Saints Fans Cancel “Rocky Run” After Threats from Eagles Fans

Proving once again that Philly is the classiest city on the planet.


Apparently, someone thought it would be a good idea to encourage visiting New Orleans Saints fans to run in solidarity up the Art Museum steps in advance of this Saturday’s Eagles vs. Saints playoff game at the Linc. I’m sure you can guess what happened next.

The suggestion came from and the Times-Picayune newspaper, which labeled the event the Who Dat “Rocky” Run. (Ugh.)

Naturally, bloodthirsty Eagles fans took exception to this suggestion, heading to the anonymous world of Internet commenting to let their feelings be known. “Everyone fill up a pillowcase with doorknobs and lets go!” wrote “Sidewinder7” on And it became quite clear that this would all end in an icy riot, perhaps the first murder on the steps of the Art Museum.

On Friday, Michael DeMocker from the Times-Picayune announced that the event was cancelled:


And in the guide for Saints fans visiting Philadelphia for the came is this bit of advice from a Philadelphia expat who now works for the site:

Philly fans will share food, beer, even tailgate with you, if you’re respectful. Now, this may not go over well with our readers, but wearing Saints gear is not a wise idea, unless you have the number of people to support you. It’s a late Saturday night game and Philly fans will be tailgating all day. Saints fans should be safe and assume that Philly fans will NOT want to see Saints colors beforehand, and especially not afterwards if the Saints win.

Saturday sure will be interesting.

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And: Philly Mag’s Richard Rys donned the gear of rival teams at four local games to settle one burning question: Are Philly fans really as ugly as everybody says?

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  • bs338408

    Um, wasn’t it because of weather?

    • Theresa

      could have been, but the fact that some of my hometown fans act like savages over a sports team don’t help one bit.

      • Victoria Valletti Cifelli

        Really? Savages? Ever been to New Orleans at Mardi Gras?

        • Beau Bradshaw

          A very large number of folks celebrating Mardi Gras here in New Orleans are from out of town and from various parts of the country. It’s not the locals for the most part who are out of control and savage. It’s not their 1st rodeo, they know how to deal with Mardi Gras. It’s the tourist who get out of control. So really not a fair comparison.

          • dray15200

            Thank You Beau!!!! I was 2 seconds from going off!! The people who get arrested during sports events, concerts and Mardi Gras are all out-of-towners!! They think because it’s New Orleans (and we have drive-thru Daiquiri shops), that they can do anything they want. I love to see their faces when the bracelets go on!!! All b.s. aside, we in here New Orleans, know how to party, win, lose and host with style and class without tearing the city up. We want your money not your life!

      • Dan P

        I can tell you have never left Philly

        • Theresa

          lol “never left Philly”. The only state I have yet to visit is Arkansas. Last of many Eagles games I attended was the Eagles/Lions snow game a few weeks ago where I witnessed 4 dudes harassing an older man wearing a Lions jersey. Someone also threw a hotdog at his wife who was wearing an Eagles jersey and said she “married a loser”.Never said it doesn’t happen elsewhere now did I Dan P?

          • Dan P

            You didn’t, but the constant harping on Philly fans just plays into the national narrative. Boorish fans are an international problem, but for whatever reason, in the US, people like to just blame Philly.

  • wheineman

    Haha. It’s funny what a bad reputation Philly fans have. We really are not that bad. It’s all the media playing up the Broad Street Bully theme every time they can. Can we really compare to the multiple stabbing in Mile High Stadium, or the repeated fan violence at Candlestick Park? I didn’t think so.

    • mar

      Take it from some who knows 1st hand. Eagle fans are just mean and awful.

      • nestazhe265

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        off of a computer… read B­i­g­2­9­.­ℂ­o­m

    • NOLA4life

      fuck phila fans come down to N.O. and spit on a fan and see u make the 10:00 news fucking pussies

  • RightsTough

    Dear Saints fans: if the Eagles lose – which they won’t – and you are wearing Saints apparel, GOD HELP YOU! I won’t do a thing but I have seen people smacked around pretty good after late night games at the Linc.

    Be Smart! Cheer quietly and slither out if you win!

    • Phil

      As a phillies and flyers fan i think its embarrassing opposing fans need to worry about gettin beat up cuz fans are bitter

    • SaintsNUMBER1

      I’m sorry, I can’t get over that ” if the Eagles lose – which they won’t ”
      Tell me I’m wrong, but quess what? You were wrong.

      • RightsTough

        You know you got lucky and we both know next week is essentially a BYE WEEK for the Seahawks!

    • dlharris

      Looks like the win belongs to those you posed a threat upon! How does that crow (or Eagle in your case) taste this morning??

