Why I Hope You Won’t Read “Being White in Philly”

The story is racist.

Exactly what constitutes racism is a matter of debate. But my own sense is that racism takes many forms and one is a preoccupation with race—seeing skin color before the person, or wrongly assuming a person’s race to be a primary cause of their behavior. I believe the story “Being White in Philly,” in the March issue of Philadelphia Magazine, is guilty of these forms of racism. And this isn’t an assessment I make with any pleasure.

The story’s writer, Bob Huber, is a friend and colleague whose work I’ve long respected. His lament, in this piece, is that whites can’t talk about race for fear of being labeled “racist.” And the story’s stated aim is to print the things white people think but are uncomfortable saying. Problems crop up throughout: No African-Americans are interviewed in the piece, nor are any Asians or Latinos; and the narrative takes place in a small swath of land, along the border of Fairmount, a largely white section of the city, and North Philadelphia, which is predominantly African-American. This gives a story that purports to be broad and authoritative a narrow cast. But I’m going to start by focusing on one early exchange, between Bob and a white Russian lady, who cuts loose.

“Blacks use skin color as an excuse,” she says. “Discrimination is an excuse, instead of moving forward. … It’s a shame—you pay taxes, they’re not doing anything except sitting on porches smoking pot … Why do you support them when they won’t work, just making babies and smoking pot?”

There isn’t much done to contextualize this quote. And what’s there seems to endorse the Russian lady’s view. “If you’re not an American, the absence of a historical filter results in a raw view focused strictly on the here and now,” Huber writes, which I interpret as suggesting the foreigner has a clearer-eyed view of the moment.

Bob assures me he just wanted to let his sources speak for themselves in this story. But he seems to miss the obvious here, which is that if white Philadelphians would like to be able to address race without being labeled “racist,” they should avoid saying racist things. But there are further layers of error and creeping bias to uncover here.

The story never really sets itself up properly. For instance, it’s never stated that the writer is going to let his sources say any ‘ole thing. And the resulting piece doesn’t seem to obey even the most basic journalistic conventions—like being true. After all, the city’s African-Americans demonstrably aren’t sitting on their porches, waiting for government checks to arrive. They’re working—the unemployment rate among African-Americans is 14 percent. Perhaps some African-Americans, like some whites, Asians and Latinos, are underemployed or working low-wage jobs but they are not, as a group, smoking weed while they wait for the mail. For sake of comparison, imagine if we had quoted someone leveling the allegation that Ed Rendell is now spending his days sitting on his porch, smoking pot and waiting for financial “support.” We’d bat those falsehoods away with factual information a sentence or two later. But in this instance, an entire race was denigrated without exercising the journalistic practice of being, you know, factual—first taught in high school and reinforced throughout a career.

Now, Bob writes that he wants to see the city begin to engage in a meaningful conversation about race. And I’m sure, with the story now online, a “conversation” will start. I’m going to try and write something here that might render that conversation productive. Because there is a subtler issue at play here—namely, “Being White in Philly” never really raises matters of race.

As the piece winds on, Bob writes about street fights, drug dealing, muggings, the theft of grills and Halloween pumpkins. In each instance, the only feature of the perpetrators he mentions is the (imagined) color of their skin. I say “imagined” because, in some instances there is no witness—just the thought that it must have been a “black guy” or kid acting as the culprit.

Shocked yet?

I sure am.

It is, in my opinion, one thing for some racist resident to feel and think these thoughts, another entirely for a major city magazine to do it—and publish them as fact. What’s missing, among many things, is meaningful analysis.

Do people steal BBQ grills from back patios because they’re black? Or Halloween pumpkins? Do they deal Oxycontin because the amount of pigment in their skin produces such behavior?  No. And I’d contend that if this story ever moved beyond its contention that we need to talk about race, to actually thinking about what it is we need to say, Bob might have realized the behaviors that so concern him aren’t related to race but to socioeconomics.

Beginning in the 1970s, U.S. academics started publishing on the link between unemployment, poverty and crime. And over the years, a host of further socioeconomic factors have been shuffled into the equation, including income level, neighborhood quality and education. It is, in fact, patently true that teenagers of every shade steal or crush Halloween pumpkins, everywhere—in quaint Collingswood and citified Fairmount—because they lack impulse control. People spirit grills away, probably to sell or pawn them for cash, because they have poor or zero job prospects.

“The economic motivation behind crime is essentially the appropriation of somebody else’s property,” reads one study published by the World Bank. “Another [factor] is the pursuit of illegal activity even at the risk of being caught and punished. Therefore, criminal offenders are likely to be found among those who have relatively more to gain from these activities and relatively little to lose in case they are caught. Individuals such as these presumably belong to the neediest groups in society … .”

The big challenge, then, in talking about race, may be making sure that race is what we’re actually talking about.

This Philly Mag article, however, never even reaches this level of awareness. Instead, we encounter a litany of anecdotes about blacks and imagined blacks behaving badly. And frankly, nearly a week after I first read this story, I still can’t believe I’m not just making it up.

In a situation like this, my personal pains—the angst of me, the white reporter—aren’t and should not be on the public radar. But before I conclude with what’s really at stake here, I should offer a personal note, just for the record. It’s Bob who edited my story “What Will Happen to Harold?,” in which I wrote about the challenges a 10-year-old African-American boy faces in North Philadelphia. And just this summer, our magazine’s editor, Tom McGrath, helped me pull together this story about how post traumatic stress disorder afflicts thousands of residents in this city’s poorest neighborhoods. In each case, both men edited with intelligence and sensitivity. And I expect they will both do so again.

What happened on this current piece?

Did both men fall off a horse?

I don’t know. But I am both personally and professionally stunned that Tom thought, in his editor’s column, to refer to Bob’s new piece as a “bookend” to my story on PTSD.

In short, it’s not.

Now, it is rare, if not unprecedented, for a city magazine to print a story like Bob’s. And it is rarer still for a writer on staff to be allowed a public forum to question the judgment of the publication for which he works. But here we are.

It is not lost on me that “Being White in Philly,” is (most likely) a transparent attempt to get an emotional reaction, and in that sense I am only feeding the fire I suspect the magazine hoped would start. So let me conclude by saying something even more outrageous: I sincerely hope you will not read Bob’s story. Let me do this service for you. Whoever you are, “Being White in Philly,” is not—in my opinion—worthy of your time.

READ ALSO: Jason Fagone’s “Philly Mag’s ‘Being White in Philly’ Doesn’t Make Sense as Journalism,” and Tom McGrath’s “Why We Wrote About Race.”

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  • Thank you.

  • jen

    i will take your word for it and not read it. thank you for your work on this, I hope your message spreads.

    • ms_anthro

      And here we have an example of a typical brainless multicultist, someone all too eager to be told what to think. You exemplify the anti-white position, madame. Bravo.

  • MichelleLynn68

    It was a great piece based on the view of being white in Philadelphia. We, as whites, can NOT express our feelings in any way publically, unless we are ashamed of our skin color and our “guilt” for being born white. I, for one, am not. If we express views contrary to self hate and guilt, we are automatically labeled racist. That’s where you fail to see the point of the article. That’s exactly what you have done to your collegue and friend by writing this piece. Shame on you.

    • so being white is being… hateful? this article says nothing about being white without degrading non-whites… i’m all for a piece about white people… it’s all that is on the television (the complete omission of racial diversity in most prime time shows assumes this), but why must any attention to diverse audiences be negative?

      • 1stworlder

        Blacks are only 13% of the population but fill over 1/2 of our prisons, but that doesnt hold a candle to how often they are shown on comercials

      • Aggie95

        and who is it that runs these T.V. stations …. its liberals if I’m not mistaken

    • “We, as whites, can NOT express our feelings in any way publically, unless we are ashamed of our skin color and our “guilt” for being born white.”

      Isn’t this discussion thread about an article that was published by a white man in a magazine that is purportedly representative of all of Philadelphia in which he expresses his feelings about race *publicly* without being bound by “white guilt”?

      • jtkayLA

        The point is that the article in question is an extreme rarity. The vast majority of white people cannot publicly express thoughts or feelings that go against the approved narrative without the risk of serious consequences–being labeled a racist, loss of jobs, friends, reputation. I’ve been randomly jumped by groups of black guys three times in my life. I’ve never experienced any other violence ever from anyone. Now I avoid walking near groups of young black guys. I would never share that fact with anyone though, because doing stuff like that is regularly called racist–although I would call it a reasonable response to traumatic events. That’s my lived experience. I’ve been a victim of violent crime three times at the hands of young black men and I now avoid them when I can, but I can’t share that publicly because people will call me a racist and claim that *I’m* the bad guy. People say they want an open and honest dialogue, but when they don’t like what they hear, they complain and pull out the race card once again. Those calling for the dialogue should just be honest about what they want. They want white people to simper and grovel and take the blame for everything bad that’s ever happened to any black person. And they want us to do it forever. Nothing will ever be enough.

    • Cleomama

      Speak for yourself! I don’t want to be associated with any of the white people included in his piece. You can express feelings of love and pride without going on to stereotype an entire race of people based on the actions of some.

      • ms_anthro

        We don’t want to associate with you either, Mama. So why not let us go? Why do you insist on following us everywhere we try to flee from the effects of the glorious diversity you bring to the areas you inhabit?

        If whites are so self-evidently oppressive and evil, why do you all want to live in our neighborhoods, go to our schools, and patronize our businesses?

        • twoplustwo

          hahaha…”why do you insist of following us?” are you serious? follow you where? to well paying jobs or universities? to more prosperous neighborhoods? do you imagine it is really you they are following? trust me, nobody wants to follow you.

          something to consider: south korea has some of the most advanced technology in the world. they are a first world country with the means to educate its citizens. meanwhile, look at their northern neighbors — who speak the same language, come from the same background, and for the most part, the majority of the population are barely educated and barely fed. is THIS a race issue?

          [i know what you’re thinking — wait, that’s not a fair comparison…that’s the government…at no point in time did the american gover…


          and, if at some point these poor north korean people were required to, with no help from the south korean government or its citizens, survive in modern day south korea, how far do you think they’d get, and what might happen to them within society, even though both countries come from the same ancestral line?

          fortunately, down the line as they are able to afford education and a better life, at least there would be no easy way to discriminate within society (e.g. people like you who lack the ability to reason properly, or anyone else who might falsely assume all north koreans are stupid and born criminals)

  • Mike11052

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

  • Stacey Graham

    Thanks for your thoughtful analysis.

  • Spills

    Apologies to all involved, but I roll my eyes when I see Philly Mag cover stories anymore. I used to expect a certain amount of sensationalism; now I expect almost complete irresponsibility. That’s a black mark — if you’ll pardon — on ALL journalists, large and local. How are readers supposed to trust us? Even the story on St. Joseph’s Preparatory High School last month was devoid of any real facts and sources. Why should the rest of us believe Philly Mag staff writers? Because they automatically know better? A great many contributors aren’t even from Philly. (I contributed a couple meager pieces a few years back, for the record. But they were features — and even those were “stretched” in editing.)

    Why is it a requirement to be controversial for the mere sake of controversy? This is Philly; there’s plenty of source material out there. Some stories might require these writers to be real reporters and pound the pavement, put an ear to the sewer grate.

