The Experience Project Is the Worst Social Networking Website

But you must experience it. You must.

The Experience Project launched in 2006, having been inspired by an online MS support group. Rather than focus on a single disease, though, the site allows someone in an asthma support group who’s been talking about inhalers with the same 20 people for 20 years, for example, to talk about Kurosawa with film lovers or chicken marinade with at-home chefs–asthma or no. It’s an admirable idea in a culture of labels: to be defined by our experiences and interests rather than our illnesses. But something’s gone wrong here. It may be that the labels are more flattering than our true selves.

Here’s how it works: Users start by telling a “story,” uploading photos and joining Experience groups chosen from 13 categories ranging from Hobbies to LGBT. Within categories there are Groups–exceedingly tiny and genre-specific–but instead of Facebook-style Like buttons, here you join a Group by clicking a button that says “Me Too!” You have to be careful because all the groups are titled in the first-person. So, yeah, maybe it’s true that you’re a breast man, but don’t hit “Me Too!” unless you really, really want to join the Group called “I Find Cleavages Irresistable” [sic].

The Questions initially seem similar in spirit to those on the dating site OkCupid, which are meant to clarify whether you could stand to be in the same room with someone. An OkCupid question might be: “Do you think racist jokes are funny?” If the person you’re scoping on the site answers “yes,” you can cross him/her off the list unless you’re looking for hate-sex.

On the Experience Project, users ask questions the way they would if they wanted a Magic 8 Ball but were too lazy to go to the mall to buy one. A question I saw: “Should I take the hedgehog outside?” A couple of people answered “Yes” without asking for clarification and without providing elaboration. At least no one answered, “Ask Again Later.”

There are all kinds of writing exercises on this site. Confessions differ from Stories which are separate from Experiences which are not Blog Entries. All get separate headlines. Here are four headlines by the same male user:

Story: “favorite dumb blonde joke.”
Confession: “I hate giftgiving at Christmas.”
Blog entry: “Hope doesn’t float, it sucks…”
Experience: “I Live In a Sexless Marriage/Sometimes I Wonder If Its Even Worth Trying.”

I’m so glad I don’t have to teach the genre distinctions.

The biggest problem with the site is the people who use it. I’m very familiar with online morons but the Experience Project’s membership is pathbreaking in its stupidity. It’s as though every commenter were lobotomized and then chained to Experience Project terminals.

Every now and then, a real human being with real problems seeks help on the site, and it’s heartbreaking. Derek45343 is Lonely and Depressed and gets no input. A girl worries she might be to blame for her sexual assault, and the answer she gets is: Damn right she was! Doesn’t she know how to say no?

There are seven people from Philly on the site, supposedly, but I’m very suspicious of a guy in cowboy regalia. I’ve never seen him, and this is a small enough town that if even one person wears a cowboy hat regularly, it gets noticed. It seems totally plausible that I could say to my friends, “You know that guy in Rittenhouse Square who wears the cowboy hat…?” and everyone would say yes.

Below, some screen grabs with titles I’ve given them, thereby turning the site into art. Images should enlarge when you click them.

My title: YOU’RE JEWISH??!!






My title: THE ANSWER IS ‘NO’


Feel free to play the game yourself. Experience the Experience Project right here.

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  • Felicity

    I have been a member of this site for over a year and I find your depiction of it to be just what I speak of on the site…judgmental…rude…and obnoxious. You researched the site a bit…found the worst possible examples of crap to post in your blog and decided that this is what the site is…Maybe you could have found the stories that speak of heartbreak….being judged by society for being different…maybe you could have found the stories that talked of people finding their best friend on that site…or finding support they never thought they would have….instead you find the weird and the ugly….there is weird and ugly every where…FACEBOOK…is fake personified …how about we all post what we want the world to see…what society says we should be and pretend so everyone can “like” us…BS..I think your post is lacking in depth and that you should try to dig deeper instead of taking surface value. Just to be clear…I am a well educated mother of two children…and use the site as place to write…and express my thoughts ..I have met some lovely people there whom I would consider friends and this …is what EP is actually all about.

  • Anonymous

    I agree with Felicity. Sure, there are jerks, the same as anywhere else. But the heart of EP is the good, caring people who do reach out to others, whether friend or stranger. I see incredible people every day, supporting and encouraging those who are depressed, troubled and confused, offering advice, help, or just a friendly ear. One of the silly questions the writer puts down was a lighthearted joke from one of the regulars, a terrific person. Some of the things posted might not be immediately understood by a stranger, but the community is warm and welcoming, if a little wacky at times, just like any family. And that is what I see in EP, family. I’ve met some of the best people I’ve ever known here, and I will be a proud and happy member for a long time to come.