      • RightsTough

        Who dat? People who can’t pronounce “that”, dats who. You can save the airfare to Seattle. In fact, don’t waste time watching the game . . . . Can you say BLOW OUT!!!

        • mar

          Can you say “already a loser”?

          • RightsTough

            Yes I can: “Saints Fans”!

          • NOLA4LIFE

            sounds like someone just lost a football game

        • NOLA4LIFE

          i also like how good u guys think ur team is when u won the worse divison in football by 1 play against the worse D in the NFL and u walk around like u won the super bowl put the saints in your division and we will go 13-3 what did u do this year 8-8 garbage

    • nola4life

      same goes 4 u when ur in the superdome oh my bad i 4got we have class we are not a bunch of sore losers that get mad at other fans when u lose WHO DAT!!!


      which we did lmao have a fun offseason WHO DAT!!!

  • Victoria Valletti Cifelli

    Watch out for the cops dressed like Saints fans!

  • Silky Mitts

    watch for faggot police in Saints gear. take a look at their gut. if it looks like they can’t see their penis, they’re probably an officer so you might want to avoid trash talk or you get booted from the Kidz Bop Linc

  • dreamour

    Philly fans are proud of the tough, violent rep and considered the banning of glass beer bottles at Sporting games to be “enough restraint”. God Bless ’em. I still love them !!!

  • I Actually Chose to Live Here

    Philadelphia would be a great city if it wasn’t full of Philadelphians.

    • GPhilly

      It wouldn’t be Philadelphia sans Philadelphians you transplant fool.

  • Dee

    People are ridiculous. If the game was there and they didn’t let Eagles fans on Burbon St there would be a riot. The “rocky steps” are a Philly icon. I am a huge sports fan but this is just childish. It’s a shame a few bad ruin the bunch. (But also probably smart to not be running around the city in Saints gear)

    • Silky Mitts

      a few kids on twitter said something about it… far from Saints fans “not being allowed” on the steps…

      • Dee

        If you are going to use quote could you actually be quoting me please?

  • Dee

    You sir are the reason Philadelphia has a bad name

    • Silky Mitts

      yes.. a police officer that gets paid by taxpayers, kicks out a taxpayer that worked for the money to buy the ticket in a stadium that was built on taxpayer money… and somehow pointing that out is what gives Philly a bad name? maybe its the low information public like yourself educated by our oh so wonderful public schools.

      • Dee

        So buy a ticket to a public event and you can impede on the rights of others? Those who put themselves or others in danger will be removed, not those yelling. If people were arrested for yelling at each other the entire city would be in jail. Anyone who speaks so disrespectfully about the men and women who put their life on the line to keep ignorance such as yourself safe shows the worst of this city. But from your comments I can tell I am probably speaking in terms you can’t understand so I will not continue. Go Eagles!!!

        • Silky Mitts

          oh yes, your tsunami of wisdom is just too overbearing for me to understand….

          people are being thrown out of the game for yelling things at opposing fans. a guy was removed for saying “The bears suck.” are you following? do i need to slow down?

          • civiphillyfan

            you really are an idiot. take a hint man. it wasn’t your theme that people are responding to its your candid use of homophobic language people are outraged by.

      • Joe Reith


  • Joe Reith

    Philly fans are trash bags.

    • christiep

      Wow Joe…not accurate one bit. We love our teams and support them no matter what. Hardly classifies US (including my 7 yr old daughter and 14 yr old son who are DIE HARD PHILLIES FANS) or anyone else for that matter as trash bags. Do you not support your team? I’m sure you do! But thanks again for the stereo-type. ..

      • Joe Reith

        My apologies Christie. Obviously that was a broad generalization based on dubious validity. I, and most people across the country, are just tired about hearing about the uncivilized nature of eagles fans. Not everyone boos Santa or heckled joe jerivicious for the death of his infant son, but the majority of players and visiting fans concur that the linc is far and away the absolute worst. Not everyone that goes there is a scumbag, ie your kids, however, there must be something said to concensus…

        • Dan P

          No, actually, people say all kinds of places are the worst places to play. The reason people here about “uncivilized fans in Philly” is because its a storyline that ESPN decided to run with.

      • Philadunkia1

        That philly logo is awesome, where did you find it?

    • Dan P

      You had to post that twice?

  • Joe Reith

    Philly fans are trash bags.

    • civiphillyfan

      way to use that brain!

      • Joe Reith

        People may harbour negative feelings toward your fans, and maybe rightfully so, but it’s only because of the endless ammunition your fan base provides us with.

      • Johnny Domino

        A mind is a terrible thing.