    Let’s all consider, before we read ANYTHING in Philly mag, that the editorial at the front of the monthly book is supposed to set the tone. And that piece is written by the very-Republican, very-conservative, very-Main Line, very-curmudgeonly and very-racist chairman of the media company that publishes this rich-folk rag. If you live in the city, you’ll find very little that applies to you.

    That’s why, after many years, I’m officially no longer a subscriber to Philadelphia Magazine. It’s just too rich for my blood.

  • Great article. Although I loathe Philly Mag, I do applaud them for allowing you to write a respectable and insightful rebuttal.

  • If blacks are involved in sitting around waiting for government checks and smoking weed, Russians are involved in kidnapping white women and human trafficking…that is as I see it now!

    • Don’t forget, sitting in their unheated home, nursing babies with vodka-filled bottles mumbling about the ole’ country..

    • Rad Matic

      The Russian girls are the victims The kidnappers are Hebrews.

  • I will be reading the original piece, because I find it even less journalistic to read a review without reading an original text. I have prepared myself to be sickened, but who can twist their nose up at PW when FOX has made a home in the garbage truck of universal hatred?

  • God forbid an article about how WHITES feel about race be published.

    • There’s nothing to be afraid of. Let it go.

      • ms_anthro

        You don’t get to decide that for other people. You don’t get to tell white people not to be afraid of blacks, especially considering that at around 13% of the population, blacks commit at least half of all violent crime in the United States. We don’t need your permission or approval to protect ourselves from harm. In fact, we don’t need you at all.

        • Guest

          Why is no one talking about the fact about how minorities feel entering white-only neighborhoods or racially divided neighborhoods? Is it because we should be more considerate of white people and how they feel? It’s almost like you’ve lost all the power in the world and now ALL THE MINORITIES are attacking white people. What about the white people committing crimes? Are they ok? They’re just because of some socio-economic situation that they’ve lived through but when it’s minorities it’s because they’re minorities. Oh no they’re black, they’re asian, they’re a different color from me so that must be the reason why it’s happening.

          Oh it’s a white person committing the crime? That’s not like us at all.

          • ms_anthro

            Statistically, almost all interracial crime is either black on white or black on mestizo/mestizo on black. The number of crimes white commit against browns and blacks is vanishingly small, so your quavering appeal to emotion and the straw man you set up to knock down (no one said it’s okay for whites to commit crimes, but nice try) are completely irrelevant here.

            This article was about being WHITE in Philly. Since when do non-white people know anything about that? They don’t, so why interview them? Whites are people too. We have a voice too. We matter too. In fact, considering we pay untold trillions in tax dollars for blacks and browns to trash our cities and hate our guts from cradle to grave, you might find that our opinions about you affect you directly. Don’t bite the white hand that feeds you or you will eventually see it withdrawn forever.

          • Guest

            You’re right. We should pen all the black people into certain neighborhood. That way they won’t hurt any white people. We should build gated communities for white people. Now since the black people are so lazy, we should bring back slavery so we can make sure that we get some work out of them….

            White people have had a voice… since the start of this country and since the Renaissance…. You are making an uninformed opinion of an entire population….

          • ms_anthro

            Another straw man fallacy. No one is suggesting penning anyone anywhere. However, freedom of association has long been a sacred human right and one that white people around the world are beginning to appreciate, now that we don’t have it anymore. In practice, freedom of association means if we build something, you’re not invited. Build your own. We don’t want to keep you anywhere. But we can keep you out. All we lack is the will. But as I have said before in this thread and others, that’s changing.

            Keep pushing us, anti-Whites. You are sowing the wind.

          • george bush

            ms_anthro you are missing the point of the article. you are also calling out someone for a “straw man fallacy,” but you don’t even understand what it means. Please don’t use concepts that you don’t understand. The previous guest was trying to make a provocative statement.

            As evidenced by your statements, you are clearly racist and uninformed. Yes, racist.

            Correlation does not equal causation. Just because, statistically, black people are more likely to commit crimes to white people does not make black people criminals or inferior. Did you not read the article? People in desperate socioeconomic situations are more likely to commit crimes. As of right now in the USA, that happens to be black people. Why? Do some research, read history, look outside, do some reflective thinking. (There is a reason for this.) Read the article and try to UNDERSTAND it. Look past skin color.
            Skin color does not explain any of these issues that you believe it to explain. That is what the writer is trying to say. There is more to it. MUCH MORE.

            I’m in China right now. There is a large Nigerian community in the city that I am residing in. Americans would call them black. They are of African lineage but they aren’t African Americans. Do you know what the crime rate is among this community? Do you know how many more people they shoot and kill than the average Chinese person. This will blow your mind… There is no statistical correlation between being a person of African descent and crime in China compared to the average Chinese. WOW! Are they less animalistic in China? Are they less lazy?
            No, these assumption would be absurd. So what is different?
            1. Their history
            2. The amount of opportunities they perceive themselves to have in society
            3. Their cultural image of themselves in society
            4. The overall social framework in which they sit in
            5. many other things
            We need to stop thinking of Americans as black, or white, or asian, but as a whole. We are part of the same society with the same goals.
            Separating and blaming others doesn’t work, its racist.

          • ms_anthro

            Yes, as I’ve admitted openly, I am racist. I believe that race matters, and that it affects human behavior, and can even be an excellent predictor of overall group behavior and performance. In other words, I’m honest about what everyone sees and knows and no one is supposed to say out loud.

            What is your point? My being racist doesn’t negate anything I’ve written, nor does it make it untrue. It just makes me someone who has opinions you happen to dislike. So what?

            I do know what a straw man fallacy is, and responded to one clearly and concisely. I suggest reviewing a list of common fallacies if you’re still confused.

            Actually, if black people are more likely than whites to commit crimes (which statistically, they are), then it does in fact mean that black people are more criminal than white people. There’s no arguing this hate fact away. Correlation does often suggest causation, except when we’re talking about something that anti-Whites happen to disagree with.

            Your response to my post exemplifies the typical hysteria and ad hominem attacks of the anti-White multicult mentality: I am [insert slur], so what I said magically becomes untrue. The facts are [these], but you don’t like those facts so they magically become untrue. You dislike that I said [this], so instead of debating it rationally, you’ll simply accuse me of being too stupid and/or unenlightened to understand the issues.

            We’re not buying it anymore. Your panic is as obvious and transparent as the fact that the “race is just a social construct except when we can use it to harm or discriminate against White people” emperor wears no clothes. And we’re calling you out. Get used to it, because we’re not sitting down, we’re not shutting up, and we’re not going away. You don’t get to control the discourse anymore.

          • professor bouni

            boy, that’s a great undergrad level understanding of logical fallacies, but next time stop the argumentatum ad populum, affirming the consequent, cum hoc ergo propter hoc, etc god-damned etc, and try actually responding to his/her points about socioeconomic status and historical context. he or she wrote: ‘People in desperate socioeconomic situations are more likely to commit crimes. As of right now in the USA, that happens to be black people.’ do you disagree that race isn’t the CAUSE of criminal behavior? do you believe poverty, history, [your] prejudice attitudes, and the disadvantages that each of these societal conditions bring are irrelevant to your statistics?

          • ms_anthro

            I’ve responded to his points, as stated by others, several times already on this page. If you can’t be bothered to read my posts, I can’t be bothered to repeat them. And no, I do not believe my “prejudice attitudes” [sic] are responsible for non-White dysfunction. I would instead attribute that to low average IQ, poor impulse control (possibly stemming from higher testosterone levels?), lower or nonexistent empathy, and a primitive “Big Chief” mindset that enforces a might-makes-right pack mentality within the tribe (as opposed to the European model of naturally promoting the objectively best and brightest into positions of power).

            Take responsibility for your own failings. We will not do it anymore, and no amount of attempted shaming, screaming, whining, or implied threats of violence will sway us. Put simply, you are out of your league and White people are no longer interested in putting your tender feelings and egos above our own survival.

          • Karen Frances

            You’re doing great. The phonies can’t lay a finger on you and if they are white phonies, you may be sure they live in very white areas.

          • professor bouni

            if you’re referring to me, i’m a ‘white phony’ (okay, holden) but i assure i do not live in a ‘very white area.’ as a matter of fact, where i live, i am a minority.

          • freethinkergirl

            You obviously have to resort to gross exaggeration and mischaracterization because you don’t have a point. That’s something my 7 yr. old does…

          • Guest

            I was using the statement to make a point to show where this sort of mindset can lead us to. It creates a “white man’s burden” mentality that can lead to the sort of policies and ideas that will create bigger division in the racial politics between white and minorities. As you can see, the previous commentator did not disagree wholeheartedly with my statement but actually agreed with some facets of it. But i’m sorry that you thought my comment was an exaggeration.

            Do you have a point to make besides trying to disprove my argument? I would rather have constructive arguments than dismissive statements.

    • Nathanwartooth

      “Blacks are seven times more likely than people of other races to commit murder, and eight times more likely to commit robbery.

      When blacks commit crimes of violence, they are nearly three times more likely than non-blacks to use a gun, and more than twice as likely to use a knife.

      Hispanics commit violent crimes at roughly three times the white rate, and Asians commit violent crimes at about one quarter the white rate.

      The single best indicator of violent crime levels in an area is the percentage of the population that is black and Hispanic.”

      Read the full report here: http://www.colorofcrime.com/colorofcrime2005.pdf

  • 315_to_yuma

    It’s not racist.

    No, blacks do not commit crime because they are black. However, the people committing the crimes are predominantly black.

    That’s simply a statement of fact, and to try to avoid it puts you in PC la-la land.

    I think lead poisoning should be examined. Ultimately though, I think that the real reason is more damning than the racist biological explanation. The real reason is culture. And culture is within your control, while biology is not.

    • And what culture would that be? You seem to be alluding to a perceived “black culture”. However you’ve already stated above that racial/cultural identity alone does not provide a sufficient explanation for an individual’s behavior.

      Perhaps the problem with the article (and this line of thinking in general) is that it substitutes what should be references to socioeconomic class with references to race/culture/identity.

      • 315_to_yuma

        There’s nothing wrong with like pan-African culture, for instance, but if you read the bios of the people doing these criminal acts, say, Derrick Cook who beat and raped a woman in Northern Liberties, or Donte Johnson, who raped and killed a woman for her bicycle, you see negligent parents and harsh violence from relatives, a lack of good role models, a general pessimistic and negative environment created by their families.

        Socioeconomics I don’t think explains it. Poor whites don’t mob school hallways on search and destroy missions for Asians.

        • No poor white & just white people go on mass killings sprees at schools, they shoot them up & kill 3-26 people at a time. When you speak about Black People, you speak about a WHOLE RACE OF PEOPLE, not just the person that does the crime. When you speak about WHITE PEOPLE & crime, you are speaking about 1 person only. All cultures have problems but Black People are put in a different light. Please WHITE PEOPLE look in your own backyard you have a lot of problems also.

          • 315_to_yuma

            And lots of frustrated Chinese middle-aged men attack elementary school kids in China with knives. Rarely do Chinese women do this. This seems to mainly happen in Chinese society and is a result of the frustrations that the society imposes on these men.

            Many Asians face similar pressures to the ones that cause these men to snap. These terrible events are a problem, and if you want to stop them, one practical measure is that chinese males of certain ages and certain socioeconomic status are more suspect due to their resemblance to the profile of previous killers.

