Oops: There’s No Ban On Halloween at Inglewood Elementary School

North Penn School District blames Inglewood’s principal for the misunderstanding.

halloween ban philadelphia

Earlier this week, the principal at Inglewood Elementary School in Montgomery County sent a letter home to parents telling them: There won’t be any Halloween this year. But, according to a new statement from the North Penn School District, of which Inglewood is a part, the principal was mistaken.

6 ABC got a hold of the principal’s letter, and news vans showed up at the school on Wednesday morning. The massively-trafficked Drudge Report picked up the 6 ABC story, and, naturally, the school and the district’s phones have been ringing off the hook with concerned citizens and political correctness watchdogs.

Here’s part of the principal’s letter:

Some holidays, like Halloween, that some see as secular, are viewed by others as having religious overtones. The district must always be mindful of the sensitivity of all the members of the community with regard to holidays and celebrations of a religious, cultural or secular nature. The United States Supreme Court has ruled that school districts may not endorse, prefer, favor, promote or advance any religious beliefs….

6 ABC says that one parent wrote the following complaint:

Why deny our elementary school children this right of freedom of expression and celebration of American culture/traditions that most of us experienced in school? It is understandable that academics must come first. However, there should also be opportunities for students to have fun and get the chance to celebrate diversity as well as American traditions as opposed to stripping them all away.

I spoke with multiple Inglewood parents who expressed their concern over the policy, with one parent (and Home & School Association board member) calling it “silly.”

But later on Wednesday, the North Penn School District decided to put the blame for the mess squarely on the principal, issuing the following statement:

The Inglewood Elementary School letter addressing Halloween is not an accurate representation of the school district’s administrative regulation… Schools are permitted to have Halloween parties in their classrooms during the school day and school-wide activities such as parades are permitted before and after the school day. In fact Inglewood Elementary school will hold such a Fall Festival, with Halloween costume and activities, on the evening of October 18th. Halloween and fall related activities being held at NPSD’s 18 schools include a Halloween dance, fall festivals, harvest festivals, trick or treating and more.

The regulation, which pertains to all holidays and cultural observations not just Halloween, was studied and reviewed by staff, parents and the Educational/Community/Policy Committee of the North Penn School District Board of School Directors before the changes were made this past spring. The administrative regulation is designed to preserve the greatest amount of instructional time possible for our students. As academic rigor increases for students and as state and federal expectations rise, we must continue to focus our time and resources on student achievement.

The regulation also provides guidelines on how cultural observances and religions are to be addressed instructionally during the school day. One of NPSD’s educational goals is to advance students’ knowledge and appreciation of the roles that religious and cultural heritage have played in the social historical development of our civilization. NPSD complies with the US Supreme Court ruling that school districts may not endorse, prefer, favor, promote or advance any religious beliefs.

Unfortunately, the school communication inaccurately confuses the two issues. NPSD will continue to clarify the new regulation with staff, students, parents and community members.

But don’t worry, the Christmas Party will still be the Winter Party.

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  • rechill

    “But don’t worry, the Christmas Party will still be the Winter Party.”

    That’s golden, right there.

    • Jane Yavis

      Actually, it’s not the word Christmas that’s the problem,,,,,It’s the party part they don’t like. They don’t even celebrate their own birthdays,,,,,No Party period

      • lobo

        actually its the jews who hate christmas and christ. liberal jews celebrating hannukah on the white house lawn…. look it up.

        • SAS

          Actually in this case it was Jahova’s who got all up in arms about it and caused problems. hence why this letter was drafted in the first place. Too many cry babies out there are too sensitive and thin skinned.. anything will offend them. Its quite pathetic

          • mdbokc

            I doubt it. I had have them in my classes for over the years. They don’t make an issue of it. They just choose not to participate. Everyone else can do it and it’s just fine with them.

        • Really?


        • fran7873

          Yup! My favorite 2 excuses that ignorant poebuckers always seem to love to use. It’s either 1) “The joooooos did it!” or 2) “It’s those joooooos again” LOL! Pathetic.

      • Winter Isis Berazan

        NO, they want a party, but it is only the Progressive Party that they honor.

    • John (magnum)

      The liberal loons have gone COMPLETELY bonkers in America !!!

      • James V.

        Our message is getting out, while this CORRUPT Administration fails, day in and day out.

        • Jane Yavis

          Mother of God,,,,,,this is Obama’s falult, too. !!!!!

          • p3orion

            Calm down Jane. No one is saying this is obama’s fault.

            What we’re saying is that BOTH obama and idiocy like this are the fault of dumbass Leftists like yourself.

          • seanpatriot


          • Dion

            My Liberal neighbors celebrate Christmas and Easter with décor in their front yard every year. I think you mean progressive/communists. There is a huge difference, so lets pull or good hearted American neighbors away from that cliff of collectivism by kindly showing them they are not progressive/communists. OK!!!!???

          • seanpatriot

            Progressives are still liberals

          • lj

            Actually it is. The regulations about zero tolerance come from Washington. The New Regulations that they are talking about, where do you suppose they came from? hmmmm….

