail, King Timothy! Destroyer of Fallon. Rightful heir to the throne!

    • Dan Berg

      Hoooooooooooooooly crap. Amazing.

    • BlueinVA

      Drop that mic, sir.

    • Shy Sharon

      That was a GREAT laugh! Thanks! JJ gets the next show, THEN Tim…

    • Zoe A

      “Smite his corpse, oh mighty Tim McCloskey!” is that going to be my new catchphrase. Patent Pending! Patent Pending!

    • Scott McKewon

      Jimmy Fallon is awful. His dopey little brother persona charms women and rubes as evidenced by these comments.. What’s next Jimmy a YouTube video of you and JLo doing the Macarena?

      • kowalityjesus

        man I could not think anything less of Jimmy Fallon. Carson Daly, for Pete’s sake, would kick Fallon’s ass in that job.

    • Benjamin

      This is the passionate stand you want to make? Defender of Jimmy freaking Fallon? Your writing style says male, age mid-20s or older, which has me shaking my head even more. I’d understand this from a teenage girl.

      • jjHacks33

        Dad? Is that you?

    • gav6791

      Apparently dising Jimmy Fallon makes jjhacks33 suicidal. Dude, he has an opinion and he wrote an article. Is Fallon your girlfriend to defend? Relax just a tad.

      • jjHacks33

        Yup, I killed myself but luckily http://www.phillymag.com is available in Heaven! I’m totally cool with someone not liking Jimmy Fallon (and yes, you nailed it again, Jimmy is my girlfriend! lololol lmao rofl yolo ttyl). I actually don’t think he’s the funniest person out there, but he clearly earned The Tonight Show and he’s the perfect host for it. I don’t ever comment on ANY internet article but this article stunk of terrible rhetoric and offered no alternative. It was just “Wah wah wahhh, Jimmy Fallon SUCKS” All negative. So in turn, I felt like I had to say something. Sadly, in this case, it meant contributing to a potential flame war which is not what I want to happen because comment sections are the asshole of the internet (go ahead, make a gay joke, I know you want to).

        • Doug

          Right, jj he’s totally earned the tonight show after what, 5 years as a late night host? He got it because he’s a company yes man and because nbc forced out Leno (which I’m fine with, but those are the facts).

          I don’t mind Fallon, but it’s absurd to say he earned this after barely putting in any time. I also don’t disagree with this authors entire premise. Some of the stuff he does is just not that funny.

        • Joy Likens Dragland

          Alternative: anyone else. I like Kimmel best, so I guess ABC has my viewership in the evening. Also, I liked Leno better than the Masshole that replaced him.

          • Joseph Kool

            Late night talk shows are lame period. I’d rather watch rick and Morty reruns.

        • Joseph Kool

          You’re a homosexual

    • kowalityjesus

      working hard does not make you funny. Jimmy Fallon…how can I say this….is a travesty visited on the American people.

  • estfar

    Unfortunately that bar was set before Jimmy, by people like David Letterman and even Jon Stewart. They appealed to the frat boy audience. They grew and with growth came really good shows. Conan for me was the worst – absolutely nothing about him was funny. Jimmy is young and appeals to a broad group of people who are tired of mean on television. No I don’t think that everything he does is funny but I think he is genuine and I like how much fun he is having. Along with Jimmy Kimmel, I think they are great for late night. As for you I guess you didn’t do so well and you are pissed off. No reason to be mean!!

  • jamal

    Philly hates you Jimmy

    • Shy Sharon

      omg hahahaha!

  • m

    wow. this guy is salty. Not very attractive / adult-like. Possibly some misdirected aggression about his current situation? His critique of Fallon’s shtick is entirely applicable to the shows he seems to laude:

    “These days, Fallon’s whole shtick is to take something from childhood, rope in a superstar celebrity, and beat it to death.” >>> “I realize the best TV writers are now at the Daily Show, Colbert, Key & Peele, Real Time, Tosh.0, Portlandia, Always Sunny, and Parks & Recreation.”

    Which of these shows doesn’t do that?

  • Dugan

    “He would crack up laughing, flub his lines and stare directly into the
    camera.” …You know who else did that on the reg? Johnny Carson.

    • Marcus1231

      Johnny Carson was never on SNL…that’s where Fallon was at his absolute worst.

  • Facsimilesmiles

    I can’t stand comedians who constantly feel the need to look directly into the camera the way Fallon does. It’s something a lot of the SNL comedians have done, actually, and it always feels like they’re desperately trying to convince you that what they just said was funny.

    As for some of the comments about Fallon’s ratings proving that he’s talented, well, there are a lot of bland entertainers whose ratings are high. That’s not a compliment to the artist; it’s an insult to the viewers.

  • rightiam66

    If this was newspaper the only good to do with this piece of crap report is to put it on the bottom of the bird cage. You really suck Tim, just plain awful writing.

  • Gina Randazzo

    I totally agree! Fallon is unwatchable. so not funny.

  • KJ

    Being Goofy, takes no where near as much skills as creating and writing humor – i.e., being FUNNY. Fallon’s act is GOOFY. He’s a fun guy, but he’s goofy in a small brain slapstick kind of way rather than being skilled and creative in creating humor. And I’m not that good at it either, but then, its not my job so… It’s cool though, he’s happy and lots of people tune in to chuckle at his antics so no harm.

  • Jayson Flores

    Dang, people are saying you’re the one who’s mad, but they’re the ones going on super long rants. I thought the article was spot-on, and obviously brought up relevant points, otherwise people wouldn’t be so mad.

    I’ve watched him so many times and he has never made me laugh. Kudos to you Tim!

  • bedsmith

    couldn’t agree more

  • http://www.judyasman.com Judy Asman

    Those who can, do. Those who can’t, think Jimmy Fallon is funny.

  • KobraKai7474

    The simple fact is that the Tonight Show has been getting boffo ratings for years by propping up Jay Leno’s corpse while running a lame-ass monologue and some of the worst interviews this side of Public Access through the PA system. Still, Middle America seems to love him with every fiber of their being. I am not saying Jimmy Fallon is Jay Leno, but I AM saying that Jimmy Fallon has the ability to appeal to those same Middle Americans who, for whatever reason, despise the snarky (and hilariously funny) wit of, for example, Conan O’Brien and David Letterman. Late night… even in today’s fragmented world is a cash cow. For a several millions bucks per year to the host and several million more for staff and production costs, a network can rake in 10 times what they spend. Of course, at NBC maintaining that cash cow requires bringing in somebody who can keep those midwesterners smiling and tuning in, and Jimmy Fallon is perfect for that.

  • Terrence Cain

    I don’t find Fallon funny either. But if someone else does I don’t begrudge them their tastes. It’s simply opinion and nothing more.

  • The author is butthurt

    The fact that you think good writers can be found at tosh.o and that Tracy Morgan of all fcking idiots is a reputable source makes me happy that I can justify dismissing this entre article

  • Brian T.

    He’s very likable (which would explain his success), but he’s not funny or entertaining to watch.

  • Kelley Hackney

    Sounds like he’s jealious

  • Jmad

    Way to perpetuate the stereotype that Philly is just a jealous, second hand wish I was like big brother up the turnpike. Philly’s better than that!! Ok, now apologize and let’s move on, we need a glimpse of your soul for that piece of garbage write up. We all make mistakes, we all get a next chance…

  • Art S

    If only Jimmy’s Mommy believed in Abortion we would have had a better Tonight Show Host. But maybe it is not to late to abort.

    • Dan Berg

      Dude, come on.

  • Kevin McLogan

    And how funny is Mr. McCloskey? Not so much, I’d imagine.

  • Artwritesyou

    This man has spoken the truth, the whole truth, and nothing BUT the TRUTH!!!

  • Cedric

    Wow, I am surprised by all of the Fallon ass-kissers… I guess America has forgotten what good comedy is. I’ll give you a hint, it isn’t Jimmy Fallon, and it isn’t Seth Meyers (the slightly more effeminate version of Fallon). Look, the Tonight Show hasn’t been the Tonight Show since Johnny Carson. Before Jay Leno, everyone who hosted the show was brilliant, funny, multi-talented, etc. Then came Jay, who just didn’t match up (my opinion). Now, Jimmy Fallon… it’s also my opinion that he sucks… but no one can deny the fact that the guy can’t stay in character, can’t stop mugging for the camera, and can’t do any comedy unrelated to impressions/props. Look, I understand that a lot of you are stuck on grade school humor, but Jimmy Fallon is an insult to my intelligence, so I haven’t watched, and I won’t. Enjoy. I hope he gets the Conan treatment…

    P.S. Conan isn’t THAT funny, but he’s a lot more cerebral than Jimmy F***ing Fallon…

    • Angong

      Hey, not everyone can be a MEGA genius like you! Instead of lording over us and raging, be merciful and take pity on us. Or better yet apply you staggering intellect to the challenge of delivering TRUE humor to the unwashed masses!

    • OC

      Wow. Seems unfair not to show the downvote count!

  • BostonJon

    I 100% agree with the author on this one. Jimmy doesn’t even ask interesting questions and just plays grab ass with the celebs. The music bits are annoying too. He needs to mix it up and do other comedy. The set it lifeless as well.

  • Hoppy Poppy

    Yeah your the only one. Love Jimmy Fallon and I’ll admit he isn’t for everybody so don’t watch buddy. At least he is staying true and not changing his show to try and reel in the 50 and over crowd.

  • criterionstalker

    I think Fallon is a kitten and I sure did hate the breaking up SNL skits (something the original cast and Lorne Michaels HATED about TV comedy at the time). But his IT character (“MOVE”) was brilliant and literally like the guys I used to work with. And I love his appearance as the manager in ALMOST FAMOUS – I didn’t even recognize him.

  • mercdem2

    I’m so in the camp with the writer of this article. Fallon always seemed the most toolish of hosts (and on SNL he was middling, at best.) When I first saw that he had a show I was indifferent. When I finally sat down and watched it, I realized i Hated it. Sure, he’s a fine enough mimic but aren’t there birds that do that shit? And to see the Roots brought low in service to that lame… I fucking weep.

  • Jeff

    Go back to LA, your name associated with Kensington is killing the property values. It’s kind of telling that Philly Mag wouldn’t want to pay for the cost of ink to actually put anything you write in print. This “article” looks like a rant on a jealous 16 year old’s Myspace page. The Roots have put out 13 albums, that being said it’s a good thing that they have this job, otherwise they’d be starving.

  • Jampy Joe

    god forbid you watch a classic movie instead or … read a book.

    • OC

      Someone’s been holding a gun at his head.

