Eagles Player LeSean McCoy Just Left a 20-Cent Tip at PYT [UPDATED]


UPDATE: Actor Charlie Sheen has pledged $1,000 to the server dissed by LeSean McCoy.


Somebody please tell Philadelphia Eagles player LeSean McCoy that you are supposed to leave a 20 percent tip at a restaurant. Not 20 cents.

On Monday afternoon, McCoy and three guests visited PYT, the popular burger-and-booze spot in Philadelphia. The group racked up a tab of $61.56, and McCoy charged the bill to his Visa card, leaving a 20-cent tip. That is a .32-percent tip.

PYT owner Tommy Up says that it was absolutely the LeSean McCoy who left the 20-cent tip as opposed to just some random LeSean McCoy leaving a 20-cent tip.

But not everyone on PYT’s Facebook page is being exactly sympathetic to the server or the restaurant.

One Facebook commenter had this to say:

“How was the service? I’ve had shity service with you guys before. Maybe he thought it was fair.”

And another suggested that, perhaps, this wasn’t a good move on the part of PYT:

“Bad form PYT. Posting this is disturbing and unprofessional. Have you read your Yelp page? SMH.”

Up maintains that there wasn’t a single complaint from the table about service. “They were not easy customers,” he says.

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  • pete

    Who knows what the issue was. Posting this on social media before reaching out to the patron is cheesy.

  • Dan

    PYT has god awful service. This is indisputable. But if you’re a celeb making bank, you just can’t do this. Or at least be smart enough to leave cash. But as we know from his twitter account, shady ain’t all that bright.

    • ernie coney

      The NFL stands for not for long, u gotta save every penny, every nickle, every dime Lol.

    • SBR

      Screw that. I very very rarely get rude, bratty service in this city, but that’s what I got at PYT 2 of the 3 or 4 times I’ve been there. And I’ve worked in the industry, so I tend to give service workers the benefit of the doubt. PYT thrives off gimmick menu items that attract lowbrow suburbanites who don’t know about the overrated food and trashy service.

      • Laura5757

        I’ve never been to PYT so I can honestly not speak to their service or lack thereof but I wouldn’t doubt it. However, McCoy is fairly well known for being rude and cheap among many Harrisburg servers.


    T.I.P.S.= To Insure Proper Service… and I am pretty certain it’s supposed to be ensure with an ‘e’ but close enough…

    • crushcrush

      Insure works too, actually. The fact that the server relies upon your tip is offering insurance that you will receive good service.

      • disqus_JjYnU5MRNk

        I’ve been to overpriced restaurants where the food was just okay and the appetizer was horrible. But the waiter was excellent and he got a 20% tip!

      • they are different words

        actually, no.

    • Dan

      That’s a nice acronym, but unfortunately “insure” doesn’t mean what you think it means.

  • Vicki

    This is so supremely douchey both on PYT’s part AND foobooz even ‘reporting’ on this. I am having flashbacks to your douchefest of an article about the whining bartender at McGlinchey’s. If the service sucks, they aren’t getting a tip. End of story. This is only bringing bad press to themselves, not this dude.

    • BobSmith77

      If you go out to a restaurant and have a meal that is $60 and don’t tip or leave this kind of tip, you should be embarrassed or at least have the common sense to know what you are doing is incredibly poor taste.

      • Just an Engineer

        Not at all. As many others posted, the TIP is about the service you received. While I’m more likely to leave a $3 tip for excellent service when I’ve run up only a $10 total, I’ve personally been so appalled by bad service that I’ve left a single penny to clearly express my dissatisfaction (leaving no tip my be misinterpreted as forgetfulness). If, however, he received average or better service, then he is a clod -so why give him any additional press?

        • Scott Johnson

          You’re a horrible person, and I feel sorry for anyone that goes out to eat with you.

        • Militiades

          You are the type that gets up mad and wants everyone around you to kiss your a**.

        • Tom

          you are an ahole. if you think $3 is a good tip you are an idiot.

      • David Rogers

        I’ll say it again! You get paid for the service you get not because they
        choose a job that gets paid below minimum wage. If they want to have a
        livelihood then they need to provide good service to get good tips. I
        would NEVER give a big tip if I got bad service. Bad food is one thing but bad service is another. All I can say is “where do you go out to eat at?” I might try and get a job there just to get you to give me tips for bad service….LOL The size of the tip is in direct proportion to the degree of service.

        • Laura5757

          People don’t choose to be servers as their career- it is usually poor college students who need the flexibility in their schedule. If you honestly believe that tips are always directly based on the quality of the service then you have clearly never worked as a server in your entire life.

