About Last Friday: Pizza Brain’s Grand Opening

By all accounts the Pizza Brain grand opening was a big success. The crowds were big, festive and hell-bent on having a good time.

The Temple News was at Pizza Brain on Friday night on Frankford Avenue and posted the above video chronicling the opening festivities.

There most certainly was a line at Pizza Brain on Friday night. Photo by Steph Mantis.

The crowd swells in anticipation of Pizza Brain’s opening. Photo by Jesse Ruskap.

Every pizza museum opening should be attended by a gentleman in a pizza shirt, silver pants and captain’s hat. Photo by Zach Thornbury.

Of course there was a dancing pizza mascot. Photo by Gab Bonghi.

Inside, the Pizza Brain staff was busy all night long. Photo by Steph Mantis.

Daughter feeds her father a slice of pizza at the grand opening of Pizza Brain. Photo by Phil Kahn.

The Pizza Brain opening ran late into the evening. Photo by Aaron Peterson.

The party poured into the streets into an unusual but fun dance party.

Pizza Brain [Official Site]






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  • why the world hates us

    David Cross said it best:
    “A Nation of Four-year olds.”

  • Used2Be

    What is with this city and the foodie (Phoodies?) bandwagon-ers? “Oh something new! let’s flock there! Oh wait, now let’s flock over here! We love flocking!! Food is so much better when you’re flocked up!”

    I mean, good on the PizzaBrains for a successful opening. I am happy for them, but six months from now, the Philly Phickle Phoodies will be flocking onto something else and leave their brains behind.

  • Tex

    @2, I don’t think that phenomenon is limited to Philadelphia or to food. What is it about people in this city always assuming that this city is unique?

  • Guest

    I guess PizzaBrain is this month’s blog sponsor.

  • The Cynic

    The prior comment is lame beyond belief, this was definitely the biggest food event in a while and deserves coverage and congrats to the pizza brain folks but…. why the hell is this a thing?

    Everyone’s waiting in line for pizza that’s made by people who have no culinary background and a gas fired oven? Has any of the coverage actually mentioned the ingredients/service/etc? Woo dance party etc, but Pizzabrain is not the next Ox, and there have to be better things to do with your night/life – is the permanently underemployed a target market now?

  • Jimmy

    Can anyone who tasted the pizza give a report?

  • hmm

    yes, has anyone tried the pizza?

  • Tex

    Mixed reviews of the actual pizza on Yelp so far, FWIW:

  • rwblake

    All the current reviews except one are from people who know the owners. Not a good sample to see if the pizza is any good.

  • Ryan

    Any event where the majority of photographs are from Instagram is not the type of event for me… hipsters

  • vv

    The pizza is fucking delicious. Lighten up, you joyless douches.

  • Ethan

    Are there some sort of length or ‘no link’ guidelines that I’m unaware of? After my first attempt failed (and I had to re-write and post again) I posted a test comment (that just said ‘test’) that showed up immediately, so I assume there’s no comment approval/review process before it gets put up…? It still hasn’t shown up and when I try to re-submit is giving me the message ‘Duplicate comment detected; it looks as though you’ve already said that!’…
    What’s the deal?

  • Ethan

    Okay, I’ll try it in pieces:

    Listen, nay-sayers: Their pizza is AWESOME.
    I totally get the ‘gas fired oven?!’ question/critique*, but I’ll tell you, these dudes have done more research/made more inquiries and taken field trips to more pizza shops (to research and inquire there/from them, too) than anyone reading this has likely ever done before in their entire LIVES to understand and present to people the best possible pie/slice they can.
    They are very conscious of a critical eye on their establishment, and have done over a years’ worth of further test MAKING (where they applied all they learned from said aforementioned field trips, etc.) these pies to make a killer pizza that also satisfies their own, personal rigorous quality standard; they’re not just some hipster capitalists who thought of a clever way to make money, this venture was borne from a desire to create a fantastic pizza place in the neighborhood we call home (that also serves the COMMUNITY around it by using fresh, local ingredients and having plans to host many events connected to and encouraging a shared love of this universally loved food (amongst other great, positive, and not entirely food/pizza-related things) with their immediate neighbors (and anyone else who stops by for a try)) and to simply celebrate all that is great about PIZZA.
    I’m sure Brian, Joe, Auston, and any of the other wonderful folks intimately involved with the making of the pizza (and Pizza Brian as a whole) would love to have a dialog about it with you, and, ultimately, how are you ever gonna know what’s really going on/how it is if you don’t come on out and TRY IT, anyway?
    I really hope you can, and that you enjoy it as much as I do,
    (yes, a friend of the pizza-makers)

  • Ethan

    Huh. I guess it was the links. I had one more little section here with a few links to good articles/interviews with the Pizza Brain gang talking about some of their choices, decisions, and ideals with the restaurant/museum, but that one doesn’t seem to be working. Anyway, I’m sure anyone can Google those if they feel so inclined, and, again, if one has any uncertainties/qualms/curiosities with/about the quality of the food (or the museum) or the personability or intention of its creators, the best idea is just to stop by! Hope to see you there, and, if not, tell ’em Ethan sent you :)

  • rwblake

    Am I missing something? No one said the Pizza sucked.
    The comment was that reviews from friends of the owners are not valid. I know one of the owners. I would not make a good critique of the pizza since I know Mike.
    Research or not, patrons opinions are what counts. Not friends opinions.