  • yvette vernet

    What happened to my message?

    • Garth Iorg

      It probably made too much sense relative to this article.

  • 151rby

    This blog post was hilarious, just like EP.

  • TheOne

    i’ve been a member of EP for a few yrs. you obviously wont ever get anything from it because your a bitter humourless cow.

    its a better place then the likes of facebook and any dating site you think its similar too. ( ridiculous statement btw)

    ‘do you think north Koreans should be force fed fortune cookies’?
    was it compulsory to answer that Q?. you could have passed over it like a NORMAL person…
    instead you run a hate campeign in your crappy magazine….
    this site is for the exact oppisite of the likes of you

  • WellThen

    Honestly, I was upset when I read the headline of this article, and became more upset as I read the rest. I am a member of Experience Project, and have loved it since day one. I was hoping for some valid points and reasons of why Miss Liz Spikol wasn’t a fan, so I could see her point of view– not necessarily agree with it, but at least see where she was coming from. As I finished the article it became very clear the main purpose of this was to ridicule, not to honestly give a full review (pros and cons) of the site. So then I decided to read some of her other stories. Well, once I did that I was no longer upset. I just read a few, but her stories are all.. lets says ‘superficial’ to be nice. I am a little relieved to find that she is not popular, and if I dare say, never will be. If anyone is honestly considered checking out EP, I recommend you do. There are weird and disturbing people on *every* social media site you can find, and rather than to skip over those, and show how much GOOD this site can do, Liz here emphasized it. Perhaps she will write a review on Facebook next, I hope she includes the “cow boobs” fan page.

  • Jean-Luc

    Like every other social networking site there are some awesome people, some pedos, lots of pervs and trolls and pretty much everyone in between. I find trying to take EP seriously is not a very good idea.

  • BadassQuiat

    They don’t need clarification because everyone on that site knows that I have a pet hedgehog, It’s not rocket surgery. Thanks for the laugh though, it made my day.

    • Pat William

      “rocket surgery”….just another reason to love you Badass.

    • Ferric67


  • ellykz

    I am on EP too, and you know what. I respond with well-researched and dignified answers when the time calls for it. Just like there is stupid people in the world, there is definitely stupid EP members. You do not mention one good piece on here so it is clearly biased. I do not get on for dating, I block people who try to hit on me, and I am there to read, learn, and help others. Plain and Simple.

  • Richard Watson

    this is what happens when you judge a book by its cover , i’ve been a member for a year and 1/4 and this is an amazing site to me , sure there are some dumb Qs and some idiotic ones and stories but there are good ones too , there are a large range of people on this site EP of all ages and all their thoughts bouncing all over the place , a lot can be funny also , i’d recommend this site to people that sit at home alone or the ones that don’t have much of a social life like myself , its great and i don’t regret it at all

  • Bedlamborne

    You really did a terrible job on researching this site. I’m not surprised given that you wouldn’t even be considered as a D-List blogger. The thing is, this site isn’t your average run of the mill social network. People join and very quickly, most find a tight niche to fall into. Using BadassQuiat’s question on taking her hedgehog outside was possibly the worst example you could have given. That user is a loved “local” on that site. That being said.. Q & A are mostly comprised by “locals” that use it for plain and simple friendly entertainment. Most of the questions posted are of more a comedic connotation. This isn’t Yahoo Q and A, so no.. no one is looking to try to help a teenager out with their problems when they forgot to tell boyfriend to put a condom on or whatever else. By the way, it’s really too bad that you found some of the darker sides of EP, however.. I’d like to know what kind of gross things you were looking up to have led you to such areas.

    • Ferric67

      BLB is right on the money….as usual. The mistake in this article (done so by the author) was to group an entire site as being uninteresting and illiterate in thought. You will find all walks of life on EP, it’s up to you to choose who you want to interact with, and how you would like to express yourself.

      • Morti02

        I agree with the author.
        for one thing all EP members seem to think they have very wise and “open-minded” people for some reason, which they aren’t.
        and in reply to BLB, what if that teenager took her life cuz of all the offensive reply’s she’d get? teenagers do that a’lot you know.

        point is Most of the EP community are type i wouldn’t want my kids to know. a few are good minded people who wish to help, but the rest are trailer trash.

  • PoetLover

    Bedlamborn: Badassquiat is not loved by the community, I have never seen anything intersting about her. She thinks she’s superior, to everyone else. And I just find her extremely annoying, so don’t say everyone at EP loves her.

