Win Free VIP Tickets to Friday’s Pheast

This Friday, the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society is throwing a party. A big party, and they’re inviting some of the best chefs and best suppliers in the area to come down. We’re talking Marc Vetri doing a roast pork loin with autumn panzanella salad and orange agrodolce, Andrew and Kristin Wood from Russet doing stinging nettle crostini, pork belly and clams from Lacroix’s Jon Cichon and cauliflower kabobs with sage from Sean McPaul of Talula’s Garden, all down at the Navy Yard which will be transformed into a rustic, farm-to-table paradise on the night of the event.

There will be farmers and chefs, local booze from Earth Bread + Brewery, Dad’s Hat, Blue Moon and Thorny Rose, local grub from dozens of restaurants–and, if you’re lucky, you’ll be there, too. We’re giving away two pairs of VIP tickets for tomorrow night’s shindig, and all you have to do is convince us why YOU should be the one to win them.

The last time we had a contest, I was totally won over by the pleas of a pregnant woman looking for a killer night out. So this time we’ve decided that we’ll have no trickery–no poetry, no photos, no scavenger hunts. All you have to do is get down there in the comments section and make your case as plainly as possible. Tell us why you deserve a pair of VIP tickets to tomorrow night’s event, convince us that you’ll have more fun than anyone else in the house, and the tickets will be yours.

We’ve got two pairs of VIP tickets to give away, and we’ll be announcing winners tonight at 5pm. So get in there and start making your case.

Pheast [Official website]


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  • Mike H

    Getting married next weekend, could use a distraction from last min planning disasters, pick me

  • Laura

    Upcoming Bills… Electric: $75, Gas: $30, Cable: $100, Med School Tuition: $5,000, Wedding: TOO DAMN MUCH!!
    Night out at PHeaSt? Priceless… I mean it. We actually can’t afford it but are dying to go. Help a young couple forget their financial woes and rub elbows with Philly’s culinary elite. We don’t get to go out often… but when we do, it is because we won tickets or someone felt bad for us.

  • Emily K.

    I finally mustered the guts to quit my life-sucking, pointless job in a defunct organization to spend my time instead doing something meaningful: getting local *whole* foods onto happy local plates. And lord knows I’d be laying down my own 2 cents in support of City Harvest – which is one of the coolest collabs ever – if it weren’t for the whole lack of a paycheck as I donate my time thing. At least let me lay down some foodin’, boozin’ enthusiasm in support of PHS…I’d love those tickets!!

  • Sharon

    Just got married and moved to Philly not too long ago – still trying to discover the ins and outs of the city! Can’t spend too much since 2012 has not been kind to our wallet (pay cut at my new job, moving expenses, paying off the wedding, student loans, etc.) Would super appreciate a chance to experience this! :)

  • Frank

    We just moved. With a one-year-old. So it’s been eight weeks of pizza and throw-together meals. (Cereal for dinner? Sure.) Add to that hours of packing and unpacking, being ever so careful not to pop one bubble on the bubble wrap and wake our daughter up. So my wife and I could use a night out to relax and live it up (and make some noise without looking over our shoulders at the baby monitor in fear).

  • Christine

    My cat died last night. She was my first pet and basically the greatest cat ever. I could definitely use a pick me up this weekend.

  • john roberts

    i’d like to take my starving college junior son and show him there are food vistas beyond philly cheesesteaks and hoagies….

  • Alimentarius

    I’m a pregnant woman looking for a killer night out. So who will get the other pair of tickets?

  • Nicole

    My husband works 2 full time jobs and we desperately need a night out, with no kids!

  • Preston

    I don’t have any sob stories. I did dislocate my elbow a few weeks ago, I have loans, I have a mortgage, wedding was expensive, blah blah blah. That’s life. To know that these are my “problems” means I’m doing just fine.

    The truth is, my wife and I enjoy good drinks, love good food, are good people, and will have a kick ass time. Hell, I’ll drop off some homemade desserts at the office and I’ll (fake) tattoo foobooz on my forehead for the night if it gets me through the door.

  • Barbara

    I’m having gastric sleeve surgery soon – this would be an amazing way to end “fat days”!