  • itshouldhavebeenvindiesel

    The best writers have not been on Always Sunny for quite some time now.

  • Tannenwald

    I struggle with fellow journalists who seem to always carry a grudge.
    On the other hand, I choose to always be positive and learn from
    my elders and peers.

  • cagza

    I’ve thought this for years. Way before he was on late night. He ruined endless SNL skits. They managed to replace Leno with a younger, less funny version of himself. Team Coco 4 life!

  • Mike Fraim

    Completely disagree – Jimmy is hilarious and if you don’t like him, don’t watch! Go watch some re-runs of Jay Leno and his horrible interviews, jokes and monologues.

  • Tom Mack

    I could not agree with your assessment of Fallon more, he’s NOT the “Tonight Show”, just think about what was. “If it ain’t broke don’t try to fix it”………

  • Nico

    I agree…he’s just not funny at all.

  • Michele Lynne Henning

    My husband would totally agree with you. I, however, think the fact that Fallon has no super talent is what appeals to me. Watching him stumble through life and still be a success, well, it gives me hope.

    • OC

      You could really change that photo.

  • TV Viewer

    First, anyone who challenges the writer’s opinion with “let’s see YOU do it” needs to… not… do that. Criticism doesn’t work that way. Ever get stuck in traffic due to poor city planning? Well, you’d better not complain, because let’s see YOU design better infrastructure! Second, everyone is entitled to their opinion. Don’t attack this writer for expressing his. Jimmy Fallon isn’t my cup o’ tea (so far). What I’d love, though, is for people who really like his stuff to explain the appeal to me. Maybe I’m missing something; I try to have an open mind… win me over!

  • Shy Sharon

    Comedy is not science, either it makes you laugh or it doesn’t! I never dissected Fallon before, but I see a guy who sincerely is excited to have his guests on his show and fun with them…who else did/or does that? I don’t want to see interviews where the guests clearly don’t want to answer the questions being asked, they feel uncomfortable, not entertaining. Johnny Carson was not a talent, Jay Leno tells jokes, but he’s not funny, David Letterman is very funny and a terrible interviewer! And since when is doing impressions the lowest form of comedy? That’s news to me! Can you do it?! Oh, and are you funny? You’re article sure wasn’t!

  • Dennis

    This column is as entertaining as a guy doing a Boston accent

    • Shy Sharon


  • b

    haha u mad bro?

  • Ryan Kahl

    Saying Jimmy Fallon isn’t funny is like calling Dwight Howard a terrible athlete. Mr. Fallon is funny, he wouldn’t have the opportunities he does now if he weren’t. You can have an opinion. But its still wrong & you’re still stupid for thinking it.

  • Scoop

    So this article opens up with a story about how someone wasn’t as good at their craft 15 to 20 years ago? Lol isn’t that just stating the obvious about everyone?

  • makemefamous

    Looks like somebody is a little jealous.. you don’t have to watch his show if you don’t like him.. this article is just a way to get your name out there by being like the rest of the media, and putting down people who are doing well for themselves.. funny part is, nobody will ever remember your name for writing this article, or probably anything else that you do.. as a matter of fact, i’ve already forgotten it…

  • Mr Anybody

    I think this debate is more indicitive of the shift in culture around comedy and what is considered comedy mixed into what constitutes as a late night show. If you look back at the Jack Paar era stuff it is funny but in a subtle charming way, granted the level of censorship is palpable, so the extremes arent being pushed. After the Paar era the indomitable years of Carson with his well established cadre of comedic friends ( Red Skelton, Jack Benny etc etc) who kept it funny in the interview and the writers of the time are on new ground with the societal climate changes happening. He had a rare instance of established comedic weight and talent mixed with the wherewithal and advantage to do so. Which leads us to Leno…Hmm what to say about Leno other than at one time HE was the (tv) edgy guy( as opposed to actually edgy ) that Carson would have on to fill in time. Leno was essentially groomed from day one to slide into Carson’s place, Middle of the road mass market appeal. I mean Leno is a pretty non threatening guy as a tv personality goes which is what NBC wants. Which would have been fine if the societal climate change wasnt shifting exponetially by now. I wouldn’t even want the job of trying to keep up to whats funny in an arena like that then, never mind today. It’s why Great shows like The State were so pressured to make stuff to pull the kids in whilst being edgy enough to keep it funny.Leno lucked out with being in place when the line for stand up comedians were out the door. This is the early Louis C.K., Marc Maron, Patton Oswalt era so Leno had atreasure trove of comedy paints to work with. keeping his show fresh enough to keep it going. The key here is that each host leaves it at a “keep it going” phase. Leading us to Fallon ( let it be known I am not a fan of Fallon really..I mean Im a Boston Kid so nah on the Masshole biz….Kehd we dont even talk like that kehd.) I will say this though Fallon satisfies the model of what the tonight show has been. Be charming enough, kind of funny BUT not more funny than your comedic guests, keep the kids interested fro years to come because you are growing with them. The viewers of his show have quick and random settings for comedy ( i.e. Tim and eric..Bleurg) They love nostalgia of things they barely know about ( guilty of same..I had a sixties thing that an intervention was needed to handle )and a ton of time to fill at the end of an unsucessful night trying to get laid at the local pub on a date you didn’t even want to go on. Aren’t you glad you wore your favorite Arctic Monkeys shirt just to have that drunk girl smear her clown makeup on it….Hey look there’s ?uest Love…he makes me feel better with his crazy hair and all. I remember him when I was 11 and my older sister would play them and we would dance around the house…I miss my sister I should call her soon….I digress.( I was actually the older brother doing that scenario to my sister..i will call her though) ANYWAY…thats what Fallon is..he’s a nostalgia blanket that the generation after after mine will grow with for the next hundred years and all us old folk will still be trying to find a functioning VCR to play episodes of Mr. Show with Bob and Dave.

  • Paulo Branco

    Stop hating and start participating Tim !

    • OC

      “With all thy hating, get some talent of your own.”

  • Manny

    I don’t watch TV. Does that make me better than everybody else in America? Smarter than everybody else in America? No. I just would rather not pay for it. You sound like you’re just an angry person. Jimmy Fallon is not my type of funny, either, but jeez dude. Lighten up a little.

    What are you expecting? The general public doesn’t appreciate your style of comedy. Maybe that sucks, but there’s plenty of other material out there to keep you busy. The internet exists, and it is a massive, almost infinite source of complete and utter nonsense that could keep the entire world zombified for decades. Just connect, sit back and relax.

    I understand you’re venting, but believe me, Bill Burr will never be the host of the Tonight Show. Daniel Tosh will never make late night on network TV. They’re too edgy for the family, even if their comedy is superior to Fallon’s. Politically correct is where we are now. That’s the food they feed us. It’s boring, but that’s the reality.

  • Joe Burkle

    Yeah, I like the guy but he’s just not very funny. He is definitely predictable. As for the Roots, who are awesome, I do think he gives credit to them the right way, and I’ve seen him do it often.

  • madisontruth

    Many successful behind the scenes media people started out doing menial jobs like selling cable tv ads in the three digits channels. Should we judge them as failures too?

    • OC

      He sounds angry. Jealousy or the Kimmel camp is paying him.

  • Mary Lynn Rich

    You get hurt watching him or something? :(

  • Nico

    Great Article spot phucking on

  • Jamrie

    Jimmy Fallon is what everyone decides to comment on??? How about unemployment, Philly public schools,the Affordable Care Act, etc…..

    • OC

      They have articles on those things.

  • Lauri

    Jimmy Fallon’s laughing. He’s laughing all the way to the bank. How’s being a crappy columnist for an internet blog treating you? Don’t quit your day job.

  • John Michael Barone

    jimmy fallon is a douche and he sucks but everything on nbc sucks.

    • Commenter

      “Well, you know what NBC stands for. Nothin’ But Crap.” –HRH Johnny Carson

  • ICDogg

    I think he’s very funny, personally.

  • Jason Lusco

    Tim is straight weaksauce!!! #haterinthehouse #Timwisheshewasfallon #timmustreallyhatehislife #lookinthemirrorifyouwantunfunnytim

  • Terese Zesch

    I give you the weak interview skills, but that has been his appeal to a a crowd that doesnt want jon stewart in their face (love you too jon). I’m 50 and have also watched him from his stand up beginings… it was during snl when we all saw him as blossom as amazing and hilarious. Most all of us still do. Not your taste? Well he’s earned that seat so…… change the channel BRO! #dudebrobrah #namedropper #hasneverbeen

  • Roy

    McCloskey is basing his entire opinion on one show at the Groundlings in the early 90s, and from his description it sounds like a show where actors and comedians work out new bits and characters. That is the process of developing as a comedian. The comedians on the other shows he names had to go through the same thing and often had to fail in front of audiences. His criticism is equivalent to dismissing “Citizen Kane” or “The Godfather” because the pre-production storyboards were not drawn well.
    Look, I myself am not a big Fallon fan, but if you are going to criticize someone, please don’t be a complete fucking idiot. As per his criticism of Fallon, McCloskey is lowering the bar for putting words and phrases together.
    Also, he says the best TV writers are at “Tosh.0”? Jeez, I hope McCloskey has a heart attack soon.

  • Quinn Vincent Hough
  • Louie

    I find Jimmy to be a combination of hard work and somewhat average talent…but he is a huge FAN of comedy and recognizes funny when he sees it. He also seems to be a pretty likable guy. I prefer him over Leno any day but I’ll still watch Conan and maybe check out Seth Meyers after I shower and brush my teeth, just for Fred Armisen…his musical director (now that’s a FUNNY dude!)

  • OC

    I really like him. I don’t like the sqinty-eyed guy. I’ve never once laughed during a David Letterman Show or enjoyed his clowny band leader, but I respect that OTHER people love him.
    Comedy is like food nationalities. You like Fish. He likes beef. Peppers, Lemon and Garlic.

  • Meepster

    Fallon’s act wasn’t up to your standards when he was a young kid working on his career? I’m sure that your writing skills were just as fantastic back then as they are now. Am I correct, Tim? Does your good pal Oscar Nuñez have his own show? No? Maybe you should write an article trashing him next. Doofus.

  • yousuck

    keep drinkin that haterade bro! you’re a hater!

  • Jay

    Jimmy Fallon is awesome. His on-screen rapport is genuine and relate able. As far as Tracy Morgan goes, he is a joke. His sketches are over acted and his standup was horrible during the writer’s strikes.