    • cscape

      Back in 2004 (I have since retired from teaching) we were handed a list of “regulations” governing the classroom decorations for the holiday season…. One of the “regulations” warned us NOT to use the word “Christmas” or any religious symbolism in. Our projects….. So here’s what I did – being both a science and social studies teacher, I had my students research the “Christmas Worm” and “Christmas Island”….. and plastered the classroom – inside and out – with the decorations….. It was in my curriculum, and there wasn’t a damned thing they could do about it

  • concerneddad

    This isn’t just about Halloween. The school district and more specifically some schools are promoting the religious beliefs of one specific religion that does not want ANY celebrations. Other schools in the district are NOT allowing costumes at after school events or even orange&black napkins to be used at a Fall classroom party (or red&green at a Winter party). Yes, BANNING them. Even birthdays, Mother’s Day recognition and other after school activities are being limited b/c the school is following that specific religion beliefs. One family has made an entire school and district endorse, prefer, favor, promote and advance their religious beliefs. The blame should not be placed on Inglewood’s principal, this issue goes much, much deeper and Inglewood is being made the scapegoat.

    The school district superintendent told concerned families last year that they were being “ridiculous and petty” and that PSSAs are top priority. Yes, academics are a top priority, but our children aren’t just a test score and lessons learned at school go far beyond academics.

    • Jessica Deck

      I agree, I think school is more than just academics. Sure, they’re important, but so are learning about different holidays and cultures, socializing with one another, trying new foods or snacks (allergies aside), getting dressed up as something creative, imagination and play pretend for the little ones, and even just good old fashioned fun.

      You never know how much they might struggle in school or what their home life is like, and it can do wonders for someone’s attitude and perspective to just take a mental break and enjoy life for a little bit. Pleasant childhood experiences and human connection are a much more valuable lesson than “solve for X in z=2x-4+16z so you can do well on the state tests”.

      • TC

        X = 2 – 7.5z

        • zagnut64

          Also the cure for cancer will come from saving dolphins, they have the answer. No need for math and sciences.

          • fran7873

            I always liked the con-men who were hawking “Souh pole magnetic mattress pads” as a ‘miracle cure-all’ for everything from cancer to male impotence. Haven’t heard them in a long time but they and their claims were so pathetic as to be hilarious.

      • zagnut64

        School is to prepare a student to compete in the current world, all the other multiculturalism is simply feel good propaganda used to indoctrinate you. Math and science are precise the rest is nothing more than arbitrary. The world is getting smaller every day, the rest of the world is going to run you over.

        • Bob Gursh

          Lol. Do you actually believe that math and science are precise?

          • Eupseiphos

            Math is precise.

          • fran7873

            You CANNOT possibly be serious……….

    • Jane Yavis

      Thank you, thank you, thank you. This has been an issue in our public school systems for years. Conservatives, (Who would never dare blame the religion that bans all celebrations) prefer to blame everything on their favorite two words – “the PC ACLU”. In my day, public Schools had Halloween parties and catholic Schools didn’t. Now it’s just the opposite,,,, Conservatives and Talk Radio prefers to blame it on Public Schools, because somehow they can then link the problem to teachers unions and tenure.

      • tjpride

        It isn’t the religious trying to shut down holiday celebrations in 99% of the cases, though. It’s atheists (the religion of humanism). Anything even the slightest bit religious is an affront to their sensibilities, even if the celebration has been completely secularized and the birth of Jesus has been replaced with Santa.

        • Jane Yavis

          I think you may have proudly proven my point. There is absolutely nothing religious about Halloween. N O T H I N G!!! Last evening a talk Show host tried to tie in into religion, but he had his days mixed up.

          • Marbran

            It is Samhain, the Wiccan New Year.

          • TwerkOrTreat

            Halloween… is “ALL HALLOWS EVE” meaning the evening before All Saints (HALLOWS”) Day. While the day has been perverted into something more secular not unlike in the cases of USA v. Mr. Claus and USA v. Mr. Bunny, the day was and is a religious holiday.

          • VulpesRex

            Jane, you demonstrate the lowest order of ignorance. Halloween has significance to neo-pagans. Research Samhain to enlighten yourself.

            The whole controversy here is that progressives want to strip any references to Christianity or its traditions out of the public square, but are perfectly content to leave the traditions of other religions in place, even where those traditions violate the silly Establishment Clause tests that they themselves set up.

        • Leon Davis

          The birthday of Jesus was replaced with that of Santa who was quickly pushed out in favor of celebrating the birthday of Barack al-Destroyer.

      • zagnut64

        The public schools have always been run by your monopoly forever, if they are failing blame everyone else. I guess Detroit and all the other failing major cities can be blamed on conservatives and their talk shows. You are the perfect example of Stockholm syndrome.

        • VulpesRex

          LAUSD is the worst school district in the nation, and is right in the heart of progressive America. Yet I’ll bet that Jane and her friends would blame LAUSD’s failures on conservatives.

          • zagnut64

            Blame is easy, it’s like carrying protest signs. Real change requires looking at everything and have a willingness to admit failure. The unions are about their paychecks and not the children. And where else do you see tenure? Just imagine an athlete who can chose to leave whenever he wants because he has tenure. They think like turnips.

          • VulpesRex

            The quality of public education in America is why my wife and I chose to homeschool our boys. Anyone who cares about the future of their children should get their kids out of the public schools. The system is designed to produce a homogenous product. And they aren’t aiming to elevate all kids to the same high level. They are aiming for a lowest common denominator.

