9 Best New Gay Movies On Netflix Streaming

gay movies on netflix

We round up the newest and best gay movies to hit Netflix instant streaming since the last time we did this, in January. We narrowed down the selections according to Rotten Tomatoes scores, nixing ones that got one of those green-spooge ratings. This does not apply to Sordid Lives, however, which is an amazingly hilarious film—a gay classic!—which only pulled in a critic rating of 37 percent. Blasphemy!

Check out the full list below. Hopefully it’ll keep you entertained as we eek through these last few weeks of winter.

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Mayor Nutter Recognizes Gloria Casarez in Final Budget Address

This morning, Mayor Nutter delivered his annual budget address—the last one during his tenure as Mayor of Philadelphia.

Before he got started, he took a moment to recognize Gloria Casarez, the City’s first director of LGBT affairs, who lost her life last fall after a long battle with cancer, and a handful of other female government employees who lost their lives in the last year.

Mayor Nutter at the 2014 LGBT History Celebration at City Hall, Casarez looks on. | Photo by Bryan Buttler

Mayor Nutter at the 2014 LGBT History Celebration at City Hall, Casarez looks on. | Photo by Bryan Buttler

Before we begin, I’d like to have a moment of silence to recognize three tremendous public servants who we lost over the last year: Gloria Casarez, the first Director of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Affairs, Joan Markman, our first Chief Integrity Officer, and Lieutenant Joyce Craig, the first female firefighter to die in the line of duty.

These three extraordinary women were exemplary public servants, consummate professionals and dedicated leaders. Let their lives and their service act as a continual reminder to all of us to do our own jobs better and let us keep them and their families in our thoughts and prayers.

For more specifics on the Mayor’s budget address, head to our News blog.

Anna Aagenes Leaving Brian Sims’s Office to Work For You Can Play

Headshot by Sarah Rabot

Headshot by Sarah Rabot

After a little over two years as State Representative Brian Sims’s deputy chief of staff, Anna Aagenes is moving on to a new gig that will find her working for LGBT people in sports. 

Starting March 23rd, the Penn grad will step into the role of vice president of operations for You Can Play Project, a nonprofit that works to promote LGBTQ inclusivity in sporting leagues across the nation. There, among other things, she tells me her duties will run the gamut from general management of programs and developing partnerships with leagues and media to spearheading athletic conferences. One of her most important missions, however, is partnering with organizations to secure more female athlete involvement and helping to expand initiatives to make sure female leagues and female athletes get the spotlight they deserve.

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Top LGBT Youth Resources in Philadelphia

Attic youth and staff at Philly Pride.

Attic youth and staff at Philly Pride.

The Attic Youth Center

255 South 16th Street
215-545-4331, atticyouthcenter.org
The Attic creates opportunities for LGBTQ youth to develop into healthy, independent, civic-minded adults within a safe and supportive community, and promotes the acceptance of LGBTQ youth in society. It provides myriad creative outlets for local youth, such as poetry, print screening, drag, art and more.

Bread & Roses Community Fund

1315 Walnut Street
215-731-1107, breadrosesfund.org
Bread & Roses, a nonprofit that provides grants and technical assistance to communities in the Philadelphia region that are taking collective action to bring about racial and economic justice, offers scholarships for LGBTQ students with the aim of giving young minds the opportunity to expand their education. More information here.

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Youth Voices: Dorianne Joseph Talks Misconceptions, Inspirations and His Role as a Mentor to Gay Children

G Philly presents a new collaboration with youth from The Attic Youth Center to spotlight the creative magic and cultural contributions of Philly’s LGBTQ youth of color. Today, 20-year-old Dorianne Joseph

DorianneWhat is the most common misconception about LGBTQ youth?
Most people treat people from any of those spectrums as if they’re not human. For me, coming up there were a lot of things I did in school that, because of my sexuality, people thought I shouldn’t be doing. For instance, all through high school I was a part of the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC). A lot of the boys felt like, “but you’re gay. Why would you want to be doing something so manly?” At the end of the day I’m still just a boy, just like you are. I can do half the things that you all want to do. I know plenty of people who come from that aspect, and that walk of life, who do normal things. I feel like we, as young LGBTQ people, have normal lives, but a lot of people think that—whether we’re lesbian, gay, bi, pansexual, trans*, or questioning—that we’re abnormal.

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Out In Theaters: The Not-So-Fresh Prince of Focus

Will Smith out of focus, much like the whole film.

Will Smith out of focus, much like the whole film.

Hometown hero (and long rumored homosexual—sorry, Jada) Will Smith returns to the big screen as a con man with a plan in Focus. The new film from writing/directing duo Glenn Ficarra and John Requa, responsible for the mildly amusing gay comedy I Love You Phillip Morris and the delightful Crazy, Stupid Love, mostly leaves comedy behind in favor of a muddled … romantic dramedy thriller? Regardless of the film’s lack of foc … cohesion, it is definitely a fun ride, at least for the first-half.

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Miss Richfield 1981 Named LGBT Tourism Ambassador to Atlantic City

RedWhiteandBlue HiRes

Atlantic City has taken a cue from Philly and named drag funny lady Miss Richfield 1981 (aka Russ King) the new LGBT Tourism Ambassador to Atlantic City.

As you’ll probably remember, Miss Richfield was featured in a commercial last year promoting all the gay things you can do in Philadelphia. Her job as tourism ambassador to Atlantic City will be similar, minus the TV spot. Like the past-her-prime pageant queen she portrays, Miss Richfield will have a series of duties to get gays excited to, as the saying goes, Do AC. According to a release this will include “spreading the word through marketing tie-ins, product placement, original content, giveaways and other creative activations.” She will chat up the wonder of AC during her stage shows and on Atlantis Events gay and lesbian cruises and vacations.

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11 Gay Things to Do in Philly This Week

DO THIS: Wing Bowl for Drag Queens to Kick Off Pride Weekend in Philly


Logo design by David Ayllon.

This year’s Wing Bowl seemed to stir up a particularly hefty amount of criticism, mostly concerning its objectification of women. This didn’t escape Alexander Kacala, socialite, a former contributor to G Philly and, full disclosure, a personal friend of mine. So he decided to do something to turn the whole thing on its head: compete in 2016 as his long-retired drag persona Tammy Faymous.

“I think we can all agree that the annual Wing Bowl in Philadelphia reeks of misogyny and homophobia,” he tells me. “So I took to social media to tell people I would compete as Tammy, and it was well received.” But then he thought he’d take it a step further: “Why not bring a bunch of drag queens together for a good cause and have them do what they do best, eat.”

His idea evolved into Wigs & Wings, where drag queens sponsored by Gayborhood businesses will pull up to a table and stuff their faces with chicken wings to raise funds for the William Way Community Center and MANNA, a local nonprofit that works to feed people in Philadelphia with life-debilitating diseases such as HIV and cancer.

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