Blatstein Gives Up Controlling Interest in Piazza and Liberties Walk


The Philadelphia Inquirer is reporting that Bart Blatstein has sold 60% of his interest in the Piazza at Schmidts and Liberties Walk. Kushner and Oaktree Capital Management L.P., a real estate investment fund are the buyers and the Inquirer estimates the deal is worth $130 million to Blatstein.

It would appear the deal gives Blatstein a cash infusion for his North Broad casino project, The Provence.

Blatstein sells controlling interest in Piazza, Liberties Walk [Philadelphia Inquirer]
Deconstructing Bart Blatstein [Philadelphia Magazine]

  • Tomaaas

    Oh great. A racist low life misogynist sells real estate to the spawn of another racist birther low life misogynist. Why is this food news?

    • Art from Foobooz

      Because it is a sale that effects about nine bars and restaurants. And the Piazza is a story that has been closely followed by this blog and its readers.

      • Tomaaas

        Art. With all due respect I am pretty sure most of Philadelphia outside Nolibs does not give a crap about El Camino, Bar Ferdinand, PYT, that ridiculously douchey king’s Oak, the filthy diner and Gunner’s Run.

  • homie