Here’s How to Get Your Restaurant Publicity On, Or: How Bad PR People Ruin the PR Industry

sarah lockard

Restaurants of Philadelphia, sometimes just being a great restaurant isn’t enough to get publicity for your restaurant. In some cases, you need to buy a publisher and her whole family dinner on Christmas Eve.

On Monday, some restaurants in the Philadelphia area received the following email from Sarah Lockard (pictured), the publicist-publisher behind, a site with lots of exclamation points.

From: Sarah Lockard
Date: December 9, 2013 at 9:17:32 PM EST
To: undisclosed-recipients:;
Subject: Host the Awesome Lockards on Christmas Eve!

Good Evening!!!

Every Christmas Eve my family enjoys an amazing night dining out and this year I am offering you the exciting opportunity to be our restaurant that hosts us!

The host restaurant will receive approximately $1,000 in PR with AML:

1) 2 Facebook posts on AML’s Facebook page promoting the respective restaurant as the restaurant of choice for AML’s family for Christmas Eve

2) 5 instagram photos during the dining experience

3) 2 AML enewsletter ads in Jan and Feb 2014 (reaches over 3,000 unique individuals)

4) listed in our Christmas Eve dining guide published Dec 10th, 2013 on AML.

We are asking for the following in turn:

Dinner for 5 drinks and food compensated, we will tip according to the value to the server.

This is a VERY innovative and effective way to promote your restaurant on this very competitive evening and reach tens of thousands of local foodies through AML’s channels.

Please note this is first come, first serve.

I am excited to hear from you!

Be THE top restaurant we recommend this Christmas Eve to our HUGE audience!!!!

Your friend,

Sarah Lockard
Your Online Magazine Covering the Main Line and Western Suburbs

Providing Online Advertising, Marketing, Events, Social Media Consulting and More!

Organizer of Main Line Restaurant Week

So who will be the first to take advantage of this AMAZING opportunity?! Ugh.

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  • Robert Drake

    While I do have a problem with the exclamation points – I don’t have a real probelm with the pitch; albeit not something I’d personally do … but frankly, here’s a chance to barter a meal for some marketing. Sure, it pretty much means not to believe whatever Sarah says about her host – but then again, when was the last time you took a PR person’s pitch at face value…

    • Waegook Tom

      The pitch is horrible. It’s full of !! and CAPS to EMPHASISE things, doesn’t really say WHY the business would interest her readers, and wants to publish her recommendation BEFORE even going to the restaurant?! Just horrible.

  • shankman

    See. You just don’t… No. Just no.

  • tjt

    this post:foobooz::stones:glass houses

    • vfiorillo

      It’s like the SATs!

  • Tom

    If dinner for 5 is worth 5 instagram photos, then I should be eating for free all the time.

  • FoodSuze

    “4) listed in our Christmas Eve dining guide published Dec 10th, 2013 on AML.”

    Yet this email was sent at 9:17 pm on Dec 9th. Not really given anyone much time to make a decision, is she? I would also be less offended by this pitch if she was asking for a pre-Christmas lunch for her employees, instead of having her family dinner comped.

  • Mike Maney

    There’s a word for people who offer this kind of exchange…snore, no, that’s not it…bore, no, that’s not it either…I seem to remember it began with one of the Ws of true journalism…Who something.

  • JB

    So Metrocorp owns

  • Philly’s Best BYOBs

    Her services are overpriced. I’ll do 2 Facebook posts and 5 Instagrams for a used cocktail coaster. First come, first served.

    • Kyle

      Heck, just the fact that I can somehow live vicariously through how many great shots and retweets I get is enough for me!!! 😉

    • Teri Banks

      So now all PhillyMag is good for is a fucking witch hunt? Publish someone’s email and *CELL PHONE* alongside an embarrassing mistake and let the harassment start? Have you even seen the other coverage this “reporting”
      has engendered — a long lines of men saying just about anything abusive, crude, or plainly repulsive. Another line of men behind them to pat them on the back and say “Good Boy, you really fucked her there! Let me have a turn.” Is this how you want the world to treat your daughters, sisters, wives
      and mothers? Treat them all to nice heaping serving of men sending personal threats by email, harassing phone calls, defacing their work. All because you think this is somehow journalism? What next on the PhillyMag agenda — find another woman, maybe an entrepreneur, maybe a mother, and incite some physical violence? Going to see how much you can stir the pot until something terrible happens? So by all means leave that private information out there. I rather hope she sues your joke ass into the ground.

      Here’s just the smallest example of the prejudicial, sexist and racist bile you’ve spawned.

      • Too much talk

        It’s not ok for people to threaten her. Each individual person who had an issue with her service should have discussed this with her personally. Why is it ok to hang her like this? I understand that people aren’t happy with what she may “claim” to provide as a service. But why be so cruel about it? Is this the world we live in? Are we the same people who preach against cyber bullies? SMH

        • Teri Banks

          Indeed. What possible excuse could there be for publishing someone’s information like this. At least some of the other media outlets that picked up the story had the common sense to remove it. Only a complete fool would be blind to what
          was going to happen. And this occurred with some editor’s blessing at PhillyMag? So at least two, if not more, people had to say “Yeah, this is a great thing, let’s run with it. We can
          make sure she’ll never be able to use that email or phone again without someone harassing her.” I’d be willing to bet not a single one of them was a woman.

          • Brin

            I believe the lesson learned is not to pretend to be a honest review site and then go out and solicit reviews for hire. Especially while offer the opportunity to be “THE top restaurant”. Dishonest to the core and an affront to the review process, journalism and the about section of her page where she says they treat every reader as family.

          • Beth @ In Good Cents

            She never promised a honest review. She said promotion, which sounds more like advertising. Advertising isn’t worth anything if it’s not positive. Many companies pay for, and yes, even barter, for positive advertising. PR companies, large and well known ones, contact me daily asking me to promote their products in exchange for free products. In this day and age, it’s become common practice in online media, especially in the blogging industry. As long as she discloses the relationship, as she’s require to do by the FTC, she’s not misleading her readers.

          • Brin

            Well, I suppose if her recommendation is just that, a paid advertisement. I’m not sure why her advice is pertinent to anyone but her and her advertisers. And if that’s the case and she owns it… so be it.

          • Season

            “Beth”, I think you’re actually Sarah. You’re all over local blogs defending this idiot.

        • EozS

          I agree with you BUT she should consider this a lesson in how to use the internet. Don’t send dumb sh-t and don’t put your cell number on it!

          • Teri Banks

            This was private pitch email between her and several restaurants apparently. She didn’t publish this publicly, PhillyMag decided to publish it with her contact information. Would you like your cell number published here as well? I wouldn’t regardless of the reason. And for a journalist to decide this is good form is completely beyond the pale.

          • EozS

            Lesson 1: everything you send by email can easily become public, so don’t write something that makes you sound like a huge douche.

            I am not saying it doesn’t suck for her, or that it is responsible journalism, but I’ll bet she learned a valuable lesson from it!

          • Savanah

            What valuable lesson could she have learned from this? Don’t use the industry standard and provide your contact information in a pitch?

          • EozS

            Don’t send emails to businesses asking for free food and just generally coming off as an entitled asshole.

          • Savanah

            It’s not free. It’s called barter and you have to claim it on your taxes.

            Commenting without knowing anything about the industry is a bit ignorant, don’t you think?

          • EozS

            “Bartering” is not industry-specific, my dear. She comes off like an entitled douche asking for free food, which is obviously how many of the recipients of that email felt as well.

            And I am sorry but “I want to trade several courses of free food and drinks for some instagram shots and facebook posts” is not bartering. It is douchy! But if I’m in the minority, I’ll gladly eat my hat (or maybe I can give it to her in exchange for tweeting about it?)

          • Natalie B

            Really, the point is simple, but if you need some help extra EozS just leave your cell phone number in the comments here so all the world can call and explain it to you for the next year. Better yet how about your business email as well. And if you have a Facebook page, set it so anyone can comment on a post, and drop us a link.

            Harassment in any form should not be tolerated, just alone condoned and fueled by major media (or any media).

          • EozS

            No no, the lesson is DON’T publicize your cell phone number. DON’T put your phone number in communiqués where you sound like an asshole. In case someone posts it on the internet. (I usually sound like an asshole so I don’t put my cell phone number on things. I’m a pro at this, you see.)

