Q&A: Malcolm Kenyatta on Being Openly LGBTQ in Local Politics

Malcolm Kenyatta, 25, is known as "North Philly's Biggest Fan."

Malcolm Kenyatta, 25, is known as “North Philly’s biggest fan.”

How would you best describe your career?
At my core, I’m just a kid from North Philly who refuses to leave. I was born and raised in the neighborhood, went to college here, left for a year or so, and then came back first chance I got. I’m also a believer in the power of words to make change – politically or artistically. My passion in the arts goes back to college, when I founded a performance group, Babel (Temple’s poetry collective). For the past two years I’ve been one of the producers for a play, You Gotta Eat Dirt Before You Die, and used it as a platform to discuss and raise awareness around HIV/AIDS. Politically, at 25 I’m the youngest member of the Liberty City LGBT Democratic Club board of directors, a Point Foundation mentor, was recently elected to the board of directors of Smith Playground and appointed president of the Philadelphia NOW (National Organization for Women) Education Fund, which raises awareness about issues involving women and families. Read more »

OPINION: Let’s Have a Frank Chat About Caitlyn Jenner

Caitlyn Jenner on the ESPY Awards.

Caitlyn Jenner on the ESPY Awards.

Earlier this week, it was announced that transgender activist Caitlyn Jenner will be speaking at Penn on February 17th.

The now-sold-out event will feature Jenner and writer Buzz Bissinger in a conversation about her life post-transition and the causes she continues to advocate for. This news was met with harsh criticism and some offensive remarks in the comments section of our Facebook and Instagram pages. Read more »

Q&A: Samantha Giusti on DVLF’s New Look

DVLF's new logo.

DVLF’s new logo.

We’ve seen a new logo and have heard around the Gayborhood that DVLF is also making other noticeable changes. What’s sparked these decisions?
Our organization last April decided that we needed to do a “brand recharge.” This is different from a brand change, because we plan to continue to do the same great work in funding various LGBTQ causes, but we needed a new look. DVLF wanted people to view our relationship with the community as a partnership. DVLF is “our” community foundation. We are the only public foundation focused on the needs of LGBTQ people in our region. We exist to provide a bright future for our shared LGBTQ community. We collaborated with three great organizations – Brand Champs, JaySocial, and Here’s My Chance – to see how we can visually reflect our desire to impact the community. Read more »

ADVICE: 5 Ways to Avoid Awkward Ex Encounters



We’ve all been there.

You’re out at one of these fabulous events in the Gayborhood and you spot your ex. “It was bound to happen … but not so soon,” you tell yourself. How do you make this situation as normal as possible without being the center of gossip in the room?

Here are smart ways that could help avoid the awkward encounters of spotting your ex in the Gayborhood. Read more »

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