          • Prionogenic

            I worked in food service for a while when I was younger. You choose your job. Patrons should not have to pay you for poor service just because you don’t think you get any other job. And if you are a server who thinks that you should get paid the same regardless of the quality of the service you provided–then you are the problem and give hard working servers a bad name

          • Militiades

            If you worked in a restaurant in a large city you’d know celebrities are given the red carpet treatment. There is no such thing as a server copping a bad attitude with a celebrity. That server would be gone in a second. Some celebrities are jerks though. I’ve seen them and this sounds like one.

      • Fred

        there’s no way it wasn’t poor service. the fact that he left a negligibly small tip shows what his mindset was. he was making a point that he’s tipping because he’s supposed to, but barely tipping because “f*** you, waiter, you blow.” it’s pretty clear.

        • Laura5757

          Again- he has been known to do this and not always for shoddy service. Why is it so hard for Eagles fans to grasp that “Shady” is being well…shady?

          • Fred

            don’t worry, he’s from the Pittsburgh area. if we were being biased, we’d be saying things like “typical Pittsburgher” (or w/e they call themselves up there). I’m sticking up for him more because of how commonplace it’s become for servers to EXPECT to be tipped. I’m a big tipper, but it’s bullsh** for a place to expect tips, then to publicly shame their paying customers when they don’t get them.

          • Laura5757

            No actually he’s originally from the Harrisburg area, he went to Bishop McDevitt for high school. He just went to college at Pitt. He frequently plagues the Harrisburg area with his attitude and big mouth enough for me to know this. I’m all for public shaming if it is something like this. I agree there are rare times servers do not deserve a tip whatsoever but what are the odds they give a well-known NFL player of a local team terrible service? Seriously…? I think it’s fairly telling that an owner is willing to risk that sort of backlash to back his employee and I will be going with a group of my friends there this weekend actually.

    • Laura5757

      You obviously don’t know anything about “Shady” or how this type of thing is not unusual for him.

      • $26550823

        He is well KNOWN as someone who can not only be cheap on a tip, but downright rude as well.

    • Laura5757

      Actually a group of friends and I are going up there this weekend- any establishment that backs their employees over an entitled idiot deserves some patronage.

      • Prionogenic

        I hope you get the same service that Shady did…

  • LowLifes

    Tommy Up is a clown, posting a private tip as public should be lawsuit material, Foobooz sucks of course, and everyone was trash all around in this case

    • Laura5757

      Why? There’s no expectation of privacy over you being exposed as a cheap skate. Don’t like the bad press, then be smart and don’t do it in the first place.

      • Jim

        Really? Then why do so many restaurants fire servers even when it’s to show that the customer gave a generous tip? i.e. Peyton Manning leaving a 50% tip 2yrs ago.

        • Laura5757

          Because that was the business’s policy. This policy is common among corporate and some franchises. It is not illegal.

  • DB

    I’d say 20 cents is generous for the dumb-ass servers they have working there.

  • nolibs1

    owner acts like a 12 year old… avoid this place by all means

  • Ron Lea

    20% can be represented by 0.20. maybe LeSean is just bad at that whole math thing?

  • DW

    The place is a dump. I was there once and was charged an “automatic” 20% gratuity on the bill. Funny how that’s not being reported.

    • BobSmith77

      Restaurants can’t tack on a magic ‘20% gratuity’ on to your bill if
      they feel like it. It has to be made readily apparent to patrons before
      they are seated.

      If you don’t like the place, then do go. So like Millennials to whine about a place online especially when they do it anonymously or through Yelp yet they don’t have the sack to simply go up to the manager and/or tell the waitress/waiter what is wrong when asked.

      • Mike Jones

        Ha…Bob Smith lamenting poster’s anonymity.

      • AM

        This is the credit card receipt to be signed, not the itemized check that would have been delivered first. As most servers and formers servers can share, the credit card slip usually only has the post-tax total and place for tip. Tax info and any automatic gratuity appears on the itemized receipt only.

  • Judy

    I’ve served LeSean a few times and he’s always tipped very well.

  • Serene

    Tips are given for good service. I’d be open to hearing what LeSean had to say about his waiter/waitress. I’ve been to PYT a few times and the servers have been terrible. Slow service and they charged my credit card wrong on two separate occasions. One server had the nerve to tell me they couldn’t reverse a credit card charge!! I had to get a manager who fixed the situation. Shady!!!

    • BobSmith77

      No they aren’t and this isn’t a European restaurant where the waiters/waitresses are paid a mandatory high hourly wage. Waiters/Waitresses in the US make well below minimum wage and depend upon tips for their livelihood.

      If the service is terrible, then act like an adult. Tip only 10% and talk to the manager about the service instead of only giving a ridiculous $.20 on a $61 receipt. Anyone who was with him should be embarrassed but almost certainly since they were part of his posse they weren’t about to pay $61 for lunch.