    • Guest

      Yes she is. Just because you find her annoying doesn’t mean you can extrapolate your opinion to all of EP. Most people like her.

    • Guest

      I guess one troll had to show up sooner or later. Poetlover, you’re the one who isn’t liked. You are immature, rude and offensive. Don’t go projecting your jealousy on someone else just because you wish someone liked you.

      • TheOne

        why is this coward in a Guest profile. we all showed our names….

    • Garth Iorg

      Yes she is. She is appreciated by us all!

  • Robert C Brusberg (puck61)

    I’ve been a member of the experience project for over six years. The only thing I can possibly think of that might have led you to write this poorly researched and somewhat offensive blog is a lack of imagination and perhaps a case of sour grapes. I’m sure you can do better than this.

  • Robert C Brusberg (puck61)

    I’ve been a member of the experience project for over six years. The only thing I can possibly think of that might have led you to write this poorly researched and somewhat offensive blog is a lack of imagination and perhaps a case of sour grapes. I’m sure you can do better than this.

  • Garth Iorg

    Wow! You really don’t get it, do you? This has the created the community that has gone out of our society. We can talk to people with different issues and get to know them without just focusing on their primary issue. Before you knock it, try doing a little bit of research into it.

    • antisocialnetworking

      There has been research. It’s a scam.

  • Ms Geni

    Liz, why didn’t you just say that you couldn’t get it? EP members are GREAT at dealing with narrow-minded people like you. We just BLOCK them. Don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out, honey bunches….

  • Garth Iorg

    I did, however, get a kick out of the “journalist’s” profile. In describing “herself,” she talks about what a great city Philadelphia is! That says a lot. Philly, a great city? Take it from a native. It’s a pit! Oh, and she’s written for the Huffington Post. I’m starting to get the picture.

  • Paiseley Tobin

    despite my issues with ep, this article reeks of a the kind of moron-mindedness you find from a facebook junkie.
    and lay off badassquiat.

    • Ferric67

      I second that!

  • grahamll1

    I beg to differ. The Experence Project is a place where everyone can relate.

    • ireadyourdiary

      I so agree!!! That’s what its designed to be!!! Anonymous ,vent

      • Morti02

        the site itself isn’t bad, it’s nice to find something like that where lots of nice people talk, make friends and share.

        however the people on EP are the worst.

        you find all kinds of people on there. pedophiles, subway pervs, rude ignorant asshole, know it alls you name it.
        in fact there’s an entire discussion named “I’m in love with a fictional character” where people talk about their loved ones (blagh)
        it’s not a bad site, just that most people on it are the type you don’t wanna deal with or know at all.

  • Anthony McCleod

    I use EP sometimes. For me its fairly light hearted entertainment and I think more mentally stimulating than most games out there. I’m actually disgusted that you feel the need to point out these people here when that behaviour would be banned on EP; Their policies protect posters against this sort of bullying. This makes you no more than a common troll. I bet you are still there.

  • liz spikol is so siwwy

    okay…i see your point, but everyone is right there is a humoress/idiotic side to EP that relieves the tension of the more serious questions – i partake in both. my only problem with your article is calling a city of over a million a “town”. but you are right, a cowboy hatted man in RS would be thought provoking and ridicule inspiring. on the flip side, he would become a z list celeb, like overnight! 😉 and yes i am from philly so hush.

    liz spikol, you take good care of your hair and skin, yet you seem to wear an expression on your face- i dont care if im pretty. i dont get have this weird but enchanting vibe. i cant decide if i love you or i hate you. see you soon liz spikol….!!!

  • Blooregard


  • anonymous

    EP is dangerous. It is highly addictive if you are one of those who spends hours a day looking at a computer. It has also caused me emotional damage. It led me to believe things that weren’t true. I wasted hours of my life complaining about crap that nobody cares about. I put off everything else that was important for this site that led me to this rut-and I deeply regret it. As for leaving the site, I don’t visit it anymore-but I was unable to delete my account because I was an “active” member and my message to delete didn’t get to epsupport. The site itself isn’t necessarily bad, but I don’t recommend it to people who are trying to connect with others if they can’t connect in the outside world. It just deepens the void of sadness and destroys what matters most-connections. If you do choose to join or stay, Lushiro is probably the nicest person on there-maybe even the nicest person on the internet.

    • adam smith

      it’s a high addictive website and i had many friend on it n soon im gonna meet the girl of my dreams that i met on experience project, and yes i do recomand it of all people except those u r realy incapable of meeting people outside because of they bad helth

  • anonymous

    EP is ok, depending on what you’re looking for. If you’re looking for just another social site, it’s cool. But if you’re looking for the things you aren’t getting out of life off the net, like most are, I wouldn’t recommend it. From experience, it won’t uplift you if that’s what you’re looking for. It only brought me down.

