REVIEW: Mauckingbird Theatre’s The Sisterhood Reimagines Gender Norms

Actors David Reese Hutchison (L) and Kevin Murray (R) play lovers in the new production. Photographed by John Flak, courtesy of Mauckingbird Theatre Company.

Actors David Reese Hutchison, left, and Kevin Murray play lovers in the new production. Photographed by John Flak; courtesy of Mauckingbird Theatre Company.

Who could have ever thought a 17th-century French play could be so gay and gender-bending — and work so damn well as a result?

Philly-based Mauckingbird Theatre Company,, known for its LGBTQ twist on classic plays, kicked off its ninth season with a timely spin on Ranjit Bolt’s adaptation of Moliere’s Les Femmes Savantes (The Learned Ladies). Mauckingbird calls its production The Sisterhood, and the decision becomes even more interesting given that there is only one woman in a cast full of men. Read more »

OPINION: Drag Shouldn’t Be Blamed for Police Insensitivity

A drag show in the Gayborhood.

Over the past week, news of the Pennsylvania State Police miscategorizing victims of anti-transgender crimes as engaging in male or female “portrayal” has sparked controversy in the LGBTQ community.

The dismissal of someone’s gender identity as a “portrayal” – rather than who they actually are – is problematic for numerous reasons. However, a new scapegoat being thrown into the discussion of the hard time police are having properly identifying trans victims is quite surprising: Some people are suggesting that drag culture is to blame. Read more »

NATIONAL HEADLINES: Here’s How Social Media Reacted to Kathryn Knott’s Sentence

Kathryn Knott walks from the criminal justice center Thursday, Dec. 17, 2015, in Philadelphia. Knott is charged with taking part in a violent attack on a gay couple.

Kathryn Knott walks from the criminal justice center Thursday, Dec. 17, 2015, in Philadelphia.

Kathryn Knott’s sentence was big news around the country.

Kathryn Knott was trending on Twitter yesterday afternoon after being sentenced to five to 10 months in prison and two years of probation. Various national news sources have took an interest in the fact Knott is the daughter of a police chief, and social media commentators questioned the fairness of the verdict: Read more »

LOCAL NEWS: Sims and Waxman to Face Off in State House Primary, Trans-Murder Hearing Delayed, and Foxy Brown Is in Philly!

State Rep. Brian Sims

State Rep. Brian Sims

Ben Waxman has filed to run for Brian Sims’s state House seat.

Ben Waxman, until recently chief spokesman for state Senator Vincent Hughes, announced today that he’s the first to officially file for the Democratic primary in the 182nd District. The 30-year old progressive is the youngest candidate running for the seat, whose district includes the Gayborhood. He’s been making his rounds in the community as well, canvassing hotspots like the William Way Center and informing constituents that he’s a progressive LGBTQ ally. This poses a challenge for openly gay incumbent Brian Sims, who is simultaneously running for the U.S. House of Representatives. Read more »

Q&A: Malcolm Kenyatta on Being Openly LGBTQ in Local Politics

Malcolm Kenyatta, 25, is known as "North Philly's Biggest Fan."

Malcolm Kenyatta, 25, is known as “North Philly’s biggest fan.”

How would you best describe your career?
At my core, I’m just a kid from North Philly who refuses to leave. I was born and raised in the neighborhood, went to college here, left for a year or so, and then came back first chance I got. I’m also a believer in the power of words to make change – politically or artistically. My passion in the arts goes back to college, when I founded a performance group, Babel (Temple’s poetry collective). For the past two years I’ve been one of the producers for a play, You Gotta Eat Dirt Before You Die, and used it as a platform to discuss and raise awareness around HIV/AIDS. Politically, at 25 I’m the youngest member of the Liberty City LGBT Democratic Club board of directors, a Point Foundation mentor, was recently elected to the board of directors of Smith Playground and appointed president of the Philadelphia NOW (National Organization for Women) Education Fund, which raises awareness about issues involving women and families. Read more »

OPINION: Let’s Have a Frank Chat About Caitlyn Jenner

Caitlyn Jenner on the ESPY Awards.

Caitlyn Jenner on the ESPY Awards.

Earlier this week, it was announced that transgender activist Caitlyn Jenner will be speaking at Penn on February 17th.

The now-sold-out event will feature Jenner and writer Buzz Bissinger in a conversation about her life post-transition and the causes she continues to advocate for. This news was met with harsh criticism and some offensive remarks in the comments section of our Facebook and Instagram pages. Read more »

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