            Look, I’m not talking about the entire race. I’ve never ever had a problem with an African immigrant. Never. I’m talking about a subsection of the population that has developed into its own violent subculture, as a result of racist external forces and some environmental ones like lead poisoning. But whatever the reason, crime against another person is unacceptable and has to be tamped out if you want to make the city a better place for everyone of every color.

          • 1stworlder

            Chicongo had 260 kids killed in its public schools from 2009-2011 that didnt make the news. 67 shot in NYC labor day 2011 didnt make the national news like a white guy shooting someone in NYC did.

          • SargeInCharge

            It’s because all statistics show, FBI and Interpol, that black people have the highest rate of crime. Of course the population that commits crime far disproportionate to their percentage of the public will be viewed critically. That’s both logical and natural.

          • Aggie95

            LOL mass killing spree’s …. riddle me this …. these mass killing spree’s …. on a year to year basis how many are killed …. less than 100 or about 2 months worth of chicago’s homicide numbers which are nearly 100 % black or latino and even more bad news …. blacks commit close to 60 % of all felony homicides every year ( according to the U.S. dept of justice ) that sounds like a huge mass killing spree but it gets even better… when you add is hispanic murder rates and other ( Native American Asians ) you at at least over 80 % of ALL murders comitted in the U.S. every year are being done by minorities ….. but wait it gets even better …. when one takes into account that women committed only about 2 – 3 % of homicides in the U.S. then it is safe to say that somewhere around 80 % plus of ALL murders committed from year to year are being committed by a population of about 8 % i.e. black and hispanic males

        • CGLRAY

          Yeah they just beat up other minorities and commit mass murders…

      • 1stworlder

        How about evolution. Asians and europeans evolved in areas where they would have to build/plan/farm/store or they would die in winter. In africa a single mom could feed any kids that survived tropical diseases.

    • Colonel34

      “No, blacks do not commit crime because they are black. However, the people committing the crimes are predominantly black. Tha’s simply a statement of fact, and to try to avoid it puts yo in PC la-la land”

      Kensington – Population by Race & Gender

      African American 990 (4%)
      Asian or Pacific Islander 1,261 (5%)
      Indian 98 Mixed Races 631 (3%)
      Others 1,430 (6%)
      WHITE 19,236 (81%)
      Female 11,874 (50%)
      Male 11,712 (50%)

      Kensington crime statistics

      The estimated Kensington crime index is 53% higher than the Philadelphia average and and the Philadelphia crime index is 118% higher than the Pennsylvania average.

      The estimated Kensington violent crime rate is 53% higher than the Philadelphia average and and the Philadelphia violent crime rate is 303% higher than the Pennsylvania average.

      The estimated Kensington property crime rate is 53% higher than the Philadelphia average and and the Philadelphia property crime rate is 90% higher than the Pennsylvania average.

      The estimated chance of being a victim of a crime in Kensington is 1 in 14.

      The estimated chance of being a victim of a violent crime in Kensington is 1 in 55.

      The estimated chance of being a victim of a property crime in Kensington is 1 in 18.

      Kensington Education Level

      High School or less 6,104 (43%) High School Graduate 6,398 (45%) Bachelors or Associate Degrees 1,235 (9%) Graduate Degrees 416 (3%)

      Your statement is as factual as it is short-sited
      and unfortunately so are many of your comments. Anywhere that you find a large group of poor disenfranchised people you find a disproportionate amount of crime and stagnation. The “culture” that you speak of isn’t one of black, white or asian – “recent immigrants from China, and if you know those type, they’re very geeky,” (a statement which is along the lines of the rest of your unfortunate generalizations) it’s an American one. Whether you’re in North Philadelphia, Kensington or Central Appalachia; if you’re poor, with no opportunity and limited options your actions will reflect that. But feel free to continue passing the buck, pointing the finger and hiding behind race to deflect the real issues. . . BTW my favorite post is from ChellG because it
      reflects the real tone of this entire conversation without using big words, proper grammar and overly philosophical statements to disguise genuine

      • 315_to_yuma

        You know, I specifically said that crime is not tied in with the racial inheritance of a person. It’s tied in with the community around him and the culture that surrounds him and the values that they instill in him.

        So Kensington has suffered the same decay as Strawberry Mansion. Okay then. White people can also experience social decay. That changes nothing. White neighborhoods like Kensington are a tiny fraction of the city.

      • I was just watching Louis Theroux’s Law and Disorder in Philadelphia. It had a long segment shot in Kensington. Seems to me most of the folks there were Puerto Rican.

      • EastAsianNationalist

        The article was about Philly in general, not Kensington. And if those facts are true in Kensington, then whites living there should be examined. Just like black troublemakers elsewhere.

        • Colonel34

          Link to statistics




          My post was a response to a specific post from another
          person that I felt made a generalization regarding crime in Philadelphia. It
          was not a response to the article. Although I do feel my post is equally fitting for the article. Kensington and South Philadelphia are just as much a part of Philadelphia as North Philly or Fairmont is.

          Therefore, I don’t really agree that the article was about “Philadelphia
          in general”. I feel it’s more of an opinion piece from a white male’s
          perspective about specific areas in Philadelphia and circumstances that fit his agenda. And honestly I have less of an issue with that, than I do with the
          responses and posts that perpetuate the article as if it were a ground breaking
          research study on crime and social economic issues within Philadelphia or
          something. It’s a one –sided opinion piece and should be treated that way.

          It reminds me of minority stories about being the only people in suburban areas who aren’t welcomed and get unpleasant stares and are forced out of the community. It also reminds me of the same type of stories about “Vanill-Nova” where professors, student-body and faculty treat minority students with bias and preconceived notions. The stories although possibly true, they
          are also more than not; one-sided, somewhat exaggerated and are told in order to push an agenda or particular narrative. And when either happens they deserve to be examined and weighed against actual facts or put in a special creative “writing project” section of the magazine . . . Just as a side note there were only two statistics in the entire article.

          If the article was about “Philadelphia” how does it not bring up all of Philadelphia? If you’re talking about crime in Philadelphia how
          do you leave out areas like South Philadelphia or Kensington which have been given national attention over the years for their crime rate? Unless it fits a specific narrative to ignore those facts. Just like it fits the narrative to talk about a young kid selling Oxycontin
          and act like his behavior is excused and tolerated and then totally ignore the
          other side of that potential illegal transaction – the overwhelming demand for those Oxycontin pills and where the demand comes from. The use of Oxycontin pills are also illegal but, less likely to be prosecuted and therefore excused, tolerated and ignored by our Justice System just like it was by the author in order to fit his agenda.


          I’m also sure for every quote from the 87 year old about his view on the migration of people from the South into Philadelphia and his perceived community demise, there’s another story about the rise above subjugation, unequal avenues to employment and pay at 1 ½ times the rate of other groups with the same skill sets.


          But that wasn’t the goal of the article which is fine. However, from my viewpoint if anyone TRULY wants to have a conversation about anything and engage anyone they probably shouldn’t be as one-sided, closed-minded and grossly inaccurate on the issues in which they hope to talk about as the author of this article was.

      • 1stworlder

        Anytime you dont include hispanics as a seperate catagory they get counted as whites. See the Texas 10 most wanted criminals to see the “whites” that commit crime. Central appalachia has almost no crime compared to philly.

      • 1stworlder


        Lets try reality, census tract 178 has hipsanics at 51%

        • Colonel34

          #1) The post was a response to a quote that said “people committing the crimes are predominantly black.” The point of my post was to show that that statement was a generalization. If you’re now inferring that “people committing the crimes are predominantly Hispanic” in the area you showed, that doesn’t change that “blacks” aren’t responsible for the crime. And while we’re at it why don’t we continue on that track and just say everybody but “whites” commit crime… Lol.

          #2) Whose reality would you be referring to? Census tract #178 is a convenient bloc to use however; it’s not under the area that the crime statistics were pulled. That would be a combination of Census tract #16 & #161; 88% – 6% white to Hispanic and 42% – 26% respectively. I’m sure this could go on for days so feel free.

          #3) “Central Appalachia has virtually no crime compared to Philadelphia.” ??? It has virtually no residents compared to Philadelphia either if that’s the angle you
          want to go from. But on a percentage basis its crime rate is 3.88% compared to
          Philadelphia’s 4.85% and its property crime rate is actually higher than
          Philadelphia on a percentage basis. So I guess reality exist in the hands of
          the person that distributes the information. : /



          Here’s one more Census
          tract# 9438/Zip Code 06515 has a crime rate of 3.97%
          must be the…….

          2% white (up nope not them. . . .but we already knew that) . . . .
          maybe it’s the. . ..

          1% Hispanic (hmmm not them either). . . ..
          it’s gotta be the . . .. .

          0% Black (wait a minute something MUST be wrong here). . . .. .


    • CGLRAY

      “That’s simply a statement of fact, and to try to avoid it puts you in PC la-la land.”

      Except that it’s not fact…Statistics are a beautiful thing to those who are literate my friend…try reading some.

      • Funny, I posted some right in this thread. Let me repeat them.


        Page 11.

        In 2008, the offending rate for blacks (24.7 offenders per
        100,000) was 7 times higher than the rate for whites (3.4
        offenders per 100,000) (figure 18).

        13% of the population produces 52.5% of the murderers. That 13% of the population is also concentrated in cities like Philadelphia.

      • 1stworlder

        Please show any statistics that make non-asian minorities look good other than short distance runs. In fact tell me a black nation anywhere in the world where more than 1% of the natives live better than people on welfare in the US

  • 315_to_yuma

    Here’s an Asian perspective, by the way.

    2009. in South Philadelphia High, a roving mob of black teenagers goes from classroom to classroom, pulls out any Asian they see, and beat them.

    They believed that a group of Asians, many of them recent immigrants from China, and if you know those type, they’re very geeky, had beaten up a popular black disabled boy.

    About a dozen had to be hospitalized.

    In the aftermath, the predominately black school administration exhibited incredible insensitivity to the Asian community. There was much self-pity by LaGreta Brown, just hostility to the outraged Asian community. No apology or sympathy offered. A report on the event by a black retired judge seemed to bend over backwards to show that the black mob wasn’t attacking just any asians they saw (it seemed sometimes someone in the mob would say, “don’t beat him, I know him”) but just ones that they thought had done it.

    To be fair, later on the administration course corrected. The next principal, Otis Hackney, seemed like he genuinely wanted to improve and patch things up. The high school itself resembles a dungeon, with terrible lighting and claustrophobic halls. However, it still happened, and the knee-jerk reaction from the black establishment was not pretty.

    Another incident that stands out is the murder of Jicun Wu. Jicun Wu operated a Chinese takeout place in Philadelphia. One day, Malik NiBlack got into a dispute with Jicun Wu’s wife. Malik NiBlack thought that he had been overcharged by $0.25. That’s right, a quarter.

    What Malik NiBlack then did was wait for a month, then one day while Jicun Wu was opening his restaurant, Malik NiBlack attacked him on the street. He was still mad over the $0.25. Malik NiBlack later would tell friends of his that Jicun Wu made funny sounds while he beat him.

    Jicun Wu later died. He had sent for his two sons from China, both teenagers. They arrived in the US shortly before their father died.

