PHOTOS: Snapshots From Fiery ‘Bearlesque’ Debut

The bears brought the show Saturday night during Tabu’s first of many ‘Bearlesque’ showcases.

Though a bit overstated (and hyped well enough to impressively nail that max-capacity target), Tabu’s “Bearlesque” was frilly and fun in all the right ways when it debuted on gay time around 11 p.m. Saturday night. The show is to continue to appear on Tabu’s calendar on a once-a-month basis, with the June date still unannounced.

While I was there, I fluttered around the room and took a few snapshots of the bears (and surprising number of twinks) crowding the room.

UPDATE: G Philly phoned in to Tabu, as well as the event’s organizer, to verify that the event did reach max capacity. A change was made as a result.


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  • Caleb

    uhh i was there and it def wasn’t max capacity! Funny how yesterday the article said it was shy of max and now, impressively.. Magically perhaps.. It’s max?! Bravo!

  • Chris

    I was unable to get into this event, because it was at max capacity. So, get a hobby, Caleb.

  • Jenny

    Very fun event! I went with my girlfriends because we
    Love everything burlesque, and it was really fun to see
    The guys take over! . Can’t wait for
    Next time

  • Seth

    OMG! I noticed the article was changed as well!

  • Alex

    This was such a fun event! A nice break from a Woody’s Saturday night. Josh puts on some fun ass stuff

  • Diane

    I don’t know about people bein turned away, my girlfriends and I came and went a couple times and had no issue getting back in and sitting. Awesome event, shame people have to comment like this but even the blogger said it wasn’t packed but something made him change it?

  • Erik

    I have to agree with Caleb and say this was far from max captivity. I feel bad that Chris was turned away since I could have spun around with my arms extended and not have touched another person.

  • Josh

    Caleb & Erik,

    This is ridiculous.
    Thanks for coming to my event! Hope you had fun!

    I ran the door and kept track of how many people,
    At the advising of TABU, and it was in fact at Max Capacity. I’m not sure why this is so important to you, which leads me to believe that you both weren’t actually AT the event. If you were at the event, people were shoulder-to-shoulder, which was when we started turning people away.

  • Caleb

    Josh you’re delusional haha why would I lie about being at one of your events? Maybe you should stick to doing one thing well instead of spreading yourself so thin with all these events that you have to lie and have people change articles in your favor! I’m not trying to be a hater but damn boy, you make it hard not to be.

  • MotherHunty

    GIRLS, GIRLS, GIRLS!! Simma down na!

  • Ryan

    Regardless of the capacity (15 people deep), the show was half put together and Ratchet at best. “Overstated” as the author put at the beginning of this advertisement is obviously an understatement. Fail. Not worth $10 plus overpriced drinks. Hopefully there won’t be another one.

  • Josh

    Dear “Caleb”

    150 is the max…and we had more people in there than that.

    Dear “Ryan”

    Thanks for the feedback! This was our first one, and it’s booked as a monthly event, starting in August. So maybe by then, Bearlesque will up to your standards.

  • Christine

    Don’t you people have anything better to do with your day then hate on Tabu and this event? After reading your hateful jealous comments, it makes me sad. Last Saturday was a super fun event, showing dudes doing something that women primarily do. Just sounds like some loser sitting at home, trying to make Bearlesque look like something that it wasn’t! Lighten up and get a life


  • Jordan

    to the haters in this comments, it’s obviously somebody directly competing with josh and his events. there’s enough room in this city for a million parties. come up with original ideas and then people will go to your clubs. see how easy that was?

    tabu is a pretty great place, which is why everyone went there on saturday night! bearlesque was pretty darn fun

  • Erik

    I have to agree with Caleb on this one. Maybe Josh should stick to doing one event really well as opposed to having about 70 half assed events. Observe how club promoters handle things in New York and learn. If you have one great event, promote the hell out of it and build up a loyal following you could make it great. Don’t sell yourself short with all this “noise”.

  • Josh


  • Josh


    Sounds like you know a lot about club promoting. Maybe you should do it for a living. BEARLESQUE was an extremely fun event, and it was our FIRST one. Come August it’s a monthly show, and what we learned from the first one, we’re going to apply it to the show. Come to the next one, buddy!