  • Jaya

    I don’t have a baby, I didn’t just get married (but I do have student loans!) – so really, the best reason I can offer up for getting these tickets is that I am in LOVE with the Philly food scene. My sisters (a Bostonian for 15 years and a New Yorker for 10 years) and I keep an online dinner log, which sometimes becomes a battle over which city has the better food – and I’d love to be able to add the fantastic food from Pheast to my dinner entry for Friday and be able to rub it in – yet again – that the food here in Philly is the best, hands down.

  • Susan Finkelstein

    The past 3 years of so have convinced me that I could be the New Job (or, Jobette?). I was arrested for a non-crime, publicly humiliated, fired from my job, tried and convicted of aforementioned non-crime, unable to find work for almost 3 years (including having an offer rescinded upon background check), forced into bankruptcy because of attorney fees and lack of income, had a devastating house fire in which 3 cats died and we were displaced for 6 months, suffered major depression and anxiety — all of which was rendered semi-meaningless upon the PA. Superior Court’s overturning of the aforementioned non-crime conviction. I have to remember what “fun” is. Going to this event would help me feel a little closer to being human again.

  • Briana

    My boyfriend and I are part of the generation that graduated into our government’s debt (having English majors didn’t help much either). We both only recently obtained full-time, salaried jobs, after working in the service industries ourselves for years following college (my boyfriend graduated in 2006, I in 2008). We understand and appreciate the blood, sweat and tears that go into what comes out of that kitchen.

    We are trying to save up to get married, having been together for SEVEN YEARS!!! Our once-in-awhile splurge is to go out to one of the restaurants on our list (we literally have a list on our refrigerator) to truly enjoy not only each other’s company, but the incredible food and drink from Philly’s plethora of fine chefs. PHeasT would be like Mecca for us, and is something we could obviously never afford on our own – VIP tickets are out of the question! All of the money sunk into college degrees that got us nowhere, unpaid internships, shitty part-time jobs – it feels like we’ve been sucker punched by the government and can’t afford to do things that we thought we would at near 30-years-old. If we could win these tickets, it would allow me and Justin to feel, just for one night, like all the hard work we are putting in to becoming an adult couple is worth it, I know Justin is certainly worth it :)

  • Karin

    I have this threesome planned for my guy with a really hot brunette tomorrow. I’d usually make him a sandwich after sex but I figure this is a chance to really step up my game and make the evening even more memorable. And don’t think I’m leaving the brunette out in the cold, I’ll send her over to the Foobooz office, with a sandwich in a to-go bag as my thank you for the tickets.

  • Karen

    I am a complete foodie who loves nature. The marraige of exquisite cusine coupled with the beautiful environment of the Pennsylvania Horicultural Society is a brilliant idea. Gives another view of the vibrancy of Philadelphia and its many treasures. Would love to attend the event and celebrate with other foodies. Who could ask for more.

  • Jim

    I forgot to buy my girlfriend an anniversary gift last month. Told her there was a big surprise coming up… still haven’t figure out what that is going to be. This could be just the ticket.

  • michelle

    My husband’s birthday was October 8th but due to our crazy work schedules I haven’t been able to even give him a card yet. The mornings are filled with the chaos of getting a 9 month old and an almost 3 year old ready for daycare and by the time I get home with them I’m too exhausted to cook a good meal. Since we moved a month ago the kids have been unadjusted, sick, and the dogs have been marking their spots all over our new house. Unpacking is slow going- we need a night off and if we got tickets we’d be able to pay a sitter.

    We are complete foodies and are craving some farm to table food as opposed to cold mac and cheese eaten after the kids have gone to bed.

    My husband enjoys cooking in his free time (which is rare these days but will return) and loves to sample the newest tastes and trends, which he will try to replicate at home. This would be a fantastic birthday present for a hardworking (and food, beer, & wine loving) husband and wonderful father.

  • Stephanie

    I have never been! I really would like to go! The idea of throwing a big party, where you can see, interact, taste and maybe get a few cooking tips from some of the best chefs and best suppliers in the area-priceless. The City Harvest program is top notch and PHS I have volunteered for on many occasions. I have never had a stinging nettle crostini, pork belly or cauliflower kabobs with sage and would like to taste them. I am sure the horticultural displays will be beautiful. For one night you get to talk to interact with and meet some really interesting people and have a good time! That would really bring me joy! Plus the magicalness of it would be a lasting memory.