            Of course harassment is wrong, but there’s dicks out there who are going to harass people. So don’t do things to increase your changes to being harassed. Like write entitled, greedy emails to businesses, with your phone number in it.

            It’s like leaving your door unlocked and complaining you got robbed. Like yeah the robber was wrong but lock your doors for pete’s sake.

          • Teri Banks

            “Don’t do things to increase your chances of being harassed.”

            She was asking for it apparently?

            Like wearing attractive clothes, or walking alone at night.

            I think we’ve heard this line of reasoning before.

          • EozS

            Yes Teri, not writing douchy emails with your phone number in them is the SAME THING as wearing a skirt and asking tp get raped. That is a completely reasonable, accurate real-world comparison and you are really smart for connecting the dots, and very brave for bring it to everyone’s attention. Kudos to you for not exaggerating or making retarded assumptions.

            You know, there’s a difference between accepting personal responsibility for your actions, and asking for something bad to happen to you. There are things you can do in your life to decrease the odds of being victimized because there ARE criminals and violent dicks and teenagers with too much time on their hands out there whether you like it or not. You are within your rights to walk naked and drunk through Grope Park at 2am, leave your door unlocked in Detroit and leave your iphone on a public bench in a New York Subway and if anyone victimizes you it’s their fault for being a dick, but you’re the one who has to suffer the consequences so lock your door, keep your valuables on your and don’t pass out drunk and naked at a party.

          • Savanah

            SHE didn’t publicize it. She sent it in private emails.

            And you are correct, you are a pro at sounding like an ignorant a$$hole.

          • EozS

            Including your phone number in an email is fine, of course. But I don’t recommend putting it in a douchy email that you send around to a bunch of restaurants offering them the privilege of giving you free food.

            Thanks :) I practice a lot and also thank you for the opportunity to practice it some more today! I eagerly await your next response.

          • Anon

            She actually does publicize her phone number through her Twitter account. And PhillyMag isn’t the only media outlet to publish bad pitch notes from PR people. I get that some people are taking it too far, but she does post her own contact info on her social media sites.

          • Natalie B

            And my number is in the phone book (remember those?).

            But, publishing the phone number here instead of forcing something to go look for it, would mean the difference between a dozen brief instances of harassment and potentially hundreds if not thousands. And how many of those might continue or escalate? That is the issue Teri’s shining a light on. Without the personal information, the article is scolding; with it, it’s potentially endangering.

            And I am pretty sure the author Victor Florillo:


            …has young daughters. I just don’t get his actions.

          • Beth @ In Good Cents

            Just because others have done it, doesn’t make it right. Plus, other sites leave out information that identifies the person who wrote the email, or even the company. By publishing that information in this article, they are encouraging people to contact her with negative comments and hateful words. They should have removed that information if they weren’t looking to start an attack on her.

          • Anon

            I’m not saying it makes it right. But it happens ALL the time. I’m a PR person and I think twice about what I send to media before I send it. That’s the first thing. And I NEVER ask for free stuff. The blogger world has made this practice popular, but true PR professionals don’t expect free stuff in exchange for good press. It’s unethical and it’s not how it works.

            Additionally, I don’t think anyone is encouraging others to contact her with negative, hateful comments. The fact that that’s happening is sad, but Philly Mag did not put anywhere on here “hey, please feel free to reach out to this woman and tell her what an asshole she is.” This is what happens with online media, unfortunately. Look at the comments section of any article posted on,, etc. (or even this long chain of comments) and you will find ridiculous posts made by people because they can hide behind the Internet. It is unfortunate, but it happens every day. It doesn’t make it right, but it’s the nature of the Internet. What is happening to this woman is not an anomaly by any stretch of the imagination.

            Did Philly Mag make a poor decision in posting her contact information? Probably. However, Sarah herself has chosen to make that information public on her social media sites. Her information is easily accessible regardless.

            I think this is being taken way too far to be honest with the misogynistic and legal accusations. Time for everyone to move on.

          • Fattyfatman

            Wrong. This is why we have the media. So that people who act like assholes can be held accountable.

          • Natalie B

            …and as of tonight it looks like PhillyMag’s finally had the sense to remove her cell phone and email from the article…enough said.

          • Savanah

            Bartering is common in the blogging industry. Bloggers pitch companies with what they are willing to do in exchange for products & services. Depending on the blog’s niche, this could be a comp’d hotel, car for a week, food basket, clothing, children’s toys, software, etc.

            And by definition, trading “several courses of free food and drinks for some instagram shots and facebook posts” would be bartering. It also included ads in her newsletter and on her blog.

            Please, continue throwing around words like entitled and free – it continues to show you know nothing about the blogging, public relations, and advertising industries.

          • EozS

            You’re right. I’ve read down the comments and I’m quite clearly the only one who reacted negatively to the contents of her email. Everyone else thought her message was completely reasonable and fair, including whichever restaurant made public her email (clearly lauding her selfless and generous attempt at bartering).

          • Fattyfatman

            “Bartering is common in the blogging industry.”

            That’s laughable. What is the “blogging industry”?

            This person’s clearly a parasite. I know journalistic ethics have imploded with the divestment of the media, but at what point did become acceptable to grab freebies so shamelessly?

            It’s tacky and disgusting. I’m sorry restaurants and other businesses have to put up with this shit and I miss print which at least had the pretensions of some ethical code.

          • Natalie B

            Well, since media is my field, let me answer you:

            The “blogging industry” is a subset of the media industry which would include large sites like Gawker, Lifehacker, Huffington Post, The Drudge Report, Perez Hilton, TechCrunch, Seeking Alpha, Mashable, etc. all the way down to small niche bloggers. The aggregate net revenue of the “industry” is rather large. For example, Gawker Media’s properties have been able to pull $2m/day in revenue.

            But Savanah is referring to the trends common among small and medium size blogs which are actually often *actively solicited* by businesses who *want* these blogs to produce editorial and social media content, reviews, commentary, etc. related to their products and services. And as long as the relationship is disclosed, this is completely above board and a very common practice.

            In Sarah’s case it looks like she is asking for about $150-200 worth of services (the figure is even less when calculated at cost). As long as business owner negotiates that much in coverage, it’s a good deal for the owner who doesn’t need to shell out cash for the same. A sharp business owner could negotiate for more even. Anyone not interested can simply hit the delete key or ask to the taken off her list.

            Her site has around 5,000 Facebook fans, and 10,000 Twitter followers. And just because I like actual facts in my news (call me a bitch that way), I was able to find out from her organization that there was a typo in the article above or the email, so the number of email subscribers was 15,000 not 3,000. I’m trying to think of who in that area west of Philly has those numbers, maybe a couple outlets tops. So really, a monkey could work out a deal for $200 of value there. I bet a dolphin could get twice that.

            So, basically she hung herself solely through the tone of the pitch. My professional recommendation would be to just hire a PT editor, and flow all main sales correspondence through them. She should pick herself up, learn the lesson and move forward.

            And yeah, Fattyfatman, we all miss the print days don’t we ( sigh). Build a time machine and we can go back together.

          • Fattyfatman

            Thanks for the explanation. I have friends who worked at Gawker and a good friend of mine is close friends with Nick Denton.

            I’m not “in media” but have written things for the Inky, WSJ, and NYT.

            Sarah Lockard is an excellent reason for why establishment media and the public treats bloggers like hot turds that they are.

            Especially on this level they don’t report or provide any actual information and are actually just giving paid reviews. Whether anyone actually reads their posts is a whole other question.

            So what do you call someone who posts worthless information that no one reads and charges businesses for it? A parasite.

            At some point you have to justify your existence and the point of this is that she obviously can’t.

          • Savanah

            Obviously 15,000+ people read her blog….

          • elijamae

            This is a recent trend, Savanah, and it’s disgusting. I’m a magazine writer and I’ve had pr acquaintances complain to me about the douchy behavior of bloggers who use their small platforms as a means to get free shit. Mommy bloggers who solicit free mother’s day brunches, food bloggers who want free tables on a Friday night. They rarely disclose the payola—why should they? They’re completely unregulated. No one can fire them for unethical behavior. Their audiences don’t know what they’re up to. Sadly, more traditional print media outlets are now permitting their employees to accept free pr meals because their budgets are slashed. This trend will undermine whatever faith our readers have in our reporting. For you to defend it as status quo doesn’t establish you as an expert—-it undermines your own ethics and credibility.

          • Brin

            Free food isn’t the lame part… selling reviews is.