  • BasilnThyme

    I am a member of experience project. I run across people who have no means of communicating with others or having social interactions outside of The EP. Sure there are jerks, but you can block them. And you can find amazing people who empathize with painful secrets one might not have ever been able to share anywhere else.

  • childcalledit

    i have been a member since 2009. the site used to be way less stupid and random. Wish you could have been there in it’s prime. in 2009-2010. it was very much like a support group with a few trolls. it’s gone to shit since then. too many young people. they messed up big when they connected to facebook. that drew in all the filler people who didn’t need to be there. EP used to be like therapy. it’s sooo messed up now. i tried to clean it up, but i think it’s too far gone now. they have too many people who don’t need to be there. although later at night between midnight and 5 am, it’s not a that bad of a place to be.

  • M_In_O_Town

    What’s the matter P-lover? Didn’t get the cyber you wanted ya perv??? You’re a lying s.o.b. too btw

  • M_In_O_Town

    There’s a lot of fucked up attitudes on EP that will attack you for your point of view to gain a following. I got attacked the day I got there for posting some of my stories and you’re right about the posters in the question section the mentality is definitely questionable. There’s also a lot of dysfunction enabling going on there. Case in point is a guy in Australia who has a definite drinking problem over a son he lost to asthma. He refuses to get past it and uses that to gain sympathy and followers. If the EP community keeps supporting him like that he will eventually drink himself to death and one that does support him should know better as she’s been sober, or claims to be for 3 years now she’s also involved with a fellow recovery brit guy, she lives in the states but IF they ever get together remains to be seen. Oh speaking of which there’s a guy there called BillyMadisonJ that apparently likes to predator under age girls and a lot of the EP “community” supports this guy too. Truth be known the place is a complete trailer park that desperately needs cleaning and EP staff are no angels in this either as they’ve been giving away subscriptions to these people F-ed up situation.

    • Morti02

      I agree with you.
      I mostly fear for the any minors that go on that site, anyone under 21 is easily messed up by this site.

  • PoetLover

    I agree with you, that site used to be a good site, but then they connected to facebook, and all the plebes, and trolls showed up. As soon as that happened it became a cesspool, and we lost some of the best most mature and witty people. I deleted my account, but EP wont delete it, so I’m just not going back. Phuck that site, and everyone on it. I do miss people like WittyDitty, and LostInChicago, they were cool people that didn’t have a stick up their A$$. Now it’s just a bunch of little kids running rampant. I found a better place, and now I will be happy to repeat this. Phuck EP and everyone on it.

    • different

      I personally think its an awesome site to use

    • tMod

      Hear hear. EP sucks. I left too for similar reasons…

  • PoetLover

    The other way around. The best examples are rare in that cesspool.

  • PoetLover

    Ridicule is all those people at EP deserve.

  • PoetLover

    EP is more sad than hilarious.

    • 151rby

      No, you’re more sad than hilarious. You’re just bitter because you wanted to play your asinine little narcissistic politicking games where you launch a smear campaign against anyone who dares to defy your insecure, overblown sense of self-importance, but you weren’t smart enough to get any substantial number of people to fall for it.

      • PoetLover

        Butthurt?! About what? having a bunch of hateful people steal the picture of my 3 year old son, and slander him? Start fake profiles about me to say that I am a pervert, or that I’m gay, and that I confess my love to all these men? And whatever else I was doing….EP is a haven for perverts, pedophiles, and trolls. Speak against them, and your stories will be flagged, questions deleted, and trolled to death…. Or should I be butthurt about contacting EP about what you trolls were doing to me, and having EP delete my real account. Only after I complaint with a different profile (therealpoetlover) did EP reinstate my old one, when I sent the e-mail for them to delete my profile because I didn’t want to be a part of that. They ignored me. Is that why you think I’m butthurt?