    So there you go. Hope you print it out and laminate it.

    • It is unconscionable that LaGreta Brown was allowed another tenure as a school administrator after her reign of terror at Atlantic City High School where she was principal. She was extremely abusive of her staff and completely erratic in her policies and her treatment of students.

      To put it in an anecdote: The school had a problem with students pulling the fire alarms (leading to a mandatory fire drill and disrupting classes) up to 3 or 4 times a day. Her solution was to disable the fire alarm system entirely.

      That said, LaGreta Brown is in no way representative of black people or even black school administrators with questionable records as a whole just as Seung-Hui Cho is not representative of Asian Americans or Virginia Tech students. It is completely immoral to purport that the crimes and misdeeds of a few individuals are representative of any arbitrary group of people they belong to (those of the same race, class, religion, political affiliation, etc.). In the interest of protecting oneself and one’s loved ones it is easier to make sweeping judgements about groups of people in situations like those mentioned above. However, it is in the elimination of the artificial constructs that group people together in one’s mind and in the eyes of authority where hope for an end to hate crimes and discrimination resides.

      • 315_to_yuma

        Well, that’s a great cheap-shot to take, mentioning that mass killer.

        But to put things into the context of the argument, there were many ways that Asian culture contributed to Cho’s isolation and derangement. I won’t quite get into them here, but Wesley Yang has written about it quite a bit.

        No, LaGreta does not represent all black people, but I think the knee jerk response from Ackerman demonstrated a perpetual victim mindset and general incompetence that many in Philadelphia recognize. As I said in the post, the response from the black establishment on a whole was overly defensive. Instead of taking responsibility and saying that it was outrageous and unacceptable, she accused them of actually provoking the riot. Since I see lots of “unconscious bias” games being played in black-white relations, let me say that the claim that Asian students from Asia, many of whom can barely speak English, attacked a disabled black student, is so ridiculous that it should never have been dignified by the Superintendent of the school district.

        It happened in Philadelphia. It doesn’t happen elsewhere. Sure, fights happen everywhere, but to have an entire school riot like that, targeting a specific racial minority?

        • CGLRAY

          It’s not a cheap shot–you used a very specific and traumatizing incident in commentary about a very generalized view of a broad group. When the responder mentions the same in specific reference to why it doesn’t hold–you cry foul. Irony??

          • No.

            Notice how in the story, there aren’t any Asian people in power making excuses for Cho, while in the incident I cited, there the superintendent of the school system making excuses and deflecting blame from the violent mob.

          • 1stworlder

            The media doesnt even report most black crime. Cornell West is the only one that cried for the 260 kids killed in Chicago public schools from 2009-2011. The Virgina Post newspaper had 2 white reporters attacked by a mob of 100 blacks shouting “Just us for trayvon”and they didnt even report it until after Fox shamed them. The reporters missed over a week of work.

      • I’ve been thinking some more about this incident.

        It is possible that it’s all LaGreta Brown’s doing. That she fed misinformation to Ackerman which is how all of misunderstandings occurred.

        I do have to give them credit though for eventually doing the right thing.

      • nicholasstix

        You had me, until you said,

        “That said, LaGreta Brown is in no way representative of black people or even black school administrators with questionable records as a whole just as Seung-Hui Cho is not representative of Asian Americans or Virginia Tech students.”

        Unfortunately, based on years of studying the situation, my understanding is that LaGreta Brown is representative of black school

  • Were the Russian woman’s comments an over broad generailization, sure. But they reflected an underlying truth. Blacks are far more likely to be unemployed than whites, black girls are far more likely to have a baby (or two) than white girls. Blacks are more likely to commit crime, and far more likely to commit violent crime, than whites. This is born out by *both* criminal convictions and by victims’ reporting on crime in the National Crime Victimization Survey.

    And it isn’t just, or even mostly, poverty. What does the ‘knockout king’ type attach on James Addlespburger have to do with poverty? What does the inordinate amount of rape committed by black men have to do with poverty.? The statistics are all there on the USDOJ website, if anyone has wants to dig them up. The white people interviewed in the story were just the unlucky few, the faces behind the statistics.

    • checkyourprivilege

      Using criminal convictions to say that blacks commit more crime is so inherently flawed that it’s laughable.

      I’m going to assume that you are a white male, simply from your comment. Have you ever been stopped and frisked while walking down your street? I’m going to guess the answer is no. Males in (predominantly black) Hunts Point, Brooklyn are stopped and frisked on an average of five times PER YEAR. That would certainly lead to higher crime conviction rate, since they’ll get arrested for petty crime such as possession of marijuana.

      I’ve walked down my street with illegal things in my pockets that would send me to jail with NO FEAR of being stopped, since I’m a white girl at Temple University i.e. I am a the person the police are there to protect. I could certainly have been arrested before but because I am perceived as a nonthreat due to my skin tone and gender, I have no fear of that.

      And teen pregnancy rates are largely a matter of poverty – look at the states with the highest teen pregnancy rates. They also happen to be the poorest states – it does not matter what your skin tone is. If you’re uneducated about contraception/lack access to contraception, you have increased chances of incurring an unwanted pregnancy. Simple fact.

      To say that crime is not a product of poverty is so, so misguided. Look at the poorest white communities – they also happen to have higher rates of use/distribution of drugs such as meth. Put a white/Latino/Asian person in a position of poverty, particularly in a inner city setting where they are surrounded by crime/distrust of police and I’d be willing to bet that they are going to adopt the practices of everyone around them, which includes crime. It is not a matter of race. It’s a matter of the culture you grow up in, which is not black culture but the culture of poverty.

      Also rape is a problem for all males, regardless of race. All rape victims I know were raped by white men whom they knew. I would not say this means all white men are going to rape but still.

      If you’re going to pretend certain crimes are built into the DNA of a certain race, then let’s talk about how virtually all mass murderers in the United States (aside from VT) were white males. But no one acts like race was a determining factor there. Why is that?

      • On your point that somehow blacks are convicted of crimes at a higher rate than whites, the evidence simply does not bear you out.

        The feds run the National Crime Victimization Survey every year. They ask random sample of Americans if they have been victimized, what sort of crime, and perceived race of attacker. The results track very closely with the percentages of each race caught and convicted of crimes. That is, there is no distortion by a ‘biased judicial system’. If anything, convictions of whites are slightly higher, because largely white states have higher clearance rates than more mixed states.

        “Have you ever been stopped and frisked while walking down your street?”

        Actually, I have. Though it was in London, UK. They have a much tighter regime there. At the time I had grown out my hair and beard, maybe I looked like a terrorist. The experience was not pleasant, I admit, but I let it go.

        “And teen pregnancy rates are largely a matter of poverty – look at the states with the highest teen pregnancy rates. They also happen to be the poorest states – it does not matter what your skin tone is.”

        No, your ethnic group really does matter. I actually analyzed this one. In 2008, Kentucky, a poorer, largely white state, had the highest white teen pregnancy rate, at 54/1000 girls 18 and under. In California, a much richer state, with all sorts of info and free contraception available, ‘Hispanics’in my enlighted home state had a 64/1000 teen pregnancy rate. However, I agree that education is a factor. Unfortunately the *average* IQ for blacks is generally 10-15 points under the white IQ (for whatever reason). This may lead to many black girls just not ‘getting’ the need for contraception.

        Finally, the press ‘does’ make a big deal about race when there is a white mass murderer. However, it is untrue that whites commit mass murder more than blacks. MotherJones published a list of mass shooters going back to 1982. Of the list, 69% were whites — which is actually under the white percentage of the population considering the list goes back three decades. Blacks were slightly overrepresented at 14%. All shooters were male, except one. As a man I fully admit we are more violent than women.

        • Ummm… I read the Mother Jones article and there is nothing there about race. Also, I thought you were talking about numbers. Clearly if 69% of mass killers are white – and I’m still wondering where you got that statistic from- then white men commit more mass murders. And your comment about the low IQ of black girls leading to them not use birth control, is one of the most offensive pieces of B.S. that I’ve seen in a very long time.

          • Let me quote the MoJo piece. “Forty four of the killers were white males ”

            Clearly a mention of race. And for the stat, I did the math. I took one shooter out of the ‘white’ column, Maj. Hasan of the Ft Hood shooting. He’s not exactly what most people think of as ‘white’. Even with him the figure is like 71%. During much of the time period covered, the US was 80-85% white.

            And yes, 69% is ‘most’, but it’s misleading. What I should have said is that whites don’t commit a disproportionate amount of mass shootings. During the time period covered, ‘most’ of America was white, overwhelmingly so in the first decade of the list. So just at random, most shooters will be white. It turns out that the only group overrepresented on the shooting list is, surprisingly, Asians (think of the VA Tech shooting, there are several others like it).

            As for the IQ thing, I said ‘may’. I don’t really know why black girls have a higher teen birth rate, but IQ *could* be a factor.

          • robyn tevah

            On pregnancy rates: what about lack of other productive opportunities? Just as for poor whites.

          • CGLRAY

            “As for the IQ thing, I said ‘may’. I don’t really know why black girls have a higher teen birth rate, but IQ *could* be a factor.”

            in other words:
            “I don’t know why, but I’ll throw out the most
            inaccurate and offensive thing possible.”

            If you’re really interested in “why”, take a look at abortion rates and you’ll find your answer…

          • Aggie95

            inaccurate …. google race and I.Q. …… get back to us

          • JohnSkookum

            “Clearly if 69% of mass killers are white – and I’m still wondering where you got that statistic from- then white men commit more mass murders.”

            Evidently you have difficulty distinguishing between the overall number of murders, and per-capita murder rates. Arithmetic is your friend.

          • ms_anthro

            Math is racist.

          • 1stworlder

            Here is a list of black serial killers mother pothead didnt count


          • persephone

            I actually looked up at the ceiling for 30 seconds after reading that IQ mierda.

            It’s a funny thing, those IQ tests… (and another lonnnng drawn out conversation that people don’t want to have)

        • 1stworlder

          Here is a list of 57 black serial killers mother pothead missed


      • Kwame Seth

        Intelligence how refreshing

      • You’re talking about drug crimes. That, I concede, blacks are more likely to be caught, unfairly. However, it also happens to be that many of the organizations that distribute drugs are predominately black, for a variety of reasons, just like how it’s columbians smuggling cocaine because it’s grown in their freaking country.


        This statistic is a little more concrete. Blacks make up what, 13% of the population? 52.5% of the murderers. Whites and Hispanics commit about 45% of the murders, and the 2.2% I guess would be Asian. A murder is a murder is a murder, there’s not going to be really any leniency there.

        • 1stworlder

          Yea but take the hispanic out of white and you see blacks are 37x more violent. How is it unfair to be caught unless that is a form of IQ test?

          • I don’t know how you figured out the 37x figure.

            If you dig deeper into the stats, there are some amusing bits. For instance, whites commit more murder using poison than blacks, 80.6% to 16.8%. They also commit the most workplace murders, 70.8 to 25.8.

            For the more liberal-minded, blacks commit 65.6% of drug-related murders to 33.2% — so drug legalization might reduce this one.

            The one that really people should care about is that Blacks commit 59.9% of felony murders. Those are murders during like, a robbery or a mugging or simple random violence on the street.