          • Beth @ In Good Cents

            She never promises an honest review. She offers promotion, which is advertising. Advertising isn’t valuable, unless it’s positive. As long as she discloses the relationship, as she’s required to do by the FTC, she’s not misleading anyone. She’s advertising for a restaurant. Many websites sell advertising in all forms. She’s just asking for payment in food, instead of cash.

          • Savanah

            Where do she offer a review? I missed that in her email….

          • Lisa

            Stop talking.

          • Brin

            I think her business model is lame, recommendations based on payment (trade). But phillymag really should have left her email and phone # out of their post (if it was in there, they’ve edited it out now).

            It would be difficult to do business via email only and providing contact info in a business email is a standard practice because people do value a more personal form of communication when doing business.

            People repost email all the time, but you don’t usually leave a person’s personal contact info in there.

      • Sergio

        Call me crazy but your post is the most sexist thing on this page. Your view of men is that they are frustrated rapists looking to line up and take their frustrations out on any woman. A bit over the top there and offensive to other men (yes they do exist) who are not out to single out women to attack.

        • Teri Banks

          Hi Sergio — certainly not *all* men by any stretch — most men are generally well behaved ;). And I was not referring to this page’s comments which are tame, but instead the actions
          and reactions this article has spawned on the Internet. The ridiculous comments I noted above are from another local blog, but it extends far beyond this. And given that most of the coverage links back to here, and here we a woman’s personal contact information displayed for all to see, you should be able to see the issue.

          From what I’ve seen and been able to glean from sources here and there, PhillyMag’s actions here, and Victor Fiorillo’s in particular, has incited a group of individuals who apparently think that it’s “cool” to harass — leave threatening phone messages, send obscene texts, deface her business’s websites and social media accounts, send aggressive and threatening emails, etc. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if, when the dust settles, this all leads to civil and criminal proceedings.

          And just for reference — the appropriate section of the PA statute I believe:

          § 2709. Harassment.

          (a) Offense defined.–A person commits the crime of harassment when, with intent to harass, annoy or alarm another, the person:

          (4) communicates to or about such other person any lewd, lascivious, threatening or obscene words, language, drawings or caricatures;

          (5) communicates repeatedly in an anonymous manner;

          (6) communicates repeatedly at extremely inconvenient hour

          • Fattyfatman


            Hilarious – your posts are almost as unintentionally funny as the solicitation from Ms. Lockard.

            First of all, said “embarrassing mistake” wasn’t a oh-whoops mistake, it was someone behaving horribly and it was methodical and intentional.

            Secondly, Ms. Lockard could go ahead and sue, but she’s not going to get anything. She was responsible for her solicitation, and there’s nothing that makes Philly Mag liable for publishing it unless said solicitation was untrue or fabricated.

            Fine, a lot of the comments directed at her are disgusting. But the fact that they are gender based is incidental. No matter what her race/gender/ethnicity/religion she was going to get similar shit.

            Welcome to 2013, the Gawker media model has been around for what, 10 years now? You act like a dickface and it can become publicized even if you aren’t a public figure.

            But trying to make Foobooz out to be misogynistic and responsible for others behavior on the internet? Ridiculous! She brought this on herself. So get over yourself and your identity politics. You’ll be happier.

          • Teri Banks

            We can’t state it was methodical from a single email, nor judge intent from anything we have access to here.

            If Ms. Lockard incurred costs as a direct outcome of PhillyMag’s publishing of her personal information here, she might very well have grounds for a civil case. We also have what is clearly a copyrighted image at the top of the post with no attribution and so I assume no license. In fact this seems to have been the case with all of the coverage on this topic. Sites love to rip off photographers’ work if it helps them make pageviews and sell ads. So whoever has rights to that image probably has a case as well.

            As far as criminal charges go, I was referring to the actions of members of the public not PhillyMag — particular members have apparently been harassing her. This is why I added the statute above, so we can understand the line that should not be crossed.

            And lastly I didn’t make out FooBooz as misogynistic, I said the actions of numerous others have been harassing. This is just a fact. And for the most part it was caused by publishing the article with the contact info. intact. Leave out the contact information and we don’t have a root cause for these actions. It’s as simple as not storing the gasoline (the article) next to the flame (the contact information). The fact that PhillyMag has now redacted her email and cell phone tells us perhaps they finally understand that.

          • Fattyfatman

            “If Ms. Lockard incurred costs as a direct outcome of PhillyMag’s publishing of her personal information here, she might very well have grounds for a civil case. We also have what is clearly a copyrighted image at the top of the post with no attribution and so I assume no license. In fact this seems to have been the case with all of the coverage on this topic. Sites love to rip off photographers’ work if it helps them make pageviews and sell ads. So whoever has rights to that image probably has a case as well.”

            You’re absolutely wrong on multiple points. First off, you can absolutely use someone’s promotional materials that they publicly distribute when publishing a news story on their publicity efforts. Foobooz wasn’t using someone else’s proprietary image to promote themselves. They used her publicity photos to report on her publicity efforts.

            Secondly, if she incurs costs as a result of Philly Mag publishing this story and/or her personal information she absolutely will not be able to sue successfully unless she is able to demonstrate that the story is untrue of fabricated.

            You obviously have no idea what you’re talking about.

            This is the United States, not the UK. We have very strong 1st Amendment protections.

            I think what you’re confusing is the question of whether Foobooz was being nice by publishing her contact info.

            So were they being nice? No, probably not.

            But they weren’t doing anything that makes them liable either.

          • Guest

            Looking at that screenshot, I will agree that this is reprehensible behavior. But I doubt any of those people are employees of Phillymag. If you can prove otherwise, please do.

            You wrote, “So now all PhillyMag is good for is a fucking witch hunt? Publish someone’s email and *CELL PHONE* alongside an embarrassing mistake and let the harassment start?”

            I don’t see Ms. Lockard’s email address or phone # posted here within the body of the article.

            Do we start blaming the Associated Press when their readers post tasteless comments about politicians?

            So please, re-read your original post and explain to me how Phillymag is responsible for what you are now admitting you read on another site

          • Teri Banks

            They were both removed 4-5 days after the fact, but not before the information had already been republished elsewhere.

          • Johnson

            Teri Banks, you are the sexist one. Wow.

      • TF

        You are right. I don’t like her but they should not have published her phone number.

      • Silky Mitts

        I just re-read the article. nothing from PhillyMag is “inciting violence.” it looks like you just have your panties in a bunch because you read some bad comments from anonymous people. welcome to the internet. learn to ignore them or leave. otherwise you look like a crybaby that’s accusing a phillymag of something they didn’t do. and don’t call her an entrepreneur. that’s an insult to people that are actually offering their customers things of value, not just looking for a free meal.

        • Natalie B

          “Panties in a bunch?” What year is this, and what year are you living in?

          • Silky Mitts

            whoa what a thought provoking, reasoned reply. your logic is amazing.

          • Fattyfatman

            We’re living in 2013 where aggrievement and identity politics rule the day, where because someone who HAPPENS to be a woman is a jerk and an idiot gets called out on it, you can act like it’s an affront to all women.

            Get over yourself.

      • Dan P

        You are insane. The fact that she is a woman is incidental to the article.

  • Rachel

    1) How many ‘unique’ subscribers does Foobooz reach?
    2) Does this mean she needs to treat you guys to dinner and drinks to get this post removed?

  • Nina Cazille

    This is how she gets EVERYTHING for free – makeup, hair, personal trainers…thanks for finally outing her.

  • Anastasia

    Sarah Lockard is Sarah Lockard’s best customer. For the past few years this social nobody from Archbishop Carroll and who grew up on the fringes of the actual Main Line has cheated, ripped off, used, and abused people . She is also bankrolled by daddy so why oh why is anyone surprised? She is also now sporting a bulimia look with super dark died hair for winter. She is in love with herself and can’t write and OMG all he stupid people who buy her spiel. She wants to belong and wants to be from the manor born. Bet if you could find some dumb schmuck to marry her that her father would buy YOU dinner. She is a fraud and a phony

    • Father Kelly

      Why does where she went to school or living on the fringes of the mainline have to do with this or her site? You sound like a wanna be socialite. And what does her being thin have to do with this either? I’m betting you’re a jealous fatso.

      • Christine Alling

        If you are a priest, Father Kelly, you should be ashamed of yourself. You are the reason why people turn away from religion. Calling someone a “fatso” is not spreading the word of God. You are truly disgusting.