          • zagnut64

            Slave owners didn’t want their slaves to learn how to read, they considered an educated slave dangerous.

          • VulpesRex

            The new elites want people educated just enough to be cogs. Their children get the special preparatory schools. The Obamas would NEVER send their kids to a public school. They know what the public schools are designed for.

  • Jessica Deck

    Even if it happened to be incorrect for this particular school, it’s still being banned at other schools nationwide, which I think is unfair for the kids. Maybe the parents see some kind of horrible, pagan, anti-Christian overtone to it, but kids see Spiderman costumes and candy bars.

    If anything, the schools should just have it at the end of the day and make it optional. Let parents pick up their kids early with no attendance penalties, and leave the rest of the children to celebrate in peace without all the negativity and religious accusations.

    • Jane Yavis

      I am listening to the always offended about something Talk Radio 1210 again blaming this whole thing on the “Libs” who are against religion. They’ve been outraged for days but have only half the story. This isn’t about Libs,,,,,this is about Fundamentalist Christians who DO NOT celebrate Halloween because they consider it a Pagan Feast,,,,(which thousands of years ago, kinda sorta was.) They got over it for a while, but now are also offended because some call it All Hallows Eve – which is the All Saints Day,,,,they don’t like that either. In fact,,,,,there isn’t much they do like.

      This is a pattern that has gotten stronger and stronger in the Public Schools,,,and I don’t have an issue with not celebrating anything, but for some reason, school boards are scared to death to at least acknowledge the root of the problem, because they are scared to death to be called anti-christian. . My issue is with those who think it’s Politically Correct to find themselves Persecuted Constantly while blaming everything on the Libs and the ACLU.

      • tjpride

        Most of the time, it is the libs and the ACLU. It might not be this time, but I’m a conservative Baptist and see nothing wrong with celebrating Halloween, since it’s been secularized to the point where it’s toothless. I’m fine with standing against whoever objected (who, by the way, could just as easily be Mormon or Muslim or some neo-Christian cultist, since the person who complained hasn’t been identified). By the same line of reasoning, of course, it should be perfectly fine to celebrate Easter and Christmas, which atheists are constantly trying to block.

        • 44me

          Mormons usually celebrate Halloween in style. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a Muslim complain about it either. The only religion that won’t celebrate due to belief is Seventh Day Adventist, and they are usually very respectful of others desire to celebrate. There are minor crowds in every Christian sect (Baptist too) that argue against the merits of Halloween every year. No one usually listens to them, unless he is a weak-kneed school administrator.

  • Anotherconcernedparent

    My son attends General Nash Elementary and their principal, Ron Martiello, has made it clear he does not favor the holiday and blames the superintendent. If that is so, I would ask Principal Martiello why he cannot address the students (Elementary, did I say that already?!?) civilly and with half of the professionalism his staff exhibits. This is not an individual school issue. This is a broadcast from the top, and good for Inglewood for making it known. Superintendent Dietrich wants to act surprised and act like his mandate was not to make it the district dirty little secret. Boo, North Penn, boo. That was me offering a critical review of the district, and should not be confused with me making Halloween sounds.

  • Turk502

    From yesterday’s Washington Post:
    “A first-ever comparison of adults in the United States and those in other democracies found that Americans were below average when it comes to skills needed to compete in the global economy.

    The survey, released Tuesday, measured the literacy, math and computer skills of about 5,000 U.S. adults between ages 16 and 65, and compared them with similar samples of adults from 21 countries in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

    The Americans are “decidedly weaker in numeracy and problem-solving skills than in literacy, and average U.S. scores for all three are below the international average and far behind the scores of top performers like Japan or Finland,” said Jack Buckley, commissioner of the National Center for Education Statistics, the data collection arm of the U.S. Department of Education.

    When it comes to literacy, adults in the U.S. trailed those in 12 countries and only outperformed adults in five others. The top five countries in literacy were Japan, Finland, the Netherlands, Australia and Sweden.

    U.S. adults did worse in mathematics, where they trailed 18 countries and beat just two — Italy and Spain.

    And in the category of “problem-solving in technology-rich environments,” or digital skills, U.S. adults lagged behind their counterparts in 14 countries.”
    So parents, keep worrying about Halloween parties and religious beliefs, as our country continues to descend into an Idiocracy. One of our Congressmen just referred to the House as being one of the “four branches of government” the other day. But if not being able to send your kid to school in a Spiderman costume is a huge concern for you, hey, good for you.

    • espy

      The reasons why the education level of our country is going down and trying to ban through decree traditional holidays are not connected. I say fight for both. Is our decreasing education as a country a concern? Yes. And people are fighting for a change in our education system. The primary reason why we don’t see any change is fear. Our government is so afraid to change the education system, out of fear of causing even more damage, that they refuse to change even those things that really need fixing. But the primary reason why education is going down is our government and the media.

      Both have been pretty consistent in their statements that one needs not worry about education or skill in recent years. While before children wanted to be astronauts, President, and any number of professions that required hard work and effort, they now expect a silver spoon as soon as they get out of college no matter what their major. They expect money without work, and the harsh light of reality appears unfair to them.

      But I digress, the effort to retain some measure of America’s traditional aspects is worth fighting for, just as fighting to improve the education of its students.