      • SBR

        lol so you’re saying servers deserve money regardless of how poorly they do their jobs?
        No. They typical PYT worker can starve as far as I’m concerned. Maybe they should start displaying the professionalism and maturity you see from their neighboring establishments.
        But why do that when they can attract all of Cherry Hill and Glassboro by putting rum in milkshakes?
        I’ve seen a server there – not mine, thankfully – who was so high he could barely stand. It was early and he kept sitting at a table meant for customers and putting his head down to sleep. His clothes hadn’t been laundered in who-knows-how-long.
        The place is trash and it wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t so close to Jersey.

      • David Rogers

        Then they need to find another job or get out of the waiter / waitress business all together. You get paid for your service not because they choose a job that gets paid below minimum wage. If they want to have a livelihood then they need to provide good service to get good tips. I would NEVER give a tip for bad service just because they don’t get paid minimum wage!

        • Laura5757

          If everyone went by that motto than by all means you can serve yourself the food- why not have robots do it? Problem solved.

          • Fred

            tread lightly with those statements.

          • Laura5757

            It will probably happen- I wouldn’t be surprised if in the next 5 years establishments start doing that.

          • I would serve myself my food in a Minute if I could. Is that called skilled labor in Philadelphia, somebody that can write down your order and then actually Carry it out to you? Wow. Like paying a realtor to sell My house and take 6% for the privilege? The airport has a fabulous restaurant where you enter your order by tablet. One less step for that ‘professional’ food server.

          • Fred

            lol waiter is no comparison to a realtor. you can’t just sell a house, bud.

            Not a Realtor, I promise.

          • syl1969

            You think it’s a PRIVILEGE to sell your house? And we take 6% for that? First, you know nothing about the profession. We go to school, must pass 2 tests (national and state) to get a license that has to be renewed ever other year. That entails 14 hrs. continuing education $150 to be able to renew a license that cost and add’l $90. Not to mention local, state, and national dues each yr of $410. MLS dues $250 yr and add’l $230 E&O insurance. After showing houses for 9-15 months someone actually wants to buy your dump but then we find all sorts of problems that must be fixed, re-negotiated, and addendums to all the paperwork that has to be filled out, signed by all parties, and dated in timely manner. Then go to settlement to finalize purchase. We work for MONTHS and the broker gets paid the 3% (since it must be split with both brokers), and if agent is lucky ends up with 70% of THAT. Would you work for 5-7 months and only get paid $3,000?? You talk out your ass!

          • Fattyfatman

            You guys are just a good website and app away from obsolescence and the expired profession graveyard.
            We’ll bury you next to coopers and travel agents.

          • Amy

            Both my husband & I are Realtors & we split that 6% with the other agent, advertise your home on multiple websites, pay tax on our commission & basically make 1-1.5% in the end.. Oh and have to deal with people who believe that this is an easy profession & whatever situation they may be in, divorce, death of a spouse, short sale, kids fighting over sale of parents home & not agreeing on the price, cheating spouses, tenants, etc…

            You must have hired the wrong Realtor!

        • syl1969

          That’s a pretty dumb-assed comment. If you have a problem in any restaurant, talk to your server first. If no help, speak to a manager. Things can’t be fixed if they don’t know about it. And many DO provide good service. But then some people are next to impossible to please…hmmm Know anybody like that David??

      • Fred

        …this is one table. with a $60 bill. it takes what, an hour, possibly 45 mins to serve a table? even at 10%, that’s almost minimum wage right there. this server isn’t making less than min wage…. unless she serves every table like he/she probably served Lesean here. I’m guessing he/she deserved this.

      • Prionogenic

        Depending on the restaurant, talking to the manager can result in a written warning, loss or shift, or even getting fired. A lot of restaurants have a zero tolerance policy for complaints–so you might actually get someone fired, if that makes you feel better.

        Also, in the US, servers that *report* less than minimum wage in tips + restaurant salary are paid the difference by the restaurant to reach minimum wage. It’s a fallacy to say that if you do not tip a server for crap service they will get paid below the minimum wage and starve to death!

      • lz

        If a waiter/waitress does not make the minimum wage in an hour based off of his/her $2.12 an hour + tips, employers are required to pay the difference, so that waiter/waitress is guaranteed minimum wage at worst.

  • Guest

    it’s a fake receipt, phillymag people needa check their sources.

  • used to work there

    he used to eat at Honey’s all the time, and this is totally normal behavior from him.

    • SBR

      He tips well at Field House. You’re lying.

      • Laura5757

        He doesn’t tip well at many places in Harrisburg so maybe FieldHouse is the exception. Doesn’t make someone a liar just because they have a different experience from you.