  • Jane Yavis

    Timmy, it appears Jimmy has something you don’t have,,,,,,a personality that’s easy to like. Why sugar coat this you are jealous, as well you should be.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1323575707 Mario Aguilar

    I’m glad I’m not alone, Jimmy Fallon is Horrible! Jay Leno is a two faced scumbag who screwed over Conan O’Brien one of the best comedians alive so it seems especially evil that Jimmy Fallon is now hosting the Tonight Show. Jimmy used to do a Carson Daly impression on SNL where he would declare “I’m a massive tool”, and it looks like Carson isn’t the only tool on late night television. I don’t care how many people watch him on television, high ratings do NOT equal quality, just look at crap shows like Two and A Half Men.

  • Nancy

    Totally disagree. Jimmy Fallon is sweet! He’s the only night/late night show host I’ve ever watched consistently. I appreciate him because he doesn’t denigrate anyone in a disrespectful way and he is never vulgar.

    • OC

      He has a elegance and mannerliness about him that makes his skits howlingly funny cause he’s so sincere but the jokes are ridic!

    • Nick Martin

      OK grandma

  • Sergio Iriarte

    That you think the Tosh.0 writers are amongst the best in television renders your entire argument invalid.

  • Ronald Rodriguez

    He could be a good singer and a good dancer, but he is not so funny to be a top comedian and be allowed to star in such a great show. :-)

  • Lmcgraw

    I could give a crap who his fav politician is…I am not a Fallon fan. He is just silly and boring. I am considering forming a support group called Fal-a-non. I miss Jay!

  • CantBlvHowMuchTheRootsSucks

    The Roots fucking suck and so does Jimmy Fallon.

  • Josh Lev

    Fairly accurate. But he’s still better than Leno has been in many, many years.

    • OC

      I always preferred Leno when I watched late night.

  • thankyounotes

    Thank you Tim McCloskey,

    For having the original thought that Jimmy Fallon’s material isn’t original!

    Get it!?!?

    I stole a Fallon bit to make the point that Tim McCloskey isn’t the first to say Fallon isn’t original or funny.

  • OC

    Why am I reading this?!

  • Paramunga@hotmail.com

    and also the BAND – Doc Severinsen is rolling over in his grave. Do they call that MUSIC?…

    • kevmac1

      Doc is very much still alive and doing shows around the country on a regular basis (I have a couple of friends who play in his band).

  • John E Miller

    Barry Gibb Talk Show. If you don’t think that’s funny, just go die now.

    • Nick Martin

      It’s not funny!

  • Mike McGettigan

    “Tosh.0” and “best” in the same graf. Stop writing for a while.

  • Mailu

    Jay jeno’s monologue was a killer… I miss that. Don’t care much for Fallon. He is too nice, and I thought Leno killed all his snarky humorous self to become this nice guy..but Fallon overdoes it.

  • Jessalyn Champignon

    Fallon’s always done that dorky, stupid comedy… mainly because it works for him (because he’s dorky and stupid IRL) I’m not a huge fan of him myself, but I do find his skits to be funny quite often, and I think they make for a better show than just the same old talking to the guests (‘oh, so you just did *insert movie*, tell us about that, here’s a clip, *applause).
    He can be VERY annoying on his own, though. I imagine his monologue must be awful (I don’t watch the show; just the highlight clips the next day on YouTube usually lol; and I do this for all late night shows I like, except for The Daily Show; not just Fallon. Kimmel is another that I like a lot, & I watch highlights the following day). However, Fallon’s stupid dorkiness seems to work well with the guests in his skits.
    I ADORE him & JT together; so you can just stop there. The first #hastag skit with Timberlake was hilarious. I also happen to like all the history of rap, dance, etc that they do. You can tell they have to rehearse those quite a bit, too. The skit doing the lip-synch off with Joseph Gordon-Levitt & John Oliver was absolutely fantastic as well, IMHO. Hilarious.

    He’s certainly no Johnny Carson, (obviously), but I also think that’s the point: Not to try to replicate a show that was historically fantastic *because* of it’s host… but to change up the show to be great in a new way with a new host, building around their styles & strengths.

    Time will tell, I suppose, if Fallon has what it takes to carry The Tonight Show… (or, time will tell if Leno is gonna pull another Bret Favre and take back the throne )

    ** Obligatory Mention – Proof that he has always relied on that stupid, dorky comedy… I’m fairly certain that’s just his personality. Anthony Jeselnik was a writer for Fallon, and left after a year b/c his matieral was never used, b/c it was way to dark and sinister for Fallon. & he really is a super nice guy. I’ve read that about him pretty much everywhere, He doesn’t like to upset or offend anyone (which is obviously why Jeselnik wasn’t a good fit as a writer for him LOL)

    **Oh, and one more thing: On the SNL breaking character thing, I haven’t seen many of his SNL performances, but w/ the last one I saw (Celebrity Jeopardy – w/ Fallon as Jim Parsons (Sheldon from TBBT), and Timberlake as Fallon, the breaking of character w/ the two of them not being able to keep from laughing made the entire skit, IMO. I feel that way about a lot of classic SNL skits; David Spade did it in the infamous Matt Foley Motivational Speaker skit w/ Chris Farley, & I think it made it that much funnier.

    Sorry, got a bit off topic there…. anyways here’s that dorky stupid Fallon proof:

  • gav6791

    My opinion is as long as Fallon isn’t an assh*le to anyone I don’t really mind his gleeful enthusiasm. So he loves his job, so sue him. Btw – slow jamming the news with Barack Obama or Brian Williams isn’t creative or hilarious? Try again.

  • crateish

    Leno was the king of mediocrity. Fallon is far better, but Conan was better than Fallon.

  • Antonio

    Fallon is a clown. He clowns around. That gets real old, real quick.

  • AndAwayWeGo

    I’m sure I’d like Fallon if I bumped into him on the street. He seems like a genuinely nice person. But, honestly, this routine of his is going to get old very fast… can you imagine twenty to twenty five years of “Evolution of Dancing” and “Slow-Jamming the News.” Can you see a seventy old Fallon busting a move every other night? I never thought he was ready for Prime Time, but if he wants to maintain his ratings he’s going to have to get creative with some new material. To his credit, unfunny as he is, he’s still more gifted than Seth Meyers.

  • Aaron

    You have succinctly captured everything I have been thinking about Jimmy Fallon all along. Thank you!

    While reading some of the comments provided below, I was really surprised by how many people are offended by this piece. It’s like watching a bunch of people defend a bowl of cream of wheat, claiming it’s a work of art. I just honestly don’t get it.

  • Chris Felix

    Wow Tim I couldn’t agree more with this article. I felt like Mugato from Zoolander…”I feel like Im taking crazy pills”. The singing with Justin Timberlake stopped being funny literally 5 years ago. There are guys in local pubs across America that can sing better 90s medleys. I really don’t think he will be on that long but then again Arsenio is back on the air…

    • Max T.

      The difference is, Arsenio has something Fallon doesn’t, and that’s stage presence.

  • https://twitter.com/misterjayem MrJM

    Jimmy Fallon suffers from Imminent Death Syndrome.


  • Radicalx

    Jimmy Fallon is mediocre to lousy

  • Signman

    Sounds like the guy from Kensington has an axe to grind with Jimmy Fallon. If you don’t like him, KNOW ONE CARES! Have seen a few of his new shows & think they’re hilarious! His interview skills can use some work, but overall it’s just what he’s advertised, A show to make people laugh & feel good before they end their sometimes crappy day. Well done Jimmy!!

  • Andy

    I have this recurring dream about Tina Fey.

  • Burnside5280

    As a sketch comedian in Chicago I wanted to say that most comedians do not hold Fallon in as high a regard as Tina Fey, Amy Poller, Will Ferrell, or a lot of the performers from SNL in the 2000’s. He is sort of hacky but middle age soccer moms love him, and thats why he has his job now. When the author wrote about seeing him at groundlings and wasn’t impressed, I wasn’t surprised at all. Many of the comedians we hold in high regard didn’t not out funny their piers, they knew someone. I remember seeing Vanessa Bayer play in her group Revolver at IO four years ago, I didn’t think she was the funniest girl in her group let alone exceptional. But she got in to SNL because of a killer Miley Cyrus impression. Which leads me to say that impressions are not a low form of comedy (depending on how you do it). Satire is generally seen as one of the highest forms of comedy and usually impression ( when done well) fall in that category.

  • Elly Mentale

    I never liked Jay Leno, he was not funny at all. He was less funny after he boned Letterman and then Conan. Some guy who chimes in from Kensington, guess what buddy boy Johnny Carson was not funny. We don’t make the rules we just watch the tv at the appointed hour. You are entitled to your opinion same as anyone. Now I want to write an actual piece for this magazine about something more important than Jimmy Fallon. Who do I have to fiddle with sexually to do that? I am sure you know because your article was not anything grand and yet here it is.
    You think that Tosh is funny. Fart and ass humor? What are you mentally 13?
    Good for you being young at heart is wonderful. Enjoy Kensington.

    • KeepinIt1hun

      Get off fallon’s dick that mf aint funny

  • Carin

    Team Jimmy Kimmel !!!

  • writingonlife

    So writing something at 2am is an excuse for writing a shitty article lol? Nice. Way to be.

  • Ivan__Drago

    Wait, Tim you went from living in Hollywood to living in Kensington, and you are throwing stones at Fallon? Yikes.

  • Steve Roberts

    Jimmy Fallon is just a weird little guy

  • AT

    Hey, everyone is entitled to his/her opinion according to his/her taste/level of intellect etc. Just as I am, and I’ve to agree with the writer. I could never sit through an entire episode of his previous show; his interviews made me cringe, for the same reasons this writer has cited, and more. His guests fawn over him, saying he’s one of the nicest guys in Hollywood (and he does seem like a nice guy), which basically means he never asks the controversial or tough questions. He just fawns over his guests as much as they do him. Give me Letterman any day. Or even Kimmel. Go ahead, pick on me.

  • Dan

    OMG finally someone who agrees with me. I’ve thought this for a long time and cringed when I heard he got the Tonight Show spot. When I heard that Conan got the spot a few years earlier a cringed also but much less. Leno will be much missed. He, Kimmel, and Leno have a cool, collected interviewing style. A smug, laid-back persona, a confidence in themselves like they are comfortable in their own skin and the audience just happens to be there watching them succeed.
    Colbert and Jon Steward are also brilliant talk show hosts. Fallon is so low value. He’s the kind of guy that tries rile up the low level audience members who laugh when they hear someone else laughing. It creates a group effect that the people who are prone to giving cheap laughs cause others laugh and in the end, most people don’t really know what they are laughing at. That’s part of the psychology behind laugh tracks. True comedy is intelligent and doesn’t rely on cheap laugh support that Fallon is keen at stirring up.