        • 151rby

          Oh, puh-leez. I bet the entire reason you used a picture of your son as your avatar in the first place is so that you could have the illusion of extra moral high ground if anyone should try to impersonate you. Were they really slandering your son? Because it’s funny how you’ve said that a few times, yet you never describe exactly what was said, who said it, or provided any links or screenshots as proof. And you know Billy does that stupid fake profile thing to anyone who makes him mad enough. Pretty much everyone knew it was him and not you. It’s not right of him, but now you’re trying to extend Billy’s ways to the entirety of EP, to make it sound like everyone’s out to get you. And maybe in your case it wasn’t just Billy, and maybe you actually deserved it, because it didn’t happen until after YOU started using that perv list as a way to spread slanderous lies about anyone who hurt your sensitive feelings, and created that stupid sawfish account to make it look like there was another witness to your made-up stories about them. If this was REALLY about you being against pervs, pedos, and trolls, then pretty much all of us would be on your side. But anyone who paid attention knows that you’re just butthurt because your stupid little witch hunt strategy backfired on you. And now, true to classic narcissist form, instead of admitting it, you persist, more resolutely than ever, with your I’m-the-victim tactics. And as for EP support not really caring about you, what the fuck did you expect? You’ve probably been a pain in their ass for a long time. They’re the ones who have to clean up the site every time someone like you shits their pants and smears it all over the wall. You think you can come onto their website, repeatedly instigate drama, systematically spread lies about other users, pollute the site with your anti-anyone-who-doesn’t-kiss-your-ass propaganda, violate their terms of service over and over and over again, and then expect them to be at your beck and call as soon as you want their help? Yeah right.

          • PoetLover

            Maybe you weren’t paying attention, but I was never “Anti-Anyone-That-Doesn’t-Kiss-My-Ass. I said it repeatedly, I have tough skin, and nothing really bothers me. Billy didn’t bother me, people calling me names didn’t bother me, people making hate groups to hate me, didn’t bother me, people writing libelous and slanderous stories about me didn’t bother me, etc… Didn’t bother me… BUT when perverts started stealing the picture of my son for their own sick degenerate pleasures, I got a little touchy.

          • 151rby

            I know you’ve said repeatedly that you have tough skin. If it was true, you wouldn’t feel the need to say it repeatedly. If it was true, you wouldn’t feel the need to instigate a witch hunt against every single person who either blocked you or called out your lies. And you’ve known for a long time that there are pervs on EP, so why the hell did you decide to keep using a picture of your son as your avatar anyway? So that you could use it as a shield, as a diversion, so that if anyone retaliated against you, you could try to make it sound like it’s about pedos going after your son, when really it’s about decent people going after your lying, scheming, manipulating ass. So that you could try to prevent spectators and passers-by from seeing the truth of the matter, just like you’re doing right now. I wish all narcissists were as stupid as you are.

          • PoetLover

            So now I’m stupid because I decided to leave that stupid website?.. And yes I have known for a long time that EP is full of Pervs, Pedos, Degenerates, scum, haters, etc… I’m sure you fall under one of the categories, if you wish to defend them so vigorously. Also how did anyone retaliate against me?.. Nobody ever retaliated against me. They (I don’t know who did it) used my 3 year old son to spread their lies.

            And if anyone is a narcissist trying to manipulate a situation, it’s you. What have you called me so far?… Stupid, narcissist, liar, schemer, etc… Why?.. Because I don’t like having my 3 year old son’s picture used by a bunch of degenerates on EP?…

          • 151rby

            Oh wow, the old “If you’re against me then you’re one of the bad guys” trick. The old “I’m not a narcissist, you’re a narcissist” trick. Truly brilliant. All I’m doing is telling the truth about what happened. You’re not even bothering to address most of the important points I’ve made, instead you’re just reiterating the same old lies and false premises in hopes that people unfamiliar with the situation will believe you.

          • PoetLover

            Ah, the old I see your sarcasm, and raise you some sass. and the good ol’ “plot twist.” And the good guy becomes the bad.

          • 151rby

            What plot twist? This is at a standstill because you’re just using empty rhetoric to try to obscure the fact that you were one of the biggest slanderers on EP.

          • PoetLover

            Slanderers?.. Anyone that talks the truth about your god badassquiat is automatically a slanderer, or a whatever. I said it on EP and I’ll say it everywhere else she’s a dumbass and a b!tch. But she is your god.

  • PoetLover

    That’s all I found on their. Hate mongers , and I do admit that’s it’s better than Facebook, but I’d rather have my flesh eaten by piranhas’ then to be on Facebook, or that cesspool of a site called EP

  • PoetLover

    People on EP are the ones who are narrow minded. Blocking anyone who disagrees with their point of view. Simpletons!

  • PoetLover

    Not with a crappy BS site like EP this is all it deserves.

  • PoetLover

    The majority on EP are stupid.

  • PoetLover

    I tried it, and I have to agree with the blogger. EP is a cesspool, wasn’t like that before, but it certainly is now.

  • TicTac

    I’ve made a few friends on EP, and I think the site is much better than Facebook! Every social networking sight has its pit falls.
    There are groups there that have sleezy members, so obviously stay away from those. There are groups there that are decent, and have some decent people.