  • Guest


  • inigojonze

    Who knows, but two unsavory experiences that turned me off from PYT:

    While waiting to get a drink one busy night, an overwhelmed hipster bartender punched the a computer monitor in the front bar as hard as he could, smashing it completely. This obviously made the wait, and the crush in the front room, even worse and was an appalling display of unprofessionalism to say the least.

    Another night I was asked for ID from a bouncer at the front porch. It was in a window in my wallet, which usually suffices, and if asked i’d take it out, anyway I show her my ID. She takes my wallet, looks close at the ID, turns the whole thing upside down and laughs when cards and money come falling out. Like a fool, i’m on my hands and knees picking it all up with a line waiting behind me. I stand back up and tell her, “You could have just asked me to take it out.” “Pfff. Have a good night, you’re not coming in. BYE! BYE!” She tells me, as her and the guy she was talking to laugh.

    Wacky drinks and burgers and occasionally attractive people don’t make up for the tense, sleazy atmosphere that often comes with it.

  • d-nice

    It’s fake, I saw the same exact receipt, only with Sean Connery’s name. Which makes me wonder what PYT is up to. I guess that’s the point.

  • Christy

    This is pretty pathetic. Aren’t there better things to talk about instead of a fake receipt. It’s amazing how quickly people negatively judge based on social media. Guess it goes to show that some business owners think it’s better to have negative publicity- I would call them complete douchbags.

  • Kate

    LeSean McCoy is a very generous foot ball player. The LeSean McCoy Foundation has been instrumental in raising funds for struggling youth in many cities. If LeSean did indeed only tip 20 cents then perhaps he was sending an important message to the owner of this establishment. If this article is fake, I hope he defends his reputation and sues the perpetrator.

    • sop27

      All sports stars have to do charity events. That does not make him a saint.

    • Laura5757

      Want to take a guess at how much charity Ray Rice was/is involved with? I’m just saying…that doesn’t mean a darn thing. And McCoy from what I have witnessed acts like trash.

  • Bhall426

    McCoy has been not tipping at Philly restaurants for years. PYT will get a lot of backlash for being the first to out him. but to all the commenters who think maybe it was a one time thing or bad service, its been known in the biz for years. this is 20 cents more than he left my buddy at his restaurant

    • SBR

      I love all these PYT people coming on here pretending to be servers at other places stiffed by this football player…but funny how we never heard these stories before yesterday.
      He’s always tipped well at Field House when I worked there.

      • Laura5757

        Congratulations you are the exception and this isn’t just PYT servers or even Philly servers saying this.

        • DW

          How many more comments are you going to make here. We get it. Servers rule. Are you abandoning your tables in Harrisburg to sit here and keep whining?

  • Pat

    In his defense, they have HORRIBLE service and ignore you all night. They probably deserved the 20¢

    • Laura5757

      What are the real odds that an NFL star was ignored the whole time? Let’s be serious…McCoy is a real piece of work- ask some of the people I know who have served him in Harrisburg. He’s trash, plain and simple.

  • AM

    To be fair, doesn’t PYT include 18% gratuity? For as bad as their service typically is, 18% is more than enough.

    • DW

      I’ve been hit with 20% automatic grat there

  • A regular

    Tacky of pyt to send this!!!

  • Sean

    This means absolutely nothing – tips are based off of service not by how much a person makes.

    • Laura5757

      Good luck with that attitude. Have you ever even been a server? My guess is no…


    I’ve had that dude as a server..they never right anything down and my food comes out messed up every time

    • meme

      if you talk like you write I can see why your order could come out wrong

    • Laura5757

      This is completely possible- I don’t envision that place having the best service but a .20 is just not excusable unless the server was downright RUDE.

  • NovaCareMed

    I can say that this is complete bs, from noon until 4, the vast majority of the Eagles players, LeSean included, were meeting with the teams nutritionist for a consultation. Tommy Up, called the Eagles Front office and asked if a few of the players could attend an event, clearly the Eagles said no, and now Eagles players are magically appearing at his place and leaving horrible tips. Last week, I heard Rodey Pete and Antoine Davis were working behind the bar lol

    • BobSmith77

      BS. It was confirmed by Les Bowen this afternoon.

  • NJPoolboy

    If it sucks… I woulda left 0.00. Nice if he left ANYTHING on a meal that LICKED.

  • mustangsuzie

    He’s a Horrible tipper, he complains all the time and acts like an entitled A$$HOLE.
    He’s been doing this for years, unless you are an “attractive women”(then he asks for her number),he DOES NOT TIP!!

  • Chris

    Waiters make the majority of their earnings through tips, so when you don’t tip, it’s like saying “I’m not going to pay you for the service you just provided me”. It’s a crappy thing to do.