        • Father Kelly

          Christine did you see what she wrote? It makes me sick that stupid women like Anastasia will attack women and use weight as an issue. I damn her to hell!

          • Christine Alling

            You damn her to hell…as opposed to turning the other cheek? You don’t have the right or the power to damn anyone into anything. Misogynistic old men who pretend to be of God and then spew hate make me sick. Your time will come.

          • Father Kelly

            Christine one more word out of you and YOU will be on the list.; Choose your words wisely young lady.

          • Christine Alling

            Don’t threaten me, you angry little old man. I really hope you’re not really a priest because your behavior is evil. You are disgusting and I use these word very thoughtfully. Only God can judge me. You aren’t good enough for that.

          • Father Kelly

            Christine I am God’s servant on earth.If you don’t agree with what I said about Anastasia putting down this woman for her looks I’m afraid you are VERY close to being on my list. You ARE talking to God through me. Think before you speak my child.

          • Christine Alling

            I am not your child and I do not speak to God through you. Being a priest does not make you holy. It is disgusting that you think you are greater than man. You have betrayed God and your calling by spewing hate. Put me on your list. You have no power over me. The Devil spews hate. God wants us to love one another. You act like the Devil.

          • Some Guy

            Christine, let me help you out here…

          • Christine Alling

            Do you know this guy? Is this just what he does? Is he really a priest….seriously, I’ve been trying to find out who, in the Catholic Church, to contact in Chester County to get this guy out of the Church.

          • Father Kelly

            Christine I’m a pastor at Saint’s Peter and Paul in West Chester and would love for you to come in and meet with me. Are you available for lunch? My treat. Lets discuss this.

          • Christine Alling

            No, but I am reporting you. You need to be removed from the Church. You are not fit to serve.

          • Father Kelly

            I am the FBI dummy.

          • Christine Alling

            Whomever you are, I’m not joking. The lady I spoke to has a neighbor who is an FBI Agent. I reported you and I’ve forwarded your twitter information, your blog and this page to them. You are impersonating a priest and you’ve lied about where you work.

          • Father Kelly

            HAHA!!! Impersonating a priest? Is that a crime? Like impersonating a police officer? Is it illegal? Is it illegal to impersonate a WAWA worker? Use your head and please think before you write. Look at was initially written. Use your brain please.

          • Christine Alling

            When you claimed to be from a particular parish, yes, it became a crime. I’m done. I’ve forwarded your information.

          • Father Kelly

            HAHA.. You’re “done”.There is no God And you just feel stupid because you thought I was a priest. I also work at The White House. Call them and tell them I claimed to work there. “a crime” Don’t make me laugh.

          • Christine Alling

            I don’t feel stupid. I feel sorry for an old man who could possibly live on this planet and not believe in God. God is magnificent in every way. Sad that you do not know his love.

          • Father Kelly

            Christine now I feel bad. I’m not a priest OR an old man. I’m a handsome NOT old man. And I would like to ask you on date. Will you consider? Lets stop the fighting. But I don’t believe in God. Is that OK?

          • Christine Alling

            Typical last resort when a misogynist can’t win. No thanks. I like my men to not be hateful, angry jerks.

          • Father Kelly

            No I’m not like that; It was a joke. I was standing up for her being attacked but you failed to see that part. Lets talk.

          • Father Kelly

            But if we DO go on a date you can NOT bring the FBI.Seriously…lets talk.

          • Father Kelly

            I think I love you. Please reconsider.

          • Father Kelly

            And so it ends. Who knows what the future might have held?

          • HalfVeela

            I feel like you need some electrolytes and maybe a banana after that one.

          • DUD

            This was AMAZING. thx.

          • Joe Fox

            I thought you guys had a shot. Was getting a real “You’ve Got Mail” vibe. Perhaps you contact a few dozen restaurants to see if you could get your first date comp’d in exchange for some Google+ and MySpace posts.

          • Father Kelly

            Will you consider going on a date with me? I’m not a priest OR old. Lets stop the fighting.

          • TryingToHelp

            I’m sorry, Christine, but you should. He’s completely right, and his original post was very much the opposite of misogynistic. He was trolling and got the better of you. Next time, quit when you realize you’re being trolled, it makes life a lot simpler and more fun.

          • Savanah

            Some has a neighbor who is an FBI agent, really?

            Impersonating a priest is only a crime in Alabama & is actually listed as one of the dumbest laws. Therefore, not a matter for the FBI.

          • Father Kelly

            Christine let me tell you something. You are DUMB for thinking I’m a real priest and DUMB for not reading my initial response for saying that this woman was attacked but was UNFAIRLY attacked for her looks. Use your brains next time and read before you respond in such a stupid and off the cuff way. And in other new there is not God.

          • Christine Alling

            I don’t care what your impression of my intelligence is. My faith means too much to me to allow you to behave this way. I am serious when I say that the FBI has been contacted. You went too far when you claimed to be with a particular parish. You are falsely impersonating a priest and sullying the name of the parish you pretended to be from. Your game is over.

          • Christine Alling

            I am on the phone with the church. They don’t know you and they are upset. They are contacting the FBI. What you’re doing is fraud and against the law.

          • Father Kelly

            Christine this has been your choice. I’m afraid you are on my list. I DO have power over you. I’m frankly not happy with your decision to go against me and disagree that this woman should not be attacked for her looks no matter how wrong she may be. If you are sorry please let me know so I can pray for you.

          • Christine Alling

            Don’t pray for me. I don’t want any connection with you. You have zero power over anything and anybody, which is probably why you’re so bitter and angry. Whether you’re joking or not, you’re still going against God.

          • no

            Hey dummy: He DOES have power over you. Full power.

            Know why?

            Because you keep responding to him, over and over again. You are a marionette, dancing on his strings for our amusement (and yes, I do find this whole exchange quite amusing).

          • mickloud

            You’re not very bright.

          • C

            Actually, Well said Christine. You and everyone else; WALK YOUR TALK.

          • Christine Alling

            By the way, I think it’s laughable that you’re making threats towards me about “your list”. I think you’re confusing yourself with Santa Claus, angry old man.

          • C

            Go Father Kelly!

      • no

        I worship you, Father Kelly! YOU are my personal god and savior!

        • Dave Minella

          More trolls, not less. That was awesome.

          • Richard Colton

            keeps getting funnier every time I read it.

        • C

          OMG I am laughing so hard I just peed myself.

    • mm

      you are out of line

    • C

      That is a horrible abusive comment. BTW there is NO to the manor born anymore and I think she and everyone else knows that.

  • Love it

    This post made my day. I cannot agree more with the sentiment, after she reached out and attempted to form a business relationship. The only client she’s truly in
    business for is herself. She has no actual data to back up anything,
    other than vague facts about “clicks” and “traffic,” not explaining how
    any of that translates into actual business for her clients. She
    basically makes money by targeting non-tech-savvy businesses who don’t
    know much about social media marketing, but think they should maybe get
    in on that, and then exploits their ignorance by throwing around empty
    buzzwords and acting like she actually has any kind of unique skill. I’m
    not sure how formal her training in writing or marketing is, but her
    practices certainly don’t seem well-informed or wise.

  • acidmnky

    Uh, since when does this count as a PR pitch? Then you give her blog PR and traffic when you could have just ignored her entirely.

  • Former screwed client

    Some people have NO BOTTOM!!! Finally a true portrait of her business brand!!!

    • jackburton

      Check out her instagr

    • jackburton

      Check out her instagram if you want to see her bottom.

  • Restaurant Employee

    I never post on these sites. I’m sure tons of people say that, but really, I don’t. As a hard working, long time, restaurant worker – that is insulting.

  • TurboDan

    Ouch. The most pathetic part: the people running a hyperlocal news site on the
    Main Line could, evidently, only drum up 3,000 daily newsletter subs in five

  • Leslie

    Spot on. As is this:

    oh wait and this:

    Not sure she will ever get it. But it is a good cautionary tale for anyone considering behaving as unprofessionally as she does.

    • Sarah


  • Rachel Ezekiel-Fishbein

    How is this a PR pitch? In this case, she represents the media and is asking to have good publicity purchased from her. It goes against everything ethical in journalism, but please, don’t blame this on a bad PR person, rather than an unethical blogger. And btw, this is part of the problem of bloggers becoming the “new media,” when they do not have to adhere to the tenets of ethics of traditional journalism.

    • Jennifer W

      She is not a blogger. She is a complete fake who has never had any actual media placement attributable to her has she?