    I hope you will consider my request and thanks for giving us a chance to win free tickets.

  • Tina

    I just really want to go but the prices are a bit insane….and I want to undo all the marathon training I’ve been undergoing since I completed it last week. That’s it.

  • Amy

    I work full time and take classes part time all while awaiting a kidney transplant. Between Type 1 diabetes from age 12, now high blood pressure and kidney failure, fatigue has got me just that, fatigued! I am barely making it through the work week and end up crashing all weekend to gear up for the next week. My husband has been super supportive and has picked up with house work and cooking. He never complains that we don’t go out much anymore. Being able to treat him to this amazing night would make us both feel renewed. Plus we are PHS members and love the work they do! I appreciate the consideration! : )

  • Susan

    My 17 year old Thermador range is broken,so I can’t cook up any “pheasts” for us. This disaster follows broken heater, bad roof and leaky pipes. A free night out would be awesome!

  • Jennifer

    After reading some of these, I have no shot, but I figured I’d submit anyway.

    I work full-time and take grad school courses at night which are beating the crap out of me. Like everyone else, money is tight. But despite all that, I’ve always got a smile on my face. I love to eat and drink and have nothing to do tomorrow. I’d love to go to PHeaSt!!

  • Sandy Smith

    I spend way too much time in front of a computer, reading and writing stuff like this. I really need to get out more. That’s all.

  • Erika Barber

    I would really like to go to this event. I work full time and I was a caregiver since I was 22 for my grandmother who passes from Alzheimer’s about a year ago. SO for about 8 years my life was scheduled around finding help for her while I worked and not really taking any down time for myself. I know its been a year but I still find it hard to break the cycle of just going home after work and not going out and having fun at my age I should be. I need help in breaking the routine of work, then home. I would love to go to PHeast and do something exciting to get dressed and go out for and enjoy great food and drinks and meet great people at the same time.

  • Jim

    My wife and I have been married almost 17 years and have 4 beautiful daughters who we devote our lives too. We have almost forgotten about each other and almost never get out on the town and have time for just us, we both have a passion for food and I am addicted to the food network, so I would love nothing more than to give my lovely wife a night to remember just the two of us, thank you for your time.

  • Christina Hearn

    I just really want to go. I have a friend who would enjoy it. He has brought me out into the Philly food/beer scene, and I would like to show him a good night. He just lost his job, I’m struggling with mine. But it would be nice. I appreciate you reading this, even if I don’t win. Thank you for the chance.

  • Melissa

    I am no pregnant woman looking for a killer night out … just a girl from South Philadelphia, born and raised … In Center City is where I spent most of my days, chilling out, eating, and relaxing all cool … but, unfortunately, I recently had to move to New Jersey because of work, and I cry silently to sleep every night because the food scene here just doesn’t compare to Philadelphia’s! Okay, maybe not EVERY NIGHT, and maybe I don’t always cry, but I do get extremely frustrated. PHeaSt would be a GREAT experience to remind me about where I’m from and just how much I still love this city! And I’m from Philadelphia, we all know how to have a good time!

  • Melissa

    I am no pregnant woman looking for a killer night out … just a girl from South Philadelphia, born and raised … In Center City is where I spent most of my days, chilling out, eating, and relaxing all cool … but, unfortunately, I recently had to move to New Jersey because of work, and I cry silently to sleep every night because the food scene here just doesn’t compare to Philadelphia’s! Okay, maybe not EVERY NIGHT, and maybe I don’t always cry, but I do get extremely frustrated. PHeaSt would be a GREAT experience to remind me of where I’m from and just how much I still love this city! And I’m from Philadelphia, we all know how to have a good time!

  • Linda Lyons

    I’m a foodie and I’ve worked in the industry almost my entire life! I LOVE The Food Network and anything doing with cooking and/or food!

    I work full time as an admin assistant during the day and I work part time at a caterers because of the beautiful work they do with food!

    I would love to be able to take part in the event, to get the farm to table experience and to enjoy the beauty of our Naval Yard, a place I have not been in many years!

    And what’s even better is that I would be able to enjoy it with my boyfriend who is coming home for our 2nd anniversary. He has been away in upstate PA for work and it would be a blessing to be able to go.