    • Jeremy

      Jimmy Fallon and Leno are the epitome of NOT Funny, neither has an original idea in their peas sized brains.

  • Thiagones

    you put my thoughts in words perfectly! thank you!!!!!

  • Modifish

    Only late night guy that makes me laugh is Ferguson. Fallon is by far the worst of them, I just don’t understand how he ever got the gig. I really can’t see him lasting too long as Conan was much funnier and couldn’t hang….

  • KF
  • Joseph Kool

    Fallon is a little faggot who sucked Micheals dick to get the Tonight show gig nothing more nothing less.

  • Kevin Sanchez

    Fallon is to the Tonight Show as Obama is the the U.S.

  • Joe Tokoph

    Really people?? Jimmy Fallon is the worst host ever to host the tonight show. Seriously? You think hes funny? This guy will not last, and I like Fallon, I just dont think hes funny, and THE ROOTS?? The worst band ever to play on a tv show.

    Jimmy Fallon – My next guest is Micheal Jordan, crowd goes wild, the band in the back ground is singing, hes a basketball jones, hes the basketball jones.
    Quicker shorter faster.

    Get Fallon out of the Tonight Show, he does not follow in the line of great comedians.

    Maybe I’m just getting old, I tried to like Fallon but just cant get into his lame non talented banter. Was Leno great no, but he at least was funny sometimes. It was time for Leno to go, but to choose Fallon and The Roots. FAIL!
    Oh to pay Fallon 13 million a year someone should ask for a refund.

    Ive had to resort to watching netflix at the late night time, since no late night show is worth watching.

    Oh and Seth Myers, enjoy your brief stint.

  • SaulWeinston

    The most spot-on summary of this guy I’ve ever read.

    The fact that you got his hipster army of sycophants crying about how “mean” you are, tells you that you nailed it.

    Of course everyone and their grandmother knows that he is a predictable hack that only does his formulaic shlock so that his fans can pass the videos around the internet with predictable cheers about how “brilliant” he is or that whatever lame stunt was “the greatest thing that has ever happened”.

    He will flame out soon enough. Just ask all of the same hipsters that were all about Conan a year ago.

    • Rep

      I’m in the family guy gen and I don’t like Jimmy as he’s not funny like family guy is funny sure Family guy isn’t as good as it once was but they still can make jokes that crack me up while Jimmy tries hard but fails at every turn because his delivery is bad even though he has a funny joke he’ll make in unfunny somehow.

  • Joe

    You know why Jimmy Fallon has a Tonight Show? Because people like you stayed through his shitty routines over and over, despite the fact that he sucked. And when finally critical mass was reached, all of the sheeple joined the ‘Jimmy Fallon is funny’ bandwagon.
    Americans – please stop the ‘you can do it’ shit.

    If you were a man that night and left the school with a shout like “Oscar you suck”, you’d be writing a different article. Next time speak your mind, or just fucking leave.

  • Paula

    This isn’t a critique, it’s a personal attack. Are you supposed to be a professional? This rant is pathetic and embarrassing. He has a successful career, a family and a life. Maybe you ought go get yourself one of those and stop obsessing over Jimmy Fallon. Stalker.

    • Jim Fath

      He’s a public figure and reviewing him isn’t starlking. Stalkers do things like take a critique of their favorites star personally then spew venom on line about it.

  • truthrevealed

    He sucks. Plain and simple!

  • Jim Fath

    Fallon is a classic bullshitter. He’s that kid in 2nd grade who didn’t do his homework but smiles and somehow doesn’t get in trouble. Where everyone else is standing around thinking “You can get by on that?” No, you can’t but yes… he can. For some reason. His entire career is essentially that. His greatest asset on Late Nite and now the Tonight show is seemingly being constantly unprepared. He reminds me of Chris Farley when he would do “the Chris Farley” show where he’d awkwardly host a talk show and get completely flummoxed. Only Fallon does it in total earnest.

    Speaking of SNL, Fallon did have the chops for a decent impression or two which should have made for a great fit on the show but the only thing people remember him for is constantly breaking in scenes to the point that Tracey Morgan, of all people, had to call him on it. Watch his SNL audition. Where did that guy go? That guy turned into the messy haired John Mayer wanna be comedian that broke in almost every scene he was in even though he did the almost exact same sketch 90 minutes earlier in full dress rehearsal so he should have been prepared? It was lame and self serving.

    So HOW exactly did this incredibly average guy get where he got? Was it really just one long train of schmoozing and smiling and bullshitting? Some of it is that he wisely married an older woman who also happened to be a producer. The other thing is that, for all his bullshit, and it is a lot of “I’ve got nothing up here” kinda bullshit, people like him. He’s affable and relatable on that level that he constantly looks like someone that won a contest. Occasionally other comics take shots at him, Tosh and Todd Glass in particular, but the general public loves him.

    That’s probably the greatest offense of someone like Fallon. He reminds us that the entertainment business, like every other level of measured success in this world, is seldom meritorious.

  • Torgo Henderson

    You cum guzzling second rate hack. Fallon sucks ass. You suck harder. Sh it licking, turd slin ging je rk off. I guess Philly is full of pus sy ass fa ggots like you. I pray to the Dem on God that you die a lon g, and suf fering death. Not hing personal ass face McGee…

  • Lisa DiConti

    I agree…what were they thinking to replace Leno with Fallon?!

  • Michael

    If God & an Alien were on the Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon = Atheist & Deadly Allergy to the color Grey

  • the funky man

    I think the author is mad about jimmy not allowing him to suck his sweaty jimmy. lol

  • the funky man

    Hey Tim….wanna smell my sweaty toes?

  • Marla

    “He’s not funny. He’s not a good actor. He’s not a good interviewer. And so far, he has yet to have an original idea.”

    Could not have said it any better. Fallon is a disaster. Too bad NBC bankrolled so much on him. I still say $100 on that Fallon and his asshat antics won’t last a year.

  • fignewton

    Fallon is terrible

  • penn

    he is so not funny. Makes me dying inside….

  • henrymart81

    I thought his previous show was going to fail hard. I gave it 6 months tops. The fact that he landed this new gig is unfathomable. I hear some people say he’s endearing..? Regardless, he’s not funny and his shows are not entertaining.

  • someone88

    Hated Jay….thank G-D for Jimmy

  • Kph

    I do have to agree David is goofy, but at least he can interview his guest and does a great job doing it.

  • Guest

    Oh, you’ve been quite kind to Fallon in your article. Has he really been doing that dumb-as-f*ck Boston townie routine for that long?! Ugh. I find him unbearable, always have. Even compared to Leno. Tracy Morgan, as absolutely inarticulate as he can be, hit the nail on the head when he made those remarks. Fallon strikes me as an ass kisser who did NBC execs unspeakable favors and groveled his way to the “top.” (Not like that’s uncommon in Hollywood, but still.) I am a mean Minny, but I really can’t stand his whole “I’m so insecure and adorable” schtick. His self-deprecating wit isn’t genuine at all, the way I feel Conan’s actually was (maybe I’m alone in that). Unfortunately, however, Fallon will be around for a long, long while, it seems. At least the other Jimmy doesn’t look like he’s stepping down anytime soon.

  • Aurelio Abreu

    I agree 100%. Conan deserves that job and no one else. He’s hilarious, innovative, and brilliant; Conan plays a fool but he’s the true intellectual among comedians.

    • esolesek

      He’s ok. There are smarter, or just less him. I hate to say it, but he’s too dorky, and I’m tired of all his gags. He is smart enough to be a good interviewer and stand-up guy, though. If he changed up a third of his act, he could do the gig.

      What’s needed is someone with brains and sarcasm, the kind that is biting enough that stupid guests are afraid to come on, and stupid viewers will get offended, but it breeds loyalty in others, and then eventually everyone comes on board.

      I could do the job. It’s not that hard, it’s just that the AMerican media is run by idiots for idiots.

  • Anduril Narsil

    wow, I thought I was the only person that doesn’t think Fallon is funny.. at ALL. In fact I find him annoying, and I cant put my finger on it.. just something about him bugs.

  • AussieReader79

    Tim, not only do I agree with you … But this is the funniest , most well written article I’ve read in a long while. Kudos!

  • hi

    …I think Fallon was taken onto the show for his non-aggressive, non-original, non-offensive appearance; honestly because he was easy to manipulate. He is easy to like if you have no brain. And can be liked if you have a brain, yet want to use it for other things than thinking about what you are watching during late night. I hope Fallon isn’t just a pawn. But I’m afraid that my fear isn’t wrong.

  • scott Montreal

    he is so not smart and so not funny are we all that stupid Americans and Canadians to keep this guy going? Only Craig Ferguson is as bad as Jimmy Fallon. And anybody who claps for themselves comes out from behind the curtains and clapping for themselves you gotta wonder. I have to say Seth Meyers is doing that as well his little eyes twinkle worked on Weekend Update but Like day after day uh…I don’t think so.

  • MarcB1969

    He’s the guy you went to college with twenty years ago who is still obsessed with the same stuff he was already a little too old for way back then. But Lorne Michaels is lord and conqueror of programming at NBC, and that is the reason Fallon has has enjoyed sustained employment for nearly a decade.

    Jay Leno may have ruined the Tonight Show brand, but Jimmy Fallon has made the the show totally irrelevant.

  • esolesek

    Fallon sucks. I agree. I think I tried to watch one night, the first night, and it was so uncomfortable with U2 I couldn’t continue. THe man has no knowledge of much of anything. He’s been skating on boyish charm his whole life. He is a good impressionist, and the movie he did with Drew Barrymore proved he could act. Fact is, I like him better in skits and movies than as an interviewer, or in a TOnight SHow capactity, where brains and ADULT CLASS matters. Besides, I was watching when Letterman started, and I’m going to watch until he’s done. And then I’ll watch Colbert. I just don’t have enough motivation to see if Fallon is good some night.

    That said, if he’s got the young demo, it’s all over.

  • jeff

    Yeah jimmy is hard to watch if you want to laugh. Colbert as letterman will be interesting. Personally i think he is better at using the faux ego as his foil. so as a personality he will have to grow. It is polar opposite to his destruction of faux personality in politics and the media. But the progress will be interesting. He will always pass, but if he excels it will be fascinating. Like peter sellers as himself was excruciating. Colbert will have a challenge. He is not that interesting as himself. As as a fake pawn he is brilliant. But he is also very smart, so i wish him the best.

