The Inquirer’s Rick Nichols slips into the cozy Snackbar off of Rittenhouse Square to check out their reinterpretation of tapas.

Behold, then, Snackbar’s alternative universe. From the “snack” side of the menu, you are invited to enjoy a maitake mushroom soup in a dark-beery Negra Modelo broth, or a crisped block of brazen mackerel with fennel, tiny cubes of apple gelee and “olive oil powder” (whatever that is), or a slab of lush bacony pork belly with an egg slow-poached in the shell and unshelled into a sweet, Japanese dashi broth.

You’ll get no pretzels or chips at this Snackbar [Philadelphia Inquirer]

  • intheknow

    snackbar is phony. the chefs a phony he only spent about 3 weeks in lacroix’s kitchen. the food is actually bad, usually cold and it’s way too expensive. Pretentious and fake just like the name it’s not a “snackbar” it’s a dumb restaurant run by kids.

  • Outoftheloop


    You have found that yet another neighborhood establishment refuses to stroke your fragile ego.

    I recommend you pursue the personal attention you crave in the classifieds at the back of the city paper.


  • clown-hater

    isn’t it embarrassing to read a post written by someone who must have been picked on in grade school by one of the people he writes about? I want to check out snackbar right now if only because I know this clown won’t be there.