    • David Rogers

      When you get crappy service then you get a crappy tip…end of story.

      • Laura5757

        How about next time you make a small mistake at your job then you aren’t paid for the entire day or are docked about 2 hours of pay? Still want to play that game?

        • Uh…


          • FYI

            If you had worked any sort of office job before, you would know that performance does determine pay for almost everyone in business.

            Aside from opportunities for raises/promotions, your performance on the job (which is in effect graded by clients and your superiors) determines the performance “bonus” in people’s salaries. Doing a bad job does cost you money, even if you’re not in a direct sales position.

            You would know this if you had ever held a job that a 16 year old couldn’t do.

    • I REALLY Don’t care about their circumstances and How they earn their money. Not my problem. I want my order taken correctly, my food served at the proper temp and my drink order correct. If you can’t do That, Why would you expect anything other than a minimal tip?

  • Kari

    I agree with most of the comments below. The service at PYT is absolutely horrific. I have personally left terrible tips. They don’t deserve a 20 percent tip if 20 percent is all their putting into their service.

  • sop27

    I doubt that the service was that bad in this instance. Everyone seems to have known who he was right from the beginning.

  • BobSmith77

    1. Receipt was confirmed by the Eagles organization when Les Bowen asked and McCoy refused to answer any questions about it when Bowen asked except to say this issue was ‘BS.’

    2. There was no 20% gratuity added on the receipt and it is illegal for a restaurant to not clearly itemize this that on a receipt when it is automatically included.

    3. In the grand scheme of things, this doesn’t amount to anything although people who do this kind of stuff are almost usually scumbags from personal experience. If he had a problem with the service, he should tip 10% and talk to the manager.

    4. McCoy has a well-deserved rep for doing this around Philly when he goes out and this is nothing new. McCoy is just pissed and embarrassed that he finally got outed for being a cheap POS.

    • God Bless our Armed Forces!

      McCoy can tip whatever he feels buddy! This restaurant is a POS anyways! They deserve less than what was tipped!

      • Laura5757

        So all the servers he stiffs deserve it? BS. Stop defending such a pathetic POS just because he happens to be an NFL player probably for your team. It’s a shameful move and he was finally caught- simple as that.

        • God Bless our Armed Forces!

          He only stiffed one server. Relax tough internet bully. Stop defending bad service. I don’t care if it was an NFL player or a homeless person. Bad service means no tip and the loser waiter got it coming to him. Thanks LeSean!

          • ActLocal

            How do you know it was the only time? Word on the street is that this is a normal occurance.

          • God Bless our Armed Forces!

            Who gives a sh*t. I leave sh*tty tips all the time as do millions of people for bad service. The waiter was a POS anyways and deserved less than the generous $0.20 tip.

          • ActLocal

            You sound very intelligent.

          • God Bless our Armed Forces!

            Keep crying crybaby!

          • ActLocal

            What a maroon!

          • God Bless our Armed Forces!

            You and the wimpy waiter both need to get slapped. I’ll tip well to whoever does it too.

          • ActLocal

            Let me guess… you were also in the elevator with Ray Rice and she deserved what she got. Unless you were at the table, you have no idea what happened. You are just exhibiting a “crush” on your ideal of masculinity.

          • God Bless our Armed Forces!

            That’s right you imbecile. Unless you were at the table then shut it. You are one sorry POS. Keep crying!

          • ActLocal

            So, the guy with a reputation for stiffing waiters was justified and the waiter is a POS. You have no evidence. I am waiting for your defense of Ray Rice. I hope you brought your knee-pads and have plenty of chapstick, groupie-girl.

          • God Bless our Armed Forces!

            Let me know when you’re done crying the for the POS waiter making less than minimum wage who got 20 cents to buy himself a piece of candy for lunch. Haha. What a complete loser working as a dead beat waiter. He deserved it.

          • ActLocal

            You’ve got one lame comment. Spread the cocoa butter, LeSean and Ray are on their way over to give you a taste of their appreciation for your devotion.

          • God Bless our Armed Forces!

            I’m sure you have plenty of experience with cocoa butter with the poor and crying waiter. Haha. 20 cents! Thanks LeSean! The waiter is a broke POS looking for a fast handout. Something you know of.

          • ActLocal

            I’ve given you plenty of rope to hang yourself, Mr. Omniscient. You like to denigrate waiters, due to your own sexual inadequacy. You know nothing of my finances, or the circumstances at the restaurant, but you assume facts to suit your own fantasies. End of conversation.

          • God Bless our Armed Forces!

            The waiter is a broke POS. You make little money. You both are morons. Thanks LeSean!