  • immaboss8

    wow u really need to be the center of attention dont ya

  • immaboss8

    u remind me of a guy named mystical mike

  • jackass

    like facebooks any differfent
    haha this is halarious xD

  • Lou

    This blog is filled with lies, the site is for the whack I’ll give you that, but it’s not as you described. To be a good blogger you have to “try” to as the very least seem unbiased. Sounds like you didn’t like the experience and you have a bone to pick. Sucks

  • Bob_Knows

    She is probably upset because she couldn’t get laid.

  • glee12

    I actually love EP.

  • rainbowstar


  • rainbowstar

    ep is a scam

    • different

      Why just because you have different views about it. I have met alot of awesome people on who just want to talk, not every person who has people younger as a friend on there is a pedo. I am 14 and i have meet alot of people almost twice my age who are really cool and just want to talk. My experience on E.P. has been great, yes there are some people on their with “different views” but also alot if cool people to connect with and of you have something against it. Well i honestly dont give a crap, every other social media has creeps on it even facebook. Its inevitable to avoid it. Every town, state, and country has creepos. For all you know the waiter at your local starbucks could be a creepo or the new guy at work could be. So dont be to quick to jump to conclusions especially if you dont fuckin know the person!!!!!

  • rainbowstar

    i was just kicked out, so many bs fakers and they picked on me, for writing true questions and comments, exposing and calling out the fakers in questions, what a bunch of wusses!

  • rainbowstar

    anyhow,my best question was LolitaBootayPop is a scam profile, which it is, a faker, but the jokes on them, that place will crash and burn soon enough:)

    • guest

      this fake profile is now another name – Blond1e, keep away from them

  • rainbowstar

    and once i came across another profile, that had visible pics of an american murdered child, saying it was their own, that was just so bad, so mainly thats what i did, call out and warn about the fakers,i guess they just didnt like it!

  • rainbowstar

    theres alot of good folks on there being scammed by fake profiles, its infuriating for me

    • ireadyourdiary

      That’s the kind of site it is hun! Anonymous, venting unrevealed, etc. i love EP! You don’t have to read what you don’t want!

      • antisocialnetworking

        That can’t always be controlled unfortunately.

  • rainbowstar

    anyhow if you do go there keep away from LolitaBootayPop, shes, He… is a faker

  • rainbowstar

    Ep group – I love rainbows, A smile in the sky.. Rainbows are like a smile in the sky, a sign of hope for all after a rainy day, cheers to all :)

  • A1 A1

    I think this is an author who does not want to understand EP,where everyone can relate … and therefore she has tried to malign the site through this terrible article … proving nothing except that she has bad writing skills and writes pointless articles. LOLz !!!

  • A1 A1

    I and my circle will never buy books from this author going by this .

  • Sam

    I am a member of EP, have been for a year and a half. Overall, your description is pretty correct. I agree with most of what you say. There are a small minority of genuine people on there, and the rest are skull fucking morons. Also, the dumbasses have driven me to delete my account.

  • Olga Williams

    I got on there for about 5 days and the WIERDO’S on there and the subjects they wrote about were SICK! I found myself feeling very emotionally drained, because sometimes you can’t really tell by the title until you get into the “meat” of a persons story and all this “negative” talk just left me feeling drained and even a bit anxious so I have DROPPED IT! It’s a lot of people talking about things they would maybe not tell their closest friends! Problems, Problems, Problems! It made me think of how do priests do it? Listening to “confessions” like they do on a regular weekly basis?! They must be SAINTS!

  • Olga Williams

    Police ought to monitor this site, given that there is a mix of very young (under age) with adults having conversations about sex. Then there’s photos that some under age 21 people post.

    • deletedaccount

      I am actually surprised that the authorities haven’t been on there. There are 13 year olds posting that they want to sex chat with a “daddy”, and the old guys line up for it…..It really is kiddie porn in disguise.
      It was that same 13 year old girl begging to have a man come and fill her up that tipped me over the line.
      I deleted my account because it got just waaaaay too yucky for me. And believe me, I am no prude.

      • Care

        Yes, I deleted my account as I literally became ill over what I saw and read there. The EP is WAY over the top and needs police monitoring. I am seriously concerned about any teens or young people and what they are being exposed to on that site.

        • ClarieM

          crikey – I was glad I never saw this kind of stuff! All the more reason not to re-join! I’ve actually now blocked this site from my emails

      • different

        Thats there choice. If you have something against it why didnt you report that person yet no you decided to go to this site and type about. Not that im ok with it but for real those girls dont post on another site about you do they, probably not. Brcause i am a 14 year old on that site, but i keep it appropriate for my age. Because what if they were raised in a rough household and thats how their family is. Or what ut they were made to do it? Dont be so quick to jump to conclusions especially if you dont know the person or how they grew up!!