  • James Baird

    You’re not alone.

  • Eric

    I love you, Tim McCloskey.

  • tanks4ntn

    It is just me or is watching Fallon about as dry as reading a computer manual on how to code a joke.

  • OOyeah

    seeing articles and comments about Jimmy Fallon-is-not-funny, makes me realize that It IS difficult to make western people laugh. In Asia, there are stand up comedy shows, but variety shows (including guests playing games) are way funnier and being loved by audience. We Asian people easy to laugh at every small things.

  • Adelaide G.

    Jimmy Fallon’s ratings alone prove that you have no idea what your writing about. You should take some time out of your life to look them up. You are entitled to your own opinions no matter how absurd and wrong they may be. I hope one day that you will see what all americans see and become a fan of the funniest and most original talk show host out there Jimmy Fallon.

    • KeepinIt1hun

      Ha. Ratings? Duck dynasty had ratings.. People are stupid.. Doesnt change the fact that fallon is NOT funny and painful to watch.. Show is a complete joke..

    • dan

      Yeah, Ratings = Humor? Knowledge = Consensus? Ever consider that Fallon’s ratings might have more than a little to do with the fact that NBC just merged with COMCAST (making it the monopolistic largest cable/internet provider on the planet)? He is their house guy, and the Teletubbies who like him love to engage his material online. It was a smart business move. Fallon was promoted beyond anything I have ever seen. His PR folks are working overtime scrubbing his Facebook page for bad comments. I’m surprised his ratings aren’t higher than they are. And let’s face it, much like the comment above, Duck Dynasty has high ratings. Fallon’s popularity is proof that the film Idiocracy is actually happening.

      Jimmy Fallon is not original, nor is he fun. He is a rip off of early Conan O’Brien, a healthy sophomoric dose of tween level humor ala SNL, and a general Ritalin infomercial. Let’s face it – at the end of a year, there will only be one real Late Night host left: Kimmel. Though, my money is on Colbert absolutely smoking Fallon.

    • zoso80

      Original? I about spit out my drink upon reading that one. Nothing about Fallon is original. Surely you jest or have ingested dangerous amounts of coolaid. Most original, whether you like him or not is Craig Ferguson in late night.

  • David

    Haha, the Netherlands also has bought this show for public broadcasting. American comedy in general is sheit (no foul words on the Daily show, that is quality!), but this topps it. The guy is not funny, not intelligent, not whitty in any sense and a lame interviewer. I fully agree with the article!

  • IMissPhilly

    As the host of The Tonight Show Fallon really sucks. The other day he had Emma Thompson and oh my God it was so painful to watch. He had no a good intelligent question to ask to talented Emma. I gave it another chance the other day and watched the show when he had Chelsey Clinton, again it was a torture. Then I watched for the first time the Late Night Show with Seth Myers and it was like having a root canal. Jay Leno wasn’t funny a lot of times, but he was a lot better TV host than Jimmy Fallon.


    I miss Jay a lot -I do think Jimmy Fallon has talent, but often it’s just not coming across very much. Recently he had some bit including a dancing Panda -it went on and on & he thought it was hysterical. He actually lost it and was doubled over. It just seemed stupid and moronic -not funny at all. I also find myself saying just get to the guests. This is something many late night hosts don’t seem to get at all -the real reason most people watch these shows are to see the guests and learn a little more about them.

  • Kirby Jimenez

    I thought I was the only one who thought this guys is just horrible…I thought I was crazy. Thank you for restoring my sanity.

  • Jesse Bland

    I just watched yet another horrible viral video from Fallon’s show, which really makes me wonder what is wrong with the viewers who find him so hilarious. Among my friends, if I dare say that Fallon isn’t funny, I am instantly torn apart by his disciples. I just don’t get it. When he was on SNL, I also thought his career would be over the second he left the show. I have been very shocked at the success he’s enjoyed afterward. Mind you, I hate Jay Leno, but it’s really difficult to decide which comedian is less funny.

    • Jim Fath

      He married a producer and girls think he is cute. End of story. Simply put, he’s not funny and gets by on “Aw shucks” A LOT. But people like “Awe shucks” I guess.

  • nopon

    Thank you for saying this. Jimmy Fallon sucks

  • itsk2bjelly

    Sounds like u jelly bruh. Still stuck at the 9-5 while some kid surpassed you.

  • Maggy

    What is wrong with you people? Just because you can say what you want doesn’t mean you can be so hateful for gods sake. He just a comedian. Obviously someone thinks he’s great, he’s got his own late night show. And, oh yea that was Johnny’s old spot and yea he is funny. Stop being so critical and jealous, just relax. No one cares what you think but you!!

  • D

    this post and 97% of the comments on it are jam packed with nothing but vicious,jealous, hate filled trash. I thought Philadelphia was named the City of Brotherly Love? If this article was a reflection of the city itself what would it say?

  • Ben

    I realize it’s merely the webpage title formatting but when I saw “Jimmy Fallon Isn’t Funny | News | Philadelphia Magazine” i thought “That’s not news.. everybody knows that already.”

  • jai

    Jay Leno was boring, Jimmy Fallon is targeting the new generation, if you don’t understand his jokes, you are not the target audience.

    • kelly

      I don’t laugh at his jokes because he’s not funny. I guess his target audience is one that has a lame sense of humor and no comedy standards. If that is the “new generation,” that’s pretty sad.

  • Not impressed

    I agree he is not funny… However, the cheapest form of comedy is sexual in-u-end-o that makes people laugh out of embarrassment. Unfortunately this is all that most modern comedians can manage…THE BAR IS LOW!!!

  • StupidCritics

    you’re the kind of journalist who can’t create his own content and feels just in judging everyone elses. Lol you’re pathetic.

    • Dean Winchester

      Comes from someone who judges him/herself and incapable of forming out an opinion on the subject matter. Pathetic.

  • Scott

    I wish I was smart enough to have wrote this article first. Thought I was all alone in thinking Jimmy Fallon sucks…

  • ez

    This article would be way funnier if Jimmy wrote it.

  • Jimmy

    I was just watching the show for the 1st time.. I stopped in the middle cause i didn’t laugh even once. I almost ran to the computer to google “why do the jimmy fallon audience laugh”.

  • ggmericans

    The only reason I caught gist of Fallon was by the ridiculous amount of his videos set on the front page of Youtube, and my God, they’re terrible.

    I’m the type of guy that cringes when something embarrassing happens to someone else, and Fallon is the only guy I can think of that makes me do just that every time, guaranteed.

    America is love, America is life.

  • Dacha

    His popularity just shows how low america’s humor is lame late at night, I don’t mind not so funny comedians, but when they’re everywhere – it hurts, I have to watch Family Guy as painkiller

  • Mitchell Gayle

    I totally agree. He is unwatchable and I can’t believe he was given the Tonight Show. He can’t interview so he has to resort to stupid games and shtick I hate Thank you notes, etc. I never liked him on SNL either for the reasons you mentioned.

  • popeye1128

    I don’t care for him either. Way too hyper and I don’t think many of his jokes are funny. Maybe the younger crowd likes him and gets him. I don’t.

  • ooo

    “I realize the best TV writers are now at the Daily Show, Colbert, Key & Peele, Real Time, Tosh.0…”

    Tosh.0????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Yikes…

  • jmd4usmc

    Fallon is terrible. I thought I was the only one in amarica that knew this. Thank god I’m not alone. He’s actually hard to understand as he doesn’t enunciate. I can’t stomach his hollywood cheerleader schtick. Also, I think he fancies himself as a great musician. Please! The Roots are the only talent on the show. However, america, you are to blame for tuning in. I know I don’t.

  • jmd4usmc

    Kimmel is the best in late night broadcast tv.

  • Huh

    You had me until you said the best writers are on Tosh.O.

  • Vann Jones

    Dear Tim: if you weren’t a guy I’d wanna do a figurative French kiss with you, baby. Philly born but long out of the area, always there. Love your piece, man. Will be following. What you say about the Legendary Roots Crew, word, baby, word.

  • JimmySucks

    How did he even get the job? He’s so not funny, he’s just dull. The worst part is he’s so dumb he thinks he’s hysterical, and dumb asses think he must be funny cause he’s on the TV. He has no personality or charisma or originality, they might as well have just got some random guy off the street, even he would be funnier.

    Brick walls are funnier and have more personality. He always rides on other peoples funniness.

  • Eric Newcomer

    Sounds like someone is jealous!

  • BobSmith77

    ‘Daily Show’ is a shell of its former shelf most nights and I already miss Colbert. ‘@Midnight’ isn’t bad on the Comedy Channel but it really depends on who the comedians are that night.

  • kermur

    You must get paid the big bucks to be able to afford Kensington.

  • PublicImageLTD

    Yeah I don’t get Jimmy Fallon either. For me, the Howard Stern radio show from about 1990-2001 aka the “Jokeman” years was the greatest comedy – radio or TV – I’ve ever experienced….. G.O.A.T.

  • Joe Orum

    Lemmy. Write an article on Lemmy.

  • Jaw

    The world could use less of this hate ridden writing just as much as Jerry Seinfield impressions. The Tonight Show is meant to be a boxed Chardonnay, not a robust Shiraz. If Louis C.K. hosted it, it would be amazing but the general pop wouldn’t watch it. Pointless article. You’re welcome for the click.

  • Raymond Na Mairbh

    Jimmy Fallon is, simply put; a “fun guy”. He just goes out there and has fun. And isn’t that what everyone really wants to do? Just go have fun and forget all the crap that tries to bring us down?
    Yeah, he’s a goofball… but sometimes it takes a goofball to break the madness.
    He makes me laugh, so he must be doing something right.

  • Rosemary Cox-Fallon


    • TonyMountain

      Lighten up, Francis.

  • jd

    “He lives in Kensington.”

    Shoulda put that at the top of the article.

  • Robert

    Tim, is this really the smartest thing you come up with to write about? I’m not the biggest fan of Fallon, but you accuse him of being unoriginal and your best effort as a journalist in an essay about why you don’t like his skits. Very original my friend. You have definitely raised the bar of Philadelphia magazine.

  • thatguyJMM

    Eh, I like the Head Swap bit…everything else Fallon does, I’ll pass

  • sreich

    How very jealous you are. And how nice you can write about it for Phillymag.com. Snore.

  • BD

    OK.. So this guy doesn’t like Fallon. Other people do. He’s not really a comedian though is he?

  • George Polgar

    “Funny” is not something to be picked apart by critics click-clackin’ away in their underwear. If Jimmy Fallon was as lame as many here suggest…he would have long ago been replaced.