    Like I said I’m a foodie and I’ve worked in the industry almost my entire life and it would be a treat getting to enjoy it from the other side of the table!

    Thank you,

  • http://foobooz Rob Seetoo

    My wife and I are foodies and we just got married..and we paid for almost all of the wedding. As a result, we are significantly in debt and are living on the cheap. And you can’t get any cheaper than free!!! So we, and our stomachs, would be totally grateful for the chance to attend such a great event. So please, choose us!!!

  • Paul grooms

    Looking for a way to reward myself and. My beau for helping me with my race training and being patient while we ate more carefully. Nice way to say thank you and explore some of the chefs we missed and try some new tastes s

  • B

    my husband has a job and has been gone since september. He comes home tomorrow night before he leaves again for another month. Missing my restaurant nights out. Can’t really afford tix to this kind of stuff due to our recent incomes and I dream of going. Plus, I know how to have a god time;)

    So I should win….

  • Michelle

    I really wanted to go but unfortunately couldn’t afford it. I’m unemployed and just ran out of unemployment.I’m trying to go back to school for naturopathy/wellness coach in which good nutrition plays a huge part in keeping us healthy. I try to buy the bulk of my produce from local farmers’ markets to get the freshest fruits and vegetables and to support our local farmers.

    I would love to go to PHeasT and surprise my best friend, who has been so supportive of me and has helped me through these tough times, with a ticket!!!!Thanks!!!!

  • Sean

    No sad story, needed reward or guilt trip – I just love food, booze and Foobooz. I am a good time too. Also, I never win anything. Ever. Like, ever. So, why not change the course of history and grant me the tickets? (or a little guilt, who wouldn’t want to change the course of history?)

  • http://FooBooz The General

    I would Love to go,but I have a viewing to attend and won’t be providing a pithy entry. BUT–I was following that Susan Finklestein story since the beginning, and she truly was used & abused by both The Man and The System. I’m not usually this altruistic, and I was Really against you giving tickets to that sob-storied pregnant woman.
    SO–I’m writing to ask you to provide tickets to Susan Finklestein to attend this shindig. And NO, I do not know her or have any knowledge of her life other than those bogus charges brought by eunich Bensalem cops who spent all that tax$$ on arresting a girl for trying to barter for Phillies World Series tickets. As they say in The Princess Bride-True Love [for your team], the most noble cause of all. Best of Luck, Susan

  • Kevin

    Jason- I need you to think back to the longest dry spell you ever had as a single guy, and what it felt like to think you may never get laid again. That’s me right now. I’m like a guy stranded in the Sahara Desert, and these VIP tickets you hold are my delusional mirage seen off in the distance. A mirage of spectacular food, wine, entertainment, and most important of all a date that would be so impressed that she would end my dry spell many times over come nights end. Please Jason make that mirage a reality as my stomach can not handle another Sand Sandwich, and my manhood is about to give up on me.

  • Rob

    My partner and I are foodies and love horticulture. We spend many hours working in our garden and then in the kitchen enjoying time together doing the things we love. We are always looking for an opportunity to go to Philadelphia and this event is a great opportunity to surprise him with a fantastic night out enjoying the things we love.

  • Denise

    My husband and I are HUGE foodies and would love to attend the PHeaSt event! I have been in the Philadelphia area my entire life and have grown to love and appreciate the food scene that Philly provides. Because of our love of food, my husband and I spend all the time we can exploring new cuisines and gaining new food experiences. Also, I am a big supporter of the farm-to-table movement and believe that fresh, local foods are the only way to experience the best of what the Earth has to offer. I think PHeaSt is a great marriage of all of the passions in my life and would greatly enjoy what I know will be a beautiful night out!

  • Amy

    My apartment is infested with home centipedes. I LITERALLY need to get out of my house. Plus, I’m a high school counselor, so I spend all day writing kind words about my students in their college recommendations. Maybe someone can do something nice for me .. :)

  • Irene

    Ohhh for a Pheast of Vetri roast beast, Philly’s best eats AND VIP seats

    it’s a chance to hob-nob with Philly food heart-throbs,

    and stuff my face with the best tastes sourced from around this place.

    Please pick me! I reside in South Philly! So husband can just roll me home.

    (and bow)

  • Jimmy

    What’s a foodie?

