Sarah Palin Is in our Midst

The world just can’t get enough of Jersey politics.


Sarah Palin, whose precise purpose in life has become increasingly unclear, has endorsed Cory Booker’s Senate opponent Steve Lonegan. (Add this to the list of dubiously useful endorsements.) Here’s the money quote from Palin:

“Palin said during Booker’s tenure in Newark, ‘unemployment nearly doubled, taxes skyrocketed, and violent crime increased.’ ‘But in fairness, Newark Mayor Cory Booker may not have noticed these facts between his constant tweeting and trips to Hollywood,’ she quipped.”

Oh, really Sarah Palin? You of all people are going to call out someone for being a celebrity politician? [Star-Ledger]

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  • Mr. Booker might want to consult with all those other Democrats who had their heads handed to them by Sarah Palin-endorsed candidates before he gets too smug.

  • MHnsn

    Philly mag ure a joke if you think that Corey Booker is a celebrity politician…
    He’s known for being “Bookered”; able to express dissent one minute, chastised & towing the Democratic party line the next.
    That doesn’t bode well for educated voters. Booker doesn’t show any convictions or principles or fiscal responsibility. Let’s face it, Democrats are unable to make the tough choices about America’s debt.
    They’re the alcoholics that don’t realize there is a drinking problem.
    Dems are the big spenders unable to reign it in. Progressives are in trouble the more immovable they become.

  • Mark Cofta

    MHnsn, the Republicant “tough choices” are always “screw the poor, reward the rich, punish the middle class,” so stop spreading the lies about Dem spending. Obama has reversed the plunge into Hell we took because of W and his cronies. The solution to cutting debt — don’t forget, we had a surplus under Clinton — is to increase employment and spending, not cutting jobs and benefits.

    And, no, Booker isn’t a celebrity politician … that would be Palin, who quit her job in politics to become a Faux News talking head and future reality TV star.

    • Angela Grinnage

      Obama has not reversed the “plunge”, he started, and the plunge has reversed after house Republicans kept him on a short leash. It’s the same reason, the only reason we had a surplus under Clinton, was because of Gingrich refused to let Clinton spend liberally and forced him to reform entitlements. The Democrats are not for the middle class, they’re for the welfare class. And since when did being rich become a crime???

      Obama is a celebrity politician, who got elected because he made promises to empty headed, naive dreamers who have no clue how the world works. He had no substance, and has never ran a business, city, state, military union, hot dog stand.

      We passed the largest spending bills in recent history, and they amounted to nothing. With that being said, get your facts straight or SHUT UP!!!

      • Mark Cofta

        Angela, your post is full of Faux News, Limbaughian distortions and lies — and then you claim to represent the facts? Being obscenely rich by stealing from workers while others starve IS a crime. The biggest deficits in history were incurred by W. Bush; Obama’s stimulus spending has rescued an economy crushed by Republicant policies. And since when has being president had anything to do with running a business? Government is not like a business; as we’ve seen lately with the House’s useless Republicants, it’s more like babysitting.

        Or, to put it in your immature terms: no, you shut up.

        • Angela Grinnage

          I normally don’t battle wits with unarmed people, but I will anyway tonight. I hardly watch fox news, and it’s funny how people on the left loves to whine about fox news as if MSNBC is not a total and complete joke. No wonder their ratings are in the toilet. People (intelligent people that is) are tired of being lied to. I read the likes if that counts. Anyway, biggest deficits??? You gotta be kidding me. Bushes deficits we’re quite low compared to Obama’s, including 125 billion in 2007. They went up because the of the bailouts (which Obama voted for) and the stimulus that we’re passed after Dems took congress in 2006. They did nothing to improve the economy.

          The economy actually did pretty well under Bush as we were in the recession caused by the bubble and then 9-11 caused another recession. We were down to 4% unemployment and 60 months of solid job growth under Bush and the Republican congress. Lets see Obama get us anywhere near that. We’re at 7% and only because they keep shrinking the workforce to make the numbers look favorable. Moreover, he’s added more debt than all all other President’s combined.

          I never said being President is like running a business, but what makes a community organizer prepared to take that mantel??? He’s never ran a city, state or held a real job. Moreover he had no accomplishments in the senate. Obama cannot govern or deal with congress and it shows. He is not the first POTUS to deal with one or both chambers of congress controlled by the opposite party, that’s pretty common. Reagan did it, Clinton did it, Bush did it. Obama is worthless and him and his Marxist cohorts and the pathetic welfare moochers are responsible for the sorry state we’re in. Its about time our state run media starts calling him out it.

          If you’re going to argue, get your facts straight know what you’re talking about, or just STFU!!!

          • Mark Cofta

            “…and has never ran a business,” you wrote, thus implying in your incorrect grammar that running a business is relevant to being president. Yes, you wrote that, and then you denied it.

            Since you don’t even admit your own words, your grasp of what anyone else says — particularly your lying sources regarding deficits — make this back-and-forth with you pointless. I don’t argue with pissy children who repeat asinine things like “just STFU!!!” Save it for your fellow morons who revere the rich, who have destroyed our economy by plundering it. Continue blaming our problems on “welfare moochers,” the poor and disadvantaged (including the many ex-military people who your heroes have abandoned) who receive much less government assistance than the rich, and actually contribute it to the economy by spending it instead of hiding it in the Caymans.

            You’re drunk on Limbaugh kool-aid, choking on your own bile, and blinded by your own racist hate. It’s just sad.