Twitter Reacts to Kim Davis Going to Jail

Via Twitter

Via Twitter

Today, a federal judge sent Kim Davis, the defiant Kentucky county clerk who refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, to jail. There is, of course, no shortage of Tweets regarding Ms. Davis’ predicament. Below you’ll find some of our favorites.

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Trans Woman Victorious in Bucks County

Angela Giampolo with Christine Kitzler, used with permission.

Angela Giampolo with Christine Kitzler. Used with permission.

Christine Kitzler, a 48-year-old trans woman, has reigned victorious in a case over her own gender confirming surgery which was scheduled to take place at well-known Bucks County gender wellness clinic. The woman’s parents filed an injunction with local authorities on the eve of her surgery, claiming that she was “incompetent” and “unable to make decisions for herself.”

Ms. Kitzler was scheduled for surgery on September 1st by Dr. McGinn at the Papillon Center, a respected clinic in New Hope. Giampolo Law Group, which handled Ms. Kitzler’s case, claimed that on the evening of August 31st, Ms. Kitzler’s parents “filed the injunction… at Bucks County Justice Center in Doylestown, PA” asking to become Ms. Kitzler’s “emergency guardian.” Read more »

New Pew Poll Shows Catholics Widely Divided On Issues of Sexuality

Via Shutterstock

Via Shutterstock

Right in time for the Philly Papal visit, a new Pew poll released today finds that the nation’s Catholics are divided on a number of issues surrounding sexuality, including matters of family life and adoption.

The poll found that 45% of Americans identify as Catholic, and that 90% of those Catholics “say a household headed by a married mother and father is an ideal situation for bringing up children.” However, it was discovered that a large number of respondents also believed that “other kinds of families…are OK for raising children, too.” For example, two-thirds of those surveyed found it to be acceptable for same-sex couples to raise children, “including 43% who say a gay or lesbian couple with children is just as a good as any other kind of family.” Read more »

Are Pa. Judges Refusing to Do Same-Sex Marriages?

A new database suggests a number of Pennsylvania judges have stopped performing civil marriage ceremonies since same-sex marriage was legalized in the state last year.

The news comes as the nation watches Kentucky, where a county clerk, Kim Davis, refuses to issue marriage licenses to gay people, saying to do so would violate her conscience. Is the same thing happening here?

“While judges are not statutorily obligated to perform weddings, many of them do,” PennLive reports. “But starting last summer, after same-sex marriage became legal in Pennsylvania, a number of district judges stopped performing marriage ceremonies.” Read more »

Opera Philadelphia Has Found Its Queer Beard

John Jarboe

John Jarboe

“I bought some nail polish, so if you’re stressed, you can do your hands and do your toes.”

This is what Opera Philadelphia‘s newest director said to his cast before a tech rehearsal. He’s dressed in camouflage cargo shorts, green sneakers, and a silver and white iridescent sparkly tank top. He indeed took his own advice: His nails were painted and very glittery.

This doesn’t sound like the typical director that a major opera company would hire to mount the start of their season, but one might argue that Opera Philadelphia isn’t typical. John Jarboe is the nail polish-donning man at the helm of the company’s first show of the year, ANDY: A Popera, based loosely on the life of Andy Warhol.

Now, that’s gay.

The artistic director of the popular avant-garde queer cabaret cohort, The Bearded Ladies, Jarboe makes no qualms what he thinks about those patrons who might not be thrilled with Opera Philadelphia’s choice of staging a new opera in a warehouse in the middle of Northern Liberties. Read more »

Here’s the Thing About People Like Kim Davis

The video still that made Kim Davis famous.

The video still that made Kim Davis famous.

People like Kim Davis aren’t going away. Not yet, anyway.

But, there are things we can and should be doing to prevent them from hurting the LGBT community.

Sure, people like Kim Davis seem utterly and completely ridiculous, and that’s why they’re getting the attention they are: They hold a bygone worldview that is slipping away, a little at a time, although not fast enough for many of us. Read more »

Tangle Movement Arts Tackles Romance, Conflict, Urban Space and Recycling in The Girl’s Guide to Neighborly Conduct

Tangle Header

Think kinetic cityscapes, suspended ropes, trapeze duets, climbing silk curtains to clean cobwebs and an all-female ensemble of gender-bending, non-conforming performers. That is what you will get with Tangle Movement Arts new work “The Girl’s Guide to Neighborly Conduct” premiering on September 10, 2015 at the Philadelphia Soundstages in Northern Liberties.

Tangle Movement Arts is known for its edgy performances, sparking discussion around gender roles and challenging societal rules and expectations around love, relationships and identity. The company’s new work “The Girl’s Guide to Neighborly Conduct” will not disappoint and as a bonus, patrons will walk away with a little lesson on recycling, too. Can you recycle a used pizza box? The answer is not as obvious as it may seem. The show will tackle being environmentally responsible by offering the audience snippets of not so well known facts about daily recycling while staying true to the company’s art form of feminist circus art.  Read more »

25 Gay Things to Do in Philly This September

Madonna is headed to the City of Brotherly Love this month. Photo via Shutterstock.

Madonna is headed to the City of Brotherly Love this month. Photo via Shutterstock.

The Pope who? There’s a lot more going on in Philadelphia this September besides a visit from the Vatican. We rounded up 25 LGBT events, shows, and minglers that will keep you busy during back to school season.

Faced with Discrimination Photobooth: Equality Pennsylvania is teaming up with the William Way Community Center for this free event where guests can take a picture and describe why discrimination is a problem that isn’t just theoretical. Thursday, September 3rd, 11 am, free, William Way Community Center, 1315 Spruce Street

Sharon Needles: The RuPaul icon “with the look of a cover model and the soul of a shoe” will be at Kung Fu Necktie for a one-nigh only show, featuring the Haus of Ham and The Homophones. Thursday, September 3rd, 7 pm, $20-50, Kung Fu Necktie, 1250 North Front Street

FringeArts Festival 2015: There’s so many queer performances at this year’s FringeArts Fest that we’d be here all day if we listed all of them: everything from You Are the Hero to Not For Profit to Growing Into My Beard. In short, there’s something for everyone. Opens Thursday, September 3rd, various times, prices, and locations
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