    • HalfVeela

      Give me a break– journalistic integrity has been all but extinct in America in respect to all media, online “social media” and “traditional” journalism alike- especially in highly politicized fields relevant to the upper middle class and higher.

  • Joyousnoel

    The soup kitchen would be a good place for her to start and help. Maybe she will learn something there. It’s free and I am sure they could use some publicity.

  • Anon

    PhillyMag – HUGE miss here. This has absolutely nothing to do with PR. She is not a PR professional. She is a blogger. Your article confuses PR people and how they work, and bloggers and how they work. Please adjust your misinformed headline. PR people don’t want to be blamed for something not at all in the PR realm.

    • mikal

      “This has absolutely nothing to do with PR.”

      This email is PR. So, yes, she’s the PR person for her own website.

      • Anon

        Mikal – Clearly you don’t understand the PR professional at all (or maybe just the acronym PR). In no way is this “PR for her site.” If anything, she’s suggesting her site would be PR for the restaurant. Like you. she’s misusing the acronym “PR” and not understanding what it is. What she should have said is “publicity.”

        • mikal

          Perhaps, anonymous, you could look up PR and realize that it stands for “Public Relations”. Then, if you still don’t understand it, maybe you could go talk to someone who works in PR. Me, for example. Good luck with the English language.

          • Anon

            You are an arrogant jackass. Get over yourself. I have been in PR and Corporate Comms for more than 25 years. Your books full of of buzzwords of bullsh*t don’t impress me. Thanks for the head’s up on who you are and what you’re all about. I’ll certainly spread the word to would-be clients.

          • mikal

            Such harsh words from “Anonymous”.

          • mikal

            P.S. You can buy my book of buzzwords on and still get it in time for Christmas!

          • YayYayaya

            Less Anon and Mikal, and more Father Kelly!

          • Nick Robalik

            I understand PR. I’ve been at PR/Marketing/Advertising just about as long as you. PR exists as a 100% Grade-A BS machine, saying what needs to be said to make a buck, and this person just got caught doing what all PR folks do.

            Also, let’s not pretend you don’t spew out buzzwords – whose meanings I have no doubt fly way, way over your head if you’re anything like any other PR person I’ve met in Philly, NYC, LA, Chicago, etc. – on a regular basis. It’s how the industry functions. It’s how those in PR abuse their positions to get a bit of payola.

            You’re in PR? That simply means you’re a paid liar.

    • buttcrackattack

      She’s blurring the lines between online editorial and advertorial, and publicist and publisher. People like her are destroying these industries for their own personal gain.

      • brown before green

        ya think?

        • buttcrackattack

          Yeah, I think so dip shit. That’s why I posted this comment. Why don’t you contribute to the conversation in more intelligent way, you troll.

  • Art Anders

    Yeah, not at all about PR. Apparently it’s okay for FooBooz to trade cash for advertising everyday of the week, but if someone’s willing to barter advertising for food (family or otherwise) that’s not okay. Maybe all the PhillyMag/FooBooz staff should be made to volunteer at this Holiday season…

  • Susie Smith

    Wow! Worked with her for a few years. She is unstoppable. She does have guts!

    • Leslie

      guile and guts are two different things.

  • Annie Nom

    If this woman could somehow do PR for Schwartz and the FCabbers, Victor’s head may explode

  • Aly

    Sarah is the epitome of the disaster that results from someone who doesn’t know the boundaries of the phrase “fake it till you make it”. What she has made of herself is a fake, and that is a shame. The main line is a wonderful place, both to start a business, but also to create a community. I own a business there, and when I almost became one of her “clients” I was able to read right through her BS pitch when she told me “she doesn’t pay her photographers” and oh I have so and so many unique followers. You could hear her bull right through everything she said. Now, I also want to say that there is not really a need to jump down people’s throats about the line between PR and blogging because for the businesses she deals with on her version of the main line, I think exposure from wherever it comes it what is desired. HOWEVER, what exposure does this lunatic give when BEYOND POORLY snapped instagrams are mixed among HORRID selfies of bad make up jobs and her overly sweaty way too thin self in a dingy gym. I don’t want my beautiful food mixed up with that. And her Facebook posts are stale, her twitter isn’t relevant – all a bunch of random retweets – so ultimately all I have to say is, it’s beyond the email, and beyond whether to call her a PR professional or not – the attention just needs to be paid to her simple lack of credibility due to how amateur she is. Start a business in one of the most profitable and beautiful places on the east coast – we will flock – but shame on you Sarah for taking advantage of them. Also, learn how to take a damn Instagram picture!!!

    • Nina Cazille


    • Anon

      SHE IS A BLOGGER. If anything, she’s closer in job title to the author of this Philly Mag piece that popped up in my Facebook feed than to a PR professional. BLOGGER. BLOGGER. BLOGGER. PR professionals are not BLOGGERS who ask for crap for free. Big difference. Believe me, if you were a PR professional, you would get the distinction and be insulted too. SHAME ON YOU PHILLY MAG for getting this story headline so wrong.

      • Blogger blogger

        Anon what do you have against bloggers? I am a BLOGGER and I don’t ask for stuff for free. I know compensated bloggers and they say they are being compensated for goods and services if they are. This pop tart isn’t a blogger, she’s a social climbing self promoter who grew up on wrong side of off the Main Line and went to Carroll not Agnes Irwin. She can wear Lily and dumb ass fascinators to Devon Horse show all she wants but she is still a pile of manure. What is next in her pathetic selfish ? Imitating Miley Cyrus? Oh…wait….she’s already doing that…well at least she can use some of those gym selfish on a profile right?

        • Sophie

          Right but if she is a blogger (as I am) then she needs to be doing some FTC disclaimers on all her posts explaining how she receipted compensation — whether in actual monetary compensation or bartering. And she doesn’t. She also doesn’t use “no-follow” links or clearly state that the posts are “sponsored” or advertorials. Things that any good blogger knows they have to do.

      • mickloud

        sounds like you’re bitter that the dawn of social media and the ubiquitous nature of modern communications is marginalizing your “profession”

  • Anonymous

    Someone actually called me this morning, asking if I posted this. (I’ve thought about it) I was one of the unfortunate ones to actually get sucked in and pay her almost $1000 for a media package…otherwise to share a few of my facebook photos and tweet about me for a couple of weeks–Until she realized there was nothing I could offer her in return (other than the check and contract we had). I also was the idiot who referred her to someone else whom she screwed over, putting my own professional opinion at risk. She is a bully. If you dare confront her about anything she will post it to her FACEBOOK page for her thousands of followers to get a diluted notion of what YOU seem to be doing (aka STANDING UP FOR YOURSELF)…..scary. Just scary. Even small scale media is slanted. Thank you Philly Mag for standing up for us “little guys.”

    • JB

      Hey Anonymous, your “professional opinion” SHOULD BE at risk if you fell for (or were sold) that package of nonsense!

      • MarketingMaven

        @ JB… don’t you think that’s too harsh …people aren’t experts at everything…charlatans have been around for centuries…. and so have their victims….

        • JB

          I guess my point was… common sense not expertise should have been enough to see through the offer. It also sounded to me that Anonymous perhaps made a recommendation a little too quickly.

      • Anonymous

        @cffeeman:disqus You are right! Ya live, ya learn! In all fairness, she does have over 5,000 followers on facebook, and I was hoping to broaden my demographic as I really rely on social media in my business
        @147a4f71cbc28f3cda511a122127dff2:disqus THANK YOU

        • JB

          Anonymous…I agree a lesson learned. Her 5000 facebook likes could be the result of using an automated script. I grew up on the Main Line and guarantee there are not 5000 people sitting around reading her self promoting posts.

          • anonymous

            @JB I have to say I think your comment is a bit harsh. You may be right about the fact that 5000 people aren’t sitting around reading her self promoting and conceited posts but for some reason the girl can pack a party for her networking events or a restaurant launch ( I personally attended one for reference). So if anonymous was at one of those networking events or a follower of the AML page it’s possible he was hoping for the PR Sarah actually does give to a VERY SELECT few restaurants and businesses (the ones that give her something).

          • Denise Rambo

            She CAN pack a party … I’ve been to a few myself. Why? IT WAS FREE!

          • PrimalLunch

            we are 5000

    • Savanah

      Did she follow through on your media package?