    • SBR

      Hey bro, your restaurant sucks. You hire trash b/c you like hanging out and doing drugs with them after hours. You’re lucky Piazza is always packed with people from North Philly, the suburbs and Jersey who don’t confuse gimmick menu items with good food b/c they’re not exposed to real food and drinks.

  • Tim Nguyen

    Regardless of whether or not the service was bad or not, leaving a .20 tip is degrading and insulting…..tip your waiters and servers no matter how much money you make

  • Uh this guy’s a 5-year veteran in a pro sports league. You can’t tell me he’s been tipping .20 at restaurants for the past five seasons because he “didn’t know better” and this is the first time it’s ruffled feathers. Why elite athletes choose to eat at “joints” in the first place I’ll never understand – garbage in, garbage out.

    Either he was zooming off PEDs and had no idea what he was doing, had crappy service and doesn’t know what a base tip is, or he’s cheap and rarely pays or tips when dining out.

  • youreajoke

    I wish you all of you complaining about the waiters/waitress would go out and become one. It’s not as easy as you all claim it is and maybe you’ll have some respect for these people instead of acting like you were raised in a barn.

    • Laura5757

      I was raised on a farm and I take offense to that ;) but no seriously, 100% agreed with you. Some of the posters on here reflect the entitled brattyness that this country is unfortunately increasingly becoming known for.

  • Thephillywineguy

    Wildly unprofessional of PYT to post this. Been in this racket for over 20 years, and have seen a lot of well known people tip poorly. You don’t do something like this – period. Ever. Don’t care what the circumstances are. Never ever ever. It’s unfortunate for the server, but it reflects even more poorly for the establishment that they would go public like this. Who else in their right mind will ever go back there now?

    • Laura5757

      People who aren’t ashamed of what they tip. As someone who had worked in the industry for 12 years, I think it is refreshing to see an employer stand by their employee and not cater to a-holes, famous or not.

      • SteveJobs88

        Are you the PR director for this restaurant or something?

        • Laura5757

          Nope- I have had the displeasure of meeting McCoy and he is one of my least favorite athletes (along with Brendan Marshall). He is arrogant and disrespectful. Not to mention he has stiffed several good, experienced servers whom I know personally. And I just get tired of obnoxious football fans elevating these idiots to god-like status simply because they play well for their favorite team.

    • nondescript

      Certainly if you’re any kind of celebrity you would avoid this place.

  • Wimpys Original

    We always got great tips from LeSean McCoy and his friends, especially Tre when they would come to Wimpy’s in Media (when they lived out our way). Never had a problem or complaint. Very good customers. In any case a poor decision to publish this. LeSean (and anybody else) is welcome at Wimpy’s.

    • Laura5757

      Cue shameless plug.

  • Leave American Workers Alone

    This owner SUCKS.

  • Frank

    Foobooz, you just lost yourself a reader. It is absolutely inappropriate for this restaurant to have posted this information. It does not matter how poor the service or how egregious the tip. As such, I will no longer be dining at PYT or any other TommyUp-owned, kickstarter funded restaurants. And as you felt it was appropriate to also take up this cause, I feel compelled to no longer read your blog. Poor decision, and extremely poor taste. 0 of 4 bells.

    • Laura5757

      Really? Are you going to stop reading deadspin and the Star Ledger too? How about Philly.com? It’s all over the media outlets. You are like the toddler that doesn’t want to hear something so they stick their fingers in their ears and their tongue out. You won’t be missed.

      • Frank

        No, I think I took the time to post the real issue with this kerfuffle, and it has nothing to do with poor service or a “shady” tip. It is poor business practice to have posted this receipt online. And if you’ve defined your gold standard of journalism as philly.com, well then I guess I had different expectations of this blog.

        • JimBucksbury

          Frank, 9:30 AM: I will no longer read this blog.
          Frank, 1:30 PM: Still reading this blog.

  • God Bless our Armed Forces!

    What a POS restaurant!

  • Bax Golden

    This restaurant probably wants a few minutes of fame and sympathy business~ Rob might have given crappy service…Have to report both sides!

  • Guest

    It appears to be a photoshopped check as this duplicate appeared hours earlier on Facebok

  • Nick

    I like to think I’m a very good tipper, and I tip based on service, not because it’s customary. Only once have I left no tip, because the service was so awful that it didn’t warrant one. Bad day or not, you have a job to do, and if you want a good tip, you have do to a good job. I’ve never been to PYT, but what they did was in very poor taste.

    • Laura5757

      And you honestly think that they would purposefully not put on their best service for an well known NFL player? C’mon…

      • Jim

        Well I honestly believed it would be incredibly stupid for business to do this, but they did it anyway.