        • adam smith

          i think the same, n what this article says is realy not fair, the website is for me the third best one after fb and twitter

  • Lisa

    I like EP. I have connected with a lot of people on there and have made good friends. It depends on how you perceive the site and how you use it as well. I have found a lot of help on that site. The downside is the creeps and sex offenders. I have gotten messages asking what my favorite sexual position is, ect…. [sic] If your a parent, monitor the site for your child if he or she chooses to use it. As an adult monitor who you allow into your circle, you output of information and what not. Just be responsible and if you have a problem, got the EP Support. They’ve helped me numerous times in the past.

  • Guy In NC

    EP is what you make of it. You want honest, serious people? They are there, if you look for honest, serious “experiences”. You want dumb questions that lead to some hilarious answers? Look under the “Questions” section and you will see what I mean. Do you want to find confirmation that you aren’t the only person in the world who likes ___ (fill in the blanks); you will find a plethora of “experience” stories that will make you feel like the most normal (maybe even boring) person in the world. And, hey, that might actually lead you to “letter” with someone and find out what the grass is like on their side of the fence. EP offers a wonderful service to many people. Are there some creep-o’s on EP? Sure, but then the guy or gal at the stop light next to you in the morning commute may be a creep-o, also. Would you deny him or her the right to drive a car, simply because of their questionable (note: I did not say illegal) tastes? It would certainly reduce traffic if the authorities pulled the license of everyone who someone else thought was a creep; which you, Liz, might think is a good idea—until someone thought YOU are a creep and decided to pull your driver license. It reminds me of the quote (I forget who said it), “I may not agree with your views, but I will defend with my life your right to hold those views.”
    To categorically say EP is “moronic” is to point up how the writer is willing to
    dismiss over 1 million stories by hundreds of thousands of people of all persuasions, all over the world, with a single word. Forgive me for saying this, Liz, but I would say that dismissal of that kind is…yea, that’s right, if the shoe fits…moronic.

    • i read your diary

      I so agree! I love EP!! FOr times when i wanna just vent……..ive been goin in and ventin since the beginning. But a daily site its really not.

  • CARE

    The EP network is filled with disturbed people sharing disturbing stories, many have bizarre & inappropriate profiles, open porn talk between members….you name it….all in the name of “an experience.’ SO WHAT….with freedom comes responsibility and this network has little to none. NOT for kids or teens, little is blocked which should be on such a public site.

  • Concerned

    I think we should get rid of all priests since there were a couple that had sexual relations with children. Oh .. and can TV because of all the killing that is reported. And beef up the Patriot Act to include more monitoring but also break into peoples houses to catch them watching porn.

  • DragonGirl13

    I’m a member of EP (I can’t seem to remember my name) I haven’t been on for a few days… Yes there are creeps, perves, morons, and idiots on there but there are also ppl that understand me and understand what I’m going through and what I’m like… So I’m gonna say its an ok site not a great site an ok site.

  • antisocialnetworking

    EP has been using the stories that are posted to pubish for their profit. And there are rumors that there is “another site” involved in this profit. Something needs to be done not just about the monsters on EP, but the possibility of the violation of the privacy of thousands of people.

  • ClarieM

    I only joined EP to join in a discussion about minor problems in personal relationships! It would NOT let me log on, kept on changing passwords, etc. – then I got a ‘pup’ virus on, which I had to clear on Malwarebytes! I will NOT be signing up again!

  • Dan

    I joined EP in March 2013 and was very happy for the first couple of months. But then more and underage kids and trolls showed up. As PoetLover says, it’s a “cesspool” full of very nasty, mean people who offer nothing of value to anyone else on the site. There is also a lot of discrimination from younger people toward older people. If an older person wants to connect with a younger person for even the most benign subject, they get blocked or flagged. I was blocked by someone who was in the 22-25 age range for wanting to express something very personal (non sexual or adult nature). I’m in the 41-45 age range but I’m a practicing Seventh Day Adventist and would not engage in any inappropriate discussion with a person of that age range. To sum it up, EP has become worse than Facebook. I will stick to the real world, when seeking advice to any issue. A few people on this site are good people, but are far outnumbered by the bad ones.