      • Anonymous

        No- she did not. And if you ask why she wasn’t confronted- you clearly don’t follow her on Facebook. She will rant about you to all of her followers, not caring what it will do to your business. That’s called bullying. (So scary!) so unfortunate.

        • Natalie B

          Okay, now I know you are lying. I’ve followed their Facebook page since around fall 2009 or maybe a bit before and I’ve *never* seen a post like that, not even close. In fact, she’s usually acting as a booster for the suburbs, a cheerleader even. If you are going to just blatantly make things up, you’d be smart to pick something where the whole world can’t just go and read everything she’s wrote there since day one.

          • rrl121

            What’s up momma dukes? Sticking up for your little cub?

            By now you can see clearly that you and savanna are THE ONLY people that defend sarah and think what she does on a daily basis is ethical. What a joke, I know you’re her mom bc no one else would be that blind or stupid

          • Sophie

            Yeah, but she’s only a cheerleader for people who PAY her to be. And if they aren’t paying – she’s getting SOMETHING for it in return.

    • Brin

      Your professional opinion evaporated when you agreed to trade services for positive reviews.

  • No freebies

    All of these comments ring so true to me! Sarah wrote a very careless FB post that I thought was filled with inaccuracies so I corrected her in public. She promptly deleted my comment which infuriated me. She has also had her peeps ( people that aren’t on to her yet) ask me for freebies for her in exchange for publicity. Are you kidding me? I am glad she has been exposed so that other people will be aware of her tactics.

    • Sarah

      Yep, identical experience. I emailed her back in 2009 and asked a simple question about traffic stats for her blog. She was extremely rude and used profanities in her response to me. Every time I see her name now, I cringe.

  • Eric M. Sales

    It disgusts me when people do things like this; perhaps it’s because I own a lifestyle site. (I’ll refrain from shamelessly plugging it.) But, she has an audience …well… it’s more of a following, and that following really does deserve to know that this is how their Editor-in-Chief operates. She always has and I speak from experience: I was in contact with her — on behalf of a friend’s business — when the site first launched, and she played the same game “give me this and I’ll give you that”. Now, in her defense, it’s very difficult for a site like her’s to make it in the Philadelphia market and then put into consideration the fact that she’s in the suburbs of Philly, there’s an even different economy. Whatever. It’s just a little sloppy. On her part. I disapprove…

  • Alimentarian

    In other news, other food blogs have been reporting all week that George Sabatino is opening a restaurant called Aldine. Not appropriately newsworthy here?

  • Richard Colton

    A little compassion for the lady please. She’s needy and it’s the holidays.

  • Jennifer Hoff

    – While you may not like her letter, who cares? and lets not even pretend none of us exchange services and products.
    – Don’t like her how she runs her business, don’t buy from her.
    – PR, Blogging, whatever… any help to a business is all marketing in my mind. We all know every business needs all the marketing tools they can get.
    – Any comments about body type, weight, hair or what ever are completely uncalled for, very juvenile and yes, dare I say, bully(ish).

    Come on folks, we are all better than this or is every business deal you have ever done, stellar.

    • Newbie/Victim on the Mainline

      Yes loads of businesses exchange services, build relationships and Network. Sarah aka AML does none of the above. I was the new Akid on the block, and boy did she do a number on me. THAT’S not a business it’s a scam artist. I’ve never met one person that hasn’t had the same opinion after working with her. She uses and abuses people. It’s wrong on so many levels in an industry of hard working main line restaurants and boutiques, and mom and pop shops. SHE IS SO DESERVING OF THESE POSTS AND COMMENTS! I can’t believe it hasn’t happened sooner. The very platform she used to create her fake job is now exposing her true self absorbed Self! I was a recipient of that email blast and was completely offended. Wonder why the SOCIAL MEDIA
      guru hasn’t responded!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • testy

        Because she doesn’t take enough time to read anything else that is happening in the world. She’s too focused on herself. She probably has not a single clue this is actually going on.

  • Alex

    It’s simple Sarah, draw some lines between your business and your personal life.
    Frankly your potential clients/advertisers should NOT need to wine & dine you and your family members to become partners, on CHRISTMAS EVE no less. Visitors checking out your “e-magazine’s” Instagram photos should NOT see sweaty half-naked selfies of you at the gym.
    Bad publicity for you and bad publicity for your business. Give one of the two a fighting chance by making a differentiation between the two.

  • Rachael

    Unfollowed, unfriended and now unsupported you are Sarah. Whats wrong with this is that it is NOT Public Relations of any kind – note the word Public, for the benefit of the masses, NOT an individual. And while this person may be bankrolled by her Daddy or choose to post too many photos of herself “shredding it” in the gym, the bigger issue is that she mistakenly calls herself a PR person, giving Professionals and legitimate PR Firms less clout with new businesses or clientele… If you are bankrolled by Daddy, have him pay for Christmas Eve dinner, your haircuts, make-up and photo shoots.

    • Anon

      Totally agree! Though want to clarify for other readers: she’s offering “$1000 in PR” — meaning publicity in the pages of her self-described “online magazine.” She’s not a PR person. PhillyMag made that mistake. She’s a “reporter” offering “$1000 worth of PR/publicity” (and since she’s putting a $ value on it – it’s actually more akin to advertising) in the pages of her online mag.

      • SavvyDave

        She is not a reporter. She is a blogger. Which is someone who wants to pretend to be a reporter, but without all the pesky ethics. I’m pretty sure even bloggers think she is giving us a bad name.

  • Guest

    With regards to the “Is it PR?” debate, her email specifically says “The host restaurant will receive approximately $1,000 in PR with AML”, so whether it actually is PR or not, that’s how she’s representing it, so I think if that’s how she presents herself, I’d put her in that category, even if it’s not technically (or competent) PR in the strictest sense of the word. It makes the industry look bad, even if it’s not representative. It makes her look bad, regardless of what category you want to put her into. It makes any business that hires her look foolish and desperate. The “Christmas Eve dining guide” will pretty much read as the “who was stupid enough to pay me” guide. For a while, if I see a business advertised by her, it almost counts as negative advertisement– I’m less likely to patronize them because I lose respect for them.

    • Anon

      She’s offering “$1000 in PR” — meaning publicity in the pages of her
      self-described “online magazine.” She’s not a PR person. PhillyMag
      made that mistake calling her a PR person and that she’s in the “PR Industry.” Completely wrong. She’s a “reporter” offering “$1000 worth of
      PR/publicity” in the pages of her online mag. (and since she’s putting a $ value on it – it’s actually
      more akin to advertising). PhillyMag does this every time they write about a business in their online pub but I don’t think their editorial staff is writing to restaurants asking for free dinner and booze for their “awesome family” on Christmas Eve.

  • Ethical PR Executive

    It is worse if she really is a blogger/reporter/journalist than if she is in PR, but at the end of the day, it is unethical however you slice it. Hopefully no one jumps at this “opportunity.”

    • Nina

      The sad thing is that someone probably will jump at this. First off, look at all this publicity, negative – but it’s now national. My belief is that a lot of restaurants are afraid to not deal with her. She has this following of bored, wealthy stay at home housewives looking to drop hubbies $$$ anywhere and everywhere they can, and the restaurants and stores she publicizes (for free goods) see it as a write off, a way to get in with the popular girls. It’s not business, it’s high school, it’s disgusting.

  • JB

    I wonder if she pays any personal income tax on the value of all of the “personal” freebies?

  • Jackie

    And this just made Eater National. Wow. Her Instagram is disgusting. Jewelry, purses, food, etc, etc,……and then her sweaty & gross

  • Anony

    You really need to question the businesses who chose Sarah as their Social Media go to!!

  • Chris

    I need to start a blog

  • Jim Cheney

    The issue, in my opinion, isn’t so much asking for something in exchange for something else, but how she went about it is all wrong.

    There is definite value in what an influential blogger can bring to the table, but I don’t know how she can put an exact price tag on it. After all, if she really believed it was worth $1,000, shouldn’t she be asking for more than a free meal?

    Getting comp admission and what not in exchange for writing an honest review is how much of the media and blogging business works, but you have to…
    A) Disclose what you got to your readers
    B) Be willing to write a negative review if necessary

    I don’t see an issue with asking for something for free, but the execution of it screams that she’s doing it for herself, not the benefit of her readers and the business.

    • Waegook Tom

      Great points, Jim. Another thing I don’t get is how she’s intending to recommend it before she’s actually eaten there?!

