Speaking of Rules, Here Is the Dress Code for Xfinity Live

Yesterday we told you about Lêe’s rules and regulations for Hop Sing Laundromat. This morning we provide you the dress code posted on Xfinity Live’s web site. The forthcoming entertainment district certainly has a lot of rules of its own.

Does XFINITY Live! Philadelphia™ have a dress code?
Yes. The dress code prohibits the following: profanity on clothing; sleeveless shirts on men; excessively torn clothing; excessively baggy or sagging clothing; full sweat suits and sweatpants; exposed undergarments on men; excessively long clothing (when standing upright with arms at your side, shirt cannot extend beyond fingers). Management reserves the right to refuse admission to or eject any person whose conduct is deemed to be disorderly or who fails to comply with the terms of entry. Please note that the dress code of individual venues may vary.

 Frequently Asked Questions [Xfinity Live]

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  • Wha? No sweat suits? In South Philly? No basketball jerseys? By the stadium? I guess it’s tailgating for rich people? I really wanted to write an entire comment in reflection. Success.

  • Paco

    I think the term is CYA. Cover your ass.

  • Nicole


  • laowl

    Apparently it is ok for women to wear exposed undergarments. An I am assuming the mesh shirt on men is also ok.

  • matt

    (when standing upright with arms at your side, shirt cannot extend beyond fingers)

    so that means jerseys have to be tucked in? right because everyone does that. this is absurd. would love to have been a fly on the wall at this meeting. “now, we have to keep out the riff-raff – what’s the easiest way without coming off as racist or insensitive?”

    give it a week, these rules will be out the window when they realize their main consumer of $6 miller lights and $10 victory drafts will fall into all these dress codes. shame on you comcast brass

  • Cheltenham Charlie

    Wait, women can have bare arms but not men? Adds ‘sexist’ to the racist observation above. I’m a little disappointed at Bill Covaleski from Victory, who seems like a reasonable guy. Does the Victory brewpub in Downingtown have a similar policy? No, they do not.

  • tara

    Good leave all the bums out of there dress nicely people.

    • cgb

      It’s about time that a dress code be enforced. They should do the same at the Wells Fargo Center, the Bank and the Linc.

  • mike

    It sounds racist, but I’ve seen similar dress codes at many clubs or bars that cater to black people. Usually it is more like “no tims, no sneakers, no jerseys, no hats…”. They probably just want to keep out teenagers looking for trouble. The white kids from fishtown who killed the guy at the stadium also dress that way.

  • Cheltenham Charlie

    “The white kids from fishtown who killed the guy at the stadium also dress that way.”

    Yeah, no. Those ‘kids’ were grown-ass men in their 30’s and 40’s.

  • Frankenstein

    Love it.

  • mike

    Regardless of there ages I would be surprised if they met the dress code. My point is that most of white teenagers I see in fishown would also not meet the dress code.

  • Tim

    Victory Brew Pub doesn’t have to deal with jackasses regularly visiting their facility.

    Xfinity Live, will. Call the dress code a prohibitive jackass policy. If you have a problem with the dress code, because it will prohibit your admission to the site, then there is a high probability that you, yourself, are a jackass.

  • guest

    Victory is not running this beer garden people. It is the same as in the stadiums, Victory offers their name and branding, sells a butt load of beer to them and thats it. The rest will be run and managed poorly by Aramark or some other half ass management company.

  • cwdonald

    Its actually not that different that the Dave and Busters policy. They are trying to discourage gangs or a specific social class of people from entering. As long as they consistently enforce it, really cannot complain.

  • PGW Rep

    If I am not let in to the bar after work with my work clothes on you know they’re getting their gas cut off. You know what happened to Ramen Boy? Yeah, I can do that to Xfinity.

  • blee357

    @PGW Rep: Ramen Boy didn’t let you in? Was it because of your excessively long work shirt?

  • Mike

    Considering this place is basically designed to be a theme park for suburbanites, the dress code doesn’t surprise me.

    It does seem like shorter people wearing jerseys might have a problem with the length policies. But still, considering they’re main business model is bringing in thousands of football, baseball, hockey, and soccer fans, and hundreds of basketball fans, before/during/after games, they probably aren’t going to be turning too many people away.

  • eldondre

    How’s it racist? wifebeaters are prohibited and certainly aren’t worn only by black men. remember, they’re worried about flyers fans too

  • Sue

    My 26 year old son was denied admission because he had on mesh athletic shorts. He was with father and nothing was torn, profane, too short or shabby. I can somewhat understand having a dress code, but this one is really ridiculous!