Closed: Sutton’s Parlor and Logan Goat


In the continuing saga of the Matt Swartz Bar Empire, which will one day make for a really incredible Storify, the above sign has appeared in the windows of Sutton’s Parlor and Logan Goat Bar & Restaurant, the two west-of-Broad operations from the man behind Farmers’ Cabinet.

“The doors are locked,” says Pete Antipas, the landlord for both establishments. Antipas declined to elaborate on the situation, and Swartz did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Meanwhile, Farmers’ Cabinet remains open, though it has had its share of troubles of late. In December, it was raided by State Police, and earlier this year, it got a pretty scathing report from the Department of Health for which it was temporarily shut down.

Earlier this month, Farmers’ Cabinet once again failed its health inspection, according to a Department of Health spokesperson, but no closure was ordered. And on June 20th, a Philadelphia judge issued a $600 judgment against the restaurant stemming from city code enforcement violations.

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  • GT12

    Please, just give these stories to someone else. Everyone who reads this just thinks you have it out for Swartz (which I admit, is harsh). Get someone else to report this same thing or put a different name at the top and it will be taken more seriously.

    • Jack

      Um it is called journalism moron! Victor is not out for matt personally. It is about being a journalist and exposing scum for who they truly are…scum. Matt AND Collen should have been in jail a LONG time ago. I am his family and know the world would be a better place with him and Colleen behind bars…permanently! Take that seriously and shove it.

  • PT

    Too bad. Logan was a nice addition to the neighborhood. Until last week, there was a good selection on tap, friendly bartenders and waitstaff, and a seemingly healthy lunch and happy hour business. I saw this coming when the taps were shut off Tuesday night because of a supposed issue with the keg cooler and the cooler behind the bar was looking pretty empty.

  • Dan

    What sort of moron would lease to this guy? Dumb landlords – brings a smile to my face as a former renter when these idiots get stiffed.

    • selif1000

      This landlord owes the city about $250,000 in back taxes on his various buildings, so I assume he can’t be too picky about his tenants.

  • FlockingTogether

    If you are still working for this guy you are a dope. No excuses and no whining when the doors are locked and you are SOL at FC. Plenty of jobs on Craigslist right now.

    • FCabFamily

      Nobody is continuing to work at Farmers for Matt Swartz. We work their because the remaining staff is a family. We’re all friends, and have each other’s backs. That is from management on down. If you think we don’t know what’s going on, you are sorely mistaken. But when you have as close knit of a crew as we have at FCab, you don’t just abandon ship on one another. That is a strong life lesson that you would be wise to learn.

      • JB

        Sounds like the blind leading the blind.

        • FCabFamily

          Classy response.

          • JB

            The truth will set you free!

      • tjt

        are you making Swartz money? Could you have each others’ backs and find jobs elsewhere? The two things–helping your team of peers and not working for a repugnant, amoral/immoral, law breaking, money stealing, backpay unpaying boss–aren’t mutually exclusive for most of the rest of the world, including in the industry.

        • Sly

          I just heard that some of “the FCab Family” is going on 5 weeks with no pay. This guys must be one of the lucky ones Swartz is paying

      • Chitown

        Seriously guys. Stop. You’re making excuses and should be embarrassed you’ve taken it this far. We are embarrassed we put up with as much as we did and didn’t leave after not getting paid.

        Go be friends outside of work. You’re putting yourselves and your well being AFTER Swartz and his business. That place needs to close. He needs to fail. You need to understand that.

        Love from Chicago.
        Good luck!

        • Cher

          Working for no pay, I thought Mr Lincoln outlawed that, way to turn back time ya fools

      • recovering FCabber

        So? How’s that working out for you today?

      • Jack

        A better life lesson would be to work for respectable people not criminals!!!! No one feels bad for people who work for criminals. Sell it however you feel necessary and whatever works for you to sleep at night! If you know someone is doing illegal things you don’t work for them. Hello….this may be a new word in your vocabulary but it’s calked morals:) get some.

  • Connor

    Suttons was a good spot with great bartenders and servers, BUT terrible management was ridiculously obvious – and the concept was a little odd to start with. No air conditioning doesn’t help when you are trying to improve sales in the summer either. I was the only person in this place from 7:30 until almost 8pm on Saturday night because it felt like an oven.

    • danielle

      I went there for the first (and i suppose last) time last friday night. Their cocktail menu was insanely expensive. 14 and 15$ for a coup? Robbery.

  • Boo-urns

    Sigh… how does this rube continue to open bars and restaurants, when other much more reasonable, intelligent, law-abiding, deserving people can’t even raise the capital to open one?

  • mgl

    Not surprising…. Logan payroll has been bouncing for NSF since April!

    • MarkCValdez

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  • Larry Fine

    Other people’s money…..the best

  • drjohn

    I too visited Sutton’s Parlor for the first (and apparently the last) time at the end of June. I was unaware of the problems, but must say that I really enjoyed it (despite the lack of A/C). I was there with some guests from Australia during happy hour, and we were impressed by the expertise and professional manner of the bartender. The $7 cocktail specials were great, and we even got a mini tutorial when we asked some questions about their preparation (including a sampling of the home made bitters). The oysters on special were also good.

  • Plsjustdieinthearmsofastripper

    Lol. Swartz, I can’t wait til all your restaurants close. Sorry to all the staff I love this is effecting but you should of left a long time ago. RAISE YOUR HAND IF YOURE STILL OWED FOR A THANKSGIVING BUYOUT PARTY?! Lol.

  • RichHeimlich

    Loved Logan and the people there. Word on the street was that owner hadn’t paid the employees there in some time and they essentially walked off.

    I hope Ryan, Laura, Alexis and Chris all managed to get paid before it was shuttered.

  • how about Mike?

    Most employees have left from what I’ve heard. Swartz still owes almost everyone in the company money. Not to mention his suppliers and clearly the landlords…. guy’s a joke….

  • Bandwagon

    “Owners Matt Scheller, Matt Swartz, and his wife Colleen Swartz are quickly becoming major restaurateurs in the artisanship of fine beer and food” lol, wonder how she likes drinking that KoolAid now?

  • Theendhascome

    Well, that’s a wrap. RIP Farmer’s Cabinet 3/17/11-7/6/14.