    Network decision makers don’t take chances.
    Comedy is visceral entertainment. That means it works instinctively, or not.

    By that standard Jimmy Fallon does his job about as well as anyone out there. And that awkwardness that seems to drive some people in this thread nuts, really is at the heart of Fallon’s act.

  • Andre P

    Trueeee!!! Agree completely. By the way, long live John Oliver.

  • Ali

    Thank goodness. You just put into words EXACTLY how I feel. Tune out. Don’t even bother any more. He is too much a narccisist to ever read someone else’s jokes. he thinks he is hilarious.

  • Jimmylover

    I love jimmy <3 😀

  • Chuck-D

    Sorry, dude, you’re on your own. I’ve always thought Fallon was funny, he’s no Louie C.K., not the most intellectual or daring humor, but he beats the hell outta Jay Leno or Arsenio. And for the talk-show gig? He’s great.
    Also, Masshole shouldn’t have jokes. He’s evoking a character, not telling jokes. BEING the Masshole IS the joke.

  • RunnersDialZero

    So… What’s really been accomplished by this article? Why not write about something you enjoy rather than try to bring somebody down a few pegs? Also, humor is subjective. I don’t find Jimmy Fallon to be the funniest person alive, but I’d rather spend my limited time talking about something that I love rather than complaining about something trivial.

    Is the base of this that he’s successful and you resent it? I’m sorry for you if that’s the case, but at least you’re doing well enough as an author to have your work published. I wish you well and hope you can let go of your hate and use your gifts to build people up rather than bring them down. Good luck!

  • T

    He knows his strengths… that’s why the show works. All these viral stunts he does — it’s like Andy Cohen with his randomly weird games.

  • Guest

    No, I don’t think he’s funny; this piece however was very funny.

  • MarkO

    A whole article on how you don’t find someone funny, or more accurately, how someone is objectively not funny. This contributes nothing, if you’re going to be a writer, please find something to write about.

  • colin

    wait, you think tosh.0 has good writers?

  • Zack

    why would you write this..? What does this accomplish?

  • jai

    I don’t think Leno and Fallon are mutually exclusive; I dislike them both.

  • that-girl

    To me, sounds like someone may be JEALOUS.

  • Jacob

    Talk shows haven’t been good much after David Letterman went to CBS. That’s a long time ago. Conan was good for a while… Beyond that, the only things that are worthwhile is schtick, but not Fallon’s schtick.

  • Tommy Grover

    A roll of paper towels would be heralded as comedic legend after they finally got rid of Leno. At least you don’t feel like you’re watching Carson reruns from the 70’s.

  • Chattacat

    Agreed- his high school “I double dare you to…” with the stars, is not funny. He’s not funny. Go back to SNL where the crew carries you and you look funny. Move Seth up a slot!

  • Bummed

    Pun-hating is the lowest form of comedy review, so where does that leave us now?

  • carl

    You’re just not funny or talented and are taking your hate out on Jimmy Fallon who is a good entertainer. Instead of hating on others for working hard and being successful go make yourself a better person.

  • Levi

    Stupid article. To each their own. All these comedians are funny sometimes and sometimes they bomb. Half those shows you mentioned with better writers are all shows that copied the premise of a different successful show. There’s no originality anymore from anyone. People talk down about Leno, Letterman and so on but it’s because they don’t understand what they talked about, being because it’s about current events in their time that today’s generation is too busy with themselves to understand. If people knew and understood our/their own history they might appreciate or understand why things are the way they are. Rather than bit**ing about it to feel some form of superiority when talking about someone you don’t know and they certainly don’t know you.

  • Raketemensch

    Bitter post is bitter. “Impersonations are the lowest form of comedy” — really? Wow, thank the heavens we have comedy police like you around to let us know the real deal.

  • Levi

    Hahah, only keep the posts that agree with your own opinion I see. Truth hurts

  • The Pun Master

    I can deal with you trashing Jimmy Fallon, but how dare you insult puns? Most people who don’t like puns are people that are surrounded by guys constantly making terrible puns, (much like sectual innuendo guy, who makes us never want to hear a reference to our organs ever again) or they’re slow on the uptake and claim they didn’t think the word play was funny because they understood it later than anyone else. Word play is hard, and doing it well is an art form.

  • Matt James

    Tosh.0 is the worst show ever unleashed onto the world and you including it in a list of shows with good writing makes your entire point lack validity.

  • Cyber Trout

    Thank You! Someone needed to say this.

  • derf derfson

    How can you say the best tv writers are essentially only on the comedy network? Jimmy Fallon is a mirror of what the tonight show people think we want to watch, and its not like it doesnt do well. Jimmy is humanities sense of humour. It is sad. But it is true.

  • morakdais

    I find it ridiculous that you bash jimmy fallon(well deserved) and yet you say tosh.0… Seriously tosh.0 is not funny and he beats dead internet horses with lame jokes from tv’s deadhorses. I would rather watch an hour of jimmy fallon than 5 minutes of tosh.0.

  • muppetcollective

    So, basically this whole article sums up to “I saw Jimmy do stand up a long long time ago and he was bad then so everything he does now is bad! Meeeeh…” Jesus Christ…he’s having fun with his guests, which by the way humanizes them just a bit, These people are in desperate need of looking a tad normalish. He’s like Hollywood’s best friend and he does a great freakin’ job at it. Good Riddance Leno, good riddance Tim Mccloskey.

  • Lex Luthor

    I see the senior citizens are plentiful today. JImmy Fallon has more talent than Jay Leno & Letterman, Conan combined. Also Jimmy Kimmel has the same style and he is killing it. This is by far the dumbest post I read online. Sorry Tim, you just don’t get it. You wouldn’t know talent if it smacked you in your face.

  • Ryan V.

    I agree with everything in this article except the mention of Portlandia. After the funny-cause-it’s-true factor wore off in the first season, the show became basically unwatchable.

  • cecilias

    You are entitled to your opinions. But, in defense of Jimmy Fallon, I think he’s really found his niche being a talk show host. It’s supposed to be light and “puffy”. It’s a variety show with celebrities, not the nightly news. He keeps it fun and caters to the audience. I think we can all agree we’d rather see Billy Joel do a doo-wop loop song than sit and talk about his 75th time going on tour. Also, if the Roots have stayed with Jimmy this whole time…the guy is doing something right.

  • http://www.MikeAshland.com/ Mike Ashland

    Pretty much nailed your incompetence, there. Maybe try blogging about flat tires or multiplication tables….

  • Meh

    Tim, you have yet to write something original. This article seems like you overheard some middle school girls talking about Jimmy Fallon and you just regurgitated it into a “opinion piece”. Based off of your opinion of Jimmy Fallon, you’re writing is about as good as one of his jokes.

  • You sound so sour right now.

    I’m sorry, my personal feelings about Jimmy Falon aside…this article doesn’t come off as a critique…it comes off as you being sour about someone else’s success. There is a reason he is everywhere, and is so popular…ultimately that reason means your taste in comedy is in the minority. So when you make a definitive statement like “He is not funny.” You are wrong.

  • DaFuw

    Bitter, much? Good lord.

  • Katrina

    I personally think Jimmy Fallon is hilarious. But maybe I have a different sense of humor than you. Also I don’t see why this article was written. Was it just to hurt someone? It’s rude and mean without only constructive feedback. I’m going to have to agree to disagree with you.

  • Regular Guy

    The reason Fallon works is because he is real. He laughs at his own jokes, makes fun of himself, doesn’t take himself seriously and his interviews and shenanigans with celebrities is exactly like you or I would do it if we had just met them.

  • nwa

    It’s not suppose to be intelligent humor It’s a f#@kn late night comedy/interview show. It’s just dumb watered down jokes to appeal to the widest audience possible without offending anyone. They’ve never been funny. If you want to listen to a funny show with a great interviewer, that isn’t afraid to offend anyone and everyone, listen to howard stern

  • Rachael

    Where else are you going to see a Bradley Cooper or Chris Hemsworth wet t-shirt contest???? I think it’s great seeing these celebrities doing fun games, it is different.

  • Jean

    Fun to see that a low rated journalist is able to tell me I’m stupid loving Fallon’s ways of comedy.

  • Han

    He and Norm McDonald ROCK

  • ZeeFloosh

    Lulz, yet at the end of the day he has The Most desirable job and you are writing opinion pieces for a rag in philly.

  • thisdudesucks


  • Paul Jenny

    Loved this, Tim! I watch his interviews and hear: JIMMY: ME ME ME ME GUEST: Let me talk about this project… JIMMY: Aren’t I cute? Let’s play a stupid game. GUEST: SIGH…o.k. it’s better than pretending that you’re listening to what I have to say.

    You know he wasn’t funny in The Year of Getting to Know Us either. When I took some photos of them shooting the film at an airport, Fallon got this look on his face and then some goons came after me. (Lucy Liu must’ve been like, ‘Can we just finish this shot of this terrible movie and get it over with?”)

  • Mitch

    I saw that you were neighbors with Lemmy and I immediately chose not to read your article because you have no reason to ever complain about anything ever. You were neighbors with f’ing Lemmy.

  • Joe Cicalese

    Man get over it. Are you going to write an article about every instance of pop culture you don’t feel you appreciate as much as the next person?

  • David Solivan

    Thank goodness I have Philadelphia Magazine around to explain to me what is funny and what is not.

  • Kimi R.

    Tim, perfect! I met him in LA in the mid 90’s and didn’t get it either. It’s painful – or it was, that one time

  • MOJO

    totally agree!

  • Br. Bill

    Not gonna argue with most of this piece, but EVERYBODY sucks when they are new at standup. EVERYONE. Anyone who says different is a liar.

  • caps

    Hes not funny at ALL

  • Sweet William

    Jimmy Fallon is pretty funny — except when he’s goofing around with Justin Timberlake. Their “bromance” is insufferable.

  • SSK

    I think this article is biased and misses the point of why Jimmy took over the time slot for The Tonight Show. Jimmy Fallon speaks to a different generation. And, while his jokes may appear unoriginal, or his interview tactics may seem to fail, Jimmy actually connects with a different generation. This is a TIVO, text all the time, facebook, tweet, instagram, let’s get ‘cray cray’ generation. If anyone actually studied the origin of film or read novels, they would know that no one’s idea is ever original, everyone has writers, who read writers, ad those writers read history. We are a product of our history. It does not take originality to make innovation, rather, it is adapting to the times and the audience that is emerging. Jimmy Fallon is more than qualified to do so. And we all have our bad nights in any club. I would love to see the person who wrote this article do stand up, and get enough applause from random people to feel gratified. Life is hard, comedy is a strange art, and politics and television are always at an interplay. Jimmy was and always will be the best choice. Let him be. He deserves the title because he worked his buns off to graduate from the comedian you saw doing a jersey shore mock stand up to the man who is savvy enough to get celebrities to play the most base college party games that I myself look down on, but, would watch if Jimmy plays. Lighten up and enjoy the mood, and enjoy Jimmy…he projects an unbiased love. So reciprocate or just don’t say anything if you don’t have anything nice to say at all.