      • Beth @ In Good Cents

        Since she’s local, maybe she only approached restaurants that she’s tried before and already knows her family enjoys. Plus she never says “review”. She says promotion. It reads like she’s offering advertising. You don’t purchase (or barter) for advertising, if it isn’t positive.

  • Main Line PR Gal

    Here’s the thing, Sarah Lockard isn’t a PR professional. As a PR professional with her own business, this headline is so misleading and makes the rest of us look bad. She has NO idea what she is doing from a social media standpoint, the email she sent above is a joke at best, and she can’t even figure out simple branding. Case in point: the disgusting, sweaty pictures of herself she posts on her “business'” social media sites talking about how she is a #size2 and #sweaty and asking people #whatsyourexcuse. Here’s an excuse for you, Sarah: people who actually work and have families don’t have time to go to the gym three times a day to take half naked photos of themselves and post for all to see. These posts are in no way indicative of what is happening around the Main Line, and quite frankly, no one wants to see that. I’ve never encountered someone who is more obsessed with herself in my life. It’s fascinating, really.

  • Oÿë Jones

    Hey y’all. It’s your boy Oÿë Jones here. Main Line downgrades!!!! LOL.

  • jayinatlanta

    I think it’s OK to object on the grounds that Sarah / AML hasn’t proved the worth of the advertising it’s proposing. I don’t know Sarah, and I can’t judge that, not living in the area.

    But I think it’s less OK to hold Sarah to a different standard, which I believe is occurring because you don’t view Sarah as a “professional,” compared to mainstream producers and editors who do essentially the same thing.

    Mainstream media has lots more dollars to spend, yet still gets free services if positive word of mouth is assumed by the donating company. If a publication has plenty of readership/viewership, it can demand Xbox Ones, the latest smartphones, and all kinds of services, include a small disclaimer (or not, depending on ethics…wonder how Philadelphia Magazine ranks), and not generate this kind of firestorm.

    • bigyaz

      Not sure what “mainstream media” you’re referring to, but every newspaper I’ve worked for has had strict rules about not accepting freebies of any appreciable value (a drink at a PR event doesn’t count…). They have all paid for meals for restaurant reviews, expenses for travel stories, etc. Electronic devices are on loan for purposes of reviews and then returned. I’m sure there are publications that don’t follow these practices, but not any reputable ones.

  • Nope

    I’m concerned that the author of this blog post works for the media…yet is unaware of what constitutes a “PR person.” This is a case of an inept and delusional blogger and has nothing to do with the PR industry.

  • baldheretic

    This just reinforces my disdain for foodies and PR people.

  • Some Guy

    I love all the outrage from the PR people! Look, her e-mail offers “$1,000 in PR” so it is by definition a “PR Pitch” and she is a self-defined PR practitioner. If this is considered by professional PR practitioners to be a poor method of providing “PR,” then it only serves to substantiate the headline that she is “bad PR People Ruin(ing) the PR Industry.” So enough with your PR crazy talk and obfuscation, you can’t spin your way out of this one! She’s yours! Own her! But seriously, creating advertorial-like copy in the hopes that it is mistaken for — or used in lieu of — actual editorial content (which is exactly what she is offering) is standard operating procedure in the public relations industry. So STFU with your holier-than-tho “this is not PR” baloney and go back to lying to reporters.

  • JustSayin’

    I’ve been trying to tell people she isn’t a good person for years….I’m glad you outed her….for example …Her Wed. night winos was just a way for her to meet people to get stuff for free with her business card drop contest for a prize the venue provided.
    I guess the bars in Wayne figured out they didn’t need her if they ran a $5 Kendal Jackson special during happy hour….all the same mainline chicks show up anyway. She is a professional moocher!!!!

    • mainline mom

      She gave all her friends the freebies she was supposed to raffle. What a wannabee!

    • Anony

      Wednesday Night Winos!! $500 and $250 of merchandise to her! I wouldn’t want to be toted as one of her Winos or have that tagged to my business. Has it come down to offering alcohol to drive consumers???

  • J

    Wow…this is a long time coming…as someone who has dealt Sarah personally…this email is an example of this woman being “nice” you should see her when she isn’t getting her way.

    • vfiorillo

      I know a certain “blogger” who would love to hear more.

      • hashtagidiot

        I’ve got some insight for you, but can’t find a way to email it to you.

      • No name

        Do you know what this sounds like, Fiorillo. This sounds like you are purposely out to destroy this woman who evidently you perceive as competition in a market which you have a stake in. There is absolutely NO excuse to be mining for the lowest dirt to dredge up. This is complete and total hearsay from second or third hand nobodies to pass onto the likes of bloggers like Just Snarky or whoever and for what purpose?
        You have sunk to a new low in this matter and I am ashamed live in a city with such low journalistic standards that allow you to continue in this manner and conduct blatant character assassination.

  • Guest

    She claims that she’s the publisher of an online magazine. I think she means she’s publicist attempting to write advertorial.

  • buttcrackattack

    She claims that she’s the publisher of an online magazine. I think she means that she’s a publicist attempting to write advertorial.

  • wayne123

    This situation could be saved if Sarah gave a restaurant free PR that hosted a family in need for dinner or some other kind of charitable gesture. It’s the season of giving not taking!!!! Her family must be ashamed …how embarrassing.

    • rrl121

      I’m pretty sure her family is on here trolling people that have a problem with her being a fraud (see Savannah or Natalie B, who is definitely her mom).

      Sarah is the kinda fraud only a mother could love (and defend)

  • buttcrackattack

    New headline for this article: How Women Are Creating Blogs So That They Can Write About All of the Free Meals and Products They Get (And Try to Pass It Off as Editorial Writing).

  • tj4

    Thanks for exposing this for what it is.

  • Vicki Winters

    Well, at least she is getting a lot of hits on her site this week.

    • mm


  • Anon

    I have a feeling she will be consuming some “Winner’s Sauce” on a regular basis in future.

  • Lou Alexander

    This reminds me of an old joke that had as its final line something…”Now we’re just negotiating the price!”

  • Laura

    gross and embarrassing

  • Nick Robalik

    Please. ALL PR people ruin the PR industry. This lady just got caught doing it. This situation happens on a much larger scale every day.

    • Dan

      Yes, PR people always expect to get comp’d. Dumb lady’s only mistake was actually putting it in writing. Now all these PR shills are up on their high haunches excoriating her. It is utterly laughable for anyone who accepts drinks, tickets, meals etc. like all these chills to be calling her out for crossing “the line.” A line that is utterly invisible to them every time they exchange publicity for a comp. Here’s betting no one at foobooz/philly mag has ever actually paid for a drink at hop sing…

  • MM

    This is awful all around. Some times PR people ask for trade, quietly happens all the time. It’s not right, you crossed a line, church and state. HELLO. I guess the line was blurred for her. Let’s not ruin her career. I do not agree with these actions. Everyone, is not a marketing, pr, social media, or branding expert, but this is not cool. She seems like a nice person, but in exchange for whatever it was is not appropriate in any way. Is this really worth ruining a persons career? Let’s hope she learns from her mistakes. Social media is a dip in the deep end, make sure you can swim with the sharks.

    • K

      She has ripped off a lot of people. Do not feel sorry for her. Very cold hearted and yes she is a shark. She deserves this!

    • Guest

      She’s not a nice person. I’m speaking from experience. And learning from her mistakes would require a level of humility and self-awareness that is beyond people like her.

  • NancyNichols

    Hello Philadelphia! Dallas restaurants have had the same problem. It’s unethical and illegal unless she discloses the fact her meal was paid for. Thought you’d enjoy reading about the leader of our scam ring.
    Nancy Nichols
    D Magazine

  • Main Line PR Gal
    • Oye Jones

      It’s your boy Oye Jones again… man this girl is whickity whickety whickety WACK yall! This is even worse than the dinner jibber jabber.

  • Stacey

    Why are you blaming PR people and saying this is PR related? She is a PUBLISHER offering free advertising, not a PR person! It’s PR people who constantly have to deal with requests like these from magazines. If you say no, you suffer the wrath of the magazine, if you say yes, you end up spending a fortune meeting the request and get nothing in return.

    • Gloria

      Stacey is she asking you to post on her behalf? Defend someone who is worth the time. She ain’t it

    • pjcostello

      No, she’s a PR professional.

  • Degenerate Dave

    So basically, this wench is looking for a free cheesteak on Christmas Eve. Meary Christmas to all, and to all grilled onions.