  • Itsthatonegirl

    I Joined on March 2013 as well. and back then it was good. There social network had a good grasp between minors and adults. Lets face it, minor should never be allowed to view mature content NEVER. And adult should never be able to contact,view, or post anything to a minor that how it was back when i joined in March. But in the last few monthes starting in November. EP has purposely removes all these walls of protection. What people don’t understand is EP motto is Share your Life experience where you are not judged. People that think all the mature author such as myself is a mistake on EP. Sad to say but you don’t know what Life Experience is. Everything is a life experience even the air we breathe or the words we are currently typing even the thought that is in our heads. Back in March i made sure my profile was not safe for minor, There is even an option to mark my profile as mature. But hey guess what EP removed that option. Now adults are seeing minor post and minors are seeing adult post. So before you talk about the mature author being a mistake you need to ask yourself why did EP remove those filter blocks?. They had a solid wall. Minor want there space and Adult want theres. Now i understand the whole predators,fake profile, and people using it to score cybersex. But please don’t mix all the mature author in 1 group, Cause i for one did not join ep to score cybersex. Nudism is illegal in the states expressing my life story as a nudist my intention were to meet other nudist, Learn there ways there own lifestyle. If people read my stories then PMed me if i wanted to get naked i instantly block them. Cause again i am not on EP for that kinda interaction. Sure i have sex stories but that doesn’t mean i wanna sex you. But even now after the changes everything is completely censored i can’t even talk about ice cream without violating the guideline. So yea for all those people here that are grouping all the mature author as bad people. You really need to look in the mirror.

  • LTH

    People getting up in arms about various popular members is pointless, its the internet ffs. That and trying for popularity on EP is like vying to be the top retard at a group home. EP is a vile place where it used to be helpful and benevolent for people with REAL issues. Finding other “werewolves” to date and feederism aren’t real issues, just f*cking nonsense and scaring people off who come to this place for a shoulder to lean on.

  • Jean Carveth

    Armen Berjikly lives in a sexless marriage. True personal story…

  • hadyourchance

    You’re entitled to your own opinion. But unless you have “experienced” the Experience Project on a personal level it’s not fair of you to judge members in that way. Some of us have developed great friendships with other members. Say what you wish but I wouldn’t give up my EP friends based on your ignorant bullsh*t blog. Everybody has a different experience on EP. There’s the good, bad & ugly sides. Just because they exist doesn’t mean you must go there.

  • different

    I love EP. You guys are making a big deal out of nothing for somepeople. I havd connected to alot of people on there. It allows me to blow iff sime steam and vent my stories that no one knows. Its different to different people.

  • UsetobeanEpper

    An Open Letter to those still using EP;

    I am now ashamed that I have even been associated with a site, who allows minors as young as 13 have access to what can only be labeled as Soft Porn. Why where we not more up in arms about this, instead of being overly upset about changes in format? Sure the changes stink, but that is nothing compared to the filth allowed on this site, we all complained, but no one purposed a boycott.No, the only boycott was over changes in the Question and Answer board. A far better cause, to be sure.(Sarcasm, in case you missed it)

    We sold our souls for a “circle of friends” who once you delete your account are very likely not to have anything to do with you again, despite the promises “to keep in touch”

    But, why did we? My theory is most of us were the unpopular kids or we were popular and are trying to recapture something of it on EP. Now, that I am off and thinking clearly once again, it dawns on me that this place is a lot like High School, only we get to be popular now, if only in our own minds. No longer the losers who were never picked for sports, asked to the prom, the ones who were picked on in the hallways or playgrounds, we could reinvent ourselves and appear much more confident than in our real lives, where we bumble along, many of us depressed or extremely shy.

    It is highly additive, you can talk to your friends everyday, while you let your real life pass you by and neglect the people and things you should be loyal to. Of course while you are still addicted you can’t see these things and you make up any excuse to be on there. Despite being assaulted almost daily and exposing yourself to some very disturbed individuals.

    One excuse I heard a lot is that:” there are idiots in real life as well”. True, but how many people invite the jerks into there own home? That is kinda what we were doing by logging on. We knew were the jerks were and we voluntarily went there.

    In reading some of the other reviews, I agree that it can cause much emotional distress as well. You get caught up in the little darmas being played out and petty arguments that abound there. The most disturbing element is you put yourself through all this on a voluntary bases.

    I would not recommend this site, I think that logging off and getting back into the real world would be better for most of the people addicted to this site. That is my opinion. Maybe if you do, you can start emailing those people you promised to “stay in touch with” and make a real friend.

  • immanuel price

    I’ve been on that site for 3 years now, and i just deleted my account recently. All i can say is, avoid that site, it’s just stupidity everywhere.

  • Agonizing Truth

    EP is utterly worthless as anything other than a circle jerk of like-minded idiots. It has such one-sided enforcement of its rules it makes the whole site a laughingstock.