  • ajm028

    Sounds like somebody is a little bitter that they didn’t get into groundlings, SNL, or get they’re own talk show. Maybe he’s just not your cup of tea man but that doesn’t make him not funny. Perhaps your opinion is just bad.

  • Aneta

    Watch Jimmy Kimmel instead

  • Blaze

    Why God, why? What can explain Fallon’s golden reception given this column’s take down which many can relate to? He is likeable and people enjoy watching someone they like. They laugh easier once they like a person. Basic charisma, intangible as it is, must be accounted for in estimating the worth of comedic material. All we can say is homeboy has some shine, intelligent comedy withstanding.

  • elise

    This article would be so much better if it wasn’t dripping with jealousy.

  • Birdithius

    Timbo jealous of Jimbo, I see!

    What a waste of time article on your opinion of what makes a person funny.

  • Ryan Godfrey

    A surprisingly insightful article. I always wanted to think the best of Fallon’s “cute” routine, but you successfully destroyed him for me.

  • Jamie

    You really had to write an article insulting someone like that? Jeez. Bitter much?

  • AnnMarieTaepke

    I love that Philly Mag has a disclaimer about removing comments that are personal attacks, but let’s someone publish a whole article that does just that. WOW.

  • Sharayah Sings

    I watch Conan, and I watched Craig Ferguson (who I miss terribly). I don’t watch anyone else with any regularity.

  • Kevin

    Is this guy related to Don McCloskey?

  • Angela

    I’m tired of seeing guests give the same interview over and over again. I don’t mind seeing them doing something different like lip sync battles or beer pong.

  • thecanuck

    Jimmy is entertaining and I’m entertained he is less goofy then Conan, bit you know what tosh.o isn’t funny he is annoying, key and Peele are funny but also uncomfortable at the same time, I’m not uncomfortable with jimmy I laugh and I shake my head but dont ever feel uncomfortable

  • Indyann

    Obviously the writer’s opinion, and the people who have posted against Jimmy Fallon, do not share the opinions of modt Americans and a few foreign countries as well.

  • Guest

    Still funnier than Seth Meyers.

  • Rachel

    Yet you say Tosh.0, Portlandia, and Parks & Recreation have some of the best writers? I’m not sure you have the best judgment, Tim.

  • Moe Green

    Dear Tim McClosky, you are an idiot. Stay in Kensington and don’t quit your day job, you jealous moron.

  • ClairEon

    Agree for the most part he is so overated. His antics are tiresome, repetitive and he’s become the cool thing simply because he gets stars to play along, as interviews go he sucks. I don’t find him appealing or particularly funny..even was a flop at SNL in comparison to other greats. He has the cutesy appeal to the younger generation to make use of social media and all the tech and lastest fads etc. but to compare him to some really great..pure talents in comedy and even those in late nite..well it’s not even close.

  • Justin

    This guy is so butthurt.

  • Brian

    Writing as a 31 yr old male, Jimmy Fallon is hilarious. He is maybe not the best comedian but he is best suited for the job he has. He is likable, non threatening, talented and does not hesitate to make a fool of himself. And in reference to the beer pong and other games, that is exactly what people all around my age want to see. He has brought a new young energy to the Tonight Show and I imagine that the perons who wrote this and other who dont like him are older or out of touch with todays world.

  • Amy

    I don’t think he is the funniest guy in the world or the greatest interviewer, but he generally loves his job and has fun doing it. I think that’s infectious and why people like to watch. What he’s really good at is creating content for viral videos. I mean, every week something he does on the show gets like a million hits easy.

  • Whocares

    Conan was funny…

  • TommyAlfa

    I thought I was the only one who thought…so great not be alone in my thoughts…he’s stinks..

  • TommyAlfa

    I thought I was the only one who had these thoughts, I think he is horrible, not even one bit funny. Is anyone funny anymore?

  • cst

    The poor pun. So low in the comedic scale it’s become a schlappshtick.

  • Nancy Gaw Doyle

    Jimmy Fallon not funny? Yes, he is funny and Tim, you my dear are not a “writer”. Jimmy does ok, his name is recognizable, but until this article, did anyone know you?

  • loni

    what he lacks is that dry, quick thinking wit especially as he interviews, but he seems like a nice guy. He does impressions well though. I stopped watching cause he bored me too much.

  • Tommy Grover

    Why is this year-old piece being recycled? Run out of material like Jay?

  • hello

    No, he’s not funny. He’s hilarious. And light-hearted. He laughs at himself. He makes others laugh. When he couldn’t keep a straight face on SNL, that was fun and human. People love watching him, guests love coming on his show to play his silly games. He takes celebs that otherwise take themselves way too seriously and has them be normal and unpretentious. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, stop watching if you don’t like him. Everything does’t have to be witty and overly complicated to be enjoyable and entertaining.

  • Notaphillyfan

    Philadelphia doesn’t think anybody is funny. Proof is they have/had a jail at their football stadium. They think it’s funny throwing snowballs at Santa…..

  • Jeff Putterman

    The perception of humor is subjective. Just as I find this column offensive and poorly written, as if by an arrogant punk.

  • Anonymous

    And yet you find Tosh.0 funny… at least Jimmy’s humor isn’t crude or demeaning.

  • crateish

    He’s more funny than Jay Leno, but so is a footstool. So… CONAN FOREVER! And of course, Johnny Carson.

  • Caroline Barclay

    I totally disagree with you. I think he is charming and funny and I enjoy his show. I’d like to see you pull that off.

  • Corey Hall

    Hey, as Jimmy constantly points out, the ’90s existed. That counts as a joke, right?

  • Hal

    Why is this listed under the News column when it’s an opinion? Love Jimmy Fallon or not, you just did the exact same thing you accused him of – using someone else’s sketch/work/fame to point the attention in your direction.

    Like you said, it’s a tired move. Fallon knew when to move on from SNL, and people who like him are able to watch his antics as much as they please. I think he brings out the best in his guests; a creative approach to interviews by giving people the chance to show their personality – and not just some scripted PR-issued stuff at every single turn. It’s probably still scripted, but at least it feels fresh.

  • Max Lightfoot

    Craig Ferguson (and his gay skeleton robot sidekick, Geoff Peterson) was the only late-night, funny talk-show personality, and now he’s gone. Fallon is an oaf, and may be what America deserves.

    • JEDI

      Ferguson was great, I agree. I think Stephen Colbert is well-suited for the job too, but we’ll have to see how he performs when out of character. (I thought the Colbert Report’s interviews were always terrible.)

  • BethDevo

    I feel like I’d get crucified for saying it amongst my friends because everyone seems to love this guy, but you have put into EXACT words my feelings on Fallon. From day one he wasn’t funny to me. I for one will continue watching Letterman and Kimmel.

  • Teeter Von Schnauzen

    Jimmy Fallon is the best late night talk show host since Carson. And it’s not even close. Leno was never funny. Letterman is boring. Jimmy is funny, creative, musical, and has natural interviewing skills. Outside of John Stewart moving to late night, he’ll be the best for a while.

  • m.deane

    Thank you for your insight, Tim. I have watched Fallon numerous times since he succeeded to his late night gig. I thought it was only me who did not find him funny. He needs serious help professionally.

  • Bad to the Bone

    Jimmy Fallon on SNL: Look right into the camera a few more times, you inept excuse for a funny-guy. Jimmy Fallon proves to all of us, that you don’t need talent, charisma, or a sense of humor to be a success in America.

  • zman

    Amen, brother. Carson, Parr and Allen are turning over in their graves.

  • wpm327

    Thank You! I thought I was the only one. I want to kick him.

  • jemerson

    Well said. Fallon, who was only an extra in the famous “More Cowbell” sketch, almost ruined it by breaking up and stealing focus. He did everything but shout, “Look at MEEEEE!” But he wasn’t the only guy on SNL who did that: Adam Sandler was notorious for it, too. He broke and pulled the rug out of many a sketch to get more attention for himself.

  • justin

    Tosh.o writers being lumped in with that outstanding group is more than a stretch my dude. Jimmy Fallon is lame however.

  • Josh H

    Tim are you over 50? 60 maybe? Because the only people that don’t find JIMMY funny are uncultured and out Of date. He doesn’t focus on making fun of every single politician like everybody else. He focuses on the talents of his guests and their natural humor. Yes there are a few cheap gags in there sometimes but who cares. Tonight Show fans don’t want you watching, so go put on Conan or George Lopez ( is that even still on) and watch some second tier comedian.

  • Justin Tyler

    I agree. He isn’t funny…. At all. I can’t wait for Colbert to smash him.

    Oh, and his buddy, Justin Timberlake, isn’t funny either.

  • Dude

    And this is why you are not the host of the Late Night Show and he is.

  • Luke

    Hey Jimmy, if you’re reading this, then great. Probably not, but whatever. Hey guess what, I don’t hate you like all of the other commenters here. I actually think you’re funny; I never was much for Leno. And to the people calling him ugly, like wtf? I don’t see that either. Keep doing you, Jimmy.

  • Colin


  • livingonapear

    I like Jimmy’s take on the Tonight Show. I don’t watch it regularly, and really only clips here and there, but what he does well is play party host. After Jay turned the Tonight Show into America’s bedtime story, and Conan confused people with his more forward thinking approach, Jimmy took it in a different direction and has made it worth watching again. I mean, it’s only worth watching on Hulu, but that’s kind of where TV is moving.

    Because of all the shows you listed (Daily Show, Key and Peele) we don’t need a Tonight Show the same way it was needed in Carson’s day, or even at the beginning of Jay’s run. Fallon isn’t a great standup or actor, but he’s game for anything and he’s great at drawing out his guests schtick and that’s what makes his show unique. You bring up the parlor games like they’re a detriment to the show, and bemoan his poor interviewing skills, but the trick is that the parlor games get more than the interviews ever could. I’d much rather see Emma Stone playing games with Fallon than seeing her answer the same boring questions we’ve heard for years.

  • Guest

    I thought I was alone it just getting old and out of touch. Thank you for writing this.