  • Scargosun
  • Aces

    The folks on Lower Merion Community Network page on Facebook seem to think all these comments and blog posts are mean and awful….but that is hardly a page that allows honest opinion anyway and a lot of those loser Main Line aspiring chicks go to the Wino Wednesdays

  • Granny
  • Waegook Tom

    This lady could probably sue the shit out of this site for publishing her cell phone number without consent, right? She might not do PR right (as a blogger who has sent pitch emails before, the email is quite frankly an embarrassment – it’s tactless, presumptuous and rude) but Phillymag needs to learn something about data protection.

    • Barry

      “This lady could probably sue the shit out of this site for publishing her cell phone number without consent, right?”
      Nope, she has it publicly displayed:

      • Waegook Tom

        Well I shall eat my own words on this one, then.

      • Natalie B

        Either way, it doesn’t make it right, or wise, or necessarily legal. Maybe they will do the next article on Barry here after digging in his trash, interviewing a few friends, customers, an ex- perhaps and slap his contact info. at the bottom. Sound good Barry?

        • Barry

          Oh, right, because digging through my trash is totally the same as me personally posting my information on a public website for all to see (like she did with her phone number and other details herself).

          You are comparing two totally different things, 1. Freely shared publicly available information (Her publicly available phone number) and 2. Personal trash on my personal property and not publicly shared (I only put out my trash when the garbage man is due, it’s not publicly available as it’s on my property and would be classed as trespassing and theft if someone were to take it, at least where I live)

          And regardless, even if they did get any personal info from friends/customers/ex’s/whatever it’s still not publicly shared info and still therefore completely different.

        • Barry

          I mean really, your example is laughable… It’s like me saying “What!? You spray bug spray on cockroaches!? ,well how would you like it if I put your [Insert ‘lovable family member/pet’ here] in a deadly gas chamber? Because those two actions are totally similar!”… See how utterly ridiculous that sounds?

  • Steve
  • Casey

    It’s so interesting that this story has gathered so much steam….a testament to how many feathers Sarah Lockard has ruffled, I guess. Also, I wonder how much the Main Line factor is playing in…it is tres tacky to ask for free things, no?
    I spoke to Sarah once about possibly working with us on a community event (this is 2 years ago or so). I hung up the phone and never called her back. I just knew it would not work out well with her. She had a very pushy style, which some may like in a “PR person”, but it was too aggressive for me, especially since the extent of her services was basically posting things on FB, Twitter and putting it in her newsletter. Not rocket science, but she acted like it was.
    I’m not really surprised by this…she seems rather oblivious to herself.

    • AnonYMouse

      Ahhh yes she tried to muscle in and do PR for several Main Line nonprofits. She would pitch them and then they would look at her like she was nuts…small non profits don’t have thousands of dollars. If you note her FB page she hasn’t posted in about 23 hours, but bet she won’t apologize. She is now trying to move a lot of her biz to Chester County

      • Star

        She would NEVER apologize-she never does anything wrong.

  • Eleanor

    While I agree this is a poorly represented email, it’s also in poor taste to include her cell phone number. Come on, Philly Mag.

  • Greg

    There was a PS to this email that everyone is leaving out.

    It read…

    PS – If the server is well hung, then I can just break out my knee pads and settle the tip that way. I’m AMAZINGLY good!

  • Notta

    There was a PS to this email that everyone is leaving out.

    It read…

    PS – If the server is well hung, then I can just break out my knee pads and settle the tip that way. I’m AMAZINGLY good!

  • Troll hater

    People are such animals, it makes me lose faith in humanity – or at least food-loving Philadelphians. That includes Ms. Lockard, Mr. Fiorillo, and all the vitriolic commenters involved in this heinous post.

    • AnonYMouse

      Dear troll hater,
      Then you can have dinner with her and pay for her family. There is a long history here with this woman. Ask all the people she has threatened to sue over nothing. The people she has screwed over and ripped off.

  • GiGi

    Ohhhh and what about the year plus she spent trolling around Clover Market shopping the place and trying to steal vendors to start her rival “Main Line Market” ? Yep there is still a website.

    Wonder what happened to that and her attempt at Manyunk Restaurant Week?

  • Marvin Lipschutz

    UPDATE: I am hosting the Lockard family dinner and all commenters are invited, should be a blast. Father Kelly, please bring the booze

  • Beth @ In Good Cents

    This article has been picked up by many other websites and blogs. That shows that your site has great power. It’s sad to see that this is how you chose to use that power. Is it a bad pitch? Is she a bad person? Did she deserve to be publically embarrassed? I really don’t care. You will change more lives and touch more people with kind words, than you ever will with hurt or hate. I hope, in the future, you use your power to do good. That would be something worth reading.

    “But I say to you who hear, Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who abuse you. To one who strikes you on the cheek, offer the other also, and from one who takes away your cloak do not withhold your tunic either. Give to everyone who begs from you, and from one who takes away your goods do not demand them back. And as you wish that others would do to you, do so to them.” (Luke 6:27-38)

    • Swanny

      OMG lady you are from middle America. You have NO CLUE

    • uniquename72

      I assume you are without sin, stone-throwing lady. (John 8:7)

    • christies1968

      This is Karma coming back to bite her in her UN-professional ass. She has stolen ideas, other peoples clients and uses business for free stuff without providing the added value she claims to be. Those of us that have dealt with her personally are quite frankly happy to see her exposed for what she truly is. So yes the pitch was bad and UN-ethical, she is a bad person that is only out for herself and yes, she deserved to be embarrassed for it whether you care or not. This was a long time coming….

  • Tim Thomas

    I don’t see anything wrong with soliciting a business in this manner whatsoever, what’s next tar and feathering every advertising sales rep that has ever made a cold call. I don’t see how this is legal to post someone’s email in this manner.

    • uniquename72

      “Give us free dinner and we’ll tell everyone how great your restaurant is, and we might even tip!” That’s sounds kosher to you? Would it be okay if the New York Times restaurant reviewer made this offer? If not, why not?

      About the legality of posting mass emails publicly: Look up “implied license,” since your legal professor apparently forgot to include that in your IP law courses.

  • Steph
  • Budmam

    Wow, checked out this broad’s selfies…she is an old looking 38-39. Her anorexic gym shots are sad too because she looks like she was very cute if not “hot” only a few years ago. Kind of feel bad for her now.

  • C

    Teri Banks. Thanks for standing up for Sarah Lockhard. What Victor, Just Snarky and Chester County Rambling have done is despicable and embarrassing to me as a resident of the Main Line and a woman as Just Snarky and Chester County Rambling is written by a woman. Is this how they eliminate their competition? I think it was a totally legitimate email to send to businesses. Had I a restaurant I might have strongly considered her offer.
    I hope Sarah has a good lawyer.

    • Boob

      Lawyer? For what? Sarah made her own bed

  • C

    Teri …Look at Just Snarky and Chester County Ramblings. I would label it methodical and the intent is poisonous and misogynistic. I feel horrible for Sarah Lockhard.

  • UtleyFan1

    Did anyone check to see how Sandra Lockhart discussed her past Xmas eve junkets? It’s billed here as advertising – does it look like advertising on her site, or a positive review? Does she disclose that she and her family were comped? Real reviews are *never* comped by the restaurant – the funds are taken from the entity publishing the review.

    As for Teri Brooks – just… Wow. I’m a woman, and do not want to be included in your group if people that need your dubious protective services. You likely have good intentions, but your obscenity-laced vitriol only serves to obfuscate and undermine your underlying intention. This columnist seems to draw an unusual number of trolls, and I’m unsure why. He reports on things that typically aggravate or frustrate him, and are publishable because they generally aggravate and/or frustrate many. His tone reflects his feeling, but as these are more in the line of op-ed columns, I see no reason why he should adopt a more objective tone. Many others do the same, without such vicious feedback.

    (No, I’m not related to victor fiorello – I am registering as guest because this stupid system sucks on my iPhone, and it’s taken 6 tries just to get this far. Hate this comment program! I’m known as utleyfan10 (I think – honestly, it’s in my computer, and I don’t usually have to type it, so my ability to remember it is nonexistent…))

    Happy new year to all!

    • Bub

      What in the world did I just read??? Are you drunk?

      • UtleyFan1

        Are you?

  • tami

    Just heard about this blogger. Sounds like a real winner.

  • Laura

    Isn’t it interesting how no one who has met Sara has nothing positive to say about her?