  • Carl Christensen

    I’ve seen this sort of thing before – any half-decent place would have immediately sent a manager over to inquire what was the problem that resulted in such a poor tip. And they wouldn’t have posted it on the Internet/facebook/etc. I’m sure there’s more to the story than “McCoy is stingy”.

    • Laura5757

      I’m not- he’s fairly well known for pulling this crap in Harrisburg establishments as well.

    • Militiades

      I’ve seen this sort of thing too. It’s just rare that an owner decides he’s had enough and “outs” the celebrity jerk. This owner must have decided he finally had enough and I can tell you his staff really respects what he did. Some celebrities are nice and so polite and some are really impatient people with a awfully big “me” attitude. The staff always gets excited when a celebrity comes in and can’t do enough for them unless the celebrity is really negative. I saw one server get so mad at an actor that he took his steak back and went to the backroom toilet, swirled it around a bit and then put it back on the grill. Of course he would have got fired if anyone had told on him but the celebrity (who will go unmentioned ) was really God awful, so nobody said anything. Then the big shot finished the steak. Treat people decent and they will treat you decent. Note: Never send your food back if you have an attitude, you don’t know what someone will do to get even.

  • Royce Edwards

    Hey, restaurant staff spent the same time into serving their customers as they put into trying to embarrass them, they would have a lot more money in their pockets.

    Kudos to McCoy for showing he won’t be blackmailed into tipping for service he and his guests didn’t receive.

    • Laura5757

      Where you there personally? Then how would you know? It is a rather well known fact among Harrisburg servers that he tips like the scum he is.

      • Jim

        Well were you there personally? Do you know that he didn’t get terrible service in that instance?

        • Laura5757

          No but the odds are he did not- not just because of who he is but because his reputation in serving circles precedes him.

  • Thomas Enjoys-Life

    He’s known to donate thousands! Must have been awful service! Awful place for doing this! Posting this could lead to no merchant account because of the information left on the receipt! I hope he sues for defamation, invasion of privacy and 10 other things that come to my mind (think city, state, Federal & International Laws & Statues because it’s worldwide)..,

    • Laura5757

      Ray Rice has donated hand over fist in charity (pun intended). Still want to stick with that argument?

      Also, you don’t seem to know the law too well- there is no expectation of privacy attached with a restaurant receipt.

      • Thomas Enjoys-Life

        You may want to hear the real facts of why this guy was left .20 cents… as for privacy… The waiter has now confessed to why he was only given 20 cents too much… This waiter has been caught in a lie!
        There’s information on that receipt not allowed by law and the rules of the merchant account!

  • kmf

    I’ve waiting on numerous local sports figures — some very geneous, others not so much. Usually the “not so much” individuals were high maintenance and ignorant. Those that were generous usually easy to wait on and gracious. My FAVORITE sports figure to ever wait on was Charles Barkley — waited on him MANY times and always a gentleman, polite, generous, and accommodating to the fans that were also dining.

    • Laura5757

      So glad to hear that- I love Charles Barkley!

  • TheDosemasterGeneral

    Too bad Riley Cooper wasn’t there to put him in his place.

  • dsmith

    Mr. McCoy demands excellence from his servers and will not reward anything less!

    Cue music…..

    Hey Big Spender!!!

  • eaglesfan, 20-win failure

    looks like he cut after two dimes.

  • boycottPYT

    BOYCOTT PYT!!!!!!!!!

  • KT

    Maybe Rob….the server should go into the Restroom and look in the mirror……Because Maybe he provided Horrible Service to Mr. McCoy and his party……20 cents that 19 cents more than I give if I receive BAD service…….stop bashing him because he is a “celebrity”……he is a human being and if he received poor service then he should be able to leave NO tip if he wants to without being humiliated…..Grow Up people……and realize that just because he is an athlete or a celebrity as you call him does not mean he is not human!!! Just saying……

  • ActLocal

    Someone needs to explain the difference to #25 between twenty PERCENT and twenty CENTS.

  • Giina

    He probably didnt like the service, which is not uncommon with PYT

  • God Bless our Armed Forces!

    Rob the waiter needs a physical beating on addition to the 20 cents.

  • Fields82

    Pay fair wages to your workers and stop shaming customers for not supplementing for you being cheap. Say thank you for the extra money he gave you and move on.

  • TheDosemasterGeneral

    What is bad service? Just not coming around?

    Would an NFL star really be ignored by a waiter?

  • Down-In-Texas

    Im from Texas so I dont have a dog in the fight… but I think this whole situation is great for both sides. Why? Because a) McCoy’s tipping habits will now be under scrutiny every time he goes to a restaurant… and b) so will the servers/service at PYT. I’m seeing about 50/50 split on opinions on this so if the restaurant owner cares about his reputation or livelihood he will make sure his servers/staff clean up their act… especially since he is the one that called out McCoy and defended his employees.