  • GlennH

    I thought it was just me getting older. Thank you for writing this.

  • Jen

    Thank GOD someone wrote this. I don’t feel so completely alone in my opinion that has been beaten to death by everyone I know. The cutting up/laughing on SNL used to be funny back in the day of the Not-Ready-for-Prime-Time-Players because it happened so rarely. (The Gilda Radner/Candace Bergen “Extremely Stupid People” is the perfect example.) But Fallon took the funny right out of it because he did it CONSTANTLY. Give me Kimmel any day over Fallon………

  • Jombie

    Talk show hosts have to be good at interviews and be funny off the cuff.
    Otherwise their interviews are boring and uncomfortable.
    I have yet to see one interview where Fallon has carried it.
    I haven’t made it past a minute with most of them
    His wit is almost non-existent. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pE54f6lGpSM
    Watch the first 90 seconds of this interview with Scarlett Johannsen where he tries to riff on the nickname she gives him and then actually thinks out loud how he can’t come up with anything because his hamster line tanked. Then he makes an awful pun and admits that it’s awful. Look how Johannsen eyes move to the side uncomfortably.
    His interviews are unbearably uncomfortable. Listen to the long crowd silences.
    It’s excruciating.

    As for the parlor games people watch those because of the celebrity and novelty element. If a video was entitled Tom Cruise plays beer pong with Patriots fan/with Dick Cheney/with Regis Philbin instead of with Jimmy Fallon and it was under the Tonight show banner then paid on to the front page of youtube just as many people would watch.

    Fallon can never do remotes because they would never get any material from it because he can’t improvise.

    His fan’s replies here have consisted of:
    -you’re just jealous.
    -you try and do it.
    -he’s funny. (with nothing to back it up)
    -he’s nice.
    -I like him.
    -he’s not mean.

    Now read those again in a 3 year old little girl’s voice and you’ll see how it fits.

    If you like a comedian just because he is nice then go and watch a religious comic.

    Jimmy Fallon doesn’t have the talent to be a talk show host but he’s surviving anyway he can. The celebrities they can book will always carry the show.

    Talk shows can be great but they are going downhiull fast at NBC ever since the crapstorm with Conan and Leno.

  • Michelle Cantrell

    Why are you taking comedy so seriously? He makes people, myself included, laugh. He is hilarious. Get over yourself.

  • Jb

    Jimmy Fallon is the Roots’ house comedian – he’s lucky just to fill in the silence between their beats.

  • bongo

    YES! And to think Conan is over on TBS, doing some of the most brilliant work that has ever been done in late night. First-rate improv and remotes. He’s going to CUBA soon. Fallon can suck it.

  • Danielle P

    I think he’s funny, if you don’t then don’t watch. How simple is that? No need to be an ass about it.

  • buckyswider

    and SPEAKING OF “DON’T QUIT YOUR DAY JOB”…Mr. McLoskey, I hope you have something to fall back on. Your ‘opinion’ smacks of petty arrogance.

  • CptNerd

    Well, you certainly got your eyeballs with that empty piece of click-bait. Well done!

  • Stephen H

    Sour grapes. He’s bringing in higher ratings than before Jay left.

  • nicmart

    You want funny? Watch Jimmy Carr on YouTube. Who the hell watches TV?

  • The Truth

    Reading these comments it’s embarrassing how little any of you actually know about stand up. The guy who wrote the article is the only one of you who actually knows what he is talking about.

  • Iminurbase

    He probably sucked the right person off at an “eye’s wide shut” party and now he’s guaranteed work as long as he props up our dictator n chief and tows the drivel that’s spewed by our parrot media.

    He’s such a schmuck, that I remember him being a presenter at some stupid awards ceremony and all the other comics kept ragging on him, it got so bad that he kept yelling “HEY! ENOUGH ALREADY!”, can’t remember what stupid show it was, but it’s how his peers feel about him.

  • Tommie Bell

    I TOTALLY agree with you! Fallon is an idiot. I mean, the guy does have SOME talent, I would hope you have to in order to have your own show, but what grinds me is, HE STEALS THE SHOW FROM HIS MUSICAL GUSTS?! For instance, Billy Joel. OK, they do a neat round of In The Jungle. Jimmy should have left it at that, but later when Billy was supposed to perform, there was Jimmy, rolling under the piano and wailing like an idiot. The same with Neil Young, they did a cool Old Man together, but later Jimmy was front and center not letting us see the REAL masters. He is all about The JIMMY FALLON and not respecting his guests or his audience.

  • Geof Vefh

    They started airing that late night show with Fallon in Norway recently. I was so disappointed, the whole thing was disappointing. He`s trying too hard, all the time. He had this actress on the show and the first thing he says is “omg you`re so beautiful it`s just unbelivable, you`re so beautiful” while leaning over the desk like a 12 year old boy. What the hell is that? And the jokes, he grinds them into the ground, repeating the point, spelling it to be sure everyone got it. He seems insecure and stressed out, always trying way too hard to be funny. They need an adult to run that show. One thing, how on earth did he get that job?? Who gave him that job and why???

  • gilgamess1

    I’ll start this by saying that I am neither a great fan of Jimmy Fallon, nor do I vehemently despise him.

    Let’s take a look at a couple of your arguments. You mention that Jimmy Fallon did a particularly unfunny character back in the 90’s. By your description, yes, it does sound pretty awful. You didn’t begrudge him a bad night, you seemed to assume, well that’s bad, he’ll always be bad. However, he was bad at the Groundlings. The Groundlings doesn’t just take anyone off of the street, like some improv/sketch groups (like one of the groups I was involved with). He didn’t do well, but he had the persistence and some talent, not on display that night, to get in. Character night is a night in which you try something that may or may not work. Harold Lloyd made whole movies in different characters before settling on his most familiar bespectacled role.

    Fallon got the job just like Leno (who I was no great fan of either): he’s persistent. It got him in the Groundlings. It got him on SNL. He may not be the best for the job, but he was there when he needed to be and younger and Caucasian, which doesn’t hurt) and he’s a straight he, which also is not detrimental. It may not be just, but look at all of the other Tonight Show (and its precursors) hosts going back to Jerry Lester. The formula has not changed since the 1940’s.

    “He’s not funny. He’s not a good actor. He’s not a good interviewer. And so far, he has yet to have an original idea.”

    About that fourth charge, that’s a bit harsh. It should have been left out, because if he had a funny line, you or I could say it was a variation on some idea put forth in the past. Skip “original”, that went away with oral traditions and Greek theater.

    “Impersonations are the lowest form of comedy, just below puns.”

    I won’t dictate your taste to you, but the above is negated by whether it is funny or not. Since you don’t dig impersonations, does that mean that the following people are low comedians?
    Tina Fey

    Amy Poehler

    Robin Williams (by the way, remember Williams’ line, “Dan Quayle heard about “Roe vs. Wade” and he said, “I’m against it, I prefer to float”?)

    I would argue that BAD impressions are a low form of comedy. I had a former co-worker that thought “flied lice” (fried rice) was hilarious. Eddie Murphy echoed a sentiment I’ve long held when I read that Barry Sobel was one of the few comics that did an African-American voice that didn’t want to make Murphy punch him. Having said that, Fallon’s impression of Neil Young is accurate and I closed my eyes when he had Mitt Romney on and save for the laughter, it was hard to tell the two men apart.

    A better argument against impressions is that the impressions stay the same and the audience changes. I remember Rich Little impersonating Perry Como and I was completely at sea, because I didn’t grow up listening to Como. David Letterman habitually doesn’t book impressionists (Manet and Monet having passed. Sorry), breaking that rule for Joe Alaskey.

    Having said all that, impersonation is a skill and enjoyable when done well. Peter Sellers used his mimicry skills to great effect by calling a radio star of the day to recommend Peter Sellers in someone else’s voice and fooled him completely. Anecdote: Woody Allen was working on Casino Royale with Peter Sellers. Allen was on an elevator and a producer ranted about how hard it was to work with Sellers and Allen said, “You’re right, he’s too much trouble, get rid of him”. The voice was Allen’s, but it was Sellers in disguise.

    Your other arguments are sound (i.e., laughter during sketches, poor interviewing skills), but I feel your others were a bit slapdash. This job is ENORMOUSLY hard, not everyone can do it well and it is well within your rights as a writer do like or dislike who you please, but make your arguments more eloquent, lest you sound like some guy in Manayunk spouting off at a bar.

  • dlp

    It’s a good thing you’re not in entertainment, because you have absolutely no eye for talent. Jimmy is more than a comedian. He is a straight up entertainer. He can sing, dance, play instruments as well as real musicians. His impersonations are uncanny, and he does new ones all the time, often right on the spot. They’ve done A BAZILLION new things that none of the late night shows have ever done, such as using social media, the kid toy songs, thank you notes, etc. This show ISN’T about boring interviews, because nothing is revealed in interviews anymore. All these stars do is promote their latest work with talking points, and you don’t get to know them whatsoever. By playing games with them, you get to see Hollywood Stars are real people enjoying life, and often their true characters actually come out. I saw Jimmy live, and let me tell you, when something dead pans, he recovers better than any other comedian I’ve ever seen, and his ad libbing is incredible. It’s so fast – definitely not as quick as Robin Williams but it’s close. He reads when things aren’t funny and gets a laugh. I have to get back to work so sorry for not writing a more eloquent response, but come on. Watch the bleeping show before you rip it apart. The lack of depth in your comments absolutely screams that you’ve formulated an opinion based on first impressions and that’s it. His show is doing something special, and the ratings prove it. If you want to rip Dane Cook or some of these other d-bag “comedians”, go ahead. But Jimmy has talent, and the rest of the comedic world agrees.

  • Sam

    “These days, Fallon’s whole shtick is to take something from childhood, rope in a superstar celebrity, and beat it to death.”
    Lol, on the day I’m reading this the viral video de jour is Fallon’s reenactment of Extreme’s ‘More Than Words’ video alongside Jack Black. Spot on, Tim, I’m glad someone finally said it. I don’t hate Fallon – I think he likes to have fun and is a good guy – but he shouldn’t be considered a top-tier entertainer let alone the host of the Tonight Show. Watching Fallon is like watching Tom Hanks in “Big,” but it’s not cute because Jimmy is a real adult.

  • Bob Werner

    “thank goodness others are awake ! fallon puts me to sleep. he’s a jackass. and not funny braying at his self-glorifying cutsiness. not beginning to mention ALL all of his mannerisms he rank stole from carson. groucho’s ‘you bet your life’ live t.v. show is