  • zedman2222

    OMG!!!! More “politically correct” B.S. !

    • Jane Yavis

      Some of that BS lies in the Persecuted Constantly Community. It seems politically correct to NOT blame the reason for No Halloween in many public Schools in the area on the Religious Beliefs of many Fundamentalist christians who simply celebrate NOTHING = Not Christmas, Easter, Birthdays, Mother or Father’s Day,,,,,NOTHING. And that means we can’t either.

      • Maceanruig

        Which fundamentalist Christians are your talking about? As far as I know, the group which best matches your description are Jehovah Witnesses. I don’t know of ANY Christian groups who celebrate “NOTHING = Not Christmas, Easter, Birthdays, Mother or Father’s Day,,,,,NOTHING.”

      • Gabriel

        Yeah, sure, blame it on the Christians…NOT. Fundamental Christians are not the force driving this agenda….it is the left…where evil lives….and is now making its move to FUNDAMENTALLY TRANSFORM the most benevolent nation the world has ever known. Not perfect, but benevolent.

      • VulpesRex

        The only explanation for the tenor of your posts is that you are a Christophobic bigot. You probably worship Bill Maher, Penn Jillette, and Ricky Gervais, all of whom possess the same special contempt for Christians that you yourself do.

        Applying Occam’s Razor, you probably ARE Bill Maher posting under a pseudonym. You certainly have the hate and the blathering communication style down pat.

  • The Truth

    Orlando Taylor…this is the IDIOT that “Banned” any school holiday that has a “hint” of RELIGION.

    CALL this little PRICK and give him your opinion: (215) 368-2992

  • kaymad

    I’ve lived all over the US and I can’t remember any schools my kids attended that had any kind of Halloween celebration.

    At one school the ‘winter’ holiday was changed to literacy awareness day. In another school winter holiday parties were allowed as long as the kid had a signed permission slip. If a child opted out they went to the library during the party. Basically it was usually only Jehovah Witness kids that opted out. Muslims and Jewish kids were always at the parties.

    Political correctness usually comes from the administration as parents understand what is taught at home regarding religious observation is what counts.

    • Gabriel

      We always had carnivals, treats and costumes. This was in PUBLIC SCHOOLS in the East Bay Area of California…believe it or not . It was lots of fun and it will always be a cherished memory of my youth. Depriving our kids of the same opportunity for the purpose of order,perhaps, dare I say new world order, is not only a shame…but lacks good judgement. Poor judgement is something in abundance these days.

  • http://ceegen.hubpages.com/ James Lappin

    I don’t celebrate Halloween. No biblical basis for it what-so-ever. Consequently I don’t celebrate “Easter” or “Christmas”. Jesus was a Jew, not a pagan, so we should celebrate the biblical/Jewish holidays.

    • Stevart

      Jesus was a Jew but Christianity owes AS much to Greco-Roman paganism as it does to Judaism. The Gentile adheres to the solar-phallic festivals and NOT the Judaic monotheist. THAT is what distinguishes us for Semitic civilizations. We HAVE pagan elements…AND THANK GOD. Now put your Cinderella dress on and knock yourself out, sweetheart. Christ…they even celebrate Halloween in Israel…what a schmuck!

      • http://ceegen.hubpages.com/ James Lappin

        In Ezekiel chapter 4, God tells Ezekiel to make bread with the dung of a cow. Bread in scriptures is symbolic of doctrine/religion. God is essentially saying here, “Don’t mix MY (God’s) Word with that of traditions and rituals of the cultures around you.”

        I love God, why wouldn’t I listen to the whole message, rather than just the parts I like to hear?

        • Stevart

          “The early Gentile Christian borrowed from the Hebrew
          prophets the two religious concepts, hitherto unknown in the West, which have became the prime causes of our unrest: that of a patriarchal God, who refuses to have any truck with Goddesses and claims to be self-sufficient and all wise; and that of a theocratic society, disdainful of the pomps and glories of the world, in which everyone who rightly performs his civic duties is a ‘son of God’ and entitled to salvation whatever his rank or fortune, by virtue of direct communion with the Father.” Said Robert Graves in The White Goddess. For a yet further explanation of Ezekiel of which evidently you know VERY little about please see D.H. Lawrence’s APOCALYPSE where through the Book of Revelations he rather beautifully dissects John of Patmos’ holy-hoax nonsense. Christ, Jamesie, you must be thso lonely…or as Robert Zimmerman put it, “Proves to Warren he not busy being born he busy dying.”

          • http://ceegen.hubpages.com/ James Lappin

            Keep your Robert Graves and D.H. Lawrence, I don’t need lies when I have the truth. Anyone can find this truth if they open a bible and start reading, so it’s not like I’m the only one with it.

            “Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.” – John ch14 v6.

            The truth is that fallen angels have, and still are, posing as gods and goddesses. This is done simply to deceive as many as they can, no other reason. Everything from ghosts to aliens, all supernatural phenomenon that doesn’t glorify God, is in fact demonic in origin. Satan deceives the whole world (Revelation ch12 v9), not just a part of it.

          • Stevart

            “When it rains it pours.”

          • http://ceegen.hubpages.com/ James Lappin

            “And the rain was upon the earth forty days and forty nights.” – Genesis 7:12.