          • Aggie95

            and to show you those numbers by the B of J hide minority crime go back and look at the gang murder rates for whites …. I wonder if they really believe anyone is going to believe that Whites are committing gang murders at that %

          • 1stworlder

            LOL about the workplace the FT Hood shooter was counted as white, considering that poison requires chemistry makes it a high IQ crime.

      • 1stworlder

        I have been pulled over for not doing anything wrong when I drove an older car into a nice neighborhood. You pretend that if cops got a report of a tall handsom white male with a 3p suite, bow tie, and bowler hat was stealing purses that cops wouldn’t frisk a guy wearing that and go for a black guy with a hoodie instead.

      • SargeInCharge

        “Using criminal convictions to say that blacks commit more crime is so inherently flawed that it’s laughable.”

        How about victim witness reports that also show a higher rate of black criminality?

        How about the Interpol international criminal statistics that show a higher rate of black criminality? Are those also biased?
        How about the fact that black nations in Africa and the Caribbean where there are almost no whites and none in control of the police or legal systems show a higher rate of black murder, rape, etc.?

        Please Google this information. It’s all very real.

      • Aggie95

        well you see you fall into the fallacy that White are more of something or another that most liberals usually do ….would it suprise you to discover that black males are a larger % of mass murderers than their % of the general population ….. which happens to be the truth


      • Aggie95

        I know this list is not complete from personal history …. where is george banks …. so if they missed him they missed others …. here in Luzerne county we have had 3 incidents of mass shootings …. 2 of them were by AA with 17 dead I believe and the minority population of Luzerne county is about 10 – 12 % …. so far this year 4 murders …. all by minorities …. * SHRUG *

        Black Serial/Mass/Spree Killer List:

        1. Matthew Emanuel Macon (Murdered and Raped 5 White Women in Lansing)

        2. Jimmie Reed (Murdered his wife and his 2 month old daughter and set them on fire)

        3. Shelly Brooks (Murdered 7 prostitutes in Detroit Cass Corridor)

        4. Justin Blackshere (Stabbed two white cooks at Cheli’s Chili downtown Detroit)

        5. Jervon Miguel Coleman (Murdered three people.)

        6. Donell Ramon Johnson (Murdered a mother and a daughter)

        7. Brian Ranard Davis (6 women known murdered by nigger)

        8. Paul Durousseau (Seven women)

        9. Mark Goudeau “The Baseline Killer” (Eight women and a man in 2005-2006)

        10. Coral Eugene Watts (11 women in Texas & 1 in Michigan)

        11. Anthony McKnight (Five girls and young women)

        12. Derrick Todd Lee (8 Women)

        13. Charles Lendelle Carter (4 known murders; admits to ‘hunting’ Atlantans for 15 years!)

        14. The Zebra Killings (71 White people)

        15. Chester Turner (L.A.s most prolific killer 12 women killed.)

        16. Lorenzo J. Gilyard (Kansas City, MO.—13 victims)

        17. Eugene Victor Britt (Gary, IN.–3 known murder/rapes.)

        18. Reginald and Jonathan Carr (The Wichita Massacre–6 Whites murdered)

        19. Ray Joseph Dandridge and his uncle, Ricky Gevon Gray (Richmond, VA.–Murdered 7 people in 7 days, including an entire White family.)

        20. The Tinley Park Murderer (Suspect hasn’t been found but has been described as black – murdered 5 women in a store.)

        21. Henry Louis Wallace (Raped and strangled 5 women to death.)

        22. Charles Johnston (Murdered 3 unarmed white men in hospital)

        23. Craig Price (Brutally murdered 3 women)

        24. Harrison Graham (Brually Murdered 3 women)

        25. Charles Lee “Cookie” Thornton (Murdered 6 Whites at the Kirkwood, MO. city council. )

        26. & 27. Darnell Hartsfeld & Romeo Pinkerton (Abducted and Murdered 5 from a restaurant)

        28 &29. John Allen Muhammad & Lee Boyd Malvo (Sniped 11 people from a car in DC, 9 died.)

        30. George Russell (3 women, WA state)

        31. Timothy W. Spencer (5 killed, Arlington, VA and Richmond, VA)

        32. Elton M. Jackson (12 gay men killed, Norfolk, VA area)

        33. Carlton Gary (3 killed in Columbus, GA)

        34. Mohammed Adam Omar (16 women, Yemen. Omar is Sudanese.)

        35. Kendall Francois (8 women, Poughkeepsie, NY and surrounding areas.)

        36. Terry A. Blair (8 women, Kansas City area)

        37. Wayne Williams (33 many of them children!, Atlanta, GA)

        38. Vaughn Greenwood (11 killed in LA)

        39. Andre Crawford (10 killed in Chicago – southside)

        40. Calvin Jackson (9 killed possibley more in NY)

        41. Gregory Klepper (killed 8, Chicago – southside)

        42. Alton Coleman (Killed 8 in the Midwest)

        43. Harrison Graham (killed 7+ in N. Philadelphia)

        44. Cleophus Prince (6 killed in, San Diego

        45. Robert Rozier (7 killed in, Miami)

        46. Maurice Byrd (killed 20 + in St. Louis)

        47. Maury Travis (17 and rising, St. Louis and possibly also Atlanta)

        48. Hulon Mitchell, a.k.a. Yahweh Ben Yahweh (killed 20+ in Florida)

        49. Lorenzo Fayne (killed 5 children in East St. Louis, IL)

        50. Paul Durousseau, (killed 6, two of which were pregnant women, Jacksonville, FL; Georgia.)

        51. Eddie Lee Mosley (killed 25 to 30 women, south Florida)

        52. Henry Lee Jones (killed 4 in, south Florida; Bartlett, TN)

        53. Richard “Babyface” Jameswhite (15 killed in, New York; Georgia.)

        54. Donald E. Younge, Jr. (killed 4), East St. Louis, IL; Salt Lake City, UT.

        55. Ivan Hill (killed 6 in Los Angeles area).

        56. Michael Vernon (Bronx, NY. Killed at least seven people – )

        57. Chester Dewayne Turner (12 women killed in, Los Angeles)

      • Aggie95

        why are they stopping black males in New York City and can you explain why it is that in 1992 they had 2200 murders in New York and since stop and frisk it is down to what ? 500 20 – 30,000 lives saved

      • Aggie95

        LOL …. so your saying they don’t know what makes babies or how to stop it

        If you’re uneducated about contraception/lack access to contraception,

    • CGLRAY

      All of your “facts” are refuted by actual statistics.

      • Eagle_Eyed

        Which are conveniently absent from your post.

      • SargeInCharge

        Actually, the statistics are correct. Please Google the statistics if you question their veracity, but until then please stop spreding disinformation. It’s not helpful to the conversation we’re having where we are trying to reach solutions for the aforementioned statistical divide. Thank you.

  • Thomas

    “Blacks use skin color as an excuse,” she says. “Discrimination is an
    excuse, instead of moving forward. … It’s a shame—you pay taxes, they’re
    not doing anything except sitting on porches smoking pot … Why do you
    support them when they won’t work, just making babies and smoking pot?”

    And the problem with this completely true quote is…?

    • That it is racist slander and has no basis in reality as stated and backed with evidence by the author above.

      • JohnSkookum

        Agreed. I am also tired of supporting loafing white and Mexican pot heads and brood mares.

  • Ed

    I’m Black and I think your critique is why Huber’s piece is necessary and welcomed.

  • tombarnes

    I hope the author of this piece gets his wish and rises to attend respectable dinner parties due to his intra-white status whoring. I hope the view from Mount Moral High Ground is expansive on top of the hill of bull dung and tired old cliches the author has piled on top of another to give him something to stand on.

    Hasn’t the Great Society sent a trillion tax dollars since Lyndon the way of blacks and yet there has been no change in the different crime rate(confirmed by victim reports I would add) and still no change in the vaunted Gap?

    • There are no Great Society programs that were just for black people. And I’d like to see your source for anything that you’ve said. Liar.

      • tombarnes

        Ad Hominist!

      • JohnSkookum

        His point, I think, was that if money could solve the problems of the black community, why are they in many ways worse off now than when all the do-gooders established the welfare state?

        A good example is education. In Washington, DC, the schools spend nearly $20,000 per student per year. That is more than twice as much as in Utah. Nearly everyone the DC school child sees in positions of authority, from his teacher to the principal to the superintendent to the mayor to the President, is black. Yet the dropout rate is astronomical, and the performance of those who graduate from DC schools is abysmal.

        If throwing money at a problem and eliminating white hegemony were necessary and sufficient for black children to progress, the DC schools should be turning out the best scholars in the nation. There must be other factors at work. But we are too cowardly to talk about such things except in the anonymity of such forums as this.

  • Stephen

    As a family that moved to Philly from Birmingham, AL (of all places) we have never encountered as much racial tension as we have in Philly. One of my family members once said, “I never thought I could be racist until I moved to Philly.” It’s not just one incident or moment, but the entire mood of a city that feels angry and constantly at odds with one another. The open and honest conversation is much needed and well overdo. Kudos to Bob, Steve and Philly Mag for working to create cultural change.

  • Fred Smerlas

    “Do people steal BBQ grills from back patios because they’re black? Or
    Halloween pumpkins? Do they deal Oxycontin because the amount of pigment
    in their skin produces such behavior? No. And I’d contend that if this
    story ever moved beyond its contention that we need to talk about race,
    to actually thinking about what it is we need to say, Bob might have
    realized the behaviors that so concern him aren’t related to race but to

    This point, well…misses the point. Every race steals and sells OC’s. The ubiquitous excuse-making, defending and overall acceptance of the criminal element in the black community is what is actually happening in Philadelphia and other major metropolitan cities with a black presence. I know from studying history of major cities that people of Hispanic descent and Southern European immigrants also initially created a cocoon of distrust with regard to their criminal element; but this subsided as these groups assimilated into the mainstream of American culture. Blacks who have broken through barriers and moved into the middle and upper-middle classes have an acceptance in those new societies-something that their lower classes have not fully understood. I can’t say that its easy to fully grasp as the racial demagoguing and exploitation from liberal whites and media muddy the waters and create an environment where an excellent writer like Steven Volk misses the point or misunderstands what really occurs in mixed-race neighborhoods. The behaviors are related to socioeconomics-but the reactions and pretense can only be related to race.

    • robyn tevah

      I think people missed the point about stolen grills etc. (Simplistic, acontextual and idiotic as Huber was, I think he was trying to point something else out.) It was the way the grill lady excused/rationalized having to lock things up, almost as if not doing so would be her fault. Regardless of who might be doing the stealing, some somewhat more socially conscious aware-they-are-privileged people will sort of take on responsibility in an apologetic way for some crime. I do so (in a non-race related context) on such an internalized level I’m rarely conscious of it. In a very white rural area, I get annoyed that my parents leave their keys in the car. To me they are tempting some troubled (white) teen….

  • Aissia Richardson

    That was a refreshing read! Thank you for taking the time to be the Love American Style antidote to the Night Gallery article that was Being White in Philly.