  • Laura

    Keep in mind this is the first Sunday of the month so the museum should have special pricing. We Eagles fans are not that bad some drunk idiots make us look bad. Enjoy all that this great city has to offer just save the saints gear for the game

    • Joe Reith

      I keep hearing that from your fans. ” we’re not all that bad” and “only a drunk few make us look bad” and then those same civilized few follow that up with, “we’ll maybe you shouldn’t wear your opposing teams gear in public..” WTF! How is that civilized! In what world do you get physically accosted for wearing your colors?! What is this, Compton? Are we relegated to the same behaviors as street gangs now?! Congrats Philly fans, trash bags.

      • ohitsdom

        That friendly “trash bags” nickname will surely help the situation.

  • civiphillyfan

    sounds like some dumbs gang shit. “Philly fans will not want to see saints colors…” damn, have we regressed to this kind of neanderthalism?

  • sports girl

    Having a gut doesn’t mean he is a cop. Maybe he is an alcoholic who drinks from 11am – midnight or a marajunia smoker who has the munchies that caused him to have that gut and can’t see his penis. Or maybe it is a female cop who is pregnant. I guess you are referring to that cops eat donuts all day and that is where they get their guts which also isn’t true.

  • Giantsfan2424

    I am a Giants fan and philly is the worst! Also do you really want to come back to this area with that attitude and lose

  • NYC like what

    Fuck the city of Philly and all of its stupid, ugly, fat, trashy and wack ass loosing fans. You guys have the worst teams to match the worst fans. The whole country knows philly sucks shit as a sports town, your teams blow and so do your fake bully fans.

    • Philadunkia

      lol u mad bro?

      oh btw, where’s the article about the giants or jets? oh wait, they didn’t make the playoffs…better luck next year loser

  • Non Violent B

    Go Browns! Oh wait….nevermind..wrong board.


    Man, Saints fans are haters. They are being the abusive people in this conversation and don’t know when to close their mouths. Just another one of the reasons they get threatened by Philly fans. They just don’t understand the importance Philly is to this country’s independence and pride. They call us dirty trash bags and say we are cold-blooded people. Do they not understand what this city’s history is worth to this country? WE ARE THE REASON YOU ARE EVEN ALLOWED TO DO WHAT YOU WANT. WE BASICALLY BUILT THIS COUNTRY. WE HAVE GIVEN EVRYONE IN THIS COUNTRY FREEDOM. We are a proud family of people and open our arms to others when in need. Just like in New Orleans when Katrina hit. We offered you guys our protection and OPENED OUR ARMS TO YOU. It’s the way we live, and we stand by our name of “The City of Brotherly Love”. Sure, I understand that you may be mad at us for threatening you guys, but that’s because you guys had done what seemed like an insult to us. You guys are allowed to run up the steps, nobody is restraining you from that. But you should be smarter than to call it “Who Dat Rocky Run” on a playoff night. That is the insult. Now, let’s save the nasty words and threats for tonight’s game. E-A-G-L-E-S!

    • Pyre

      If anything, all that “cred” you claim on yourself means you should be even less of an asshole, not that you have the right to be one. And I’d like to see what today’s Eagles fans did to “basically build this country”. You don’t get to claim the accomplishments of other people because they lived in the same area as you centuries ago. That’s not how it works.

    • Katrina Nation

      really…spitting on Saint’s fans by your brotherly loved up Philly fan? Well guess what…in New Orleans we’d buy you a meal and a drink, even if we lost, not spit on you but that’s because we have manners down here in the South and nobody prouder than we are. You didn’t give ME my freedom Bucko and Philly didn’t build squat, its just a spot some folks landed and they weren’t mine. Here’s one of your fans and I sure as hell wouldn’t be proud of him nor anybody who condones his behavior.–oOKU0s0&desktop_uri=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3D8P–oOKU0s0%26sns%3Dfb&app=desktop

    • Katrina Nation

      oh yeah and the Saints are still in the game, still playing football next week whether we win or lose WE ARE STILL GOING TO THE PARTY!

  • Kennewickdude

    LMAO – doesn’t matter now – Eagles lost – Go Seahawks!

  • Me

    U people in Philly are losers!

  • eric mullins

    So Eagle fans….You had a good season and you have a good QB. Game was won fair and square by the Saints. Your season is over. Now get over yourselves.

  • dray15200


  • Dike

    No thanks, I rather hang out with a complete stranger that is a Saints fan than a long time friend Eagles fan.

  • Katrina Nation

    This entire article is pitiful and apparently so are the fans. Not exactly welcoming to be threatening or assuming or encouraging Saints fans to be fearful or not wear their team spirit gear. disgraceful. Rocky looks great wearing our gear. Just sayin