            You got that right.

          • Stevart

            !GLORY HOLE?

          • http://ceegen.hubpages.com/ James Lappin

            That… Doesn’t even make sense.

    • Gabriel

      You can celebrate as you see fit. We also will celebrate as we see fit. It’s still America….and WE are not giving her up.

      • http://ceegen.hubpages.com/ James Lappin

        Well of course you can do what you want, but I can still make suggestions.

  • Colleen Phillips

    Halloween has religious connotations? To whom? Wiccans?
    Grab your board, dude! Another huge wave of stupidity issues forth from the realm of public education, washing up on the coast of Zero-common-sense-land.

    • Gabriel

      Clearly it does have MULTIPLE religious connotations. It acknowledges the existences of the devil….therefore it suggests that there is God. This country can live with traditions, the traditions that are harmless and fun and make children smile. Regardless, the alternative is less and less freedoms…speech, privacy, pursuit of happiness, religion and mobility. Clearly the left….the left of Stalin, Castro, Ortega, Chavez, Guevara OR even Obama…should not have a say in whether our kids bob for apples, collect treats or wear costumes. Halloween is a long held AMERICAN tradition that has a place in our schools and on our streets.

  • John

    I presume someone explained to the moron in question that Halloween is a pagan holiday. It’s anything but religious, but don’t let that obstruct a principal on a hypersensitivity trip.

  • Leopardeyes

    The grossly satirical 1997 South Park Christmas episode where everything became “offensive” has actually become a reality with school administrators. What was once comic fodder for PC overreaction is now school policy. Pathetic.

    • rechill

      With music by Phillip Glass…”Happy happy happy…everybody happy…”

  • peppercorn_culpepper

    Halloween is cool, god created Halloween for you and me to enjoy so git to enjoying, and git to eating candy . . . .

  • Abbie1530

    People make an issue with holidays being celebrated in schools for one reason: THEY CAN. School Boards are spineless and some of these dweeb parents have nothing in their lives but to insist on their “minority rights.” It makes them “cool.” See what I can do? I can make children miserable. Boy, I’m really powerful. What is worse, these parents or the schools that cow tow to their stupid demands?

  • Timothy53

    One local school decided that Christmas would be the “Winter Festival” and that religious symbols would not be allowed. So no angels, no stars, no Santa Claus. Menorahs however were still on display and reportedly were even lighted. Cultural education and all you know.

    The following school year, someone had the idea to make Halloween a literary even. Children were asked to dress up in costumes representing their favorite character from a book. Not a bad idea, if it worked. Parents were invited to participate too by dressing up to serve the kids at the party.

    What fun!

    One mom absolutely loved the classic Clement Clarke Moore poem and dressed as the main character. School officials deemed her choice of characters inappropriate.

    She was asked to leave.

    When she refused, they threatened to call the police.

    She insisted that she did what they asked her to do, so she wasn’t going to leave

    They called the police.

    The children watched as the police removed Santa Claus from school grounds and arrested her for trespass.

    What fun!

  • jfgalt

    Why the fuss? He was only trying to protect the sensitivities of witches, warlocks, trolls and monsters against a heinous celebration of fun. He probably has also decided to not even bring up his original idea for a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender celebration day or his “Let’s Pray To OBAMA! Day”. Change and Hope! FORWARD!

    • Marbran

      “Barack Hussein Obama….mmm, mmm, mmm.”

  • John

    political correctness is the ability to pick up a turd by the clean end. Revitalize America, offend a liberal today. Your testicles will thank you.

  • James V.

    IT’S WORKING PATRIOTS. Our voices are starting to collectively resonate against those progressive liberals hell-bent on ruining everything that this Once-Great Country stands for. We can all BAND TOGETHER to rid this country of these Liberals destroying her.

  • Vasco DeGama

    translation: it turns out this part of our incremental indoctrination plan received too much pushback so we had to back off (for now). signed the Department of ReEducation.

  • docdave88

    Too late Ms. Principal. You’ve already demonstrated to my utter satisfaction that you are an idiot with no business within 1,000 yards of any school.

    I know, I know. It’s Obama’s Amerika and we are only allowed to live in it. But still, you’re and idiot.

  • Gabriel

    It goes like this: Halloween is a tradition that acknowledges the existence of the devil, Satan. Logically, IF you acknowledge that the devil exists you then must reach the conclusion that GOD also exists. There in lies the problem with so many elitist , learned, atheist “educators”…….just because they don’t have proof that either entity exists, they have no faith. Faith requires no proof, it is blind. Whether you believe in a greater being, or if you think that the combined power of human love is God….believing in neither leaves only a smart animal with no moral compass. Look at the news today….Good vs evil….playing out again and again. It’s as old as time. Pretending evil doesn’t exist won’t make it go away. Why is it the left is so hellbent on taking away tradition? Answer: So they can replace it with control…THEIR TRADITION.

  • Amused

    I’d bet the district was behind banningHalloween and the principal was just following orders. When the whole thing went Drudge he became their scapegoat.

  • libertyanyday

    if the adults in this community think like this, just wait until these kids are fully

    ‘ educated ‘ . You cant help the mentally deficient . All work and no play…. creates freaks like this school principal… no connection with reality.