  • Amanda

    Mr. Volk,
    You sorely miss the point of Huber’s article, which casts a much needed lens on
    the the racism that white people experience and the lack of tolerance that
    there is in this city for speaking freely about the fact that racism goes both
    ways. Black people were deliberately not interviewed in this article because,
    when it comes to racism, African Americans’ views are predominant. Little to no
    attention is given to the fact that white people experience racism too. This article is getting such a reaction not
    because Huber contrived for it to by the gimmicky way that you claim he wrote
    it, but rather because he thoughtfully brings to light an urgent issue
    otherwise ignored. White people, because of history and guilt and fear and
    shame, have no platform with which to speak freely about our own ugly
    experiences as victims of racism. Two years ago, during news coverage of the
    black flash mobs that attacked white people in center city, there were very
    little substantive, honest discussions about the racial element of it. As a
    white female who was threatened by a flash mob in broad daylight at 18th
    and Walnut, I to this day imagine how different and accusatory the coverage
    would have been if the flash mobs were white, and were targeting black people.
    The sole focus would have undoubtedly been on the racist element of the attacks.
    In his article, Huber gives white people a voice, and their anonymity makes
    sense in light of the present, hostile climate. It is a commendable piece in
    that it brings equality to a conversation about racism that is ubiquitously
    one-sided. Instead of hearing from African Americans on the subject, we hear
    from Caucasians. Philadelphia is
    brimming with racial tension. As a white person in my mid-thirties who doesn’t
    drive around in a car, but who takes septa and walks everywhere, I have had
    myriad racist experiences, meaning instances where I was hatefully targeted by
    black people because of the color of my skin. Period. It is about time that someone finally has the courage
    to write an insightful piece about the endemic racism that white people
    experience. That you advise people to not read Huber’s article ironically
    underscores his main point–the white person’s problem is one of being too
    careful not to offend, and in so doing we repress the seriousness of the racism
    that we experience and engender the volatile status quo.

    • qui_c

      So called “reverse racist” anecdotes that you and other white people may experience simply pale in comparison with systemic and institutionalized racism in this country, which does NOT “go both ways,” but leaves the decks stacked against black people, especially poor blacks.

      • EastAsianNationalist

        There’s no such thing as reverse racism because all racism is just racism. Using systemic racism as a cover for individual racism is a disingenuous double standard that would only polarize people further.

        • Jason

          There is no such thing as “racism”. That’s just a label people on the far left made up as part of a brainwashing program to try to control the minds of white people.

      • JohnSkookum

        Racism still exists and will do so as long as there are human hearts beating. But the kind of racism you are talking about does not. There is no longer any INSTITUTIONALIZED racism in this country, except that directed against white men, especially poor white men.

      • 1stworlder

        There is no nation in the world where blacks do better than the US. There is no black nation in the world were more than 1% of the natives live better than US welfare takers.

      • Mr Plankton

        Affirmative Action, EEOC, Minority contract preference in most municipalities. I could go on and on. The government bends over backwards to give black people, especially poor black people a chance to succeed. What that is, is institutional racism against White people. This opportunity is, on the whole, squandered. White america is not to blame for black americas problems. Quit making excuses.

        • Guest

          It’s not institutional racism. It’s trying to make up for the fact that racial minorities have been marginalized for the past several centuries. It’s only an attempt to make right what has happened. Also, white people are confusing their loss of relative power with absolute power. These policies are trying to reverse the centuries of racism that minorities have felt through similar programs that were for white only. Were colleges not only for white people? Were government contracts not only for white businesses? Were minority employees not abused and often treated like slaves?

          I’m sorry white people lost relative power in America but now you know how the marginalized minorities feel. We’re not trying to be PC but trying to improve our relative standing and become equals but your generalized views on minorities attack those efforts.

          • Mr Plankton

            I don’t know anything about you as a person, however I’m assuming by the way you wrote your post that you are a racial minority, but does it make you feel empowered that you need all of these programs and others in order to be considered an equal? I thought that was what the equal protection clause of the 14th amendment was for. What’s wrong with hard work, ingenuity and merit? If racial minorities want to be treated as equals, why do they need preferential treatment in order to be equal? What this would say to me if I were a minority is “if I need affirmative action, etc. to be equal to the majority of Americans, maybe I’m not equal to begin with”.

            I love how you pointed that my generalized view of minorities is attacking the governments efforts to become equals, yet you had no problems making those same generalizations about white people.

            Do you feel some sense of satisfaction that there is a growing segment of white americans that feel marginalized because now we know what it feels like? That type of attitude is really counter-productive to the claim you have these programs to improve your relative standing and become equals. Is it also a goal to punish white america? I’m really tired of all the excuses as why minorities can’t do this or can’t do that because of white people. I generally find that problem most minorities have with whites is 1) the presence of white people or 2) the absence of white people.

    • CGLRAY

      That piece never talked about any whites being “discriminated against”…it just served to paint a generalized view of blacks being criminals–as told by white people.

      • Jason

        But it’s true. Blacks often are criminals. Statistics from the justice department show that Blacks commit crime way out of proportion to their numbers. If something is true, it’s true. Why aren’t we “allowed” to say it, in your opinion?

      • 1stworlder

        Even Eric”fast&furious”Holders just us department showed when argueing against FL’s Felon No Vote law that 31% of voting age black males are felons.

      • Mr Plankton

        Generally, most blacks are not violent criminals…True.
        Generally, most violent criminals are black… also true.

  • Oryan3

    I believe that Huber states that he’s focusing on white people’s thoughts and experiences about race —not on critically analyzing those thoughts through popular historical or socioeconomic theories. Had he written the latter piece, it would be a familiar social activist narrative that blames history for the problems in African American communities and condescendingly chides anybody who argues otherwise. Huber’s story challenges that simplistic narrative by giving us a snapshot of perceptions that are suppressed in both public conversation and in the media but that undoubtedly influence people’s behaviors. That’s relevant even if it’s not pleasant to read. I think all of this sanctimonious pearl-clutching about Huber’s piece merely proves his point.

    • robyn tevah

      I agree with this comment even though I come thoroughly from the social activist background. Huber did however do so in a very naive clutzy fashion.

    • persephone

      Why is history not valid?

  • It is crazy the things people will say and the thoughts and opinions people have on race. Most are assumptions and opinions based on a couple bad experiences with a particular race or people. With such a small sample size to go off of, one or two small towns in Philly, is it really safe to say your generalizations on a particular race is valid for all of those people all over America or in different countries.

    If you find the same problems of violence, crimes and etc. happening in the same area or location of a city and it happens to be an area of poverty why isn’t the connection made? This is not to say crime can not happen any where because there is white collar crime and blue collar crime, however, In most cities, most crime come from the poor section of the city and is due to social economic issues rather then race issues. The only reason race is blamed is that many times minorities reflect the face of the poor.

    There are poor Caucasians, poor Asians, poor Russians, poor Africans, and if they are all in America they are poor Americans.

    Some poor people strive to get out of this state of being poor by striving for excellence and pushing forward past the obstacles and into a better life. This push though genuine and courageous may result in a better life or may not. Some become victims who are too negative to see anything better for themselves and regardless of what positive things happen they still focus on the negative and stay in a slump. This thought process may continue to produce victim syndrome or it may end when this person finds better. Happiness is not a guarantee, it can only be pursued with the hope of finding it. Some people have an advantage, some a rainy day stash, some a wealthy family, a good education, a support system, a voice while some others are not as fortunate. We need to stop focusing on the color of a person and focus on the human element and the human problems that occur an cause issues for everyone.

    • Aggie95

      what rot …. I live in North East Pa …. guess what we have had poverty in this area since it was settled …. our government housing projects have never been empty but they were 100 % white ….. but recently we have had a very large influx of residents of Newark …. Camden …. Philly ….the city ….. guess what ….we are breaking our murder records …..no let me rephrase that ….we are crushing our old record high murder rates …. murders largely being committed by …guess who and the type and reason for the murders have changed as well …. they have gone from largely domestic incidents to gang shootings or drug related ….. we had one last summer 4 people shot ( all white ) 3 dead 1 a 15 years old high school over pot …. the gentleman who did the crime was from your city of Philly …. he had also shot and killed a relative of his the day before

      • I can understand your frustration but what is your argument then….are you saying African Americans are naturally aggressive, more violent then other humans, are they genetically dis-positioned to do such acts? Would you contend that I am able to do such acts just because I am African American? And what are you doing to address this issue? Are you mentoring kids in the area, working at a local rec or boys and girls club, assisting in neighborhood watch? Because complaint without action or complacency with a problem, allows the problem to continue.

        My issue is people look at the skin and not the individual or the individual situation. I am African American and it offends me that people make it seem like every African American man is on welfare, selling drugs, has eight baby mommas, a couple felony charges or a extensive criminal record. When I tell people I have a degree or if i speak proper English, or am doing well for myself I am looked at like a outlier or people are fascinated like they just heard a dog say a word. It amazes me.

        I feel like the way we are depicted is usually generalizations that can be made about every race given the way one manipulates a statistic.If one was to look at the Serial Killers in America, then African Americans would not depict the highest rate. If we look at who is being targeted and killed it would probably show more black man are being killed by other black man than any other race as far as who these black men are targeting.Yes, statistics may back some of your suggestions but if the statistics are not able to put every African American man or woman into one category I would appreciate if people would not act like one race is causing a problem for the entire human race. That red-herring would lead to the same ignorant rhetoric and thinking that had the rebuilding German society blaming Jews for their problems after WWI.

        I am simply saying lets look at this from socioeconomic stand points and other social stand-points, because looking at the human element may help us prevent the problem or reduce it.

        You also brought up the 100% white housing projects…how is a establishment set up for the poor only filled with one race? . Also is this housing project any different from the black, hispanic, german, italian or etc in looks, appearance, financial guidelines, school surrounding it, school size/accreditation and the parks and recs there? I say this because all these things plus the family arrangements play a part. I am not merely saying this to challenge eveything you say but asking thought provoking questions to guage your thinking and your argument behind your defense of an article that interviewed no blacks and instead of talking about how highly segregated philly is only talks as if it calls all African Americans the reason for all the problems in philly.

        • Aggie95

          and black serial/ spree killers make up about 20 – 22 % of that population ….which means they are over represented and I suspect that the interracial make up of black and white victims are nearly equal especially considering that close to 90 % of all interracial violence is black on white and these housing projects used to be 100 % white ….they are no longer and one of the favorite stats the liberals like to throw out there when dicussing race and welfare is that there are more white people using welfare ….if your on welfare it stands to reason you are poor ….so using your argument that poverty causes crime why is it AA have a much much much higher incident of homicide than white folks according to your argument whites should have the higher incidence of homicide but yet A A commit murder at a rate nearly 7 times time that of the White population and the white incident rate includes most hispanic murders to boot …. odd that

    • Aggie95

      So you believe it to be poverty …. well i have a question …. most liberals like to point out that Whites make up most of the welfare rolls …. now to me that suggests that there are more whites in poverty than blacks ….riddle me this …..then why is it Whites are not even close to killing the numbers of people that blacks are if your theory was correct then then the murder rates for whites should be higher than the black murder rate but its not ….. why is that

  • Dick_Wolf

    It’s not racist, it’s just … nothing. It offers absolutely nothing other than one person’s decision on how other people feel or see things. It’s really bad that it was published in a major magazine just so they could try to create controversy and sell a few issues. I get that part, but the easiest thing in the world to do is take a position or side on something racial and write about it. Whether you are right, wrong or indifferent, you’ll get a response. The problem with this opinion piece, which is absolutely what it is, is that it literally is nothing. The author basically notices color 24/7 and thinks he is breaking some new ground by offering a white perspective. Ok, but try to be creative or clever about it. This is like a letter to the editor in the Daily News.