  • Laura

    So I’m not pregnant (my boyfriend will be happy to hear), and although I did just move last weekend, also have too many upcoming bills, and could never afford these tickets, I don’t have anything worse to complain about than anyone else here. I’m having trouble grasping why having a baby and getting married are things to complain about, but that’s a rant for a different time.

    I deserve tickets to Pheast because I’m not just a foodie, an appreciative restaurant patron, or a former restaurant employee; food is the biggest passion in my life. I remember sitting at my Grandma’s kitchen table watching her make red sauce for Sunday dinner and just thinking, “I cannot wait to do that, everyone is here for that sauce.” Good food brings people together in a way nothing else can. It’s a shared experience that can make strangers (or family) suddenly a little kinder, more friendly, and social. Food is amazing in that way. This element, along with the fact that I have always just had a (probably verging on slightly unnatural) love of food, makes it my passion. Where other women might daydream about men, a new job, or shoes, my mind automatically wanders to food – flavor combinations for the season, what to cook for dinner this week, maybe I’ll try brining pork chops this weekend, God I love the smell of caramelized shallots, what restaurants do I need to try, and on and on. Much to my employer’s dismay, I often let those day dreams get the better of me and find myself immediately googling recipes, ingredients, and menus. I just can’t help myself when it comes to food.

    As much as I love cooking, I also love enjoying other people’s cooking. There are many chefs and cooks in this city alone that have such an immense passion for food and pride in what they serve from their kitchens, and nothing is more enjoyable than being served the proof on a plate. I have such an appreciation for what food can be turned into, it’s such a labor of love. I can’t even begin to describe the pleasure I find in food.

    Also, the timing of this event is perfect. Fall is also my favorite food time of year. I throw an annual fall dinner party. Just to give you a taste (pun mildly intended), a sampling from the last year’s menu includes: fig and apricot stuffed pork loin, sweet potato and bacon bruschetta, turkey meatballs with cranberries and a chestnut puree, and butternut squash sage empanadas. I’d love to enjoy Pheast while being able to get inspired for this year’s menu.

    I apologize for this being a bit lengthy, but I don’t have a sob story, so I did my best to try to make you understand just how much I simply LOVE food and how much tickets to Pheast would mean to me. I can absolutely guarantee that not one person at this event would be more excited to attend or look upon all the delicious offerings with wider eyes than me. I would enjoy every second of it, every bite of food and every sip of booze like no one else.

    P.S.: I’ve also never won anything before – seriously, not even a spelling bee.

  • Ryan OHara

    You should pick me because I am not going to write a saliqy or sob story of why I should win- All I know is if you pick me I will have a really good excuess for my wife to get out of going to my mother-in-laws.

  • jimiconway

    It is a long shot, but I would love to go to this. I love food, have been in the industry for most of my life and love these events. My past week I lost my job, and than flew to Texas to get dumped by my girl. This would be Awesome, if not who eve wins, have an awesome time.

  • Brad

    I don’t want a pizza, I don’t want a piece of peanut brittle

    I don’t want a pear, I don’t want a bagel and I don’t want a bean

    Cuz I’m waiting for the dinner bell to do the bell thing

    Dinner bell dinner bell ring!

    Oh Foobooz please help me eat some delicious dinner at PHeaSt!

  • Miriam

    A haiku:
    A crap week it is
    Relentless it seems, oh jeeze
    Food fixes it all

    A personal ad:
    Lover of all thinks digestible seeks night out with the creators of such delicious things. About me: too cute to get hit by a car, can stomach almost anything, appreciate Turduckens and large portions of pork. Went to college in New Orleans, so you must love fun…and various meats. Bonus to those who can eat a meal of all vegetables and still consider it a meal. Fried potatoes gets my number.

  • Alan

    Get in my belly, PHabulouS Pheast!

  • carmen

    i have had 8 wedddings this year and have been on the road since the summer. this is my first weekend at home in philly since July. and im broke after too many maid of honor gigs.

    my man and i could both use a night out on the town enjoying our very own city for the first weekend in ages. as a semi-recent transplant from NYC, i am continuously teaching him about the wondrous Philly food scene. this is the perfect opportunity.

    we love to eat and highly respect everyone here in the industry. choose us so i can show him what a kick ass city we live in!