  • sas

    So in other words “The government says we cant celebrate anything in a public place because someone might have feelings that will get hurt and cause an uproar and complain like the cry babes they are. So instead of telling them to grow up, face life and get some thick skin, we will coddle them and bow to their needs because we no longer have a back bone” I think i paraphrased that pretty well.

  • Gothamite

    I’m willing to bet the principal received one complaint about it form someone and that was enough. This is a society where one complaint is enough to ruin it for everyone. What good is it when an overwhelming minority (number not race here) of people have a problem with something and the overwhelming majority are overruled? But that’s political correctness in a nutshell. I’m glad the school district stepped in and took action.

  • D.I.

    This comment has been approved by the Commissar of The Ministry of Truth.

    • Stevart

      The Commissar recently announced an increase in weekly chocolate rations per individual. Instead of 3.0 ounces we will now receive 2.5 ounces. An increase of .5. You’re welcome, comrades.

  • Really

    Time for this principle to worry less about Halloween and more about grades and test scores of the children who go there. After all, why enjoy school with this principle around. How about getting a principle that cares. Oh wait, she was tenure. Can’t get rid of her until the school is so bad that it won’t matter anymore.

  • zagnut64

    Meanwhile China is laughing at what a wreck this countries schools have become. They study the sciences as we study the plight of the polar bear. Better start preparing your children for the coming storm.

    • Bubba_ut

      Agree. The Chinese are not likely to forget that their children’s little hands are sore, bloody and aching from making what America’s spoiled brats take pleasure in breaking.

      • zagnut64

        You’re right 100%, I didn’t even think of that. The storm is coming and our children are doomed.

  • like I CM

    maybe someday school will be about learning science, math and literature.

  • Bubba_ut

    Oh No! I went to sleep last night in the US and I woke up this morning in Nazi Germany with Herr Lew, Herr Reid and our local school principal Herr Pelosi screaming Heil Obama.

  • Jennifer-Aaron Campbell

    In stockton ca. halloween has been cancelled for the last 5 years, the excuse I got from the principal was that the teachers had voted as to which holidays they celebrated.

    • FL_Stingray

      Ramadan… Kwanza… and so on

  • p3orion

    I like the way the administrator rightfully threw the principal under the bus, in time-honored Democrat fashion.

  • LeeVonHart

    in the 1990s some evangicals were not doing Halloween because of its pagan origins! now it has religious overtones?

    • Marbran

      Religion is now whatever you believe in that can’t be proven. Think Scientology, for example. The Pastafarians are even recognized in some places.

      • espy

        So’s Jedi, Sith. Heck the North Korean political belief system of Juche is also apparently a religion.

    • Stevart

      It’s the ICONOCLASTS I be a tellin’ ya. RUN FOR YER LIVES, LADDIES!

  • Msnyman

    This Principal should be let go. This is not the first time he has given out information that is incorrect. Additionally, he is the sole reason my family left Inglewood Elementary School. I suspect he has something on the district for them to keep him around because it is easy to see that he is a disgrace. He is one of the most unprofessional people I have EVER come in contact with. In my opinion he is a liability to the district. As an educator myself, I have never seen someone conuct themselves in such an “off the cuff” manner as this man. This is less a district issue and more an Orlando Taylor issue.

  • formerly_common_hyphen_sense

    LIbErals s u c k. Literally…

  • Arnold Ziffel

    The Halloween mythology won’t supersede the Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, or any other “mythology of the period”. Don’t worry, priests, rabbies, imams, ministers or any other mystical wizards. Your positions are secure for now.

    • fran7873

      True, that is until they get caught with young boys like those cat-o-lick priests were in amusing numbers much to their prelate’s chagrin!

  • seanpatriot

    My child hasn’t had any kind of Halloween dress ups at her school for years, And I live in Texas

  • Republiker1

    It’s always nice to see a demented liberal Democrat put in his place.

  • seanpatriot

    Halloween is not evil, quite the contrary.

    Halloween is a contraction of “All Hallows’ Evening”), also known as All Hallows’ Eve, is a yearly celebration observed in a number of countries on October 31, the eve of the Western Christian feast of All Hallows (or All Saints) and the day initiating the triduum of Hallowmas, the time in the liturgical year dedicated to remembering the dead, including saints (hallows), martyrs, and all the faithful departed believers.
    According to many scholars, All Hallows’ Eve is a Christianized feast initially influenced by western European harvest festivals,and festivals of the dead with possible pagan roots, particularly the Celtic Samhain. Other scholars maintain that it originated independently of Samhain and has solely Christian roots.

  • foramerica

    Here the everyone comes down on this school for a Halloween party as though our lives depended on it, but we have nuts working in our government destroying our country and we do nothing. The world is truly upside down.

  • Paul

    “Unfortunately, the school communication inaccurately confuses the two issues”. Nonsense. There was no confusion – this was a deliberate attempt to enforce the politically correct doctrine of ‘ diversity / tolerance ‘ – that ever present fear of offending some perpetually offended group or person. But the leftists will not admit that, of course. Hence the long winded, mealy mouthed ‘ explanation ‘…

  • Humility

    Now maybe a few more will see the REAL values of those liberals. The devil gets his holiday, but Christians, Jews, and other peaceful sorts can go to

  • Dion

    Secular schools, in a majority Christian nation does not seem to fit well. The only Religion I was ever offended by (recently) is a violent Religion, and the rest know who rules like this protect from offending. It’s not worth loosing your head over.