    • Jason

      Why aren’t whites “allowed” to express a white perspective in your opinion?

  • Thanks Steve. From a Black Scholar who appreciates an analysis of White privilege in White voice.

    • Jason

      Why do you say you are a “Black Scholar”? What makes you a “Scholar”? Can I call myself a “White Scholar”?

      • Paleoconn

        Perhaps she got a racial preference to go to college. I don’t call it AA anymore, I don’t do euphemisms.

    • SargeInCharge

      Philly has more blacks than whites, and the city also has a black mayor. America has a black President, and the wealthiest independent woman in America, Oprah, is black. When does this mythical “white privilege” end? Is it possible that the group disparities between whites and blacks could more logically be explained by cultural differences between the two races like emphasis on the family, education, saving, etc.?

  • snickerdoodlegoth

    The dying Old Media sure do love to promote racism! It’s the only way irrelevant pubs such as Philadelphia Magazine can get any eyeballs to their website. Sensationalist, divisive headlines such as this one is merely a sign that Philly magazine is dying a slow, agonizing death, much the same way Newsweek and TIME magazine did. And good riddance to them. I hope the Philly mag staff have their resumes and LinkedIn accounts updated.

  • KoeniginLuisevonPreussen

    Sorry, pal. The truth hurts.

  • EastAsianNationalist

    Nothing in Huber’s article was racist.

    The very fact that Volk is saying “if white Philadelphians would like to be able to address race without
    being labeled “racist,” they should avoid saying racist things”, proves Huber right. He has already assumed Huber was being racist without a shred of proof.

    Even the mildest criticism or observation on race relations is racist if it comes from a member of the ethnic majority.

  • robyn tevah

    Maybe I’m being too generous to Huber and his simplistic and shallow attempt to talk about white people’s perception of racial tension, but I think the point about the Russian lady was the contrast in how directly she put her observations, not whether she was right or wrong. (I hope to hell he wasn’t endorsing her point of view, and I took his remark about her lacking historical filters to mean that she didn’t understand underlying historical (and racist) dynamics which shape poverty everywhere. Most educated (Eastern?) American whites would never talk in such a blunt (and .a-contextual) way. When I first moved to Germantown and started going to community meetings, I had to learn to relax when potential (Black) allies made remarks about (here, mainly Black) people on section eight. Had any white person said such things, I would have taken the remarks as racist (and lacking in an understanding of socio-economic forces) and never felt comfortable working with them….

  • David McKenna

    Huber was writing more than about class than race, but acknowledging this fact would have called attention to the superficiality of his analysis, or triggered
    cognitive dissonance in his readers. He offered a brief explanation for white flight from Philly, but mentioned none of the underlying socioeconomic factors that have widened the gulf not only between whites and blacks but also between well-off whites and poor whites.

    Huber’s omissions ticked me off because I was there, growing up white in a Philly neighborhood that was transitioning from white to black in the 1960s-1970s, hanging out with other white kids who were engaged in an ongoing street war with black kids. All the shootings and stabbings were manifestations of forces that all of us, black and white, couldn’t control or even understand. Those forces are still at work in contemporary America, but usually on a more insidious level, and articles such as Huber’s do nothing to explain why they persist.

  • jzme@yahoo.com

    A garbage truck of universal hatred.

  • NaiveWhiteGuiltLibtard

    Keep your pathetic white guilt propaganda to yourself.

  • Bergeron

    This article is clearly evidence in support of the point that Huber was trying to make in the original article.

    • Eagle_Eyed

      My thoughts exactly. Huber’s piece obviously hit a little too close to home and Volk doesn’t know how to respond to an uncomfortable reality.

      • SargeInCharge

        You draw the most fire when you’re directly over your target.

  • sbuffalonative

    Exactly what constitutes racism is a matter of debate. But my own sense is that racism takes many forms and one is a preoccupation with race
    Confirmation that blacks are the most racists of all.

  • Jason

    Steve Volk is stunned by Huber’s article for a very simple reason. Political correctness demands strict boundaries on allowed discussion. Any point of view outside those boundaries are forbidden. So Steve Volk came along, read Huber’s article, and was shocked. Volk couldn’t accept it. In his world, no one is “allowed” to have these thoughts. These ideas are not “allowed” to be published. It’s “racist”. Anyone who has these thoughts is a “heretic”. Huber has now become a heretic in Volk’s mind.

    • ms_anthro

      Very true. Multicult brooks no dissent, tolerates no diversity of thought, and never forgives a heretic. I would admonish Mr. Volk to be ashamed of himself for this grasping, groveling hit piece against someone he has the audacity to call a friend, but I doubt Mr. Volk is capable of feeling shame.

    • Guest

      Man remember the times when minorities would be scared to enter white only neighborhoods for fear of being attacked? Were you listening then? Were you being “open-minded” as you are right now?

    • Karen Frances

      good point. its an ideology, not fact based.

  • What’s up with the apostrophe in front of the slang “ole?”

    • Paleoconn

      It’s the elitist liberal author trying to appear working class and screwing it up. They should just stick to talking down to us, nakedly. At least they’re somewhat honest doing that.

  • If the article is so terrible, it should be required reading, rather than on a ban list. I strongly suspect you don’t want people reading it because it speaks truths that you want kept hidden.

  • sbuffalonative
    • persephone

      This is not relevant to this discussion.

  • bellaghy

    “I hope you won’t read Being White in Philly

    You’ve got to kind of admire someone who’s not ashamed of his totalitarianism, who’s proudly gotten over that whole need to consider different opinions thing.

    Volk fully understands about black racism, especially black racist violence, this hypocrite won’t walk through a black neighborhood at night because he’s fully aware his race will make him a target. But if he doesn’t lie about these things he doesn’t have a job. (That’s what real institutional racism looks like.) Of course his lies, both of omission and commission, lead to people being raped, murdered and assaulted in the streets by black racist thugs, but you know, it’s important to have a good job. One must make moral choices. I could be wrong about Steve’s racism, though, maybe it’s not what we are actually talking about – most of the white victims of these crimes are lower class, maybe Steve is just exhibiting class hatred.

    Philthadelphia is rapidly going the way of Detroit, and creatures like Volk, who pander to black racism and bad behavior, are responsible for its destruction. When it happens his ilk will just move on. I mean, where are the Liberals of Detroit? They voted with their feet . . . but not because of race, of course.

    • Plenty of liberals–including my black female self–are here and living in the city trying to do our part to keep it from sinking. Oh, and FYI, Detroit didn’t just go to ruins simply because there were black people running it, it was the fact that when white folks left the city after the riots, they took most of the tax bases with them, leaving the city financially challenged, So stop with this BS notion that black folks just ruin everything they touch, as if white corrupt politicians, criminals,thugs, and rapists don’t exist. BTW, I read the article and I don’t think it was that racist—it seemed like the author really wanted a dialougue across the racial barriers, which is a good thing. The fact is, if white people had long ago learned to share power in Detroit WITH the black people that helped build the city up,instead of enforcing segregation/racism throughout the city and wanting hog all the power for themselves, the Detroit riots probably would never have happened in the first place. And black Detroiters have ALWAYS had to fight for every damn thing that was worth fighting for in this city–the right to join unions,the right to live wherever the hell we wanted, the right to get jobs that were closed off to us because we were black,and the right to just live like normal citizens. A lot of us are still keeping up the fights for certain things, and will continue to do so. And, no you won’t get shot or robbed if you visit downtown Detroit—that usually happens on some parts of the east side or west side.

      • Aggie95

        Detroit ….Camden ….. Newark …. Philly …. St Louis …… East St Louis ….. Chicago …. New Orleans ….. Atlanta …. Birmingham ….. Gary …. Flint ….. Cleveland ….. Harrisburg …. Trenton …..Washington D.C. ….. Baltimore ….

        • Mr Plankton

          You could also throw in just about any black controlled country in Africa.

          • Aggie95

            Haiti …. the Dominican Republic …ain’t it amazing that in just a generation the citizens of Detroit managed to de evolve civilization back to a state barely above the stone age and they maintain that only because the apparatus that keeps them from declining even further is largely out of their control ….. power generation

      • Aggie95

        so who were the rioters that drove the evil white folks out

      • freethinkergirl

        Just a thought – if there had been no riots, with people fearing for their lives, maybe the “white people” wouldn’t have left. And so what if they did? Are blacks incapable of creating their own “tax bases” or do you need whites for that?

  • SargeInCharge

    From the article:  “my own sense is that racism takes many forms and one is a preoccupation with race”

    Has the author noticed that black people are generally the people most preoccupied by race?  Would the author, based on his own reasoning, then conclude that black people evidence racism at a higher rate than others?

  • SargeInCharge

    These two lines from the article show that you become persona non-grata to multi-cultists if you blaspheme their religion: (1) “The story’s writer, Bob Huber, is a friend.” (2) “I sincerely hope you will not read Bob’s story. Let me do this service for you. Whoever you are, “Being White in Philly,” is not—in my opinion—worthy of your time.”
    How quickly this likely self-espoused open-minded and tolerant Liberal throws his friend under the bus for a difference of opinion on race.

  • WhiteMansBurden

    Good job. You get the cookie for being the more enlightened, self-righteous white man who continues to say all the right things so you can bask in the glow of your white colleagues. The truth doesn’t matter nearly as much as how you feel.

    Meanwhile Detroit is completely ruined and Atlanta is panicking because the white suburbs are incorporating. We’ll see how you’ll feel when Philly follows suit in another decade. A guy like you doesn’t have enough money to inoculate yourself from reality forever.

    • I’m from Detroit, and no, it’s not completely ruined because people still work and live here just like anywhere else in the country, even with the state of Michigan still having a high unemployment rate, and us having suffered even worse than most cities from the economic crash.. Also, I’m tired of people who don’t even live in Detroit saying how horrible it is, as if that’s all there is to it is crime and other things. Yeah, it’s messed up as hell and we got a high crime rate, but it’s not like everybody just sitting around doing nothing about it. We’re dealing with our own problems here, and figuring out how to solve them—if you don’t have anything to offer as a solution, then just shut the hell up, please,because you’re not helping worth a damn.

      • Aggie95

        LOL ….figuring out how to solve them ….. really ….. the state came to the city of detroit last year suggested they come up with a plan to turn the city around …what did the city produce ……… yep thats right nothing ….. now the city residents are upset that the state is going to step in and appoint a manager ….. the city government and residents are pretty much telling the Gov ….err no thanks …. just keep sending us money and your a racist for even suggesting that we can not solve our own problems in spite of 50 plus years of evidence demonstrating they can’t… * SHRUG * ….. if I was the Gov I would have told them O.K. fix it then and do it without state money …. good luck

  • Paleoconn

    Actually, I think the author of the PhillyMag piece was being too polite. Volk is another disingenuous White liberal who is too cowardly to say the truth.

  • JustAnotherWhiteGuy

    A white guy wrote a story about how it feels to be White in Philly.
    This Author is upset because Blacks were not interviewed on how it feels to be White in Philly.