  • maxjacob

    WTF is wrong with you people? Tipping is not optional. If you go out to a restaurant in the United States you factor in a 15% tip. Period. If you had a bad experience you don’t go back, or you post about it on Yelp, but you don’t screw over your server and the people who bus your table for what could be a problem in the kitchen. Arguing otherwise just makes this city seem all the more provincial.

    • J.

      Yes 100%! If someone’s attitude is “wait staff shouldn’t ASSUME they’re going to get a tip” or “I’m not OBLIGATED to tip you,” then don’t go out to eat at a restaurant ever again! They can’t have their cake and eat it, too….well, we want to go out to eat at XYZ restaurant, but we don’t HAVE to leave a tip to someone whose livelihood within the industry they’re in is based off tips!!! People are such idiots.

  • Fishtown

    Lets start a kick starter for the 19.68% of the tip

  • Dreday410

    I don’t tip WHEN the service is bad or on my Debit card I rather pay cash instead…..ALSO why would any business call out any of there customers like this

    Why in America we feel like we should TIP a person for doing a job they applied for ? so the general public should feel the need to pay the server to work for your business and pay for the food we just bought as well….Logic don’t make sense

    • Bert’s Bells

      In America, wage laws don’t apply to waitstaff.

      In America, if you’re raised and educated properly, you would know that the menu cost of food does not include the wage of the waiter. It is incumbent on you, the patron, to add this.

      In America, the IRS assumes you do this -even if you don’t -and expects the waiter to pay taxes on tips even if they don’t receive them.

      None this makes any logical sense and is just another example of why America is bullspit.

      Waiters should get wages like everyone else. The tipping thing is arbitrary nonsense. But that’s how it is.

    • steven

      the job is tips genius…… and McCoy deserves anything he gets…… people need to tip, cant tip.. try burger king…………..

  • David

    Regardless of the reason, this should never have been posted by the owner (or anyone else). Shame on Tommy Up!! Hope it hurts your business.

  • nondescript

    Pretty low class on the part of PYT.

    • J.

      Pretty low class on the part of Lesean McCoy, I’d say. It’s a patronizing move…if you’re going to tip just $0.20 (which didn’t even round the amount up to the nearest dollar – that would have required $0.44), then don’t tip AT ALL. He was trying to make a point by tipping 20 cents. It’s a classless move.

      • God Bless our Armed Forces!

        PYT is a POS restaurant.

      • nondescript

        I agree. for really bad service I will tip 0 There is no need to insult with a low tip. Just give them nothing and inform the manager (if you wish) why you’re dissatisfied with the service. However, nothing excuses the restaurant for posting this credit card receipt

        • J.

          Agree also. The restaurant shouldn’t have posted it at the end of the day. I’m just tired of athletes and celebrities and their sense of blatant entitlement. Everyone in this situation acted inappropriately in some way.

  • Bob Maron

    Charlie Sheen just tipped them $1,000….

  • Craig J Lewandowski

    Nice job Charlie! : )

  • steven

    worked at outback when LeBron james first turned pro… came in with a huge entourage and left an 8 % tip (if I remember right, I know it was under 10% )

  • Ariadne

    Just reinforces the fact that NFL players can’t do math.

    • God Bless our Armed Forces!

      Yep. Peyton Manning is an idiot.

  • The Hammer

    I’d leave a “reasonable” 10% tip no matter what! And I would not show up again to the joint that has a bad service. Not until they re-open under new management. Not leaving a tip when knowing that tips are the backbone of this industry is equivalent to sneaking past the cash register…

    If I was the owner, I would definitely NOT publish this type of info about my joint. BAD MOVE PYT. It reflects poorly about PYT’s severely malfunctioned hospitality.

    • God Bless our Armed Forces!

      Bad service. No tip!

  • Superior_Joe

    LeSean McCoy: “America’s craaaziest tipper!”(tm)

  • syl1969

    Typical low-class Eagle player… doesn’t surprise me at all.

  • Militiades

    My guess is the staff was excited. This was one of the top running backs in the country. Maybe they got nervous or maybe McCoys people really were full of negative attitude. He didn’t have to be so mean. I’ve worked in a restaurant. When a celebrity comes in everyone is excited Only time staff loses that excitement is if the celebrity is an absolute a**hole. McCoy is a multimillionaire and sounds like a jerk-off. I wouldn’t be sorry if breaks his leg in 3 places in his next game.

  • Chi Chi Chi

    Tips are not mandatory so this whole article is ridiculous

    • Perplexico

      You’re an idiot.

  • John E. Eagle

    His game is worse than his tip!