  • Red

    lets cancel Christmas vacation for the students and teachers and have everyone attend school on December 25th. If the parents refuse or complain send them to re-education classes and remove the children from the home.

    remember vote democrap and get your food stamps and obama phone.

  • ahorvath

    Get rid of this idiot. He should not be anywhere near children.

  • http://www.facebook.com/rene.demonteverde.1 Rene Demonteverde

    Just have him quartered already. Like they did to Braveheart and display parts on four corner
    of the globe.

  • whooosh

    The Christmas party will be the winter party and the Christmas tree will be called the holiday tree.
    I’m certain, the teachers union would love to give the teachers a paid month off to celebrate Ramadan, but they don’t want to insult the intelligence of the parents.
    IMHO, any school administrator, who comes up with these type of PC BS ideas should be fired immediately.
    This principal is a friggin moron.

    • fran7873

      What else to expect? The asshat clown who wrote the original letter likely attends a Fundie xian church and is probably part of Pat Robertson’s whole ‘Christian Dominionism’ movement.

  • ricardo_maxwell

    The PC police are nothing more and nothing less than propaganda Nazis. Our schools are full of them and Marxists. TIme to purge our public schools of these deniers of freedom and liberty.

  • glenp827

    illiterate a hole

  • glenp827

    I bet nothing is said about allowing prayer rugs and use 5 times a day

  • Rationalist

    COMMUNIST GOALS per the 1963 Congressional Record

    17. Get control of the schools. Use them as transmission belts for socialism
    and current Communist propaganda. …

    26. Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as “normal, natural,

    28. Eliminate prayer or any phase of religious expression in the schools on the ground that it violates the principle of “separation of church and state.”

    41. Emphasize the need to raise children away from the negative influence of parents. Attribute prejudices, mental blocks and retarding of children to suppressive influence of parents.

    Gun control, …speech control,…trashing the Constitution,…trashing Christianity, …an out of control government,…

    It’s NOT your imagination – WAKE UP and do something more than talk about it.

  • OldmanRick

    The BS of PC is destroying this country. BTW, isn’t the US a republic? Seems many folks have forgotten or were never informed in school that The US is a republic, not a socialist or Marxist state where a few select individuals rule.

  • Raptor Jesus


    • Rationalist

      as Lenin said, “useful idiots”…

  • Thomas McCarr

    Time to channel conservative energies into running for and taking over school boards. The country can never be won back as long as the marxist brain washing machine is running at full speed on the newbies.

    • Nell Webbish

      I hate to burst your bubble, but it is Christian Evangelicals who are behind the demands to ban Halloween from schools because they believe it is a Wiccan/pagan religious holiday and that children trick or treating are exposed to possible demon possession.

      • Thomas McCarr

        Really. What’s the name of the “evangelical Christian” who complained to the school and tried to have one of the oldest human festivals banned. Please share, or get back on your meds. (guess what, Halloween is an ancient Druid observance, not holiday; so anyone believing your descriptive would be correct. Even a Muslim)

  • Marbran

    While there is no doubt that some Wiccans will be celebrating October 31st (one of their High Holy days) their numbers are insignificant compared to the millions of American children who dress up and collect candy. To try to play the separation of church and state card is just silly.

  • Jack Bone

    It is not fair. The poor kids cannot afford to dress up.

  • Tim

    What a boatload of anti-Christian double-speak! So, it’s OK to allow and encourage Halloween activities in the classroom (not extra-curricular activities) “to preserve the greatest amount of instructional time possible for our students.” Does this include teaching the origin and meaning of this autumn holiday? Does this policy also apply equally to the Christmas and Easter holidays as well? Are these holidays allowed equal attention and celebration in the classroom “to preserve the greatest amount of instructional time possible for our students”? Oh, I see! But don’t worry, the Christmas Party will still be the Winter Party.

    • fran7873

      If the religious fruitcakes would only pull their heads out of their bibles and their asses this country would be in a far better shape. For now the whole thing looks like something out of Southpark – LOL! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I9TeVdW8sYA

  • cscape

    They say that they’re back-tracking, but the ban WILL BE ENFORCED in other unpublicized ways

  • flames

    in today’s political correct society , i do not blame the principal. Halloween is a religious event to some people with good and bad connotations. If we were living 50, 60 years ago then yes this would be unheard of. But in today’s society, mentioning religion is an instant lawsuit. Guns are not politically correct. My point is we live in a PC society, you have to be careful because people now a days go to instant law suit.

  • binthere222

    Does anyone have the name of the “confused” principal responsible for this?

    • WEBIV

      If he’s not a liberal (which we know he is) the IRS will happily hand it over to you.

  • rbeccah

    I once knew a Jewish professor who wouldn’t let his kids treat-or-treat because he said Halloween was a Christian holiday, even though he’s married to a woman from China, and does not ever attend a synagogue. But I don’t think I ever met one single Christian who went to church because of Halloween (unless it was to a party for the kids). Some people need to get some perspective.

  • TestSalad

    Silly victimized fundies, always thinking everything is an attack on them.