    Ok. Makes sense.

  • persephone

    Rock on, Steve =]


  • poopsex@gmail.com

    Haha what a pussy. Wake up you tool

  • Aggie95

    he laments the fact that there is little in the way of facts presented …. * SHRUG * …. it wasn’t a piece on factual data ….. it was on what White folks thought

  • Where is Tim Wise when you need him…

    • ms_anthro

      Probably counting his shekels in his 97% white town, far, far away from diversity.

  • Bob Johnson

    The really sad thing, Mr. Volk, is that you would discourage people from reading something just because you think it’s offensive, distasteful or dangerous. By tagging “Being White in Philly” with the epithet of “racist,” you may make it anathema to many people, but this reflects a fear of truth and freedom of thought and speech, and a mistrust of your fellowmen’s ability to distinguish good from evil. It also betrays something very disturbing in you, which is the desire to censor. And if a preoccupation with race is a form of racism, then there are an awful lot of non-white “racists” in the world who you have yet to warn us about.

  • TruckDriver

    “We must say to our white brothers all over the South who will try to keep us down, ‘We will match your capacity to inflict suffering with our capacity to endure suffering. We will meet your physical force with soul force. We will not hate you, and yet we cannot in our good conscience obey your evil laws. Do to us what you will, threaten our children, and we will still love you. Come into our homes at the midnight hours of life and take us out on some desolate highway and beat us and leave us there, and we will still love you. Run all around the continent, send your literature and say that we aren’t worthy of integration, that we are too immoral, that we are too low, that we are too degraded, and yet we will still love you. Bomb our homes and go by our churches early in the morning and bomb them, if you please, and we will still love you. But we will wear you down by our capacity to suffer. In winning the victory, we will not only win our freedom, we will so appeal to your heart and your conscience that we will win you in the process.'”
    —- Martin Luther King

  • Jeff

    Put on your big girl pants. He got the story right and could have said so much more. Huber captured what so many people are thinking but afraid to say. Isnt that what good journalism is all about?

    • Are you seriously this self-righteous? Put on YOUR big girl pants, Jeff, Bob Huber presented a cowering, sniveling view from a limited perspective of persons unknown, whining about persons unknown. Steve Volk is absolutely correct to tell him off.

  • freethinkergirl

    You just have no idea. So many of us NEVER share our stories about disturbing and yes, even dangerous encounters we’ve had with blacks because we’ve been neutralized by political correctness and/or don’t want to be seen as racist. But pretty soon whites will be a minority party and Hispanics and Asians won’t be burdened by the guilt blacks have clubbed whites with for so many years…..

  • WuzYoungOnceToo

    The ridiculousness of acknowledging that…

    “And the story’s stated aim is to print the things white people think but are uncomfortable saying.”

    …and then immediately complaining that…

    “Problems crop up throughout: No African-Americans are interviewed in the piece, nor are any Asians or Latinos”

    …couldn’t be more obvious.

  • professor bouni

    most of these comments certainly aren’t making me want to move to philly any time soon. what a disgusting display.

  • Karen Frances

    Geez how much and how many times have I heard about “Being Black in America.” CNN has a whole neverending series about it. Being white in America means keeping away from blacks. Thats the truth. The liberals in Vermont like it because its 95% white.

  • alex parkhurst

    The Democratic party, founded by Thomas Jefferson, who whipped his slaves then became the party of Jim Crow and the party of the KKK. The Democarts now blame Republicans for being racists. The largely white Democrat Party leadership prohibits blacks from getting school vouchers because it would hurt the lily white teachers unions. Who cares if blacks get educated. Let them learn to read and write and we Democrats lose their votes.
    If I were an African American I would find every white Democrat and whip them instead. It ain’t the Republicans screwing the black people. Time African Americans woke up and fought back against their oppressors.

  • Jules777

    No matter how many times I encounter it, I am still shocked that race is
    even a topic at all. What is wrong with judging an individual as
    opposed to stereotyping everyone simply based on their looks? Do Asians
    tend to be more ‘geeky’? Sure, but I’ve known plenty who would rather
    paint all day than ever take an engineering class. So, I don’t presume
    that every Asian I meet is a math or science genius. Likewise, I don’t
    presume every Italian I meet has mob ties or that every Irish man I
    encounter sits in the pub all day. Why is it so different for ‘whites’
    and ‘blacks’? Why not get to know someone first, try understanding
    them, and then judge after all the facts are in about THAT person?

    full disclosure – I’ve experienced ‘racism’ from all sides. I am a
    single mother of two mixed children. Discredit me already? Try reading
    on instead…

    What many whites have assumed about me at first
    glance: young, uneducated, ‘teenage’ mother, on welfare and trying to be

    What many blacks have assumed about me at first
    glance: stuck-up, trying to raise black kids as ‘white’, couldn’t get a
    man of her own race so has to ‘steal’ ours.

    What I am:
    Mid-thirties, divorced woman (who began having children in her
    late-twenties), with a senior corporate position who can entirely
    support herself and her children and raises them to their best selves,

    • Jules777

      Apologies for the formatting – wasn’t like that when I wrote it!

  • chris8lee

    I am black. The internet allows freedom of expression that print and electronic media did not. It’s not ok to say publicly what people can see with their own eyes. As in, on TV and print media, only blacks are allowed to be plainspeaking about racial stereotypes, Dave Chappelle, Chris Rock et al make millions in being outrageous, but the white guy sports commentator who jokes about offering a “white man’s perspective” is villified. On message boards like this ordinary whites ( non skinheads or nazi sympathizers ) are allowed to express commonsense observations, they are then shouted down as racist by ( embarrassed and defensive ) middle class blacks or idealist whites. The “element” under discussion, violent urban black america , doesn’t “do” chat rooms or civil discussion. We need to give whites permission to express frank observation just like black comics are allowed. Critical analysis has been the formula for the advance of Western Society. It’s the nasty medicine that black america needs right now.

  • Tom Henderson

    I heard about the article on KYW yesterday (4-21). I haven’t read these posts or the article yet, but thought others might want to read where one democratic white guy comes from. Yes, I am tired of seeing my taxes go up. What am I paying for? Is it all because of irresponsible black people? No, of course not. But I do believe there is a segment of people who believe they are entitled due to this or that. (At least they have a reason.) My former white trash neighbor had no reason, he was just a Ph.D. in “getting for free”. But I do believe that some blacks learn racism and entitlement from some of their teachers and parents at a very early age. And they grow up ignorant because of that. Then they are useless. I voted for Obama twice and Nutter also. They didn’t get where they are by sitting back and saying “poor me”. And I’m sure they had some awful times growing up, as did I too. Get over it. Get an education. Speak English. Act white (that’ll annoy some folk!). Be frick’n responsible.Learn something, anything. Work, get paid. Learn more, try more, get paid more. I know you are where you are, perhaps, because some people like me screwed you over big-time. You have to step up and rise above it. There is no other way. And stop having babies unless you have a future for them. That’s my opinion.

  • Rasul Abernathy

    You know what I find disturbing? That white people just recently came into civilization and are the youngest and latest race to do so yet they throw around all of these statistics. Blacks are your genetic parents you all come from us. Check your genetic markers and throw those numbers around around. Tell how your are the only race in history to lose nearly your entire population to the “black plague” that only white people got lol. You introduced disease and famine to the world and took it with you wherever you went. These are facts. We gave you math and science astrology and so on not the Greeks. You won’t go back any further than the Greeks because then you’ll find Africans. None of your leaders were great not even Alexander all they were are mass murders and if they were alive today would be no better than Osama

  • Rasul Abernathy

    Every color and lack thereof has had its rein of power the whites were the last to do so and so far it has been for the shortest time of all the races. You’ve never created anything but have stolen all the so called lazy blacks you speak of built this country seven days a week FOR FREE. Raised the kids you were too lazy to raise yourself and worked your fields. These are facts. You were taught how to crop make weapons pottery and fight instead of walking in straight lines shooting each other like dummies. We civilized you not the other way around you can only hide the truth for so long before it begins to surface. You are an insecure race that is full of destruction. Funny how the Bible is used often but it was a punishment to turn white in the Bible that is always left out of the good book which was also stolen from us. Do you ever wonder why all of the discovery channels spend their time in Africa and Asia or studying the Indians and seldom are the whites mentioned unless in relation to another culture? Because your race isn’t ancient and you haven’t produced anything you stole it and said you discovered it because you were the first to document it or took credit because you were in charge at the time and introduced it to people on a larger scale. I could go on forever but I won’t I’ll end by saying this to your sense of entitlements, everything you use today even down to your cell phone was damn near invented by a black person. Show some respect and I don’t hate you all I try and teach and have sympathy for you so now that I’m done I guess I’ll go smoke the pot I hate and wait for the welfare check that I know is never coming.

    • Rasul Abernathy

      One more thing the black plague of filth and disease which they are now calling the mother of all diseases because damn near every disease was in it that we have today hit Europe 3 times over a span of many years. Do you know how trifling that continent had to be? Any idea? 3 damn times and all you had to do was wash your hands. She’s.

  • handsomerandyblackladbrad1953

    Well,Russians are largely racists-they,like much of Eastern Europe,currently oppressing their Roma-“Gypsies” to you Bubbas- population,and most are quite anti-black.Of course,it is people by dumb,autoritarian,un- and-under-educated,butt-ugly
    lumpen-proletriats (you know,the Slavic version of out Confederate Traitor-rag-wearing and -flying,three-teethed,meth-tweaking,”‘ “Neck-Car”-loving,
    sister-and-mother-bedding,smelly,moon-shine-guzzling mostly but not completely Southern U.S.-dwelling,”Re-Thuglican”-voting (though the GOP-“Goobers,Oddballs
    and Popinjays) hate these “useful idiots” as much as the darker-skinned members of the non-FILTHY-RICH looters of the 99.9999999% and after throwing them some racist “red meat” about “black criminals,bums,etc.” will ignore and steal from them,though these Bubbas and Billie Jeans are too dumb to realize it!!!)-trailer trash. It’s strange how the less-intelligent-and uglier members of society can be manipulated to hate their fellow citizens of colour,ESPECIALLY their intellectual and aesthetic superiors such as Yours Truly!!!!

  • handsomerandyblackladbrad1953

    Alex Parkhurst,the segregration-era Southern Democrats bolted the party when Pres.
    Lyndon Johnson signed the Civil Rights and Voting Rights Act-and other Civil Rights legislation,and were eagerly scooped up by the “Re-Thuglicans.”(Your boy,Ronnie “Ray-Guns,” visited Philadelphia,Miss.,where on June 21,1964,theee civil rights workers,two Jewish New Yorkers and an African American Mississippian-were arrested,jailed,then turned loose into a waiting KKK mob called by the arresting deputy,himself a Klansman,where they were killed and their bodies dumped into a farmer’s well.They were found six weeks later,and “Ray-Gun’s” and the other GOPers
    [Goobers,Oddballs and Popinjays’] message was clear-“We stand with racism and white supremacy,” as they do to this day
    In other word,Dixiecrats and “Re-Thuglicans’ are RADICAL RIGHT-WING RACISTS,ONE AND THE SAME,just very slightly different political branding!!!!!