  • rebecca

    I actually am a pregnant woman (only 2 weeks left!) so you know I can pack away my fair share of roast pork loin. Plus it will likely be our last night out sans baby for a long, long time so you know we’ll be partying it up!

  • Fred

    Because I would relish every minute and every bite.

  • Ivanna

    Where to begin… The past 3 weeks have been a roller coaster ride to hell and back. It all started with a late night call from a close relatives apartment building manager stating that this elderly relative has been evicted and is currently awaiting a pickup by the police so they can be taken to the psychiatric hospital. So began days of searching homeless shelters, desperately trying to get this person medicated (PA laws are terrible when it comes to treating mentally ill people), court hearings, doctor appointments, hospital visits etc. This relative is finally stabilized and in a safe environment.

    I really need a great party to recover. Thanks for reading.

  • Paul Simon

    Parents of 2 High School juniors (Did someone say college search? No stress there, right?) and one adult child, a college graduate still looking for a job (… and no stress there, right?)


    Thanks for reading!

  • Kerry McKenzie

    Sure, there is plenty to complain about. Politics are inescapable, personal tragedies, they’re everywhere. But that’s not what this night is about. It’s about letting go and immersing yourself in something new. Something exciting. It’s about community—a community dedicated to celebrating, and utilizing, the joys that surround us every day. It’s about transformation—the changing of our culture into one of appreciation. One that celebrates the beauty nature has to offer. It’s about the ingenuity of these chefs who bring it all to us.

    Of course, there’s the fun. We can’t get anywhere in life without stopping for a moment, for a night, and accepting that while things might be bad now, they will be okay. They will. In the mean time, the best way to get through it is to involve yourself in these moments. To become involved. To do something—with someone—that is greater than either one of you.

    When you realize that food is about more than just taste, you’re able to see that a movement like this is about more than just food. It’s a chance to take part in, and experience something extraordinary. This is what the Pheast would mean to me. It’s something my girlfriend and I would sincerely appreciate the opportunity to be a part of. Thank you.

  • Risa Z.

    My boyfriend and I moved to Philly a year ago, and we love everything about it. We’ve become immersed in the food scene, but can’t afford all of the city’s best (we’re a couple years out of college). We’ve gotten a taste during Restaurant Week, but how we would love to really go wild. It would be a dream come true to sample (a.k.a. gorge ourselves on) the incredible food of the most talented chefs in Philly. We have spent many days drooling at our desks on foobooz articles at work.

    And when it comes to food, farm-to-table is right up our alley. We eat local and organic as much as possible. We both have some foraged mushrooms from the weekend’s farmer’s market in our lunch. In fact, we can’t even attend a farmer’s market without contemplating throwing out our current lifestyle and becoming farmers ourselves. Alas, we love living in Philadelphia too much for that.

    So please, let us eat, drink, and have the time of our lives at the PHeaSt! We know it would be an evening we would never forget.

  • nniicc

    I used to date one of the Philly elite and accumulated many a nice outfit for his shindigs. Now I’m dating a man most comfortable in sweats (and much happier for it). But, my beautiful clothes are calling my name each time I walk past my closet and I would love to take them out for a night of great food and surroundings.

  • Vinnie

    I just returned from a 4-year expedition to end the poaching of koala bears. Poachers have been freezing koalas in carbonite and shipping them to Subway factories across the globe so they could use their delicious meats for the $5 foot longs. After four years of eating nothing but mango and shrimp (yes, on the barbie), I could use a night out pheasting on gourmet food. If you don’t pick me, that means you hate koalas. And quiet frankly, I don’t read the blogs of people who don’t like koalas. Good day, sir.

  • Mrs Flay (I wish!)

    I don’t eat to live, I live to eat.

    The PHeast will be another moment to enjoy life- with fresh food and good company. I’d love the chance to prove to my partner that Philly is more than just greasy cheesesteaks and loudmouths, that we are a community with kind hearted people and bountiful farms that produce fresh, yummy, wonderful food!

  • jimiconway

    so who one?

  • Mitt

    Bring me binders full of poultry recipes. And Big Bird. And I will show you how to cook a PHeaSt for the 47%. I am Mitt Romney and I approve this message.

  • Susan F.

    Well?? Nu?