    • VulpesRex

      Congrats on the appropriate avatar. A slobbering deranged dog suits you well.

    • fran7873

      Exactly. AmeriKan Fundie xtianity is truly a mental illness. Almost as bad in scope an effect as that practiced by the Somolia and Afganistan Talliban.

      • Manfred Hideous

        I’m sorry for my previous post. I didn’t realize you were mentally ill. I thought you were just a bit excitable.

        • fran7873

          Yes, I am usually content to be set and secure in the comfort of my own delusions – Allah Snackbar!! Pfhbltttttt LOL


    Now Drudge needs to pick up on the story in Bexly Ohio which is pulling the same bull

    • fran7873

      You mean that have “xian fundy ameriKan talliban” sitting on the school boards in Bexly OH also? Guess Pat Robertson’s influence of Bronze Age idiocy extends out to ohio also!

      • Manfred Hideous

        Such Hyperbole. When was the last time Christians hijacked planes and killed thousands of civilians? Christianity did have a bloody period. Unless you’re rip van winkle, you’re not old enough to remember those times.

        • fran7873

          How about Pat Robertson’s interests in several african diamond mines? Blood diamonds which have more dead people’s hands on them that were killed at the WTC! Oh an lets not forget the AmeriKan church Anti-Homosexual laws in many African countries which have led to the jail and death of hundreds of LGBT individuals. Forgot about those didn’t we MH? Oh and finally Christianity did INDEED have a period of ethnic cleansing. It was called The Papal Inquisition and not only killed close to a 600K people (a huge number at the time) but it also led to the Dark Age of Europe and The Crusades of which we are still paying a price for on the map in the present Day Middle East. Get educated and read something else besides your KJV bible which has been revised 18 times since the original an bears no sembelence to the same. Peace. Cheers. Auf Wiedersehen!

          • Manfred Hideous

            I think I already acknowledged that Christianity had a past. The fact is, though, it IS in the past so my point still stands.

            That you had to reach for Robertson’s business venture (even if it is reprehensible) shows your argument is weak. He was involved for money, not god.

        • Nell Webbish

          That is due to mainly to the domesticating impact of secular democracy and Enlightenment Age philosophies that swept over most of the Christian nations in the Western world. History, both past and recent, would suggest that a modern day Christian theocracy could be as extreme and violent as current Islamic theocracies can be.

          • Manfred Hideous

            It doesn’t matter why it is no longer repressive. The fact remains it is not today. fran was comparing today’s Christians to the Taliban, a notable extremist group responsible in the present for a multitude of atrocities in the name of god.

            Whether Christians could backslide is a stipulation and is completely not important to a current events comparison.

            I accused fran of hyperbole and nothing I’ve yet seen in the responses has refuted my position. (in my opinion of course)

            It’s akin to saying Romans were awful and greedy so Italians today should be blamed for their outrageous acts.

          • Nell Webbish

            Seeing as I said nothing about blame, the analogy to the Romans seems fairly over-wrought itself.

            My comment was in response to the admittedly assumed sub-text of Islam = BAD, Christendom = GOOD that is fairly typical in comments sections. If that was not your implication, my apologies.

          • Manfred Hideous

            No, it was simply my example for disputing the Xtians are evil message. I don’t hate Muslims who live and let live any more than I hate atheists, Buddhists, Hindus, etc. I don’t care much for haters, though and fran is certainly that.

  • WhiskeyTangoFoxtrotWJD

    The insanity has already infected TX where schools ban Halloween since it violates the religious beliefs of thin skinned religu-tards. Unfortunately, Gov Rick Perry caved into the demands of his key constituents to ban Halloween while he was out stimulating his base at a tea b@gger event where they talked of their desire to suck seed. If you don’t believe me, call those at DISD, PISD, or any school district in Texas. Costumes are grounds to be sent home as unexcused.

  • dave72

    Our sissy Wussident StompyFoot will make pansies of all his minions! Go, Big 0 (zero)!

  • David Zion

    In the picture, they all seem to dress up like witches. This is certainly not a Christian or Jewish thing – seems to have more wicken overtones.

  • David Zion

    BTW – beyond the press being dominated by the left, probably more important is that the schools are dominated by the left brain washing our kids with pseudo science on global warming and other left wing things

  • sbchill

    Halloween was and still is my daughter’s favorite holiday. She would get so excited about designing her costume. She would make these adorable drawings of what she wanted to be and we would get all the things we needed to make it and I would sew it, glue it, whatever it took to bring her idea to life. We had so much fun doing this and looked forward to it every year. And when they had their parade, she was beaming and having so much fun along with all of her friends. It was priceless and I don’t see how they could take this fun away from kids. (The only restriction on costumes was that they couldn’t be too scary or gruesome, so they wouldn’t scare the little ones. Which I thought was fine.) They don’t know there are any religious overtones. Heck, I didn’t even know there was. As far as some kids not being able to afford costumes and their parents not having the time or know-how to create a costume, there are many companies that will donate items to make them and people that will help the kids make their ideas come to life. I have donated and volunteered to help them make their costumes. It is a blast, a great learning experience using different materials, different construction techniques, measuring… and they are so proud and excited when it is finished. THEY ARE KIDS! IT IS FUN!! P.S. My daughter is now an artist and designer and doing quite well.